A Family of Voyeurs


A Family of Voyeurs

by Happierman

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My wife and I had just enjoyed a Friday evening shower. I tried to get frisky, but she promised me a special treat if I waited for her in bed. I got out and walked out and sat on the side of the bed. I used my towel to dry off and noticed that my stiff cock felt nice as my body shook a bit. Soon Liz walked out in just her towel, and we kissed. She dropped the towel as she knelt in front of me and pulled my dick into her mouth. She kissed and licked and massaged my balls. In no time, my erection was raging. A blow job was a real treat from my wife. She was very engaged in sucking me and soon she was trying to swallow me into her throat. My breathing and heart rate went up and as I slipped into her throat, a movement caught my eye.

Amanda, our sixteen-year-old daughter, was standing just outside our room in the hall. Apparently, we hadn’t closed our door. My mind raced, I knew that we should stop but I was getting close to coming. Was it a moral dilemma for my two heads? My big head said we should stop and send Amanda off to her bed. Clearly, the little head had other thoughts. My dick made the decision, I was going to fuck Amanda’s mother as she watched. She was in a thin nightshirt and one hand was on her left breast and her other hand was rubbing her pussy. The nipple that I could see was standing tall under her shirt. Liz continued bobbing up and down on my cock. Amanda smiled, pulled off her shirt, and then knelt on her knees. Now she was pinching her nipples and pushing her fingers up into her pussy. She opened her mouth into an “O” shape and started bobbing her head back and forth, just as her mother was doing. Liz couldn’t see Amanda but smiled up at me as I got more excited. I grabbed her head and started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. I wasn’t gentle. I pumped in and out four or five times, paused for Liz to catch her breath and repeated this for several minutes. Liz and I both knew that I was going to blow, and she grabbed me and pulled me out just before the first spurt erupted. She pointed me at her face and my first ejaculation sprayed into her left eye and she moved my cock to her right eye for the second and then back into her mouth. Amanda couldn’t see this until I stood up and turned a bit so she could see my cum covering her mother’s eyes and face. Amanda’s eyes went wide in surprise. Liz kept her eyes closed and kept sucking me as she cleaned me off.

I pulled Liz up and we kissed again, and she rubbed my cum over our faces. She still hadn’t wiped off her eyes and climbed up on the bed. I looked over and Amanda was still there and was furiously rubbing her pussy. As I climbed onto the bed, I heard a little whimper from Amanda. Liz opened her cum covered eyes and looked toward her. I immediately kissed her and licked off some of my cum. Next, I moved down and spread her legs apart and started licking and kissing her slick and soaking pussy. Amanda was still there but had backed up a bit. Licking and kissing Liz from her ass up to her clit had the desired effect and Liz was soon bucking and shaking with an orgasm. I was hard again and moved and plunged into Liz’s hot, wet pussy in one quick move. I heard another whimper from the door and kissed my wife to block her view of Amanda. We fucked for about five more minutes before we both came again. I looked over and didn’t see our daughter. Soon we were asleep.

We are the O’Connor family, Robert, Elizabeth (Liz), Amanda, and Brian. We live in suburban Boston. I work in finance at one of the big banks. I’m 5’ 11”, 180 and at thirty-eight I’m still reasonably attractive. One of my assets is my nice plump and reliable 7” dick. Liz is the same age and works part time for a marketing company. She is beautiful as well as very fit and muscular at 5’ 3” and 120 pounds. She has sandy blonde hair with D sized boobs. Amanda is sixteen and is a junior in high school and about the same size as her mom. She has blonde hair and her breasts will probably be bigger than her mom’s someday. Brian is 15 and is a year behind her. He’s still growing and probably will be taller than me. Liz and I have been married for 18 years and things seemed, so far, to be pretty much under control with our marriage and our kids.

In the morning, Amanda was eating her breakfast cereal when we walked into the kitchen. Liz asked Amanda how she slept. Amanda looked at me and with a big smile said, “I slept great, I had a really intense dream. I hope that I have more just like that one.” Liz had a confused look and I just shrugged my shoulders and started making coffee.

Saturday was just a regular day for us with Amanda and her younger brother, Brian, having activities that kept us busy all day. Late in the afternoon, I picked up Amanda at her friend’s house and we started driving home. Amanda asked if I could find a place to stop so we could talk. I pulled over on a wide shoulder and turned on the car’s flashers. Amanda reached over and touched my crotch. I pushed her hand away. “Dad, last night was amazing, I want to do all that with you.”

“Amanda, you’re sixteen and we can’t do anything like that. If we were caught, I’d go to jail for years. You shouldn’t have seen us last night. What made you get out of bed and come and watch us?”

“I couldn’t sleep and just got up. After watching you, I still couldn’t sleep but it was because I was so turned on. I think I came about six times. You guys were the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” She then reached over toward my crotch again and I grabbed her hand.

Just then there was a chirp from a siren and flashing lights behind us. A cop pulled up and got out. We sat up straight as he walked up and I opened my window. He asked if there was a problem. I told him that we had stopped for a talk and that everything was fine. I thanked him for checking on us and he went back to his car and drove off.

I looked at Amanda and asked, “What would have happened then if you were jacking me off or heaven forbid, my cock was in your mouth when the officer pulled up? I’d be in handcuffs right now. We can’t even think about these sorts of things.”

