18th Birthday takes the wrong turn


It was my most boring birthday ever. Both my parents were out of town on business trips. I don’t have have a lot of friends. The few ones I had came over to my place in the evening and we spent a couple of hours together, celebrating as best we could. At around 9 PM, I saw them off, locked the door and prepared to go stream Netflix.

I’m Alice, a simple highschool girl who loves to spend time with herself. I personally find myself to be average in terms of looks. However, for some reason I just happen to receive a lot of compliments about my looks. I could bet that half of the guys in my class had a crush on me. However, considering what I had heard about guys loving redheads, that might be pretty normal. I am 5’6, with pinkish white skin and short-cropped red hair.

My sex life is pretty much non-existent. I’ve had a couple of boyfriends, but never went ahead of kissing. I’m the simple church-going kind of girl who would want to stay virgin until marriage. Of course, my boyfriends made advances, but I always managed to avoid sex.

As I sat down on the couch, there was a knock on the door. I walked up and placed my eye on the eye-hole. It was my neighbor, Mr. Smith. He was one of my favourite people in the neighborhood. He is a bachelor and loved alone. A cool guy, around 30 years of age. Strong build, but not too muscular, with brown hair. About a feet taller than me. He has been a family friend for years, and is a cool guy. I opened the door and greeted him “Hello Mr. Smith”.

– “Hi Alice, actually I needed some help”, he replied.

-“I’m sorry Mr. Smith, my parents aren’t home”

-“Yeah I know. They told me they were leaving for a few days”

-“Okay…how can I help you”

-“Actually, I lost my keys on my way back home, probably dropped it somewhere accidentally”, he said sheepishly “As there are no locksmiths in the neighborhood I can’t find one so late at night. I know it probably sounds odd…but can I spend the night here? I’ll find a locksmith early in the morning tomorrow”

I actually felt pretty glad that he wanted to stay. I was bored of staying alone already. “Sure, come on in” I said.

Mr. Smith walked in, still looking shy. After he had relaxed a bit, I took him up stairs. I had told him that he can sleep on the sofa in my room. He looked hesitant as he entered my room. Suddenly, he exclaimed “Oh, how could I forget? Happy Birthday, Alice!”

-“thank you so much”

-“actually, I even brought a gift for you”

-“really? What is it?”

-“It’s a surprise. One that you’ll never forget” he smiled

-“c’mon, tell me!=

-“alright, turn around and close your eyes. Don’t look till I tell you to”.

I was super excited, but I did as he told. I faced the wall and closed my eyes. A few seconds later, I heard the door getting shut and the bolt sliding in. Even though I trusted Mr. Smith, I felt a sudden fear. I opened my eyes and turned around, to find myself face to face with him. His shy smile was now replaced with an evil grin. “Wh-what are you doing?” I asked with a slight tremble in my voice.

His grin grew wider “I told you I’ll give you a surprise you’ll never forget. Today you’re gonna turn you from a girl to a woman”. Before I could even register what he meant, his hands were on my breasts. I immediately squirmed and put my arms across my breasts to stop him. He grinned and said “c’mon, no need to struggle. You’re gonna enjoy this”

-“no I’m not”

-“trust me, you will”

-“please, leave me alone”

-“you’re gonna beg for more when I fuck you deep”

I was too paralyzed by fear to even realise that he had already pinned me against the wall. He started to grope my breasts, massaging them and pinching my nipples. I was too ashamed to shocked to react, but I managed to squeak “Please, stop”. Still pinning me against the wall, he took off my top and ripped away my bra, revealing the naked skin of my breasts. Even his stare felt disgusting and repulsive. But what came next was far worse than him staring at my breasts. He started to molest me in every way he could. His hands squeezed my tits with my nipples pinched tightly between his fingers. He pulled them, pressed them and basically had his way with my breasts. Soon I could feel him grinding his body against mine, with his penis rubbing against my thighs. By now, I had started to sob.

All of a sudden, he slapped my breasts hard and yelled “stop crying like an ungrateful bitch and get on your knees!”

-“M-my knees? Why?”

