A Christmas Present for Sam


“Are you ready, yet?”, Samantha hollered from their bedroom.

“Just a little while longer, Baby!”, Rick yelled back. “I’ll come get you! You just keep watching that video I bought you!”

It was Christmas Eve, and Rick had spent hours upon hours planning this night to give Sam her “special” Christmas present, and here it was, Christmas Eve, and all his efforts were coming to fruition. Rick told Samantha to dress up in one of her sexiest, see-thru negligees and watch the video while he set everything up. The sex video he’d gotten her was probably getting her nice, wet, and horny for him, he surmised, and he was just about ready to let her have her present.

Several times, Rick got himself so horny, thinking about this night, shopping for that video and his costume, rehearsing in front of the mirror, buying some things he was setting up, taping music, that he got hard and wet with precum and had to satisfy himself. Not tonight! Tonight, Sam was going to want him as much as he wanted her, and they’d BOTH be quite satisfied!

The video camera and tripod was set up to catch everything, the strobe light Rick bought was placed just so, his little added treats were at the ready, and he’d just set up the boombox. Now, it was time for him to change into his costume. “Santa’s coming down the chimney, tonight!”, he exclaimed to himself.

When he open the door to their bedroom, Sam was lying back on their king-sized bed in her green with black trim, see-thru, curve-hugging corset, matching garter belt, black stockings, and green high heels, and rubbing her exposed, shaved and neatly-trimmed pussy, still watching the video. Samantha knew that Rick loved this outfit, because it went with her beautiful, green eyes, and dark brown (almost black), shoulder-length hair. “Everything’s set up. Are you enjoying the video?”, he asked, grinning.

Rick was admiring Samantha’s still gorgeous body, as they both worked out, went out dancing (quite frequently), ran together, and played tennis and volleyball. In fact, Samantha was on the women’s volleyball team in college, where they first met. He had just come from wrestling practice, and had noticed her, standing among a few of her teammates, on the gymnasium court, and was immediately attracted to her. He had been a three-sport athlete in high school, lettering in wrestling, football, and basketball, but he’d found wrestling more to his liking, and he was on scholarship.

Before long, Rick asked Samantha out on a date, and the two clicked. They seemed like the perfect match for each other, and looked good, together. He stood six feet, two inches, and she was five feet, ten inches tall. His hair was dark, like hers, but his eyes were a deep blue. They continued the relationship through the remainder of college, and they got married upon graduation. They’d been married for over three years, now, and they both agreed to wait awhile before starting a family until they had gotten their careers going.

“Mmmmmmmm! Uh-huh!”, she purred, smiling back. “What took you so long?”

“Oh, you’ll see, soon enough!”, Rick answered. He led Samantha into the living room, and gave her a little nibble on her earlobe, along the way, with his wet lips and tongue. He’d put red light bulbs into the lamps and soft, romantic music was playing in the boombox. A fire was going in the fireplace, and a chair with a wooden TV tray was sitting next to it, close by. He turned Sam towards him in front of the chair he’d set up for her and pulled her to him. Sliding his hand down her outer thigh, Rick kissed her, deeply, slipping his wet tongue past her inviting lips, and explored her eager mouth. Her tongue entered his own mouth, and he grinded his hardening cock against Sam’s hip as he tasted her sweet tongue, hungrily. Rick’s hand moved gently across the front of her thigh and between her legs, and he felt her wet snatch and rubbed.

Stealing Sam’s breath into his mouth, Rick broke off their wet, passionate kissing and pushed her, gently backwards, down to her seat. “I have to go change in the bedroom. When I call out, place that other tape, next to the stereo, into it and press play.”, he instructed her.

“Okay, but hurry!”, she tells him. With that, Samantha noticed the champaign bottle in the ice bucket and filled wine flute on the tray, set up beside her and reached for it. “Mmmmmmmm! Champaign!”, she reacts, then takes a sip. Sam’s eyes gazed around the room. “Well, THAT’S cute!”, she pointed, laughing.

“I thought that was a nice touch.”, Rick said, chuckling. What Sam had noticed was some of her stuffed animals, sitting across from her, on the sectional sofa. “I thought they’d enjoy the show, too.”

“And you’re video-taping this thing you have planned?”, she asked, turning and seeing the camera behind her.

“Oh, yes!”, he answered. “This will be a gift that keeps on giving!”, he laughed. Rick bent over her and gave her one, last soulful kiss before turning. “I’ll be right back.”