Amanda was quiet for a moment, “Dad, I wasn’t completely honest with you a minute ago, I didn’t just wander over to your room. Mom and I have been talking about sex and stuff. I’ve been pushing to learn more, and we’ve watched some porn together. Last night she told me to quietly stand outside our room at 11:00 and she would put on a show for me. Mom wanted me to see you guys doing it.”

Things were a bit clearer now. The late-night shower, her special treat comment, my blow job and of course our open door. I had to admit that with the facial and her eye-cum shots, Liz really did put on a show. I asked Amanda, “Why would mom want that?”

“She said she wanted me to see how much you guys enjoyed sex. She told me that it would be that way for me someday. I asked her when that might happen since it could be years before I had a relationship like she has with you. I asked her if she would share you with me. I asked her that since I loved and trusted you, could you make love to me? Mom told me to come and watch and that we would figure out a path forward after that. She also told me not to discuss this with you.”

After a minute of thought I said, “OK, I appreciate your honesty with me. I need to think about this more. Keep up your discussions with mom and follow her lead. Did she tell you anything else?”

“Well, she told me that I should tease you a bit by wearing skimpy clothing and touching you when I can. You saw me last night and I’ll happily show you more anytime you like.”

My first thought was that revealing clothing would really stimulate her younger brother and I told her, “I’m OK with this as long as it’s just you and me. Soon your brother will be horny enough without him perving on you. That will create another set of problems.”

Amanda added, “Just so you know, mom put me on birth control pills six months ago, so I’m protected. Mom was worried about becoming a grandmother but none of my dates have gone beyond hand jobs. Oh, and don’t worry about Brian seeing me. Since we share a bathroom, we’ve seen plenty of each other.”

“Gee, that’s a relief, I guess. We need to get home,” and I started the car and we drove off.

After dinner, I was watching the news on TV when Amanda came into the family room in the same nightshirt as last night. She sat down across from me and promptly pulled it up and spread her legs for my viewing pleasure. She had lovely blond pubic hair and then used her fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. I scowled at her, shook my head and she covered up, just as her brother walked in. Needless to say, he smiled at Amanda and her nipples that were poking out under her shirt. She noticed his reaction and got up saying, “I have something that I need to go do.” I didn’t have any doubt about what that was.

About half an hour later she returned, winked her eye at me and stretched out next to me on the couch. She put her feet in my lap and asked me to rub them. We were alone and she whispered that I could rub her legs up as far as I wanted. Her moving her feet on my crotch had the expected effect on my dick but my hands stayed on her feet. Amanda just smiled.

That night Liz was very playful, and we had loving and attentive sex. Afterwards as we cuddled, she asked me when I thought Amanda would start having sex. My response was, “I hope not very soon, do you think she is ready for it, you know, mature enough to handle it.”

Liz responded, “Oh yeah, she’s ready. She’s mature enough and understands what will happen. She just needs to find the guy that we approve of.”

“I didn’t know that we have any input or control or approval over who she fucks.”

Liz winked at me and asked, “Would you fuck her? That is, if you had the opportunity?”

I wanted to be very careful with my response, “Well, every guy that I know looks at every woman or girl and wonders if he could fuck her. Just because he thinks about it doesn’t mean that he would do it. Amanda is a beautiful young woman, and every man and boy would love to fuck her. I guess that would include me.”

Liz grabbed my cock and commented, “Gee, this discussion is getting a rise out of you.”

I asked, “Have you noticed that Amanda is wearing skimpy clothes around the house? Today she flashed a boob at me and while I was watching the golf she came in and pulled up her night shirt and flashed her pussy at me. What’s going on?”

Liz kissed me and said, “I think she is just showing off and teasing. She’s seen a few hard dicks and probably wants to see if she could get an erection out of you.”

“What do you mean she’s seen a few?” It was then that I noticed our door was open. Was Amanda out there again?

“Oh, a couple of her dates ended with the boys coming all over her so she has some experience. You know, you would be the perfect guy to seduce our daughter.”

She then moved down and started licking my cock. She whispered, “Oh, I love my daddy’s cock, let me suck on it and make it big. Daddy can I make you come again?”

Liz’s comments had the desired effect, and I was surprised that I had another hard erection so quickly. She sucked on me and turned around and planted her pussy directly on my lips. I started licking and sucking her cunt and soon she was shaking and vibrating with another orgasm. Soon I followed and pumped a small load into her mouth. She turned around, smiled, and mumbled, “Daddy, can I share your cum with you?” I nodded and she let my cum drain out onto my mouth and lips and then kissed me deeply.

“Baby, I love you so much.”

Her last words to me that night were, “You need to consider fucking your daughter. You are really excited by it and I am too. I love you, honey, good night.”

The next morning, I woke up to LIz grabbing my cock, kissing me, and saying, “Daddy, last night was amazing, can we fuck again.” She climbed on top of me and I noticed that our door was now closed. We were rougher than our usual sex. She moaned, “Daddy, yes,” and some other fatherly things. As I was getting close to coming, I whispered, “Amanda, you are so tight, l love how you are squeezing me.” That sent Liz over the top to a loud and violent orgasm. I hoped that the kids hadn’t heard her. And I knew that Amanda’s and my time was coming.

Earlier while she was sitting and rocking on my cock, I noticed a small bruise on her right breast. It almost looked like a hickey, but I wasn’t sure. After we got out of bed and were in the bathroom, Liz escort gaziantep minyon bayan popped out a pill and swallowed it. I looked at it and asked why she was back on birth control. She said, “I want to better control my periods and I don’t want to be prego again.”

