A Day with Lauren Pt. 02


The sexual reawakening continues among this older middle-aged group. Thanks to Lauren.


Wednesday evening Karen, my wife, and I sat down for dinner. “I ran into Mary today,” Karen opened the conversation. “She’s the red head with the nice round ass,” she noted. “She told me that after our Nude Day parties; she is having amazing sex with her husband, Paul.”

“Really?” I wasn’t really questioning. My mind wandered back to Saturday when in the heat of our adventure with Lauren, I sucked Paul’s cock and then licked his spunk off Lauren’s tits.

“She thinks we should do something to thank Lauren,” Karen continued. “I imagine all of us have had a dramatic improvement in our sex lives since last Saturday.”

I know that we have. Sunday morning when I woke up, I found Karen in the kitchen dressed in nothing more than a sheer robe. As if transported back thirty years in time, my cock began to swell at the sight of her erect nipples protruding from her c-cup breasts. I was overcome with lust. Lust I feared had faded from my life, only to be reawakened by Lauren, the wives of the men who shared Lauren, and my beautiful wife.

Without a word I wrapped my arms around Karen and gave her a passionate kiss. It was just a couple of weeks ago my wife treated me to a good morning blowjob when she told me about the women discovering Lauren. Now, I had the uncontrollable desire to return her the favor. Sitting her down on the side bench, I spread her legs, kneeling with my face inches from her sweet pussy, and proceeded to devour her.

She moaned loudly as I brought her to orgasm with my tongue thrusting in and out her slit and by finger rubbing her clit. I spun her around and positioned the head of my cock against her sopping wet cunt as I entered slowly, pacing myself. “Please, harder, all the way,” Karen pleaded. I obliged. As the muscles in her pussy clamped down on my cock, her second orgasm, I exploded, sending streams of cum in her.

“I’ve had at least a dozen orgasms since Saturday,” Karen smiled. “More than I’ve had in years.”

“So, what do you have in mind by way of thanking her?” I asked.

“I have no idea. I don’t even know the woman,” Karen pondered. “I’ll talk to Mary and the other girls. Maybe we should invite her over for dinner and get to know her a little. Then we can figure out something wonderful for her.”

“Should I ask her to dinner?” I offered. “Just let me know when.”

“When did you plan on seeing her again?” Karen asked.

“Actually I hadn’t thought about calling her these past few days since you have kept me so busy,” I replied.

“Dan!” Karen scolded. “Remember, I demand you see her! Get her on the phone right now,” my wife ordered.

I took out my phone and pulled up her contact. Her phone started ringing. “Put her on speaker,” Karen ordered me again.

“Hi Dan,” Lauren answered cheerfully.

“Hi. When do you have time to see me?” I inquired.

“Oh god, I’ve been dying to see you since Saturday. Can you come over tomorrow afternoon?” she replied. “Is two o’clock alright?”

“I’ll be there,” I confirmed.

“Great, because I haven’t seen any of you guys since then and my pussy could use a little attention.” I blushed knowing Karen was listening to every word.

“See you then.”


“You better take good care of her pussy,” my wife admonished, “or I’m going to be extremely pissed off at you.”

I pulled up to Lauren’s house the following afternoon. She greeted me at the door with a hug and a kiss. Lauren led me back to the bedroom where we both began shedding our clothes.

“I am so glad you called,” Lauren confessed. “I was getting worried that Saturday’s party may have been too much.”

“It was absolutely the hottest party I have ever experienced,” I assured her as I went and planted my mouth firmly on her left breast, my hand caressing the other one. I bit softly on one nipple, then the other, eliciting soft moans. My hand found its way to her wet pussy. Gently rubbing her clit, the moans got louder. I inserted two fingers in her opening, curving the fingers to rub on her spongy g-spot. I could feel her body tensing, her orgasm on the way. I bit down on a nipple as her hips bucked and my fingers held tight as her womanly cum poured out on my hand.

“Thank you,” she said catching her breath. “Can I break my own rules?”

“That’s entirely up to you,” I responded.

“Watching you suck Paul’s cock on Saturday made me yearn for that feeling of having a hot throbbing muscle in my mouth again. I like the taste of cum I have been denying myself.”

“I would certainly enjoy a blowjob from you,” I said.

Lauren grabbed my growing cock and began stroking it lightly as she positioned herself in the bed. She began licking my balls, then taking one, then the other gently in her mouth, massaging them with her tongue. For the next five minutes Lauren orally worshipped my cock, not ready to get me off, savoring my pre-cum, sucking on the head and gently gliding her lips along my shaft.