What must have seemed like forever to her finally arrived. “Ready!”, Rick yelled. “Hit the music!”

The music Fatih escort started blasting trough the boombox, and Rick ran out in a Santa suit, and immediately started to dance. He was adorned in the suit, plus a red mask, but no beard or wig. In his hands, he held two cans, and he handed one to Samantha and backed up, pointing the can towards her. Silly string flew through the air and was landing all over Samantha. She, at first, held up her hand to block the assault, laughing out loud, but then she retaliated, covering Rick from head to toe. He tossed his can on the sectional, and continued his dance. Mariah Carey was singing:

“I don’t want a lot for christmas

There’s just one thing I need I don’t care about the presents

Underneath the christmas tree

I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true

All I want for christmas is…


Samantha was eating this up, laughing and drinking her champaign. “WOOW00! GO SANTA!”, she yelled above the music.

Rick continued with his dancing, then he kicked off his boots, one at a time. Mariah’s song continued:

“I don’t need to hang my stocking

There upon the fireplace

Santa claus won’t make me happy

With a toy on christmas day

I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know”

He removed Santa’s trousers and unbuttoned Santa’s coat while still moving to the music and continued until the end of the song. Samantha was applauding and yelled, “MORE! MORE! TAKE IT ALL OFF, SANTA!”

After a short pause, the music on the tape started in, again. A very strong brass intro started blaring with some keyboard, and then, Tom Jones started to wail:

“Baby, take off your coat…

real slow.”

Rick moved close in front of Samantha and started to remove Santa’s coat, slowly. The silly string was being pulled off of him, too. When he had removed it, Sam could see that he had a red sequined bow tie on and red suspenders running down his rippled torso, attached to some Christmas boxers. He was wearing red and black socks with Santa faces imprinted on them. She was taking him all in. She loved looking at his body, too, as much as he enjoyed hers, and she was feeling aroused at the thought of what was to follow. She took a final sip of the champaign and poured another. She wanted the buzz from the champaign to match the buzz in her already wet pussy. “Oh, baby! Mmmmmmm!”, she uttered as she wet her lips with her tongue. She took a sip and watched as Rick gyrated in front of her, removing more of the string, but never missing a beat. Sam picked off the silly string that was on her, too, as she watched, intently.

Rick began to remove his suspenders, seductively, then skillfully removed his boxers, revealing a red sequined thong. Sam was surprised at what was in front of the thong. On the front of the thong was two round, silver bells, each about an inch and a half in diameter, suspended from mistletoe. What was beneath his thong interested her even more. He had a tremendous hardon!

He moved in, closer, straddling her lap and peering down at her through the mask, with his Santa hat still perched on his head. His hips thrusted, back and forth, at her, jingling the bells on his thong (he’d later tell her they were his “jingle balls”). He took Samantha’s drink from her hand, raised the wine flute to his lips, and through his head back, gulping the rest of what she had, then he flung the glass into the fireplace, shattering it. Rick turned to his mate, again, and grabbed her wrists and placed her hands on his muscular chest, and he guided her, letting her feel his hard nipples, sliding them down his sixpack, past his hips, rubbing his powerful thighs, then allowing her hands to cling to his tight buns as he continued to bump and grind to the music:

“You give me reason to live.

You give me reason to live.

You give me reason to live.

You can leave your hat on!”

Samantha was taking in his body and movements with her wide, appreciative eyes, dug her nails into his flexing butt cheeks, when he lifted her chin up towards his face and drove his tongue into her mouth, swirling it around with an erotic and loving kiss. Rick and Sam held their passionate kiss as Rick placed his hands on Sam’s breasts, gently pinching and pulling at her nipples that peeked, teasingly, from the top of her corset. The song was winding down:

“They don’t know what love is.

They don’t know what love is.


You can leave your hat on.

You can…”

Rick got up from her, leaving her with her eyes closed and wanting more from their kiss. She was getting so hot, she could barely stand it. Sam started rubbing her inner thighs and squirming in her seat. She was ready for him, now, but there was more to come. He had planned, too long, and too carefully to satisfy her hunger so soon. She would have to wait just a little longer.

