A Different Kind of Home Ch. 02


Author’s Note: Fiction. Gregg is accepted in a way he never thought possible.

This time, in spite of my sore ass, I slept well. The next morning Miss Becky took me to work herself. She slipped me a phone number just before I got out of the car. “Call me on that number if you have to stay late at work. It’s my cell,” she said. “If you do not call me I will expect to see you right on that curb at ten minutes after five. Are we clear?”

“Yes, ma’am, we are,” I said. She nodded and smiled as I got out of the car. That evening I was at the curb at ten minutes after five on the dot, and there was Miss Becky. She brought me to the compound. I got out of the car, went to my room, shucked my clothes and reported to her in her office. She assigned me kitchen duty with Jeff.

He was very pleasant to work with. We worked our tails off getting the food out to everyone and making sure places were cleared off when people were finished. We made sure each course was done exactly on time. I noticed Shauna was not at table, as well as Mistress Melissa and Alison. Jennifer was beaming looking very pleased with herself. She was wearing bicycle shorts over a leotard tonight and looked kind of macho.

Miss Becky had us join everyone for dessert. Miss Becky found fault with several small points of my service, and she gave me ten good ones after dessert. But I felt she didn’t lay them on quite as hard as she could have.

Then Jeff and I had our main meal together in the kitchen. I asked what was up with the Mistress being gone, and where Alison and Shauna were. Jeff said, “Mistress doesn’t actually live here,” he said. “She usually only comes here on weekends or special occasions. She lives in her condo in town, and I expect that’s where she is now, unless she’s on a date.”

He continued, “Except I’ve heard she doesn’t usually date when she’s got Alison with her at the condo. Just tells the boyfriends when they call that she’s busy or something.” At this he grinned. “Your girl’s quite the pleaser,” he said. “Mistress really dotes on her.” I felt jealous and happy and sad and proud all at once. All of a sudden it made me feel good that Alison could keep our Mistress happy.

Jeff told me a little bit about himself, too. He said he had been raised in a conservative household and had grown up moody with a tendency to violence. “I think I was just trying too hard to fight against the fact I’m gay. I’m an awful lot happier now. I couldn’t have come out without belonging to Mistress Melissa first. Being hers made me feel secure enough to do it.

“In fact,” he said, “I haven’t even wanted to have sex with a woman, and haven’t had since I took up with Kevin, except those few times Mistress has required me to do it within the household.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked in an agitated tone.

“Oh no,” he said. “You are not getting anything more out of me about that. Not tonight. You’ll find out when it’s time.” He kept his word and said no more about it. We made small talk for a few minutes, then cleaned up after ourselves and walked back to the men’s wing.

I said good night, went into my room and soon was lying down with the lights off. But I couldn’t sleep right away. I realized both these men had been with my Alison, even though I could not be. I realized she loved them, too. Then I thought that if the two men had not been so into each other, Alison might never have wanted me to come live at the compound, and I might never have seen her again. It was too much. I started to cry again, and cried myself to sleep.

Miss Becky took me to work each morning for the rest of the week and picked me up again promptly at ten minutes after five. I had kitchen and serving work assignments each day, first with Jennifer, then with Kevin and then with Shauna.

Jennifer and Kevin didn’t really like to talk much about themselves, and so I didn’t really learn anything about them I didn’t already know. They both tended to snap at me and so the nights each of them were on serving duty with me were kind of a trial.

Working with Shauna again on Friday felt like blessed relief. We had a very nice chat in the kitchen after the dinner service was taken up and I had been punished for yet another minor infraction. Alison and the Mistress did not appear at table on Friday and Miss Becky was in charge.

On Saturday morning early I appeared nude before Miss Becky for my work assignments. She assigned me to yard work with Jeff until Noon and showed me a locker room where I could change into some warm work clothes; it was getting on towards the cold season.

Jeff and I spent the morning clearing brush and mowing and raking. At 11:30, Jeff sent me in to see Miss Becky. After I kissed her feet, she told me to take a shower and report to the dining area. “This is important,” she said.

About 20 minutes later, I appeared before Miss Becky and knelt to kiss her feet. She raised me quickly, offered her hand to kiss, and sent me to stand near the punishment cross samsun escort facing a group of sofas and easy chairs.