“I’m muğla escort ready for your hot cum now,” she informed me as she began bobbing up and down, taking me in all the way. I started thrusting to her rhythm. This went on for several minutes. I had shot a number of loads the past days since Saturday that I wasn’t about to cum easily.

“I am going to cum,” I let Lauren know as the tension built in my balls. She stayed firmly on my cock. The first shot hit her throat and she gagged a little; the second and third hit her open mouth. She closed around my now sensitive head and sucked every drop. Lauren swished my cum around her mouth as if she were savoring a fine wine before she swallowed.

“That was wonderful, but please don’t ask me to do it again,” she said.

“OK. Why?” I asked curiously.

“Because I won’t be able to control myself. I will keep wanting it,” Lauren lamented. “We can’t go there. We have to keep our relationship just as it is, friends with a little intimacy.”

Now was the time to ask her to dinner and let her know the wives know. “Lauren, my wife, Karen, would like you to come have dinner with us sometime,” I let out sheepishly.


“Karen would like you over for dinner,” I stated.

“She knows about me?” Lauren responded surprised.

“Yes. All the wives know about you. And, believe it or not, they are grateful for what you are doing to reawaken our sexual desires,” I informed her.

“Are you fucking with me?” Lauren blurted angrily.

“No,” I reassured her. “My wife and I are having wonderful sex now and she knows it’s because of you. Actually she wants to thank you.”

“Dumbfounded, Lauren replied, “Really? You mean it?”

“Can you come to dinner Saturday evening? You will find see how much Karen appreciates you,” I offered.

“Well, I suppose so.”

Karen told me that Paul and Mary were going to be there at dinner as well. I bought some steaks to barbecue and Karen fixed a Southwestern style salad with corn, beans, avocados and tomato salsa. Paul and Mary arrived around five, an hour before Lauren was to arrive. We chatted about inconsequential things like the weather and the latest movies we had seen. When the door bell rung at six, Karen went with me to greet Lauren.

“Come in Lauren,” I said. “This is my wife Karen.” Karen gave Lauren a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I am so happy to meet you,” Karen exclaimed. “You are very beautiful and I am so happy how you have transformed my Dan,” she complimented. Lauren smiled, “You are very beautiful yourself,” Lauren returned the compliment.

“Come on, let’s go back to the patio,” I said leading the way. When we opened the door to the patio, Paul and Mary stood up and Mary rushed over to greet Lauren.

“You must be Lauren,” Mary said gleefully. “I’m Mary, Paul’s wife. Now I can see why Paul is so enamored with you,” Mary went on. “Guess we both have the same sexy, curvy bodies, right Paul?” She directed to her husband. Both Lauren and Mary are slightly chubby with large breasts and beautiful round asses.

“The two most enticing butts I know,” I interjected. We all laughed. I got Lauren a glass of wine and refreshed Karen and Mary’s. Paul and I grabbed another beer from the cooler. I lit the barbeque as Karen set up the table for dinner. Whatever Lauren, Mary and Paul were chatting about appeared jovial as spurts of laughter came from their conversation.

After dinner, I refreshed our drinks. Mary raised her glass for a toast, “To our new found friend, Lauren”

We all joined in the toast as Mary continued, “I don’t know why you kept this sexy woman a secret from me Paul?” Mary laughed, “I thought we shared everything,” she winked. I could see Lauren seemed comfortable as she smiled at Mary’s innuendo.

“Lauren, I just want to thank you,” Karen said to her. “I don’t know what you did but Dan is fucking me now like when we first met thirty years ago.”

Lauren blushed, “I only saw the need for more intimacy in Dan and Paul. I never had any intention of being anything more than their friends.”

“We know that Lauren,” Karen assured her. “You don’t have tell us, but why don’t you want all the satisfaction a woman can have?”

There was a moment of silence before Lauren answered, “I do. I do have those desires. I’m afraid, though. I’m afraid if I pursued them I would ruin everything for everyone.”

“What do you mean?” Mary asked consolingly.

“I am terrible at relationships,” Lauren explained. “I’ve had two horrible ones in my life that left me and everyone involved devastated. I don’t want to go there again. I don’t want to take things any deeper than some innocent touching, kissing and mutual masturbation. Like teenagers before life gets serious.”

“Thirty years ago when I married Dan I would be jealous and angry, possessive. Look at us. We are not young and locked into society’s expectations anymore. Mary, myself and the other wives are comfortable with our sexuality,” Karen explained. She went on, “You know rhodope-mugla.org what happened last Saturday night when Dan came home? All the wives were here naked, celebrating Nude Day like you were with our husbands, exploring each other. We had Dan join us. Made him be our ‘Lauren.’ But we didn’t stop where you did. He actually fucked us.”