At breakfast both Amanda and Brian were beaming like Chesire cats. They had obviously heard our orgasmic cries. I tried to ignore it and I thought that Liz’s face showed her embarrassment. The rest of that Sunday went off as usual although Amanda kept flashing me and rubbing up against me. Also, the only time she wore a bra was when she went out to a store. I also noticed that Brian was especially helpful to his mom.

Later, I asked Liz if she had talked to Amanda. She indicated that she wanted us to get together but to go slow. I asked what that meant? She suggested that I visit Amanda in the evening and sort of make out with her. That way Brian wouldn’t know anything about it and we could judge Amanda’s reactions. She mentioned that she had a business trip in three weeks and if we could farm out Brian to one of his friends, we could have the run of the house.

The next day on Monday evening, Amanda cornered me in my workshop and asked when we could “do it?” She kissed me and rested her hand on my crotch. She told me that she had talked to mom and mom said that Amanda could move forward but she had to be very careful.

That evening, Brian had already gone to bed, and Amanda whispered something in Liz’s ear. Liz nodded and she came over to me and grabbed my hand. She said loud enough for mom to hear “Come on dad, you need to put me to bed.” She took my hand and led me to her room, and she closed the door.

We kissed and she hugged me tightly. I told her that we were going to take things slow, and tonight was kissing and touching. I told her that we needed to keep our pants on. She pulled off her blouse and her boobs and nipples jiggled and rubbed on my shirt. I kissed her again and ran my hands over her back and then around to her chest. She smiled and reached down to undo my belt but I stopped her. I led her over to her bed and laid her down. I sat next to her and we kissed and I played with her nipples and breasts. She was a nice “C” cup, and a firm handful. She was getting excited and tried to take off her shorts. I stopped her but ran my hands over her stomach and crotch. She was very damp and spread her legs wide. I rubbed my hands all over her shorts and she started rubbing mine.

She smiled when she realized that I had a hardon that was starting to peak out of my shorts. She ran her finger inside and rubbed my cock’s head that was slippery with my precum. I reached down under her shorts and touched her pussy hair. She squirmed and tried to move up so my hand would go down further. I told her that after I made her cum, she could do me.

I started sucking on her tits and pushed my hand down to her pussy inside her shorts. I gently touched and massaged her. With her shorts still on I couldn’t really get any fingers inside her too far. She was breathing heavily when I started lightly touching her clit, she jumped and let out a loud moan. She said, “Oh, thank you daddy. You made me come so hard.”

She ran her finger up and down on my shorts and started licking my stomach and pinching my nipples. She put her hands back inside my shorts and tickled and soon I groaned and pushed on her as I came. Her hand came out with the usual cum mess and she wiped most of it on my shirt but did suck on a couple of her fingers. Her expression was interesting, obviously my cum wasn’t tasting great to her. She smiled and asked, “Do you think I’ll start to like your cum after a while?”

We cuddled and kissed some more, and things settled down.

“Those were our first climaxes together, daddy, I can’t wait for more,” Amanda whispered. “I love you and I love what you are doing with me.”

It was time for bed. When I got up she looked at my wet spot and asked, “What will mommy think?”

I gave her another kiss and told her, “Mom will think that we had a nice time. I hope there will be lots more sessions like this, so you need to go to sleep. I’ll go tell mom about our experience.”

Liz had apparently listened outside Amanda’s door for at least some of the time. Her face was very flushed when I came into our room. She was impressed by the size of my wet spot on my shorts and asked, “Is there any more for me?” She was very turned on and insisted that I fuck her immediately. She got me hard and then pulled me inside her pussy. Once there she stopped me and told me to tell her all about the night. I went through what happened and she kept doing kegel exercises that kept me erect and close to coming. She asked how Amanda handled my touching. I told her, “She was just as wet as her mother, and I was happy to help her to come.” I then put two fingers in her mouth so she could taste Amanda. That was enough to push her over into an orgasm.” She coaxed me a bit and soon I shot a nice load into her.

A couple days later, Amanda asked that I put her to bed. This time wearing a thin t-shirt. Apparently, she didn’t want any pants involved. As we entered her room, she threw the t-shirt on the floor. She then pulled off my shirt and hugged and we kissed.

We moved to her bed and sat down. I felt her breasts and then kissed her as I massaged them. Soon I was licking and nibbling on her nipples. She was reaching for my belt, but I moved down and knelt on the floor in front of her. Amanda looked over at the door. I looked too and realized that I didn’t close it. Was Liz out there watching? I stroked her pubic hair and tickled up and down on her pussy lips. She was very wet. I pushed her legs apart and started kissing her pussy. I pulled her ass over to the edge of the bed and moved her so her legs were over my shoulders. That put my face directly in front of her pussy. I extended my tongue and just touched it to her slit. Moving up and down a bit caused her to squirm and then she grabbed my hair and pulled my tongue into her pussy. I pushed a finger into her. She was tight and could feel what I thought might be her hymen. I put a second finger inside and moved back and forth. She was very turned on and her breathing increased as I rubbed her G spot. She came and then begged me to stop. We kissed and hugged and then she perked up and said, “It’s my turn now!”

