19 SANDY`S SECOND GERMAN ADVENTURE19 SANDY`S SECOND GERMAN ADVENTUREWell about 2 months ago, we made a friend on here a lady in Germany, who provided services we were looking for, money was high but after a few chats .we decided to go out there, she had advised me not to wash my pussy for at least 2 days before going.Hubby and I flew over and were met by an older woman around 55 or 60, in tracksuit bottoms long jumper big tits her hair tied back dyed blonde with grey coming thru, rose tinted big sunglasses her name was Bridget, and she took us to a tatty old Volvo and drove us to an area a bit like Norfolk, flat with loads of farms.We pulled up after a while at a five bar gate and after Steve pushed it open we saw her home was a static caravan with loads of out-buildings, we could hear barking.She lead us into her home, very basic but not dirty, she spoke quite well in English and offered us some wine, she said if we paid up-front, she would be a good host, so Steve gave her the money. She left the room and I could feel myself getting hornier, my nipples were rock hard.she came back with a small box and offered us a joint, Steve declined but I joined her, I kept looking at her hands quite stubby but lovely red nails, as we chatted she ran her hand thru my long hair and whispered, “we are going to enjoy ourselves yes.” I just nodded so she asked me if I like woman and I just said “very much,” feeling light headed,She poured more wine then went into her bedroom, she didn’t shut the door, and I watched as she undressed; her big tits had big brown nipples, her tanned body looked horny she had a big belly which hung down and a very hairy pussy. As she left the room she put on a dressing gown and sat back down.I think Steve knew what she wanted and said he wanted to have a Kolej Escort lay down so he went off to the room she provided. She asked me to make myself comfortable and said why not take my clothes off.So I went to the room where Steve had gone and kicked off my boots and stripped off, except my knickers, as I did Steve was rubbing his cock thru his jeans.I walked back in and I could see Bridget’s eyes clocking my body, she lit another joint and blew the smoke in my face then offered me a toy bone. I was told me to rub my pussy on it and insert it a few times to imprint my smell, I slipped off my knickers and put one leg up on a chair and dildoe`d my pussy with the toy but as quick as I was doing it, she stopped me and asked for it, with that she went outside and was gone for a few mins. When she came back she took the joint from my mouth and took a big drag then walked towards her bedroom, as she turned she let the belt on her gown open and let it fall on the floor, she then got on the pink bedspread and opened her legs exposing a very hairy bush and some mega lips.She rubbed herself then licked her fingers and called me in; as I went towards her she opened her legs wide and instructed me to eat her. As she said it I felt some cum oozed from my pussy, I don’t mind saying I dived in, sucking licking chewing my nose full of her puppiesI made her cum in no time. Unfortunately She let me have her, but didn’t return the favour and let me have any fun, she lay there as I licked her tits and we kissed for quite a while. as we lay there I could hear it starting to rain, and she moved over to a drawer and pulled out a dog collar and lead, she got back on the bed and fastened it to my neck, then told me to get Steve Sincan Escort ,He by now was nursing a big hard on and had been wanking, I told him she wants us to go somewhere, when I next saw her she was wearing leather shorts and boots not heels just boots, and a black vest which just about held her tits in. I was still naked and could smell her pussy juices on my face, she gave me a big old farmers coat and some flip-flops and we went out in the rain towards a big builders type cabin,Once inside a big black Rottweiler came straight up to us ,she said something and he laid there whining, the room had carpet on the walls and on the floor ,a few bean bags, dog bowls and some lighting equipment stored in the corner, on the floor I could see the toy that I had played with, she asked if I was ok to proceed and I said “yes,” so I took of the coat and flip flops and she told steve to go and sit on one of the bean bags and not to come near me or the dog as the dog is the master.With that she told me to get on all fours and took the lead ,pulling on my neck, she made me crawl past him, he tried to get up but she shouted at him, then I felt my pussy lips being rubbed and then saw Bridget let him lick her finger`s. By then my toes were curling and I begged her to let him fuck me.She said, “Ok” then she pushed my shoulders down and told me to relax, then tightened my lead, she asked if Steve was all right then called the master, fucking hell, his nails hit my back and I jolted but she just pulled on my lead, he didn’t feel that big while fucking me but then I got the knot and my pussy flooded with his cum really hot, his cock just kept growing and started me cumming too, for 17 mins by Steve`s watch we were locked together.As Yenimahalle Escort he slipped out ,I could feel our cum running from me, I was sweating and covered in his dribbles and hairs Bridget asked if I was still OK and I turned over and started rubbing my pussy and covering my tits in the juices my voice was really deep and said “I want him I want him again,” he by now was lying down his tongue hanging out and his cock still big, don`t ask me why but I crawled over and took him in my mouth, I`ve seen them do it on porn socket , so tried it as I did he kept nosing me to lick it himself, he kept shooting in my mouth and I just let him carry on, then he got up and came towards me , Steve asked if I was sure and Bridget in a masterful voice told him to be quiet, which he did.I returned to my knees and the dog remounted me his cock pushed on my arse a few times then slipped inside, but he was getting heavy on me so Brigit got steve to hold my elbows supporting my bodyweight and whoosh I started moaning really loud, this time Bridget knelt beside us and started massaging my tits and clit, as the dog began squirting inside with his knot just held it in, I could feel his balls pumping, his cock growing really deep and sparked me to cry, I tried to get him move but it just kept hurting like hell and I thought I was going to pass out and collapse, I let out a scream and felt a gush leave my pussy as he slid off, this time I just lay on my back and got my breath,,,,After a while Steve helped me to my feet, together under the coat we staggered back to get showered and dressed, the water restored me somewhat and we were soon back in Bridget`s car, we sat quietly on the journey to the airport and she was soon gone leaving us in the waiting area for our flight, Steve fusing round me a little and collecting both duty frees and a strong drink for us both.My puss felt raw and deliciously used on the homeward flight, during which I dozed most of the way, we were soon home, Steve eager to get me to bed. That was it in a nut shell, my second German adventure, well worth going and would I do it again? You bet I would!

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