I saw Kevin and Jeff sitting together with big grins on their faces. I saw Shauna sitting holding hands with Jennifer as they smiled and laughed. Meghan was sitting in a chair next to the largest couch looking pensive. Her hand was in Alison’s who was sitting on the couch with a contented smile on her face nuzzled up with Mistress Melissa.

Immediately I wanted to rush over and kiss the Mistress’ feet, but Miss Becky stopped me with a wave of her hand.

The Mistress spoke. “Gregg, I have a rule in this household. Since the males are not allowed regular release, at least once every two weeks they must be drained of seminal fluid. It’s for health reasons. Unfortunately, you were not able to have an orgasm last week – at this she smiled – and you have done nothing since to merit an orgasmic release.

“Therefore Miss Becky will milk your prostate. We do this in front of the entire household so that everyone is clear on the role and status of males in our home.” Jeff and Kevin were not up front with me, and so I surmised from that and the looks on their faces that they had been allowed a full-fledged romp the previous night.

There was a rail in front of me. Miss Becky told me to lean over and grab it. She then put on a rubber glove and stuck a finger in my anus, finding my prostate. It felt kind of good and kind of creepy at the same time.

I was totally embarrassed that everyone was watching, and seemed amused by my humiliation, including Alison. Then the pressure built inside me and come started leaking out the head of my penis. I groaned with the release, though it felt nothing like an orgasm. My cheeks were red with shame.

After Miss Becky was done, she sent me to the kitchen go get cleaned up and to find a bucket and rag to clean up the floor where my seed had spilled. Then I was put on kitchen duty to make and serve sandwiches to everyone. No one talked to me. After I had cleaned up lunch and had a bite to eat myself, I was assigned back to yard duty until dark.

After that it was kitchen duty, this time with Alison. She held me and kissed me when we were alone in the kitchen, but she refused to say much, either about what she and the Mistress had been up to the previous week, or about what had been happening to me out in the compound.

Dinner service was routine, but this time, after Miss Becky was done, Mistress Melissa walked up and held me for a few minutes before she had Miss Becky send me back to the kitchen to complete cleanup. Even though she did not say anything her touch and the warmth of her person were wonderful. I kissed her feet in total gratitude before I went back to the kitchen.

Sunday was the same. Outside work and kitchen work. I was punished again at dinner, and again the Mistress held me for a few moments afterwards. Meghan was in the kitchen with me on Sunday, and she was nice to me, but she wouldn’t say much. After dinner, my punishment and kitchen cleanup we actually made out for a few minutes before she pushed me away and we went our separate directions to bed.

The next week went like clockwork. Miss Becky took me to work each morning, and picked me up promptly at ten minutes after five. I had kitchen duty every night, and Thursday I even avoided punishment. But no one would say anything to me about what was going on.

Alison and Shauna were absent most of the week, staying at their apartments in town. Mistress was gone too, as usual, leaving the household in Miss Becky’s charge. This time she had taken Meghan with her to the condo. So the atmosphere in the house was a tiny bit frosty for me.

Friday started like a normal day, and Miss Becky picked me up promptly at the usual time. She had a funny smile on her face as we drove to the compound. When we got there, instead of just leaving me to go to my room, shuck my clothes and report back to her, she told me, “Go to your room and take off your clothes,” she said.

“When you’ve done that,” she continued, “Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, and meditate on the Mistress and on all the people in this household. Meditate on your true feelings for us, and try to open up your heart to everyone.” Her eyes and voice were soft, and for the first time since she and I had met I believed she truly wanted me to be part of this household.

“You won’t be joining us for dinner tonight,” she said. “Instead you will be served dinner in your room, and afterwards, I’ll come get you. It’s important that you be completely open to us; to all of us.”

“I love you, Miss Becky, and I love Mistress, and I love every one of you,” I replied with tears in my eyes. “I want to be part of this and I’ll do whatever I have to do.”

“That’s good, Gregg, darling,” said Miss Becky. Then she reached over to me and pulled me to her in a giant hug accompanied with a deep warm kiss. “You’re very special,” she said. “I know urfa escort you’ll succeed for us.

