A Bag Full of Surprises Ch. 02


This is a continuation of my little tale, I thought I would get back a little at the bitchy office manager. My friend had told me some of the nasty things she had done so I decided to write what I thought would happen. I had fun writing this and I hope you enjoy it.


Tara slammed the front door as she stormed into her home. Her boyfriend, sitting on the sofa, looked at her quizzically before saying, “Rough day Darling?”

“That slut bitch needs to be punched out, I’m so angry with her. So do you know what that whore did to me today?”

“Err no, I assume you mean Christine your bane at work, what did she do baby? You need to calm down a little, your face is so red it looks like you are ready to commit murder.”

“Well she heard me telling the girls about that lovely bag I found and how much fun I had with it. She laughed, and told them I was telling lies. Nobody, would have a bag like that left on their doorstep. It has made me so mad at her, how can I get her back? I want her to grovel when she admits she is wrong.”

“Mnnnn, let me think but first would you like a wine? I have bought a bottle of nice Australian Reisling the man at the store recommended it to me.”

“Yes please, you are so kind to me Darling, are we dining in or going out for dinner?”

“Pizza will be here in five minutes, kick your shoes off and let me pour the wine.”

The pizza was eaten and the bottle nearly finished when he started to discuss his nefarious plan. When he had finished the telling, I smiled gleefully then hugged him.

It was another five days before it could be activated, I had to wait until he was sent out of town on another business trip. Meanwhile, I had started to sow the seeds by telling Christine she didn’t know what she was talking about. We very nearly had a screaming match in the lunch room but managed to control ourselves.

In the end I got her to agree to come over to my place when my boyfriend was away. If I was talking rubbish I would have to apologise to my fellow workers. We never did agree on what her penalty would be.

Christine followed Tara home thinking, I will finally show Tara up for being the bitch she is. Just because she is better looking than me, more popular than me, I hate her!

When she drove into Tara’s driveway, she went to lock her car but Tara stepped out of the front door and motioned her to park in the open garage. Getting out of the car, Tara told her to enter the house by the front door while she locked the garage, “Stops the neighbours looking dear.” Escort kolej

Christine started to fume at this, but did what she told. At the front door was a bag with Christine’s name written on it. She picked it up and went inside. Throwing it on the coffee table in the lounge she waited until Tara came back.

“So when did you buy this bag? Do you think I’m stupid? Did you think I would just accept it turned up while we were at work? I should leave now, I know you are a liar.”

In response to her tirade, I placed the delivery note I had pulled off the bag during her vent in front of her. “Here read this, it will show you, neither my boyfriend nor I had anything to do with this turning up on the doorstep.”

The note was from the same company as before saying she was the lucky winner of the competition.

“Why did they send it here then?”

“Easy, your name was at the top of the list I filled out when they asked me to take a survey for them. I liked their prize and made up a few names I thought would appreciate a prize like this. I think you could do with some relaxation.”

Before she could reply I went and got the jug of margaritas (she had told one of the other girls at work she loved them), I had prepared for her that morning. I poured her a glass and a glass of white wine for myself. What she didn’t know was I was diluting my wine and making her drink extremely strong.

She drank it all fairly quickly while studying the note.

“Shall I order in Chinese or do you prefer something else?”

“I love Chinese, sweet and sour pork please,” was her reply.

Ordering done with a 30 minute wait, I poured her another glass before asking her what she liked to do away from work. She liked to go to go horse riding and to surf. That was unusual I had her pegged as a woman who would watch TV and go to bars. She always dressed in sensible, slightly baggy clothes at work.

The knock on the front door was only 20 minutes, great service so I gave the delivery person a nice tip. Taking the food and her through to the kitchen I served the meal. She drank another two drinks while we ate. Her voice was definitely starting to slur by this stage.

Grabbing the bag I said, “Shall we find out what you are meant to be doing?”

“Okay if I must, I still think there is some devilry going on with this.” Her voice was subdued for her. I smiled to myself, the plan was coming together.

Opening the box labelled number one, I read the instructions, surprising there was nothing sihhiye escort else in the box. Go to the Hot Tub and spent 20 minutes in it, you must be naked. Make sure the jets are working.