“And it’s OK with us,” Mary chimed in. “When I got home that night all horny from being freshly fucked by Dan, I jumped Paul and we fucked like teenagers.”

“Mary told me what happened that evening,” Paul interjected. “My only regret was I wasn’t there to watch. Then I told her about Dan and I at your house,”

I haven’t told Karen yet about sucking Paul’s cock. I confessed, “Karen, I gave Paul a blowjob at Lauren’s party.”

“Really, Dan?” Karen screamed. “That is so hot; I wish I could have seen that.”

“It really turned me on like nothing else,” Lauren confessed. “Then when Dan licked Paul’s cum off my tits, I lost it.”

“You licked up Paul’s cum? You naughty boy,” Karen said smiling from ear to ear.

“It is tasty,” Mary added.

“I have a confession,” Lauren said. “I broke my own rules the other day and sucked Dan off.”

“Dan told me, Lauren,” Karen responded. “And he told me why you would never do it again. I discussed this with all the wives and we decided how we are going to thank you for bringing our husbands back to life.”

Mary gave the verdict gleefully, “Lauren, you can fuck our husbands anytime you want. We want you to. And if it’s OK with you, can I watch you fuck Paul? It’s always been a secret fantasy of mine to watch Paul with another woman. And now I also want to watch him with another man,” she laughed.

Karen got up and began to lay out the cushions from the patio and pool furniture. I could see what was coming.

“Paul, you are so fucking thick brained. Can’t you take a hint?” Mary scolded her husband. She stood Paul up and whispered something in his ear. A moment later Paul and Lauren were embraced in a passionate kiss. Lauren’s sundress slid down to her ankles. “Can I help?” Karen said rhetorically as she undid the clasps of Lauren’s bra. Paul immediately began sucking on her tits. Karen pulled Lauren’s panties down and nudged her to step out from them.

Mary pulled Paul’s polo shirt up over his head while Lauren got on her knees to unbuckle is belt. She slid Paul’s shorts and boxers down. He stepped out of them as Lauren engulfed his cock in her mouth. She savored his steel rod for several minutes, massaging his balls with her hand. Blood was rushing to my cock as well as I watched.

Mary and Karen began undressing me. “You have to get ready, Dan,” Mary whispered in my ear. “Paul wants to return the favor when he’s done with Lauren.”

The girls undressed themselves as we watched Paul lay down and Lauren climb on top and impale herself on Paul’s rod. The sight of Lauren, her large breasts bouncing up and down as she fucked Paul, was making my cock throb. Mary was caressing my balls and Karen lightly stroking me as I reached to grab Mary’s erect nipple.

“Oh god,” Lauren screamed as she reached her first orgasm. Paul flipped her over and then began fucking her from behind. Lauren’s tits swayed from Paul’s pounding. The sound of Paul slapping Lauren’s ass as he thrust in and out filled the air with Lauren’s moans. They paused momentarily as Lauren screamed through her second orgasm. Paul picked up the pace and pounded harder.

Paul let out a loud, “Arghh,” as he thrust one, twice, a third and fourth time before collapsing on Lauren. Paul rolled off Lauren as Karen turned her over. Spreading Lauren’s legs, Karen went in to clean up. “That’s a sweet mixture of cum,” Karen exclaimed as she popped her head up for a moment.

Mary led me over to Paul when it appeared he had caught his breath. “I hope you like this, Dan. Paul’s been practicing with my dildo,” Mary whispered in my ear. Paul got on his knees as I stood before him, my cock raging from the erotic scene I just witnessed.

“Let us know when you are about to cum, Dan,” Mary told me. “We want to let Lauren have a taste. Mary had sat Lauren up; she positioned herself behind Lauren with her arms wrapped around cupping Laurens breasts. They were a foot away from where I stood.

I felt Paul’s tongue first on my balls. My wife, Karen, stood beside me, her arm wrapped around me s she watched. Then I felt the warmth of Paul’s mouth wrap around my swollen cock. His hand slid along in unison with his lips. I could feel his tongue on the underside of my shaft. I looked down as Paul’s head bobbed up and down. Karen was moaning beside me; I saw her dingers rubbing away on her clit as she watched.

It didn’t take long, my cock primed from the eroticism of the evening. After about two minutes of Paul’s sucking, I began to feel the tension in my balls as my ejaculation was building. “I am going to cum soon,” I blurted out.

Paul pulled away, Karen shoved me forward to Lauren’s open mouth, stroking me furiously while I exploded. The first stream hit Lauren’s nose and cheek. The second right on her extended tongue. The third dribbled down her chin onto her tits. Paul took the last weak spurt, my cock back in his mouth as he sucked the remaining spunk.

