A Baptist Life


An account of the early life when Don got married and lived under Pa and Grandpa’s roof.

My Baptist Life – Don Brown

There was a lot of activity in the Brown homestead in the late 40s early 50s as 3 healthy children were born to Jacob and Janet Brown.

I was in the middle so had plenty of female support growing up, sometimes painful but always loving.

We lived in a few houses sort of joined together with plenty of outbuildings and yards to play in and explore, even a “Woodshed”

Also in the homestead was our Grandpa and Grandma, Grandpa being the retired Baptist Minister of the area, a job he loved but always said when one of his sons graduated though college and then went on to be a Minister he would hand over the reins.

He was our Uncle Zac and we all felt the rod of God from him at regular intervals, my sisters more than me as it was their role in life to be taught humility and serve their husbands.

We all went to a local junior church country school until we moved up to the big senior school, almost next door and also run by the Baptist church where you stayed to take all your exams.

As a member of a Baptist family we were all brought up to push ourselves forward and volunteer for anything which would benefit the local community.

One such event was the Sunday school annual concert and I was picked as lead soloist in the choir singing a few songs all the audience would know and join in.

Our slot went very well and we took our places to watch the next performers, 2 girls and a boy, they were going to sing an Elvis song, “Return to Sender”, that really got the audience going and me as it was a great song.

The blonde girl of the trio took my heart that evening.


My uncle Zac was our Pastor, he took over when my Grandpa retired and me and my cousin soon found his vestry had brilliant spying hole.

We hid in there and spied when the ladies were sent by their husbands for “Extra Tuition” He used to lecture them on the Gospel, had them strip naked and lean over a huge sausage shaped cushion with their bottoms in the air.

At the side of the door was the biggest strap you ever did see and he used this to emphasize the Gospel he was preaching to them, maybe 15 or 20 lashes.

The best though was watching the 18 year old + girls taken by their mums for one of his lessons.

We once saw my 18 year old sister being taken by Ma, same start, a lecture then Ma lowered her pants and tucked her skirt into her waistband and went to the other side of the sausage and held her hands whilst he gave her an extra lesson with the whippiest cane you could imagine, it caused an immediate stripe and we could see everything.

Even when we were 20 me and my cousin Adam had many a wank watching them after work, but like all things it came to an abrupt and painful end.

My aunt came in to the vestry to pick some papers up and heard me and Adam, “playing” and marched us, pants round our ankles, to the ante room where we had seen the school Head Girl re educated into the Baptist doctrine and she still had her knickers round her ankles and skirt tucked into her waistband.

Testosterone being as it is made our young cocks stand to attention, even though we knew we would soon be over the sausage.

We both got a sound leathering, in turn, and then again to make sure we understood.

Adam was sent to his room and I was taken home, minus shorts, by aunty to explain to my Pa what had happened in every detail, also in front of Grandpa and grandma, my cheeks must have been as red as my bottom.

Pa roughly laid me over the settee arm and removed his belt and that was the second longest and hardest leathering ever, but, no pants on, over a rough surface, so when I was stood up, I was “Stood Up” and then my shaft measured 6 ¾ “,

I knew as I measured it daily and wanked hard to get to 8″, and when I was sent to my room I notice grandma had her wooden spoon out and caught my cock twice with it as I passed her, she shaking her head.

I could not reach my room quick enough before I hit the Kleenex.


Me and my mates hung around till the 3 “ELVIS” guys came into the room.

I asked my mate Joe if he would ask the blonde one if I could walk her home, I watched the proceedings and Ella looked over to me, smiled and nodded yes.

We were to help tidy up and Ella asked her mum if she could stop and help and that one of the older classes would see she got home safe. Her mum said it was fine and what good girl she was for asking.

We came out of the hall door and Ella linked into my arm as we walked.

I soon found out she was a very shy girl, only speaking when spoken to, I said I had fallen in love with her the moment I saw her on the stage, she told me she had fallen in love with me on her first day at school when she saw me taking a morning assembly.

When we got to the end of her street she led me behind some old garages and kissed me.

She then pulled away and ran to her front door and waved from the doorstep as she got rize escort in.