Knowing it is not recommended to use bath oil in Jacuzzis I understood why there wasn’t any addition to the note. I pointed this out to Christine. Apparently she understood this. However, she was not happy about getting into the tub naked. To make it fair, I said I would join her in the tub, she agreed especially when I grabbed the drinks and took them with us.

I switched it on and when we were both naked we climbed in, sitting opposite to each other. Now out tub was in the enclosed back porch so it was quite private, we have lights mounted around it so the atmosphere was really nice. She got in first so I filled her glass up for her, she actually thanked me. Now I knew why she wore those dreadful clothes to work. She was built, man she looked good and I was straight but she was hot.

When the time was up, I help her out of it and dried her. She was certainly relaxed and I asked her if she would like to lie down to rest a little. She agreed so I led her to the guest room and made sure she was comfortable on the bed.

I handed her the bag telling her to see what was in box two, she handed it back to me asking me, “to take care of it for me, she just wanted to relax for the moment.”

I sat down on the bed next to her and opened the box, it didn’t seem to be heavy like mine had been, so it was a surprise when I pulled out a bottle of lube and then small butt plug. Showing her these items, she looked startled and said, “What is that?”

“A butt plug”

“What do I do with that, I have never seen one before.”

“Don’t you have a vibrator?”

“Yes of course I do, a girl needs something to help her fingers.”

“Okay I will help you with this then, will you let me?”

“Yes you have been nice to me tonight.”

Her voice seemed to be clearer which was good I wanyed her to remember what had gone on tomorrow. With that I put a pillow under her hips and then I made sure the plug was covered with lube. I started to ease it into her small brown hole applying more lube the further I went. She grunted and moaned as until it got past her sphincter, but when it was fully inside her she seemed to be happy. I told her to rub her clitty a bit. Damn, if she didn’t have an orgasm. She was not quiet either, now that surprised me.

I took the bag with me when I left the room telling her I would sincan escort bayan be back in a minute or two. I opened the third box taking out the rather large strap-on dildo, it had a bit that rubbed against my clit when in place so I thought this might be really interesting.

Walking back into the guest room, her eyes were closed as she was rubbing her clit while moaning. I climbed onto the bed and kissed her. She kissed me back, our tongues got busy and I broke it off, to take first one nipple into my mouth and then the other. She was making cooing noises as I nursed on her.

I got between her legs and lined my plastic dick up with her wet hole before easing it gently between her lips. I pushed a bit harder and she lifted her hips to me. Pulling back I pushed forward again and another inch disappeared into her. She squealed as it entered her but never told me to stop.

I couldn’t believe how tight she was, this dildo was a fair size but nothing like my toy. Reaching over to the nightstand I grabbed the bottle of lube and put some on the toy, that did the trick, I pushed in again and after another two pushes I was fully inside her. Starting a nice slow motion we started to work in unison, she was squealing as I hit her clit when right up her and mine got a similar jolt when I pulled out.

Feeling my cum building I started to move faster and harder, she was saying she was getting there in between moaning and making funny noises. Suddenly we were both yelling and grunting as we climaxed hard. I don’t know who screamed the loudest but it was great. I looked into her eyes before kissing her. They were filled with love.

Pulling out I cuddled her before falling asleep. We woke up a couple of hours later and I had taken the toy off. We make love using our mouths and fingers to please each other. When we had been sated, she kept on telling me she loved me. No-one had ever loved her before. I was shocked by this.

She had been a virgin. Her toy had broken her hymen years ago.

She told me her folks were very religious, hence the manner and the clothes at work. She was jealous of us all, having people in our lives while she had no-one.

Hearing this made me ashamed of my actions but I had enjoyed myself immensely. It was different to my boyfriend.

In the morning we went to work and she said to the others I had been truthful, nothing further was said. I never gave the DVD I had recorded to my boyfriend because I had decided I wanted him and Christine to be my lovers. The plan had been to threaten her with putting it on the web unless she begged my forgiveness in front of the girls. I never told her I hold made a DVD of us, I told him I had forgotten to start the camera.

In a lot of ways my plan had backfired but I was happy it did.

Those bags are truly full of surprises.

The End

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