Mary sucked the fingers that captured some of the cum that dribbled on Lauren’s tit. “It’s a little saltier than Paul’s,” she commented, comparing the two of us. Lauren licked some off Lauren’s face so everyone had a taste of me.

Karen reached in the cooler for a couple of beers and handed then to Paul and I. Karen then went inside to get another bottle of wine. The five of us sat there on the cushions, huddled close together, skin contacting skin, refreshing ourselves.

We sat in silence for several minutes, taking everything that happened in. Mary broke the silence, “Anyone up for another go round?”

“You know I’m spent, honey,” Paul said to his wife. “She sucked me off two times before we came today. Wanted me to last a long time with Lauren, make sure I didn’t cum before she did,” he explained.

“It was wonderful but I’m not used to intense sex like we just had,” Lauren said.

“You want to stay the night, Lauren,” Karen asked. “Dan is great in the morning. You can enjoy him better then,” she offered. “I’m sure we have a new toothbrush around for you.”

“I think I would like that. Thank you, Karen,” Lauren accepted.

“Well, Dan?” Mary looked at me. “Think you can get it for me to take another ride? I’m really hot to have an orgasm tonight. You don’t mind, do you, Karen?”

“No, I don’t mind. Looks like we are one big happy family now,” my wife responded.

“Besides, I’m going to want Paul to fuck me the way he did Lauren sometime.”

“Lay down big boy,” Mary commanded. I did as the others made room for us on the cushion, staying close, though. Mary started on my balls and then my cock to get my erection up. The smell of sex and sweat all around me was erotic so it didn’t take long. Mary climbed on me reverse cowgirl again.

“I love this position, his cock hits me just right and my clit rubs against his balls when I’m all the way down,” Mary offered an explanation.

As Mary started grinding away, I motioned to my wife to come over. “Get me some lube,” I whispered to Karen. She returned a couple of minutes later. Mary was cumming in waves now, my balls were getting bathed in her hot juice. I lubed a couple of fingers and poured some on her butthole. “God,” she screamed as I worked a finger in. Then another finger, rubbing the thin wall between her bowels and pussy, feeling my cock as she rocked back and forth.

“Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah.” Mary let out staccato like as her orgasms came. I tried thrusting my hips up with her rhythm but I couldn’t keep up. I realized I wasn’t going to cum in this position, so when she slowed down, tiring, I picked up her hips and crawled out from underneath her and thrust into her dripping pussy from behind, pounding her doggie style. After a couple of minutes of fierce pounding, I shot three streams into her. Mary collapsed. My softening cock slid out of her. Mary just laid there with still spread slightly.

“My god. Look at that pool of cum on the cushion. It’s still dripping out,” Paul cried out.

We all took a dip in the pool to cool off after that. Sitting around with another round of drinks we shared silly stories of our youthful indulgences and sex escapades. Paul and Mary left around ten. On their way out Mary pulled me aside and whispered, “Next time you play with my butt hole you better stick your cock in there. I’m tired of being teased.” Karen, Lauren and I went upstairs to our bedroom to shower and sleep.

I woke up to the slurping sounds of Karen licking and sucking on Lauren’s pussy. I started caressing Lauren’s breasts with my morning wood extra hard from the scene in front of me.

“I’m just getting Lauren ready for you Dan,’ my wife explained when she noticed I was awake. “Lauren, climb on Dan just like Mary did last night,” my wife instructed. Lauren settled down, her pussy consuming my cock, she adjusted herself, I could feel the head of my cock against her cervical opening.

Lauren was full of energy this morning, riding me for ten minutes before giving in to exhaustion. She had multiple orgasms during her ride, drenching my balls and the sheets with her juice. I flipped Lauren over, bent her legs back from her hips and entered her from the front. Her legs resting on my shoulders as I began to aggressively thrust in and out of her hot pussy. She screamed several times as the muscles in her pussy clenched my cock and her body writhed. I felt my balls tighten, my sperm travel through my penis and fill her cunt. She locked her muscles down on me. I couldn’t withdraw until my cock shrunk enough to evade her grip.

“Dan, go make a pot of coffee for us while I get Lauren situated,” Karen instructed me. “And don’t get dressed. I think hanging out nude is lots of fun.”

I went downstairs a started a pot of coffee. I eyeballed the refrigerator for breakfast. Eggs, ham, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, all the makings of an omelet. I started prepping the ingredients when Lauren and Karen came in the kitchen. We sat down, had a cup of coffee and ate breakfast.

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