As our early courting days went into months and our parents took us for granted as a couple we were allowed to go to the weekly dance at the church hall as long as she was in for 10.00pm

At one dance she said her parents would be out till 10.30 so she was allowed to stay out till 11.00pm and we left the dance at 10.45 in plenty of time to get her home, she kissed me by the garages and skipped of home.

A few days later we were in the woods by our homes and I decided she needed a spanking, not her first and certainly not her last.

I sat on “Our Seat”, a fallen tree and beckoned her to my side.

“Remove your dress, you are due a spanking”.

She was wearing a floral summer dress with thin straps, down to just below her bum cheeks, and as she removed it, no bra, she was only a 32A so rarely wore one..

“Knickers too”.

As she stood before me, naked, I lowered her over my knee, when she was in position I saw when had been whipped a day or so before, I duly spanked her and sat her on my knee.

She told me when she got home late on the dance night her mother and father were waiting, she was lectured, told to strip and told to lay over the kitchen table.

Her mother held her hands from the other side of the table whilst her father doubled up some electrical cord and explained as she was so late she needed telling a lesson she would not forget, and he whipped her and no cuddles, straight to her bed.

Through her sobs she her mother sobbing as she was given her turn as he beat her with his belt.

When we got engaged it was maybe at that time I realised Ella was a submissive and it was not till years and years later she confided in me she usually hated being punished and also usually hated any sexual play, but it was her duty to me that she did whatever I wanted and needed.


“How very apt” Ella thought as she prepared for her appointment with the new Baptist Minister as “Aretha Franklin” was singing Say a Little Prayer for me it had been declared top of the pop charts for that week.

It was high summer and she would not have needed to wear much anyway and even though she knew she would be soon naked she wanted to make an effort.

She selected some soft pink lacy undies to go under her short, very short floral dress; she decided to leave her matching bra at home.

She was to appear before Minister Brown, Don’s uncle, and she made a big mistake of putting a full make up face on, this he saw as flying in the face of all the church stood for, a harlot, a tart, a lady of the night, and she had to take a note home saying this, and to be given to her new husband.


They had only been married a few months and lived, with Don’s parents and Grandparents along with Don’s 2 sisters.

Don read the Ministers letter shaking his head and took her straight to his Pa’s woodshed.

She was lectured as to the disgrace she had brought to the house and how she would soon be very sorry, her eyes welled up and she began to weep.

He lifted her dress over her head and cast it on the workshop floor, her small young 18 year old firm lemon sized breasts did not really warrant a bra so he hooked his thumbs into her panties and lowered them to the ground, and she instinctively stepped out of them.

It was her first visit ever to any woodshed, woodsheds where she knew naughty boys were taken to be whipped by their Pa’s.

Her attention was soon fixed to the saw horse and its smooth crossbeam, with all the boys who have lived in the house it had had plenty of use, even Don had been over it the previous Friday for lipping his Ma and felt Grandpa’s old razor strop on his bare bum.

He led her forward, mesmerized from the marks on her bottom given to her only an hour ago by Minister Brown, Don’s uncle, who was making sure he has his fill of girls to “Cure”, he always made them strip naked before his lecture as they stood before him, hands on head, elbows well back.

He laid her over the saw horse and told her to grip the under cross beam as he was to give her 10 with the thin strap he removed from its peg on the shed side, if she moved it would be doubled and she would be tied to the horse. She had regularly received the hand, hair brush and belt from Don before and during married life, but he had never taken her to a woodshed before.

The first whoosh landed full across her already striped bottom, quickly followed by eight more, up and down her cheeks.

He stopped. “Ella, hold real tight now,” he said. His arm went above his head and the strap lay between his shoulder blades.

He altered his position. WWHHOOSSHH – CCRRAACCKK. it landed diagonally across all the others, just as Pa’s last one always did.

“Now you keep down till I say, Ella.” He walked to the wood shed door and replaced the strap.


Five to one she knocked on the vestry door and Minister Brown beckoned her in. He sat her down and pulled his chair close and reached bostnews.com out and held both her hands in his. “Now tell me why Don has seen it fit to send you to me for correction Ella?”

“Well Sir, it was last Wednesday night and, and…”

“Spit it out girl, won’t be anything I have not heard before, forget I am Don’s uncle”.

“Well Sir,” she repeated, “last Wednesday after supper I left two plates and a pan on the range and forgot to wash them.”