“Now scoot,” she added. “I’ve got to get started with assignments and dinner arrangements, and you’ve got a lot of meditating to do.” She smiled again. I wanted to hug her once more, but instead I got out of the car and proceeded to my room.

I did as Miss Becky said, and started my meditation. I thought about Alison, and Mistress and their bond. I thought about the bond between Alison and Meghan. And the bond Shauna had with both Jennifer and Alison. I thought of the bonds uniting Kevin and Jeff, about Kevin’s bond with his sister, and Jeff’s bond with all the women. I thought about the bond between Miss Becky and the other women on so many layers: submissive, sexual, conspiratorial, friendly. And I thought about the bond of all of us to Mistress and how by her actions and presence she strengthened all the bonds that brought this household together.

I thought about my own bond to Mistress, and how it had made me truly close to most of the people in this household, and how I had close personal friends for the first time in my life, and all because of Mistress. I knew I wanted this. I knew I would do as I was asked. I wanted to be part of this more than I had ever wanted anything.

Then there was a knock at the door, and Miss Becky entered, followed by one of the female slaves in her French maid’s outfit, who was being led by a leash. The woman was hooded, but I could see by the lines of her body it was Shauna.

Shauna handed me my dinner tray silently after I had kissed Miss Becky’s feet. “Eat well, pet. I’ll come for you in about two hours,” Miss Becky said. Then she led Shauna out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Two hours later, true to her word, Miss Becky came into my room. I kissed her feet reverently, full of love for her, for the Mistress and for the rest of the household. She was wearing a long black robe that fitted her curves very well and had a low neckline to expose her cleavage. She looked hot. I could see she was very carefully made up.

She attached a leash to my collar and tied my hands behind my back. She led me by the leash up the walkway to the main house. She took me to Mistress Melissa’s rooms, and knocked, announcing formally, “I have the candidate slave with me.”

“Very well, Becky. You may bring him in,” said the Mistress. Miss Becky led me into the room. We knelt immediately. Miss Becky kissed the Mistress’ feet, and I immediately followed. Mistress Melissa was wearing a magnificent red robe, much like Miss Becky’s, but grander.

“You may leave us, Becky,” said the Mistress.

“Yes, Mistress,” said Miss Becky quietly, kissing her feet again. She got up and left the room.

“Kneel up, Gregg,” said the Mistress. “Now let me explain to you what will happen tonight. You see, Gregg, in a very real way you belong not just to me, although that should always be your primary loyalty, but to everyone in this house. To Alison, certainly to Miss Becky, to Meghan, to Shauna, to Jennifer, to Jeff, and even to Kevin. You belong to us all.

“Tonight you will prove this. Tonight you will be offered up by me as a gift to the entire household, to be used sexually by any one of them in any way she or he chooses. I want to emphasize this. Any way she or he wants.

“I know you once got in a fight because you refused to suck the cock of your Mistress’ chosen lover, but when you are offered a cock tonight, you will suck it, and you will do so gratefully and graciously and well. Tonight your mouth and your ass will belong to this entire household. I will leave your chastity belt on because for now I am reserving the cock on you to myself. But all the rest of you will belong to my slaves as my gift. Also this night they will have free unfettered access to each others’ bodies, but that is no concern of yours.

“If you do this well, you will be formally inducted as a permanent member of this household tomorrow. If you do it poorly or with any reservation, or show any jealousy at all, you will leave this house for good tomorrow morning early, and you will never see Alison or me, or any one of us again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress, I do.”

At that she pulled out a blindfold and bound my eyes to where I could see nothing. “Very well then,” she said. She told me to get down on all fours in front of her. She then fastened bonds to my hands and feet and linked them together so I could crawl, but I could not stand up.

Then she said, “Tonight is about feelings for you and about nothing else. You will respond only to touch. You will not speak at all.” She fitted a set of headphones over my ears. Now I could hear nothing except some soft music, but with a rather urgent beat.

So now she led me that way, blind and deaf to the world, knowing it only through my skin, through the house. Finally she brought me to a room where I could sense the presence of others. She turned me all the sinop escort way around. Then suddenly she was gone and the leash was in someone else’s hands tugging me forward.