I stood up so she could pull off my belt and unzip my slacks. They fell to the floor and as she pulled my underwear down my dick sprang out. A movement caught my eye outside her door and wondered if it was Liz. I sat down next to her, and she stroked my cock. I showed her how to gently jack me off. She quickly learned how the skin on my dick slid up and down. It felt nice and I felt a small tingle that semen was getting ready to come. She surprised me by leaning over and licking the head of my cock. She kissed it just under the head and I came. My first jet was on her upper lip and the second was on her nose. She pulled back but kept pumping and a couple more landed on her cheek and mouth. Her tongue came out and licked some of my cum. She made a face and said, “I like the slimy feel of your cum, I’m just not sure about the taste.” I started kissing and sucking my cum off her. She grabbed a tissue and blew her nose and we giggled about the cum that came out.

As we talked, Amanda kept playing with my cock and seemed disappointed that I wouldn’t come again right away. She leaned over and sucked my deflated cock into her mouth. She swirled my cock in her mouth and it rubbed on her teeth. I jumped and pulled out. She apologized and I said, “Please, teeth don’t have any part in a blow job.” She resumed her sucking for a while, and we talked a bit before I left her to attend to her mother.

As expected, Liz really needed my cock buried in her pussy. I think I met her expectations, and mine as well. We cuddled and I asked her if she had spied on us. She said she hadn’t watched that night. It must have been Brian. I touched her bruise or hickey and asked what happened. She kissed me and then told me that she needed to explain.

A couple of weeks ago, after Brian got home from school, she walked in on Brian as he was masturbating and just then came and spurted all over his hand and chest. Liz quickly left his room but later went back, and they talked. She told him that it was normal and OK to jack off like that and she thought he was alright after the discussion. A couple of days later his door was open and she watched as he jacked off again. He was on his bed and Liz couldn’t see his face and she thought that he couldn’t see her either, but she could see him come. This happened several more times and then one day as she watched, Brian got up, walked over with his dick sticking out and took his mother’s arm and led her back to his bed. He took her hand and put it on his cock. That was all it took, and he came all over both of them.

This all happened the week before we put on the show for Amanda. Things had progressed since then, but they hadn’t fucked, yet. She had encouraged Brian to spy on us when he could, and she indicated that he loved sucking on her pussy. She told me that her interest in oral sex was partly because of her practice on Brian and also caused her to get back on the pill. Brian got very excited when he humped on her and bit and sucked on her breasts.

Liz confessed that she felt like a horny schoolgirl who was turning into a slut. With her mutual masturbation with Brian, her fucking with me and imagining Amanda doing me, she worried about losing control. We agreed to share our escapades with the kids in an effort to keep ourselves and them under control. I held her tightly and told her that I loved her so much.

On Saturday morning, Amanda came up and French kissed me, pulled out the crotch of my pants and said, “Daddy, I need you to visit me tonight.” Later, when I went in, she was naked in her bed and had been masturbating for quite a while. She was soaked and her room wreaked of pussy. We kissed and I fingered her for quite a while. I got her off after a bit. She rubbed my slacks, but I stopped her and said that since mom was sharing me with her, that mom had dibs on me for that evening.

Over the next week or so I was caught by Amanda and treated to several blow jobs. Her technique improved but her timing needed some help. One time she apparently forgot about our encounter with the police and sucked me off as we drove home after practice. Another time Brian started down the stairs to the shop as Amanda was gobbling down on my dick. Thankfully, he stopped, turned around and went back up before he saw us. Apparently, he had forgotten something. We quickly stopped, zipped up and were prepared when he did return. That night she did get one of my creamy treats just before bedtime. Afterwards she opened her cum filled mouth, smiled, and then swallowed it down. She added, “I love your delivery and am even starting to enjoy the taste.”

A few days later, I was in my basement workshop and Amanda came down. As she walked over to me, she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it aside to expose her bare breasts. She pushed me up to the wall and undid my pants and shorts. She smiled and said, “I’ve missed you the last few nights, so now it’s my turn.” She knelt and gently ran her hands over my dick and then started kissing and licking. She had sucked the head of my cock into her mouth when I saw Liz coming down the basement stairs. She leaned on the wall with a big smile. Amanda noticed her too and smiled as she looked at her mother. She continued sucking and pumping me. I told her that I’d tell her when I was about to come. She shook her head and said, “Don’t, just surprise me,” with a wink. I moved back and forth in her mouth, and we worked into an easy rhythm. She started to pull me in further and tickled my balls and pubes. Soon I was filling her mouth with my semen, and she sucked out the last bit. She opened her mouth, showed her proud mother and father, and then swallowed it down. She exclaimed, “That was yummy, I’m really liking this.” She kissed both of us and headed back upstairs. I went over to Liz and we kissed. I lifted her dress to find a wet and fragrant pussy. I touched for a minute before she said that we should continue this later.

That evening I asked Liz if she enjoyed her voyeur experience with Amanda and me.

“It was more stimulating the more I thought about it after I went upstairs,” she said. “So much so that I followed Brian up to his room. I sucked him off and then he licked, sucked and massaged me to an amazing orgasm. I just wish that you could have witnessed it.”

The following weekend Brian was invited escort bayan nizip on a camping trip with his best friend. He was leaving Friday afternoon and returning on Sunday. Liz’s business trip was delayed so it was just the three of us. At Liz’s suggestion, we planned a fancy dinner for Amanda and me. Liz picked a romantic French restaurant for us on Friday night. The plan was that Liz would help Amanda get ready and then Liz would go over to her sister’s house for the night. That left Amanda and me for dinner and dessert at the house.