“Well,” said the Minister, “why ever would he want to send you to me after he had dealt so ably with the situation?”

“There is more Sir, my pants were removed and I had my dress tucked into the waistband by Pa given 20 hard slaps and told to go finish my chores. I heard Mom and the girls chuckling, why one is younger than me Sir! “

“Yes I know how old Ruth is, carry on.”

“Instead of corner time Don said I had been humiliated enough and was sent to bed and wait for him, Wednesday being our loving night Sir.”

“I see yes.”

“But I fell asleep and in the morning he was cross and said I must have done that in spite and took his belt to me and sent me to you Sir.”

“Let me see the damage.”

Ella removed her dress and pants and held them in her hands as she bent over to display.

“Ahh, I see he has his Pa’s technique, did the last diagonal one hurt real bad Ella?” He asked as he rubbed his soft hand over her small bottom.

“Yes Sir, real bad, but worse when he explained to all at breakfast what had happened the night before and I had to show the result of his judgment to his Ma, Pa, grandparents and 2 sisters, like bent over Sir.”

“I see, he was quite correct in his actions you know, a girls place is where her Pa or husband says it is.

Now today Don has asked you be introduced to the cane. I think 10 of the junior would be enough on your small bottom, would you like my house keeper to hold you down?”

“Yes please Sir, I think I am scared of it.”

“So you should be, it’s a punishment after all, and what are punishments for Ella?”

“To keep a girl in the true Christian way Sir.”

Minister Brown always made the girls before him strip naked before his lecture as they stood before him, hands on head, elbows well back.

After his lecture and taking in Ella’s beautiful young form, he rang a small brass colored bell and 2 minutes later Mrs. Ellington arrived in her apron.

“Do you want her over my knee Minister, it being her first time?” Mrs. Ellington asked.

“Yes I think so”, with that without a word being spoken Ella lowered herself over the housekeepers knees.

Ella could smell the smell of her own Ma off the housekeepers apron, and the times as a girl she’d been in exactly the same position with Moms wooden mixing spoon leaving its mark after every swat.

Mrs. Ellington held her firm as the Minister administered 10 sharp cuts with the junior rattan.

“There, finished”, Mrs. Ellington sat her on her knee and hugged her till her tears subsided, kissing her hair, “there, there” she said as she stroked her welted bottom, her young pink nipples bouncing with every sob.

Mrs. Ellington stood her up and left the room; Ella’s hands went to her head as she had been taught from her first ever spanking from her Pa.

“Turn round Ella and lean forward” he wanted to make sure he had done a thorough job.

“Have you anything to say Ella?”

“Yes Sir” she sobbed, “I know how lucky I am to have you, Don his Pa and everyone to look after me and teach me to respect and I am so, so sorry.”


12.30 pm and Ella was clearing the lunch plates off the table, it was leading up to the Christmas holidays so all the family were at work or school and just Dons grandma and grandpa in the house.

Grandpa had just left to visit old friends in the village; he had been Pastor here for almost 30 years before his retirement.

“CRASH – CRASH” grandma jumped with the noise, “whatever have you done girl?”

Ella flushed up, “Well grandma I tried to dry two plates together and they slipped through the tea towel, sorry if I scared you.”

“Well, you had better get it brushed up then come visit me on the porch.”

Ella knew only too well what that meant and quickly cleared the mess up and put the rest of the dishes away.

She took off her apron and went out to the porch, hands behind her back.

“Now Ella, you know in this household all misdemeanors carry a penalty?”

“Yes Ma-am.”

“And you know it is our job, as elders, to make sure consequences of such misdemeanors are issued, for your own good?”

“Yes Ma-am.”

“Well, do you think you have a lesson to learn?”

“Yes Ma-am” Ella’s head dropped.

“Go to the kitchen draw and bring out a wooden spoon.”

“Yes Ma-am”, Ella scooted as quickly as possible to the drawer, and opened it, there were wooden spoons of all shapes and sizes. “Which one grandma?”

“Oh any one my dear, for this purpose, any will do.”

Ella grabbed one and rushed back to the porch.

Grandma had got up from the rocker and sat on a cane high backed chair in the middle of the porch.