He went over to the strobe light and got it to flashing very Fındıkzade escort bayan rapidly. Since Rick and broken her glass in the fireplace, she reached for the champaign bottle and put it to her lips. She took a small swig as her other hand slid up her inner thigh to her hot, wet pussy, and she started fingering her swollen clit, keeping her eye on her delicious-looking hunk of a husband as he took hold of his thong at the sides, turned back to face her and quickly yanked then down to his ankles. He hooked the thong on the big toe of his right foot and flung it towards Samantha, and it came to rest on her lap, above her masturbating hand.

Rick started to grind his hips in front of her and stroking his hard, eight-inch cock while the light flashed, bathing his entire body with a bluish-white glow, as the strobe made him seem to move in staccato-like movements. A slow, rythmic bass was playing, and Paula Cole’s voice pierced through the erotic scene Sam was watching:

“You make me feel like a

sticky pistil

Leaning into her stamen.”

Rick fingered his nipple while masturbating and moving his hips. Sam set the bottle back into the ice bucket and did as he was doing.

“You make me feel like

Mr. Sunshine himself.”

With his movements looking like it was something out of an old silent movie (allbeit, X-rated), Rick walked over to the Christmas tree and removed a candy cane from one of its branches.

“You make me feel like

splendor in the grass

where we’re rolling

Damn skippy baby”

He walked back in front of her, removing the cellophane wrapper, and placing the straight end in his mouth and sucking on it. He continued his dancing and stroking of his engorged shaft.

“you make me feel like

the Amazon’s running

between my thighs.”

Samantha lifted her left leg and placed her foot on the edge of the chair, then she took her hand from her pussy, and she put her fingers to her nostrils to smell herself and tasted her love juices with her tongue.

“You make me feel love”

She replaced her fingers to her aching clit, and squeezed on it between her thumb and forefinger, twisting it back and forth, the she slipped her middle finger inside and let her thumb take over her clit.

You make me feel like

a candy apple

all red and horny

Rick moved in closer to Samantha, lowering the candy cane to his left nipple, keeping the slow, pumping action on his “other” candy cane, and he rubbed his hard, stiff nipple with the wet end of the peppermint.

You make me feel

like I want to be

dumb blonde

In a centerfold,

the girl next door.

Sam saw him do that, then her eyes went back down his upper body to see the precum forming at the tip, and she licked her lips, wanting to taste it in her mouth and have that beautiful cock deep inside her wet, craving cunt.

“And I would open the door and I’d be

all wet”

As if knowing what his lover wanted, Rick placed the wet end of the candy cane on the oozing drop of precum and gathered it on the stick, then he placed it on Samantha’s waiting tongue. With her hand on his, she sucked on the candy cane while staring up into his eyes and fondling his scrotum while he kept stroking and moving to the music.

“With my tits soaking

through this tiny

little t-shirt

That I’m wearing and you

would open the door

And tie me up to the bed.”

Rick went down on his knees, between her legs, as her raised leg lifted up and rested over his right shoulder, and he removed her hand from her wet snatch and started stroking Sam’s clit with the sticky, wet candy. His eyes met hers as he moved his face towards her dripping hole, and his tongue darted out and flicked, lightly, at her bud. Then he sandwiched her clit between his tongue and candy, and he licked and rubbed, tasting peppermint mixed with her juices.

You make me feel love

“Mmmmmmmmm!”, Sam moaned. Her hands went to the sides of Rick’s head, causing his Santa hat to slide from his head and down his back to the floor, and clenched his hair. She bit her lower lip and looked down at him. He looked almost like a stranger with the mask on, and it was turning her on even more, thinking like that. “Oh, God! Baby! Lick my pussy, Lover! Mmmmmmmm! Eat me!”, she pleaded.

“Lover, I don’t know

who I am”

Rick, obligingly, licked long, slow licks on his wife’s clit as she spread her labia for him. He felt for the top of the TV tray, and placed the candy cane upon it, then returned his hand back down to Sam’s juicy cunt. His first two fingers of his right hand slipped easily inside her pussy, and he could feel her muscles grab onto them with each thrust as his fingers moved inside her walls.

“Am I Barry White?

Am I hot inside?”

Sam’s hips were edging closer to the edge of the chair as she tried to pull Rick’s head closer to her. Rick then placed his left arm around her, and with Escort Gaziosmanpaşa not missing a scrumptious lick, he lifted her off the seat, and with her leg still draped over his shoulder, he carefully turned on one knee and lay her, gently, down on the carpet, in front of the fire.