-“because if you don’t, I’ll just turn you around and fuck your ass* he said, and grabbed my hair tightly in a bunch. Without seeing any options, I slowly went down to my knees. “Now” he commanded, “unzip my trousers”. “No way, you damn pervert” I yelled back with tears streaming down my face. He responded to this my slapping me hard across my cheek, leaving a burning sensation. I squealed in pain and tried to grab his hand. Intead, he grabbed mine. As I shut my eyes in fear, I could feel him using my hand to pull down his zip. And then, he forcefully pulled my hand inside and made me touch his manhood. My skin instantly revolted in disgust as I touched it, but he was holding my hand firmly. He then forced me to hold his dick and pull it out of his trousers. I opened my eyes, and the sight in front of me gave me shivers. His cock was huge, with good girth. It wasn’t even hard and was hanging in a semi-hard manner, but I was sure that it was already some good 7 inches. It looked muscular and veiny. I felt powerless as he held my hand and forced me to stroke it. And then he grinned again and said “give me a blowjob”


-“Do what I say unless you want me to force you. Either way, you’re gonna have to take my dick”

-“I’ll rather die than suck your dick”

-“Alright, die then” he pinched my nostrils close. As I started to struggle for breath, he slapped my face repeatedly with his dick, and rubbed it along my lips. Ultimately, I could no longer stay without breath and had to open my mouth to gulp in some fresh air. That’s when he pushed is disgusting lump of meat into my mouth. Before I even had enough breath, he had pushed his entire cock into my mouth, holding it balls deep. I instantly choked on it as it reached my throat, but he held it anyway. My eyes watered and my body slackened, as I realized that he was really going to rape me. He started to fuck my mouth, moving his hips back and forth. I tried to scream, but it was muffled due to his huge dick inside my mouth. I couldn’t even move my head as he held it in place tightly my my hair and continued to thrust.

I felt like throwing up, but controlled myself at the thought of what he might do to me if I angered him. The tip of his cock kept hitting my throat as he went on, and I suddenly had an idea. He was probably planning on taking my virginity. But what if I made him cum before he could do that? I had heard that guys usually lose their stamina after cumming. Seeing it as a ray of hope, I started to suck his dick myself. I closed my lips around his shaft and rolled my tongue around the head. Mr. Smith looked surprised at my sudden enthusiasm. I reached up and starred to stroke the shaft while sucking the tip. It felt wrong, very very wrong. But he had put his dick in my mouth anyway. This would at least save me from further violation. Well, that’s what I hoped at least. As I stroked his dick, I felt it become rock hard.

Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth. “Mr. Smith?” I asked, confused. He sneered “I’m not done with you yet. I’m gonna use more than just your mouth”. At that moment, I knew that my efforts had failed and I had given him a blowjob for nothing. He lifted my struggling body up and carried me to the bed. “Now girl” he said “take off the rest of your clothes too”. “NO!” I yelled at him. At this, he pinned be down on the bed and proceeded to undress me. I winced at the sound of my skirt and and panties being torn apart. Soon, I found myself lying on the bed facing the ceiling, with him towering over me. He undressed himself completely while holding me down, and I realized gaziantep escort that there was no escape.

-“Please Mr. Smith…let me go…I beg you”

-“shut up and be a good bitch” he said as he started to stroke my pussy.

-“I-I’m a virgin! Please don’t take away my virginity!”

-“Even better! Gonna fuck the hell out of your tight pussy”

-“Noooo….” I sobbed “please don’t do this to me. I’ll give you anything you want but please don’t take my virginity”


-“Yes”, I said, without realising the huge mistake I was making.

-“Fine. I’ll take something else. Lie facedown on the bed and wait”.

I obeyed. I then sensed him mounting me and positioning himself over my hips. He bent down and started to smell my body, as I felt his breath on my neck. What followed next is something I’ll never forget. He used his legs to spread mine wide open and I felt something nudge between my ass cheeks. It took me a moment to realise that what he was gonna do was gonna be far more painful for me than losing my virginity.

Without a single warning, he entered my butthole. It felt like my ass was getting ripped apart my his monstrous cock as he pushed in. I screamed in pain, clutching the bedsheets with all my strength. He pulled out, but my relief was short-lived. He thrust in again, this time far harder and deeper. Just when I thought he couldn’t go any deeper, he made another thrust. This time, his balls slapped against my body and I realized that he had shoved his entire dick inside my tiny hole. I continued to scream as loud as I could, but suddenly his hand clamped over my mouth. “Get ready to be fucked to death” he said, and started to ravage me. He jumped my ass like a bull, pumping deep and hard with vigour. My ass…it felt like it was being torn apart into pieces. At one point, I bit his hand hard and screamed out again as soon as he released my mouth. “You bitch! You’re gonna pay for this!” He yelled. Suddenly, he grabbed my panties and stuffed it into my mouth. Pinning me down, he now started to fuck me savagely. Tears started to stream down my cheeks, but the went on brutally. I struggled and squirmed and tried to fight back, but he was much more stronger. All I could do was stay pinned down under him and get used like a sex toy.

