A Dirty Dog Doggin’ Around Ch. 07


Mandi and I moved on to the military post into base housing and settled into a duplex on a corner lot with a lot of yard and a great location. We really couldn’t have picked a better location. We were almost within walking distance of the Noncommissioned Officers Club (actually we were but Mandi wasn’t much for walking). Half the duplex we moved into was occupied by Bob and Nan, a couple from a suburb of St. Louis.

We lived beside them for several months. Bob was a medic and was occasionally away on field exercises or special duty assignments. Nan stayed home and took care of her two little girls. They had a couple of dogs that got along well with our dogs and we were a casual set of couples. We grilled out together occasionally and went to the club a couple of times.

Nan always struck me as a bit of a prude. She always wore loose fitting, high neck low hemline clothing, never anything stylish, and they turned down invitations to go down to one of the local recreation spots by a river or the lake where you could swim and cop some rays. It really didn’t bother us that much because Mandi and I always had a good time by ourselves anyway.

Sometime in the middle of July, Bob was away on one of his typical special assignments, gone for at least three weeks. Nan and her little girls came over to the house several times and had meals with us, and she and Mandi would sit outside and drink a bottle of wine after dark and the girls were in bed. It was one of these evening that stands out in my mind.

Nan and her girls had dinner with us, and later in the evening she put them to bed. Normally she would sit behind her side of the duplex in the back yard where she could hear if the girls woke up. This particular night she came back over behind our half and was sipping some wine with Mandi. I didn’t find this really unusual, but noticed that there were at least a couple of wine bottles empty just before I went to bed. I made my good nights to both, gave Mandi a quick kiss, and went to bed, knowing I had to wake at 0500 and be on the physical training field at 0530.

I was seriously into a deep sleep when Mandi woke me with some gentle shaking. I thought something was wrong, and was immediately awake and bolted upright in the bed. She stroked my chest and told me to calm down, that everything was okay. I could smell the strong aroma of wine exuding from her. I wondered what was up.

She asked me, “Can you come over to Bob and Nan’s house for a minute?”

When I looked at the clock, it read 0138 and I was not exactly a happy camper.

“Why do you want me to go over there at fucking O-dark thirty in the morning?”

She had this little sly smile on her face, and just replied, “Well, I can’t tell you right now. Just slip on your robe on come over there with me.”

I protested, but she reached down and grabbed a hand full of dick and balls and gave me a sweet, familiar stroke and smiled.

“Just slip your robe on and come with me.”

While not a happy camper, I decided that this was something that should be investigated, and if it turned out to be total nonsense, I would have something to bitch about later. I slipped on my robe and followed her out the door, noticing that she was wearing a long t-shirt that she didn’t have on earlier before I went to bed. I also noticed that there were no lights on either in our house, no back porch lights, or at Bob and Nan’s house. Now I was really curious.

When we walked in the back door of Bob and Nan’s place, the only light was from a couple of candles. It took me a minute to notice Nan sitting on the couch, and a second look revealed that she was also wearing a t-shirt, sitting on the couch with her legs curled up under her. Mandi opened a beer for me that I hadn’t seen sitting there when I entered, handed it to me and gently guided and pushed me to a position at the end of the couch. I settled down and took a sip of beer. I decided I would wait and see if the two of them had come up with some goofy bullshit.

Mandi and Nan exchanged a couple of odd, half knowing, half conspiratorial glances and each other.

I sipped my beer and waited to see how quickly I could gracefully exit when Mandi said, “I want to tell you something.”

Nan squirmed a bit, but looked steadily at me. She took a long drink from the wine glass she was holding, and her gaze was remained steady.

“Nan really likes something that Bob doesn’t,” Mandi continued, “And we need to do something about it.”

I swallowed a drink of beer and demanded, “This is why you dragged me out of bed?”

Mandi stammered a bit, Nan squirmed a bit, and finally Mandi said, “Well, if you can calm down for a minute I’ll explain.”

Given the hour of morning, I wasn’t really in a mode for explanations, and told her to hold that thought until I went next door to get me a beer refill.

Nan quickly asked. “You’re coming back over aren’t you?”

I told them both I would and went back to my place and grabbed a couple of beers. Knowing Mandi like I do, I figured this could take Çankaya Escort a while, so I had better be prepared.

When I went back to Bob and Nan’s house, I walked into a living room with several more candles lit.