Ella was surprised if not a little shocked that grandma intended spanking her, she thought it would have been reported to Don on his return from work, and as it was a household misdemeanor expected to be spanked in front of everyone who was in the dining room after supper.

She gave the spoon to grandma and pulled her dress over her head and neatly folded it over the porch balustrade.

She was not blessed with huge or even normal sized breasts so rarely wore a bra, and stood there in her new lacy grey knickers she had put on special for when Don came home.

If she had a passion, it was lovely knickers, knickers she knew would excite Don, and she knew he loved to see them pulled up skin tight over her bottom showing every detail of her bottom and slit when he was about to remove them for a spanking.

He used to pull them down ever so slowly. She began to hook her fingers into the waist band.

“You can leave your pants on Ella, there will be plenty of times later they will need to be lowered or removed.”

Ella lay over grandmas lap, bottom presented for her discipline. Grandma straightened her pants ready for the spoon.

Ella was such a slight girl, 5 foot 5 and around 110 pounds and her being over her knee reminded Grandma of the times as a little girl she had been over her Pa’s lap for a spanking.

Ella waited for the first spank, and down it came, followed by another then another, and only paused to make sure her pants were straight.

Ella was soon sobbing then crying, and then the spanking stopped.

Grandma stood her up and returned to the rocker and called her over, she lowered Ella’s knickers, took some cold cream from her apron pocket and laid Ella back over her knee and soothed away the stings.

She then again stood Ella up then sat her on her knee as she hugged the girl, wiping away her tears with her apron and rubbing her hot bottom, and saying “What a good brave obedient girl she was”, and “how proud she was to have her as a new granddaughter.”

After some lovely hugging time grandma let Ella stand up and pulled up her lovely lacy knickers, “They for Don?”

Ella blushed, “Yes Ma-am.”

“Just like I used to do for grandpa.”

Ella blushed even deeper red.

“Now put on your dress and get on with your chores, you know I will have to tell grandpa on his return?”

“Yes grandma and thank you for correcting me”, and placed a big kiss on her cheek.

She continued her jobs, her sore bottom a reminder of how lucky she was to be accepted into such a warm, loving and caring Christian family.

Ella was upstairs cleaning; she heard a car pull up the gravel drive and heard the car door close.

She heard grandma and grandpa talking, and then a minute later grandpa came to the bottom of the stairs.

“Ella, can you come down please?” he called.

She put down her duster and rushed down stairs.

Grandma was moving the table place mats to one side.

“Over you go girl” Grandpa said, and she saw him unbuckling his belt as grandma patted the table.

Why had she been so carless…? Grandpa spoke quietly, “As the only male here Ella you need to be taught the Christian way of dealing with carelessness, do you understand my love?”

“Yes sir, but I already had a spanking on the porch from grandma before you came home.”

“She was merely warming your bottom in readiness for my belt, hope you said thank you?”

“Yes sir I did” and as she looked over, grandma nodded, “Yes she did, very apologetic and accepting.”

“Can you prepare her grandma?” he said, and grandma pulled her dress over her head and folded it onto the chair.

Ella’s hands went behind her head as she had been taught, she knew it was the way to accept humiliation, a huge part of her Christian upbringing.

“Pants grandpa?”

“Naked grandma”, and she lowered and removed Ella’s knickers and bent her over the kitchen table, grandma then went to the other side of the table to hold Ella’s hands firm.

Grandpa chuckled as Ella was bent over and she appeared to have on a red pair of panties, “That’s just what you did with Dons Ma and her brothers and sisters” he said as grandma had followed the shape of her own children’s pants with the dreaded wooden mixing spoon.

All was ready, “Just 6 Ella, I’m sure Don will also want to deal with you on his return from work, but I would be lacking in my duties if I did not correct you now.”

“Yes Sir” Ella whimpered”, she was naked over the dining table, her husband’s grandma had already spanked her whilst sat on the porch, now she had striped her naked, all her private areas on show to her husband’s grandpa before he whipped her bottom, yet, it was the most natural thing in the world to Ella, she needed to be taught the ways of her church, and took the loving and the discipline as it was given.

Grandpa placed 6 evenly spaced lashes on Ella’s bare, receptive bottom. Ella was glad grandma was holding her down, she was not sure she could have managed without, and she knew in her mind 6 was a small amount of cuts of grandpas belt.

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