I was dressed up and waited for Amanda to come down from her room. Her appearance was literally breathtaking. Her hair was made up and she had just a hint of makeup. She was wearing a thin blouse and a short skirt. The blouse was a thin material that hugged her braless breasts and allowed her nipples to stick out. The skirt was short but not extreme and she had stockings. She looked as if she was twenty and not sixteen. She slowly pulled the skirt up and up until her naked pussy was visible. Her stockings seemed to be staying up by some sort of magic. I told her that I loved her two-part outfit. I kissed both of my women before Liz pulled me aside saying, “Just don’t come during dinner!”

The restaurant was lovely, and dinner was excellent. We sat next to each other on a banket without any chairs across from us. Amanda was flirty, animated, and a bit too touchy. Several times her hand ran up my thigh to my crotch. While waiting for dessert, I excused myself to go to the restroom.

While washing up, a man approached me and commented on how beautiful my date was.

I thanked him.

He went on, “I would love to meet her, would you permit this?”

I responded, “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

He asked, “She is so beautiful and so young. She must demand an enormous fee; can I ask how much?”

“Why would you ask this?” I asked.

“She obviously has no panties or bra and is very familiar with you. Only a girl in the trade would act and dress this way.”

This guy thinks Amanda is an escort. “I’m sorry but I can’t disclose anything about her.”

“I have friends who would pay $10,000 for a night with her. Please give her my card, I would love to hear from her,” and he walked out.

I was a little shaken by the conversation. I returned to our table and mentioned to Amanda that she should cool it a bit. I told her that in a few minutes she should look at the guy across the restaurant. He wanted to buy her services for the evening.

She was surprised and said, “Daddy only you have access to my services.”

As we drove home, I told Amanda what he said but not the money part. I reminded her that she was truly jailbait and that we needed to keep our affair just between us.

When we got home, there were candles and a freshly made bed. I was a bit confused by the new clock that was sitting on her dresser that was pointed at the bed and I didn’t notice till later the camera sticking out of the picture over our bed.

We kissed and I told her that I loved her and would always love and protect her. I rubbed her shoulders and her breasts. I unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. I knelt and sucked on her nipples and undid her skirt. I kissed from her breasts down to her pussy. I stood up, pulled back the bed covers and picked her up and gently laid her down. I lay down next to her and ran my hands all over her body. She was squirming and giggling as I pulled her legs apart and touched her. She was wet and slippery from her pussy all the way down her thighs. I touched gently and then inserted a finger into her vagina. She smiled, kissed me, and told me not to stop. I put in another and moved it back and forth. She was breathing heavily as I searched for her G-spot and when I pushed it, she came and squirted and screamed. It took her several minutes before she was breathing normally again.

She reached for my cock, but I asked her to wait a bit. We cuddled and she asked me what happened when she squirted.

“Daddy, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to piss on you? I am so turned on and it just shot out of me,” she said.

“No it’s not pee, it’s your cum. Your mother has done it a few times. A woman needs to be incredibly turned on to squirt just like you did.

She said, “I’ve heard about it but couldn’t imagine ever doing it.”

I started to kiss her pussy, but she pulled me up saying that she was too sensitive right then, so I kissed and sucked on her nipples. She asked if she could blow me, but I told her I wanted to wait to do her properly.

We relaxed for a while and after thirty minutes, Amanda scooted down and started licking my dick. I still had a stiffy and soon rose to the occasion. She asked submissively, “How do you want me?” I hugged her and rolled her over onto her back. I love the missionary position because it is so intimate. She held my cock and rubbed it up and down on her pussy and then pulled me into her. I pushed slowly and stopped when I reached her hymen. She wiggled a bit and told me to keep going. I said, “This may hurt a bit, are you OK?”

She smiled and whispered, “I know it’ll hurt, but it will be worth it. I want you all the way inside.” I pushed harder and popped through with a scream and some tears from Amanda. I wasn’t sure if it was from pain or emotion. I was holding my weight off of her and held still before she started wiggling and moving back and forth a bit. I moved back slowly and paused. Amanda pushed back down on me. We repeated this several times and I pulled out of her vagina. She frowned and I plunged all the way back in, to her great surprise. I started pumping her with longer strokes and more force. She was moaning and calling out, “Daddy, oh fuck, it’s so good, fuck, yes, harder, come in me, fill me up!” This lit more than just a spark and I started to come. I shot spurt after spurt deep into her pussy.

Amanda sighed, hugged me and said, “I will never forget this. I love you so much. You have made me your girl, no, your woman and maybe your slut too. This was our first time, but we’ll fuck many more times. I will give mom a run for her money. I’ll fuck you whenever and wherever you want, I’ll be your slut and my plan tonight is to drain every bit of cum from you.”

We talked some more and then drifted off to sleep. Amanda woke me up in the night and we fucked with her riding me to our mutual orgasms. We went back to sleep. I woke up at about 9:00 with Amanda sucking on my cock. Soon she climbed back on and we were slowly screwing when I heard a sound in the house. I wasn’t sure if Amanda heard it. Liz appeared at our door and watched as Amanda rose and fell back on my cock. Amanda started breathing faster and her climax was followed by mine. See cuddled me for a second, raised up a bit, wiped her finger on her pussy and my cock and then licked it into her mouth. She did it again and put her finger into my mouth. I looked over at Liz and saw that her hand was down her pants and appeared to be close to coming. Liz’s position at the door gave her a clear view of Amanda’s ass and swollen pussy.