Mandi took my arm and guided me back to the couch, and told me, “Can you just sit here and listen to me for a minute?”

She wasn’t exactly sober, but knowing her like I did, decided that I would humor her.

So I said, “Yes, so what ever you have to say I will be your captive audience.”

“Don’t be a shit,” was her reply.

So I settled down on the couch and asked, “What do you want to tell me?”

She hesitated for a minute, irritating me a bit, until she finally said, “Nan likes something that Bob doesn’t.”

Wow! I was impressed….again.

“WHAT?” I blasted back.

“Calm down,” Mandi said, “And let me explain.”

Well, my patience was wearing really thin, and I retorted, “Well tell me what the hell is going on and please don’t take the rest of the night.”

So Mandi continued, “Nan and I were talking about things, and while we were talking, I guess we started talking about some sex things, and while we were talking about sex things, Nan told me she really liked doing it up her butt. But the problem was that Bob thought that was a really nasty thing to do and really unhealthy and he wouldn’t do it. So in all the time they have been together, she hasn’t had it up her butt.”

This came as an absolutely stunning shock, and I was floored with this revelation but urged her, albeit as casually as possible, to continue.

“Well,” Mandi said, “I told her how much you like that and how it was pretty much no way I could do that for you.”

True, I thought. She had some serious internal hemorrhoids that prevented deep anal penetration. I couldn’t get three inches up her asshole, although occasionally if I got her to pound some tequila, she would get numb enough to handle about half my cock, if that.

The thought hadn’t quite settled in when she told me, “Since Nan doesn’t get any like that, and I can’t do that, maybe you could help Nan out and get you some butt too.”

I was really speechless for a second, but was quick enough to ask, “So, is that why you wanted me to come over here tonight?”

“Well, sure, dummy,” Mandi replied.

I looked at Nan, curled up in the other corner of the couch and asked, “Are you cool with this?”

She smiled a shy, demur smile and almost under her breath said, “It’s okay with me.”

“So where do we start?,” I asked the two of them.

Mandi just smiled at me as she sat on the edge of the couch, and slipped her hand under my robe to stroke my already hardening cock. It took just seconds before she had it out of my robe and fully erect. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but I couldn’t wait. Mandi leaned over and began slowly sucking on the head of my cock, while Nan watched. She took some of it down her mouth but quickly returned to teasing my cock head.

I put up with this for a couple of minutes and then grabbed her t-shirt and said, “I need something natural against me.”

Mandi let me ease her out of her t-shirt, and she was wearing nothing underneath. She kept up slowly working on the head of my cock with her mouth, occasionally sliding about half into her mouth. After a few moments, I was lying back on the couch and thrusting my hips forward toward her. What I didn’t notice was Mandi’s invitation to Nan.

I suddenly felt more than one tongue on my cock. I roused from my reverie and realized that Nan had joined Mandi on the floor and was also licking and sucking at my cock. Now this was a stiffening sight, seeing my old lady and the next door neighbor taking turns on my cock. Just to be bold, though, I grabbed at Nan’s t-shirt and pulled it over her head.

She broke away from my cock and let me clear it from her shoulders. I got a glimpse of some really nice, full breasts before she settled in around my knees. The oral action on my cock was incredible, but I held off from coming by thinking about how nice it would be to go balls deep in Nan’s ass.

After a few minutes, Mandi broke away and said, “How are you doing?”

I told her I was enjoying myself, and she gave me one quick flick of her tongue and said, “Good. Now eat me!”

I was taken aback for a second, but only a second, and watched as she settled onto the couch. Nan backed away and I dived into Mandi’s pussy with abandon. She was running pussy juice and I went straight to her clit, mauling it with my tongue and getting a squirm and sigh in response. I was just getting into a rhythm on her clit when I felt a hand on my ass.

Nan was gently rubbing my ass and within a few seconds, reached under me and began a gentle stroke of my cock with her hand. I concentrated on Mandi’s clit and after a few more minutes, felt her reaching that familiar point of orgasm.

She writhed and moaned, roared into her orgasm and finally cried out Keçiören Escort loud, pushing my head away from her pussy and crying, “Stop! That’s all I can take!”

Nan was gently stroking my cock and balls and playing with my ass. I relaxed and let her continue her stroking.

Mandi sat up, and said, “Now it’s Nan’s turn!”

