A Disciplined Wife: Lying and Late


Setting down her drink, Sarah turned her attention away from her co-workers and glanced at her watch. As the position of the watch’s hands came into view, she immediately felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“Shit! I’ve got to go.”

Snatching her purse, Sarah paid her tab and said a quick goodbye to her friends as she headed home. It was half past six o’clock and she was supposed to meet her husband for dinner at six. “This is bad,” she thought.

With hopes of mitigating the spanking that was sure to come, she drove as quickly as possible without breaking the speed limit. As her nerves began to sink in their claws, she started to speed. Speeding down the interstate, she had a moment to think and to begin justifying her actions.

“I’m only doing it this one time to mitigate what I’ve done, really I’m just making things better.”

“It’s a silly rule anyway, everyone speeds. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to speed?”

“I just won’t tell him, he’ll never know and it’s only this one time.”

Sarah pulled her car into the parking lot and found a spot near the back. She took a moment to fix her make-up and hair, hoping that looking as cute as possible might awaken some deeply hidden since of mercy.

“Sarah, you’re 45 minutes late,” John exclaimed as Sarah walked towards his position on the patio of the restaurant.

“Sorry, traffic was terrible.”

“Was it now?” John said, he could smell the hint of alcohol on her breath. He knew she wasn’t drunk, but it was very clear that those after-work drinks with her friends had lasted longer than they should have.

Getting a firm grip on her forearm, he pulled her close and hugging her. To any onlooker, it would look like two lovers sharing an intimate, but innocent moment. Sarah, however, hasn’t nearly so lucky as those on-lookers would have believed. Her ears heard words whispered that only she could hear, “I know why you’re late. We’re going to have adana escort a nice dinner and then you’re getting the spanking you deserve when we get home.”

Cringing slightly at the thought, she sat down and thought how impossible that simple action was going to be in a few hours.

Dinner passed uneventfully as the Sarah and John made small talk. The waiter might have noticed Sarah was a little more somber than his other patrons, but made no mention of it.

Arriving at home, John held the door open for his lovely wife. For Sarah, hearing the front door shut behind her was like the sound of entering a different world. Time slowed down, nerves took over and she knew what was about to happen.

“Sarah, get your bottom into that bathroom right now and get ready for your spanking. I expect you to be nude and have your nose in the corner when I come back down stairs.”

Sarah dutifully did as she was told, carefully removing her blouse and skirt before folding them and laying them over the arm of the sofa in their den. She paused momentarily before removing her panties and bra and similarly folding them. Walking over to the corner, she stood as instructed while shifting her weight from foot to foot in anticipation.

It seemed like an eternity as she stared at the bare white patch of wall in front of her. After what seemed like hours, she heard a voice behind her “Come over here.”

Turning around, she saw her husband sitting on a straight-backed wooden chair from their dining room. Across his lap was what they had dubbed ‘the big paddle.’ The big paddle had started life as a razor strop, but together they had shortened it and attached a wooden handle. It was the most severe implement in their collection and it was only brought out for serious punishments.

Sarah stood nude in front of her husband, hands behind her back as he began.

“Do you know why you’re being spanked.”

“Yes sir, because afyon escort I was late.”

“That’s one of the reasons you’re being spanked, do you know the rest?”

Sarah thought for a moment, searching her mind to try and figure out what else he might know. “Umm…because I was late and didn’t text to let you know?”

“Keep going. If I don’t hear all the reasons, I’m just going to spank you until all the reasons come out…then I’ll spank you for each of those reasons.”

She knew he was serious. When they agreed to enter into a domestic discipline relationship, she told him that she wanted him to lead and not back down, even when she was being difficult. Sarah did a last bit of calculus, “Ok, I was out with friends at happy hour and lost track of time. It wasn’t traffic. I guess I lied a little.”

John just stared at her, waiting to see what else might come out. The silence broke through her calculations faster than the strop could, and the rest came tumbling out. “I lost track of time and then I panicked. I sped so that I could get their faster so that you wouldn’t be as mad. Then I lied to you about it so you wouldn’t spank me.”

“I see. Is that it?” He already knew the answer, when words tumbled out of her like this he knew she was being honest but he wanted her to say it.

“Yes sir.”

“So not only were you irresponsible in your time management and disrespectful to me with your lateness, you also lied to me and put yourself at risk by dangerously speeding.”

“Yes sir.”

“What part of that seems like the kind of behavior I expect out of you?”

“None of it, sir.”

“Then let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again. Come here,” he said while pulling her across his knee.

Taking her hand in his and using his leg to trap hers so that she couldn’t wiggle and escape, he began raining down strokes on her pale bottom.

Each stroke from the large leather paddle was like alanya escort a lightning bolt of fire shooting through her bottom.


The strokes came faster than she could count and they were unrelenting. She squirmed and begged to be let go “Please! Stop! I’ll be good!” “I’m SORRY!”

Nothing she said stopped or even slowed the fire being lit on her bottom. John continued raining down stroke after stroke. Neither he nor she was keeping count. The minutes ticked by, and as they rounded the fifteen minute mark John noticed a change in Sarah’s posture. She had stopped begging and squirming, she was now just calmly laying across his knee, accepting the leather paddle’s bite with resignation.

This is what John had been looking for, he knew the spanking was most effective when he could get her to this place. He upped the intensity of his spanking, bringing down even harder blows than before. “I want you to count the last twenty.”

Catching her breath and swallowing a sob, she answered “yes sir.”

She counted them as instructed despite the storm of pain it brought down on her bottom after each stroke. After the twentieth stroke landed, she heard the leather paddle drop to the floor behind her and felt his hands resting on the small of her back. For several minutes she just laid in his lap and cried.

A strong hand helped her up. “Now, go stand in the corner and think about how you can correct your behavior going forward. Don’t lie to me again. Don’t put yourself in danger.”

She shuffled off to the corner, careful not to rub her bottom despite the intense pain it was in. The minutes ticked by and she tried hard to remember to be more careful next time even though it was almost impossible to think clearly in her freshly spanked state.

Her corner time was ended by a hand on her shoulder. Her husband John helped her into a freshly washed bathrobe. Taking her by the hand, he led her over to the sofa and pulled her close – half hug, half cuddle. Feeling secure in his arms, they spent the rest of evening holding each other and being close.

“Thank you for spanking me, it’s what I needed and deserved today. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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