I motioned to Liz to come into the room, and she came over and sat on the side of the bed. Amanda was still laying obscenely on me with her pussy draining out onto my flaccid cock. Liz smiled and said, “Looks like you guys had a great time. I know how dad is feeling, Amanda, how are you feeling?”

She smiled, “I’m very fulfilled. Dad was an amazing lover last evening, last night, and again this morning. I’m not sure that I can walk very well but it was worth it. All I need now is for dad to mark me as his.” She put the inside of her left breast on my mouth and said, “Dad, suck and bite me right over my heart. Make a hickey that shows that you own my body.”

Liz looked surprised but nodded toward me to go ahead. I bit and sucked on her breast. It had been years since I had made a hickey and Amanda’s was bright maroon and clearly showed my bite marks. I must have sucked too hard because my mark stayed there for at least two months.

Liz then ran her hand up from my balls to my cock and then up Amanda’s pussy and across her back and up to my mouth and then to Amanda’s. She kissed us both and then said, “I’ll go make you breakfast, you must be starving. Oh, please shower, you guys smell like cum and pussy. By the way, my sister will be here in a bit so get dressed too.

We were eating bacon and eggs when Liz’s sister, Donna, showed up. She smiled at me, winked, and said, “You look like a very satisfied man!”

“Damn, Donna knows what happened last night,” I thought to myself.

After breakfast I headed to the workshop for one of my projects. All the ladies went out for coffee and shopping. I wondered how much of our date would be discussed by the three of them. Donna was divorced and her only child was already out of the house. Although a little older she gave her sister a run for her money in terms of looks and fitness.

As soon as they returned, Amanda came down to the shop and kissed me and then knelt in front of me. I asked, “What about your mother and aunt?

She smiled as she pulled my cock out and said, “No worries.”

“Did you talk about our date?”

“Not very much, but you’ll want to talk to mom about it.”

Amanda got me hard, but it seemed that my orgasm was a long way off. She pulled my cock out of her mouth, stuck a couple of fingers in and told me to spread my legs further apart. She sucked my dick back in and then rubbed her wet fingers across my asshole. That did the trick for me and I filled her mouth with a small load. She smiled, stood up, and pushed her cum covered tongue into my mouth, she mumbled, “I needed that. I love you so much. See you later.”

I listened after she went upstairs and heard all the girls laughing. I wondered what happened and did Amanda swallow my cum or go up and show it to the others?

There wasn’t any action for the rest of the day and Liz and I retired to bed on the early side. She snuggled up to me and asked, “Did your date go as you expected? I know that Amanda was very pleased and very sore. You really punished her.”

“I only did what I could to make her happy. She was insatiable. When she came up from the workshop, what were you guys laughing about?”

“Oh, yeah, she French kissed her aunt and me. We had egged her into going down and sucking you off and then sharing it with us. It was our highlight of the day.”

“So, Donna knows what happened? I’m worried about that.”

“Yes, she knows, and she helped plan it too. She will never tell anyone, but you may need to fuck her someday to assure her silence.”

“You’d be OK with that?”

She responded with, “Maybe, we’ll have to see.”

Liz wanted all the details from the evening. She seemed to ask questions that filled in some of the blank sections that I left out, especially once we were home in bed. For example, she commented about how nicely I had undressed Amanda but all I had told her was that I took off her clothes and put her in bed. She was fiddling with her phone and opened an app and then handed it to me. A video was playing that showed Amanda and me. It was just after we walked into the master bedroom when we hugged and kissed. It continued as I gently undressed her and then put her onto my bed.

“Your new clock?” I asked.

“Yes, and this one too,” pointing up at the camera on the painting above our headboard. “I set it up to send the signal to Donna’s computer, so we kept track of you. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t very good.”

“Did you show this to Amanda?”

“Yes, she jacked herself off all the way home. She said she loved it and wanted all the files. Do you think we should give them to her?”

“No, not right now. If these got out, I’d be going to prison.”

Liz smiled at me and said, “Tomorrow, let’s make some plans for Brian and me. He is looking for something more and so am I. I’m afraid that Amanda is so happy with your sex that she will spill the beans, or should I say cum, with her brother. That would put him in a very uncomfortable position. He might hate you for fucking her, plan to retaliate with me or do try to have sex with Amanda. I’d like to get him “equalized” and then we can have a family meeting and discuss all of our issues.”

I kissed her and told her that pretty soon we would arrange for her to get a proper fucking from her young son. “Did she need my cock to tide her over till then?” With a small girl’s voice, she said, “Yes, Daddy.” My tongue and then my cock were able to bring Liz two intense orgasms before much needed sleep overcame us.

Sunday afternoon, Brian returned and it was clear that he was very tired. escort bayan nurdağı He claimed that they hiked a lot further than he expected and was really tired. He apparently had a good time and after dinner went upstairs to get ready for bed. Amanda and I watched some TV and cuddled while Liz went up to provide some comfort to Brian. She came back in about half an hour and mumbled in my ear, ”He is sleeping with a smile on his face. I knew that when a boy is really tired, he needs a little release to get him off to sleep.” She gave me a French kiss and I tasted Brian’s cum on her tongue. Amanda just looked at us with a puzzled expression.