“What would I place with

your hot conscious

Oh baby babe babe babe”

He was sucking and nibbling on her clit, now, and her body was quivering and quaking, and he could tell that she was nearing a climax.

“I will be your death

the moon light

Take your time”

Samantha held onto Rick’s hair, tightly, pulling herself upwards as her hips bucked off the floor. Rick felt her body shudder and saw her tits jiggle as she came with one giant release, “OHHHHHHHHHH! AIEEEEEEE!”, she screamed. It was followed by smaller aftershocks.

“You make me feel love”

Her body collapsed in sated pleasure.

Rick moved up over Sam’s body, and she looked up into his smiling eyes, then she placed her hand behind his head and pulled his lips to her open mouth and drew in his tongue. Her other hand caressed and squeezed his ass. Rick’s left hand was on the floor, stabilizing him, while his right hand lightly stroked her outer thigh and hip, and they lie there, exploring and making love to each other’s mouth.

Samantha wrapped her long legs around Rick’s waist, then they both looked into each other’s eyes and smiled, lovingly. Sam’s smile turned mischievous, and with almost one fluid motion, her left leg broke loose of her hold on him, and her foot braced the floor while

her right arm swept his left arm out from under him, and she was now on top of him, staddling him and pinning his wrists to the carpet.

“Where did you learn that?”, he asked, laughingly.

“From you, Babe.”, she grinned. Her dark hair was dangling over his face as he looked back into her beautiful, green eyes. “Don’t you remember? You taught me everything I know about wrestling and reversals.” They were both laughing, now.

“So I did, my love!”, he replied. “So I did.”

Sam gave Rick a long lick up the side of his face, then she sat on his stomach and undid the buttons on her corset. “Mmmmmmmm! That feels much better!”, she let out, as she tossed the corset aside. She rubbed up and down her upper body from her stomach to her breasts, looking down at him, seductively.

She looked so fine, straddling him, topless and still wearing her stocking and garter belt and high heels, he thought, and Rick was rubbing up and down her thighs as he took in his wife’s beauty. The strobe light was still going, and he was able to reach the switch, so he did. Now, the glow from the fire was illuminating her body. “God! You’re so beautiful!”, he sighed out, loudly.

With that, Sam leaned down to lightly kiss his neck and rub his pecs with her soft hands. She ran circles around his nipples with her fingers as she moved to different spots on his neck, kissing and letting her tongue dart out. She moved her straddling position down past Rick’s hips and she leaned forward, feeling his hot, throbbing cock against her stomach. Her tongue flicked at his right nipple while her finger circled his left, and she moved her body on his rod and felt his precum slide across her abdomen. She sucked in his hard nipple in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue, then she moved to the opposite side and did the same.

Rick’s own body was writhing, now, under her. He could fill his testicles churning with desire, like lava in the pit of a volcano, ready to blow. Sam’s kissing and licking continued down his chiseled stomach, and her hands lightly traced their way down his sides and his hips. She didn’t have far to go with her kissing before she reached the tip of his manhood, as it reached past his belly button. Samantha grabbed his penis, and sat on his thighs, looking into his blue eyes.

She took hold of his shaft at the base and moved it across her stomach, then she pushed up her left breast. Her head bowed down so that her chin was resting on her breast bone, and she stuck out her long tongue to lick her erect nipple, never leaving Rick’s eyes with her own. She continuously moved his cock on her stomach, simultaneously stroking it up and down, and Rick was going so mad with desire, that he felt himself about to spew his spunk all over them both. When he felt he could stand it no longer, he stopped her manipulation. He wanted the release, but he wanted it to last, too. He’d prefer to fill her pussy with his love load.

Sam knew why he’d stopped her, so she obliged by squeezing his pole, tighter. “Don’t worry, baby.”, she cooed. I’ll give you what you want. But first, I’ll just have to tease you and torture you like you did me with your dance.”

She slid down further on Rick’s legs, keeping a tight grip on his purple-headed cock. Samantha looked at his thick veined, circumcised masterpiece of manhood with relish. She thought his cock was the most beautiful one that she’d ever laid eyes on, and she was happy that it was hers and hers alone. She brushed back her hair and bent down, putting the tip of her tongue on the tip, dripping with precum, then she spread his juice around the head as she resumed her stroking. Rick saw her do this, then his head went back with his hands clutching his hair as his eyes closed, enjoying this erotic torture she was applying.

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