This was a bit of a surprise, but I thought ‘What the hell.’ Nan switched positions with Mandi, and settled back against the couch. I dived into a hairy pussy. Now let’s be clear here. Mandi, at my suggestion, and realizing that it was a nice way to go, stayed mostly shaved. She kept a tiny patch of hair just above her clit and a very minor amount down her lips, but closely trimmed. The rest of her pubes were shaved. Nan didn’t trim at all. This didn’t afford me a very good view of her pussy, or anything else down there, for that matter, especially in the candlelight. Nevertheless, I dived in anyway.

Nan had a nice taste, clean, but with a mature flavor. For some strange reason, though, I stopped the oral action and I asked about her girls.

“They’re fine,” she replied. “They are sound asleep.”

I decided to dive in and show her how a real man eats pussy. For some dumb reason I also realized I was still wearing my robe, although it was hanging open. I started with Nan’s clit and worked down to her vaginal opening. When I drove my tongue into her pussy, my chin dragged on something hard. I was shocked!

What the hell was that? I was about to investigate when Mandi grabbed my robe and began pulling it off my shoulders. Once I was naked, I settled back into my rhythm on Nan’s clit. Mandi reached under me and began stroking my cock with her hand, while at the same time playing with my asshole. She gave it a couple of licks and then began probing her tongue into my anus. I had to concentrate hard on Nan’s pussy to keep from blowing a wad. That’s when I backed away for a second from Nan’s pussy and noticed that she had something in her ass.

I went back to her clit and used my special tongue and lip play to get her to a gut-busting orgasm.

She squirmed and thrust against my face until her orgasm subsided, and finally looked over at Mandi and said, “You weren’t kidding. He can really eat some pussy!”

Mandi agreed, and said, “Are you okay?”

I replied in the affirmative, and she asked, “Think you can stay hard enough to put it up Nan’s butt?”

I laughed and grabbed a long pull of beer, and replied, “Hold my beer and watch this!”

(OK, I can get a bit redneck occasionally. The situation was right.)

I stood up over Nan. For the first time I realized what a great body she had. Nice C-cups, riding high on her chest, a trim waist, nice wide hips with a cute, just a handful butt, and long, slender legs. While a decent looking woman, she had a killer body that didn’t appear to have been badly marred from having two children.

Mandi sat back on the couch as I grabbed Nan and turned her around and pressed her head into the couch. Her ass rose to meet me and I finally got a good look at what had blocked my fingers from her asshole. It was the end of a butt plug firmly emplaced to the hilt in her ass.

As I reached for it, Mandi, leaning over and pressing her full breasts into my back and said, “Nan uses her toy to get turned on when she has to do herself. We weren’t sure if you would want to go through with this.”

I was curious as to when she put this toy in her ass.

“So when did this happen?” I asked.

“Well, before I came over to get you. I didn’t think you would have a problem with this but she wasn’t sure. I helped her put it in her butt!”

Now that was an interesting and stimulating thought, but I decided that I really wanted to get deep up that nice ass.

That’s when Nan told Mandi, “Put some of my lotion on him.”

Mandi got up and went to the dining room table and retrieved some girly lotion, poured a small amount into her hand and began to slick my cock with it.

Nan asked, “Can you take out my toy?”

I reached down and began to pull the dildo from her butt. It turned out to be a serious butt plug, narrow at the base but it was much wider in the shaft. As I slowly began to pull it from her asshole, her back hole gaped and spread until the full width of the toy was revealed.

It was not only thick, but turned out to be longer than my cock. I wasn’t sure if she would enjoy something a bit smaller (or so I thought) but the fact that Mandi was steady stroking lubricant onto my cock kept me rock hard. Just as I cleared the toy from her ass, Mandi took it and set it against my groin, comparing it with my cock. The difference was actually negligible. I turned out to be a bit thicker.

Mandi chuckled and told Nan, “If you like this toy, you should enjoy what is about to go up your butt.”

Nan sighed and wiggled her face into the couch cushions and thrust her ass higher into the air. Mandi moved around beside me, and still slowly stroking Etimesgut Escort my well lubed cock, and pulled my hard cock toward Nan’s ass.

When she got the head aligned with Nan’s slightly gaping pucker, she told her, “Are you ready for this?”

Nan sighed, and said, “Oh yeah. Put it in.”

Mandi reached behind me and pressed my ass forward while holding onto my cock and pointing it toward Nan’s asshole. My cock slowly slid into her ass. When I had about 2″ in, Nan started to back away.