My last meeting on Monday was canceled so I left for home ninety minutes early. Traffic was light and my phone rang as I got off the turnpike. Amanda was calling to chat and mentioned she was waiting for mom to pick her up. Since she’d be waiting for another hour, I rerouted and picked her up. We talked about our Saturday date and the sex afterwards. She asked, “Can you come up to my room this afternoon?”

I responded, “Let’s see what’s happening at home first.” A minute later we walked into our silent house. I walked around and then went upstairs. A movement outside caught my eye. I looked again out at our patio and there was Brian’s face buried in Liz’s pussy.

Our backyard is totally private and from our second floor we could watch without them ever seeing us. Amanda walked towards me asking, “Where’d they go?”

When she looked out, she gasped, “Oh, my God.”

We stood and watched in silence. Liz was clearly coming and then pulled Brian’s head off. He moved up. His shorts at his ankles and his cock appeared to be aimed at Liz‘s pussy. She quickly sat up and pushed Brian back. She stood up and they kissed. She knelt and grabbed his erect cock and put his cock head in her mouth. She started bobbing up and down.

“Can you believe this? He has a fucking horse cock and mom is taking him all the way down,” Amanda gasped. She reached over and rubbed the front of my pants. “Are you as turned on as I am?”

“You bet I am. Who knew being a voyeur would be so stimulating?” Liz was still sucking. While we watched, Brian started coming. Apparently, it was faster than Liz could swallow and cum was running down her chin and onto her blouse. Liz stood up and kissed Brian. As they wiped their faces with their shirts, I pulled Amanda back and said, “Let’s get out of here before they come inside.” We ran through the house and got back in my car and waited. I’d parked in my spot that couldn’t be seen from the house.

Amanda reached over and gently touched my pants, “May I?”

“Of course, how could I refuse such a kind offer. After watching mom and Brian, I’m ready to blow.” I slid my seat back and moved my pants down my thighs. Amanda sucked my cock into her mouth and started furiously licking. Just seconds later I erupted in her mouth. Her lips sealed around me tightly and contained all my cum. She sat up, made a big deal about swallowing and then pushed her slacks down. “Dad, I need your help too.”

I moved my left hand to her pussy and gently played with her. Soon she was coming too. Her pleasure was interrupted by her phone ringing. It was Liz. “No, mom, you don’t need to come. Dad swung by and got me. We just pulled in. See you in a minute.”

When we came into the kitchen, Liz was there in a clean blouse. I leaned over, gave her a light kiss, and touched her neck, “Gee, looks like you have a bit of cum on your neck.” She jumped and glared at me, “What?” I smiled and said, “Just kidding,” and walked off.

That evening Liz and I relaxed in bed. Liz looked over and said, “I think Brian is ready for Wednesday. We played this afternoon and he tried to fuck me. I pushed him back and distracted him by sucking him off.”

My response was, “Don’t you just love our patio?

She paused and looked at me, “You son of a bitch, you watched us didn’t you? How much did you see?”

I told her that Amanda saw what had happened too and how it all went down. I went and described our mutual masturbation session as well.

“We’ll, I’m glad you enjoyed your experience as a voyeur,” kissed me, rolled over and turned out her light. I hoped her annoyance with me wouldn’t last the night.

Wednesday afternoon finally arrived for Brian. Liz met him with kisses and a see-through camisole and crotchless panties. She led him into the master bedroom and started pulling off his clothes. Since the wireless cameras were working, I could watch and we fixed the sound so it was now understandable. My God this was the ultimate tool for a voyeur.

Clearly, I wasn’t getting any work done for the rest of the day. I knew what the plan was. Since Brian had amazing stamina and could stay hard after coming, Liz planned to suck him off first and then let him fuck her. She planned to be initially aggressive and once in bed to be submissive. After he was naked, Liz had him remove her camisole and panties. Brian’s hands were all over her as she pushed him over and sat him on our bed. Clearly, he wanted to fuck and pulled Liz over on top of him. She pulled away from him to get his attention. He released her and she told him that good things would come to those who waited. She quickly knelt and took his erect cock in her mouth. It wasn’t long before she was gagging and struggling to swallow his cum. She climbed up on him and pushed him back on the bed. Brian was still hard and started rubbing Liz’s pussy. She rolled over and pushed his head down between her legs. Her comment was, “Brian, you can’t just jump on me and fuck. You need to get me excited so get to eating at the “Y” and get me ready.” He did as ordered and calmed down and let Liz move his head and tongue around for her pleasure. He looked up from her pussy with a pleading look on his face. I couldn’t hear what he said but she pulled him up and they kissed. Liz got on her hands and knees and asked, “How do you want me?”

He smiled and said, “Don’t move,” and climbed onto her like a dog mounting his bitch. Liz lowered her face to the mattress and wiggled her ass as Brian unsuccessfully tried to spear her. He stopped her movements and then pushed inside. He put his weight on her and that forced her ass down as well and he fell out. Liz got back up and grabbed his cock between her legs and pulled him into her. He started pumping again and within about a minute he was coming inside her. He pulled out and moved up to kiss his mother. They cuddled and talked. Liz assured him that she enjoyed the sex and promised to help him control his emotions as well as his emissions.