I was presented with a woman’s shaven sex, and began lovingly to eat her. As I did so, I felt someone come up behind me and stick a finger in my ass. The finger was slippery with lube, and soon I felt someone’s penis slide in. I found myself experiencing genuine pleasure as I humped and bucked against my unknown assailant, as I continued lovingly to eat the woman.

Then soon the man withdrew and the woman came violently. I was presented with another woman’s breasts. I licked and suckled as hands caressed me. Then I was pushed down to her sex. Someone pulled my leash away, and soon my lips were on a cock. I knew what I had to do so, so I went down on him, and kept it up until he came directly into my mouth. I licked up every drop and kissed the cock as it withdrew from my mouth.

Hands continued to caress me. I licked and sucked several more women, had at least one more cock in my ass and two more in my mouth, as I was passed around from person to person. Only one woman had any hair down below, and I suckled her entire body twice and her sex four times. I knew I had to have done every person at least once, and most of them far more than once.

I felt tremendous love for the beautiful people I was servicing. Then finally, hands were no longer caressing me, and so I lay down right there and went to sleep. After a while, there was a tug on my leash and someone led me out of the room and through the house and deposited me somewhere, handing off the leash to someone else.

My headphones were removed. A hand under my chin raised me a little and my shackles were taken off. Then the blindfold was removed and I saw Mistress Melissa with a proud triumphant and contented look on her face. She hugged me to her belly. “Oh dear, dear, dear Gregg. You smell like everyone who lives here.” She laughed, then said, “You have made me very proud tonight. You are a very special boy indeed.” I clasped her hard, and she let me stay that way for a few minutes.

The she grabbed me gently under the chin again and pulled my face up to look in her eyes. “No, Gregg dear,” she said. “There won’t be any release for you tonight, but I do think you will be part of us starting tomorrow. Why don’t you scoot on off to bed now, get cleaned up, have a good night’s sleep, and we’ll call you tomorrow when we need you.

I was crying hard, but was far too tired to even attempt to make a reply, so I kissed her feet, turned, went immediately to my room, cleaned off as best I could, and fell asleep very quickly indeed.

I slept quite well and was only rubbing sleep from my eyes, when Miss Becky came into my room leading a female serving slave in her French maid’s outfit. The serving slave was hooded, but I could see from her shape and the way she carried herself that this was Jennifer.

I kissed Miss Becky’s feet. Jennifer handed me the food tray. Miss Becky said to me, “I’m going to come back for you in about an hour.” I was ravenous and dug right in as soon as the door was shut behind the two women.

An hour went by and Miss Becky came into the room. She was wearing that very sexy robe. I knelt and kissed her feet. She immediately raised me up, and gave me a tight hug and a lingering kiss. “Congratulations, beautiful,” she said. “You made it. I’m not really supposed to tell you this, but you were fabulous last night, really fabulous!

“We were all so keyed up after I took you back to the Mistress that we had an out and out orgy for the next three hours. Everybody had everybody,” she marveled. “You won’t tell anyone I told you this, will you?” she said with a mischievous smile.

I grinned back at her. “No,” I said. “I’ll be the soul of discretion.” At that we both burst out laughing. I didn’t feel jealous at all. Then Miss Becky handed me a small packet of papers. “You need to memorize these for the induction ceremony this afternoon.”

Finally it sunk in. I was in. I was really part of this now. I was going to belong to Mistress Melissa and to this lovely household. I started crying and Miss Becky hugged me again. “There, there big boy,” she said. “Memorize the stuff, OK? I’ll see you when I bring lunch in a couple of hours, I’ll stop by after you are done eating, and the ceremony will start two hours after that.”

She rushed out before I had time to kneel and kiss her feet. “Ulp!” I thought, but I realized it probably didn’t matter today. The paper had on it some directions for the afternoon’s ritual and some lines I was to recite, including a set of vows I would make to the Mistress. It looked intense.

I got right to work memorizing the stuff. After lunch Miss Becky came into the room followed by Meghan, who had a satchel full of paints and brushes. She was topless and wearing tiny bluejean shorts. After I kissed Miss Becky’s feet, she told me, “Meghan is going to paint your body for the ceremony.”

Meghan got right to work and painted my body in gorgeous swirls of red, blue, and yellow. She painted to blend the design in with my physical build and my eye and hair color, and about a half hour later she was done.

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