Mandi asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nan replied, “Let me do this.”

“Okay,” Mandi told her, and let go of both of us.

Nan began to slowly rock back and forth on my cock, gradually going deeper and deeper until after a last couple of bumps of her ass, took the whole thing deep into her rectum.

“Wow,” she exclaimed.

I started thrusting slowly, watching her back her ass toward me with each thrust. She started a low growl, and then, slowly getting a louder, more guttural moan going. Mandi moved away from my side and moved over beside Nan, and grabbed her ass checks and spread them wide apart. Nan began moaning louder, and pushing her ass back at me with a passion.

Mandi helped her thrust her ass, pulling on her cheeks to slam my cock balls deep into Nan’s asshole. This went on for a few minutes, until Mandi let go of Nan’s ass cheeks and grabbed me and pulled me close, suddenly kissing me with a passion that I hadn’t felt in ages. She thrust her tongue into my mouth as I thrust my cock into Nan’s ass.

She slid her hands down my back and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands, and crushed her tits into my chest. I was enthralled with the feeling. Then, Mandi slowly pulled away from me, and moved behind me as I continued my pounding of Nan’s asshole.

Mandi reached under my crotch and began to slowly stroke my balls with her fingers. Then, while she stroked my balls, spread some lubrication on her fingers and worked first one, then two fingers into my ass.

She leaned up next to my ear and whispered, “Cum in her ass, baby!”

I was so into what Mandi was doing to me that I almost missed Nan reaching under and mauling her clit. Nan started wailing and moving her ass in circles, pushing me as deeply as possible into the depths of her ass. I looked down to see a ring of lotion curling around her little back hole. I knew from that she was taking it all the way up her rectum and I was literally fucking her rectum intestines deep.

Mandi noticed it too and whispered in my ear, “Fuck her ass good!”

I felt the surge of cum welling in my balls and Mandi must have felt it from her fingers in my ass, because within seconds, I cried, “Oh shit, here it comes!”

Mandi dug her fingers deeper into my ass, probing and pressing on my prostate gland, and Nan began yelping into the couch. Mandi grabbed me once again and pressed her naked breasts into my chest, and lip locked me into a deep kiss.

When I let go with my orgasm, Nan went into some kind of spasms that shook my balls. Mandi hung onto me as the orgasm racked my body and finally settled down. I slowed but continued to thrust into Nan’s asshole until she finally went limp.

I slowed to a stop and waited as my cock began to shrink, and soon slipped from Nan’s asshole. She stayed in her butt up position, moaning softly into the couch cushion, her butt hole gaping open about the diameter of two fingers. Mandi dashed off, only to reappear within a minute with a baby wipe. She swabbed my cock gently, and disappeared to bring Nan one.

I watched with fascination as Mandi gently wiped the cum and lube left around Nan’s asshole and swabbed the remaining pussy juice from her privates. This made my cock stir a bit, but I was too tired to ask for more. Mandi told me to put on my robe.

I slipped into my robe, sat back in the other corner of the couch, and grabbed a beer. Nan sat up and turned around, facing me from the other corner. She raised up a bit and slid her t-shirt under her bottom.

“I’m still leaking cum,” she said in a matter of fact voice.

Mandi came over and sat down against me, leaning back into my chest.

“So, how’d you do?” Mandi asked Nan.

Mandi reached behind her back to tweak my cock, which responded a bit.

Nan sighed, and finally said, “That was the best back door I ever had! My asshole will never be the same.”

Mandi laughed and told her, “I told you it would work out good.”

I decided that this was more information than I needed, and told them both I needed to go to bed.

Mandi and Nan laughed, and Mandi said, “Of course! You’re too tired to put it my ass now.”

I was somewhat shocked but decided that if she really wanted my cock up that luscious butt of hers, I would hang around to oblige.

They both laughed again, and Mandi said, “Go to bed, baby. I think you’ve had all the butt you can stand for one night.”

I protested for a moment but finally realized that Mandi was kidding me. I finished my beer, said goodnight and left.

I wasn’t sure what time Mandi came back to bed, but I was still groggy when my alarm clock went off at 0500. I went out and did my usual physical training regimen with a bunch of goofy, half awake guys, and returned to the house. I quietly undressed and turned on the shower. As soon as it was hot, I slipped in and soaped down.

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