After about a half hour, Liz was playing with Brian’s cock by bouncing it off her pussy. She put her index finger into her sloppy vagina and told him to open his mouth. She put it in and asked him, “How do I taste? Ready for another go?

He nodded yes.

“I thought so, just climb on and slip yourself into your mother.” He climbed on and started pumping quickly. Liz slowed him down and started flexing her hips and body to help him get off. Apparently his two previous orgasms had really taken his edge off. He continued for about ten minutes and then came with a loud moan. Liz looked a little annoyed and maybe sore as she cuddled with Brian. He thanked her and asked if she had come. She shook her head and told him he needed to lick her to an orgasm. I think Brian’s comment was something like, “But mom, you’re full of my cum.”

Liz looked him in the eye and said, “You’ve come three times and you flooded my mouth with yours so I’m pretty sure how you taste. It’s time for you to enjoy it too. Besides, right now it’s in a lovely vessel.” Brian didn’t get the reference but scooted down and started tentatively licking her pussy. Liz smiled and told him she thought a big clump of cum was coming out and he needed to lick it up and kiss it back into her mouth. I couldn’t see her pussy but he did as instructed and then resumed licking and kissing her pussy. His face was covered with their fluids and Brian was getting another erection. He was getting more excited and animated. So was Liz. She started to moan and shake as a major orgasm shook her. Liz looked over at her new clock, winked at me and said, “My goodness where did the afternoon go. We need to shower before dad gets home.”

I took that as my que to get out of the car and come in. I made Liz a drink and started dinner. Then I went looking for them. They were in our shower with Liz kneeling with his cock in her mouth. Then I noticed she had her hand up his ass. Brian would soon experience an explosive prostate orgasm. It hit him and he almost collapsed on Liz. She kissed him, told him how much she loved him, gave his cock a tug and stepped out of the shower. I gave her bathrobe to her when she walked out.

During and after dinner Brian couldn’t look at me. I asked him to come down to my shop with me. He was quiet and maybe afraid. I said, “Brian, you know that I’m OK with what you and mom did today.”

He looked surprised and just said, “Really?”

“I know how you and mom love each other. It’s been obvious you get a hardon every time she walks by. She wanted to show you how she felt and what sex with a woman was like. Today won’t be your only time. I want you to know that I love you too. I understand your needs and will help in any way I can.” I went over to him and we hugged.

Friday evening Brian was out with friends and Amanda invited me to her bed. Liz gave her OK and by the time we got to her room she was naked. She pulled back the sheets and lay down. There was a large wet, and cold cum stain. We kissed and I moved down on her. Her pussy’s aroma was strong both with her scent as well as Brian’s cum. I licked her enthusiastically till she was shaking and coming. I climbed up her and we fucked like bunnies.

I returned to the family room. I told Liz that Brian and Amanda fucked that afternoon. “l’m not surprised.” Liz commented. “They’ve been making googly eyes at each other for weeks. Are you surprised or upset?”

“Not really. I want to call a family meeting. Will 11:00 work tomorrow? Let’s go to bed and work out a plan.”

Saturday came and we sat down around the kitchen table for our family meeting. The seating was boy, girl, boy, girl around the table. I thanked them and then told them that at this meeting we could only speak the truth, no lies could be spoken. To emphasize this, I stood up and took off all my clothes. Liz stood up and did the same. Amanda also stripped and we all looked at Brian for a minute before he stripped off his clothes as well.

I started, “We need to remember this meeting and what we decide. We’re naked so we can’t hide anything from each other or from ourselves. I’ve had sex with Liz and with Amanda. I love them both and want to continue to make love with them.”

Liz stood up and said, “I’ve had sex with Robert, Amanda and Brian. And I don’t want to stop.”

Amanda stood up and said, “I love you guys so much. I’ve had sex with both mom and dad as well as with Brian. I can’t imagine ever stopping. You all make me feel so fucking loved.”

Brian stood up and said, “I’ve fucked both mom and Amanda. I love all of you and can’t imagine ever stopping having sex with you guys.”

It was quiet for a minute before I started, “Mom and I talked about our O’Connor family situation. First the four of us need to be completely honest with each other and completely dishonest with everyone else. Our family’s sexual norms are only for us to know about. We can never disclose or discuss anything we do with anyone outside of our four-person O’Connor family, not friends, not relatives, not neighbors, not anyone!”

We all held hands while we talked about our future and how we would handle the challenges.

Liz took a big breath and said, “I need to tell you something else about me. I know that I pushed each of you into having sex. If I hadn’t grown up the way that I did this probably wouldn’t have happened. Starting at age sixteen, I had a long sexual affair with my father and my mother. They shared me and my sister, Donna. We had wonderful sex and a wonderful family. This continued for years until they were too old. This continued even after we were married. It’s something I loved and really missed and hoped that we could recreate it.”

I added, “If we all work together, I’m sure that it will work out for us.”

When we were almost done Amanda asked, “Since most of our discussions have involved sex, shouldn’t we be holding each other’s, you know, ah privates?”

I moved my hands to my ladies’ pussies, and they were both hot and soaking. I was erect and so was Brian. Amanda moved around and sucked my cock into her mouth. Liz did the same to Brian. It was exciting to see the girls’ heads bobbing up and down in unison. I was happy that I lasted longer than Brian, but only by a minute. We then moved to the family room where the guys first licked the women to orgasms and then did our best to fuck them silly. It was a glorious day we will remember for the rest of our lives.

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