Suddenly, he pulled out and slapped my butt cheeks. Before I could even relax a bit, he turned me over to make me face the ceiling. I looked at him and instantly knew that he wasn’t done with me yet. I looked at him with pleading eyed and tried to tell him to stop, but all that escaped my panty-stuffed mouth was “Mpppghh…mmghh”. He grabbed my legs and lifted them, folding my knees over my chest. I lay there, powerless and exposed. Then, with another evil grin, he drove his dick back into my ass. I knew what this position was called – missionary. But I never even thought that anal sex could be done in that position too. Not like I thought a lot about sex anyway.

Once again, the brutal rape continued. Tears streamed down my face as I stared at the ceiling and bit on the panties in my mouth in pain. He drove in and out of my ass mercilessly, every thrust seeming to rip me open wider. Soon, both his hands were on my breasts. He left his entire body weight on them, smashing my soft D cup boobs and fucked me savagely. I cried harder, but it only seemed to turn him on even more as he increased his pace. I don’t know how long he continued to have his way with me. Quite often, he would slap me hard, across my face, my breasts or my butt cheeks. Eventually, my muscles seemed to ease and my ass hurt less. His dick hit somewhere very deep inside me and it shot flames of pleasure all over my body. Part of me begged him to stop while another part of me begged him to go on. Nevertheless, it hurt a lot and felt very wrong. I managed to free my hands and pull my panties out of my mouth. “Please!!” I yelled at him “I can’t take it anymore. I’m gonna die if you go on like this. Please stop” and I started to cry loudly.

-“Well, you should have just let me fuck your cunt then. It would have hurt less” he said.

-“No! Please just let me go”

-“Nah, you get what you ask for” he said, and pulled out his dick. He then spit on it and before I could react, drove it into my vagina. I cried out in pain as he went in balls deep in the very first thrust. He pulled out slowly and again rammed in as hard as he could. I kicked at him and scratched him, but I wish I hadn’t. In a fit of rage, he started to fuck me like a madman. He slapped my breasts till they reddened, squeezed them hard and pinched the nipples. At one point, he just lifted me up my grabbing my boobs and kissed me, while continuing to ravage me between my legs. The more I begged him to stop, the harder he fucked.

What happened next was unexpected. Suddenly, my pussy itself seemed to squeeze in his dick and suck it hungrily, as if it had a mind of its own. Red in embarrassment, I realized that I was starting to enjoy being raped. I could feel my pussy getting wet as my body got paralysed by pleasure. My hips started to move, thrusting my pussy towards him. He seemed to take note and smiled. I moaned out in pleasure and begged him to go harder.

“You like it?” He asked.

-“Yes please… don’t stop” I replied, to my own disgust. He started to grope my breasts again. But this time it was gentle, more like a massage. He bent over me and laid down on me with his heavy body. With his hands wandering all over my body, he continued to fuck me deeper and harder. I kept moaning in pleasure, until I suddenly felt a change in pace. He was straining, as if trying to hold something back. His thrusts were getting rapid. As my eyes rolled back and my toes curled in an orgasm, I felt my pussy release a gush it liquid. I knew I was squirting. Suddenly, I realized that he was gonna cum too and yelled out “No! Stop! Don’t impregnate me… I can’t bear a child… I’ll be in trouble.” I desperately tried to fight back, kicking, punching and scratching him. But he held me down in a vice-like grip once again and fucked me brutally. I looked over at the mirror on the other end of the room. My entire body had reddened, my hair was messed up and I was sweating. He lay on top of me, humping me like an animal. While the sight turned me on, I momentarily forgot about the risk of getting impregnated. Suddenly, I felt his seed gushing out inside me. Warm, thick cum hit deep inside my pussy with force and I orgasmed once again. I cried in terror as he continued to fuck me, but in slower thrusts. A few more waves of cum followed and I felt my pussy overflowing. I could feel the entire region between my legs wet with my juices and his cum. And then, he pulled out. Before I could react, he stuffed he was slapping me with his disgusting cum covered cock. “Lick it clean, slut” he ordered. I glared and him angrily and shouted “Never, you filthy bastard! You fucking impregnated m-!” Once again, I made a mistake. Before I could finish my words, he stuffed his dick into my mouth. I always threw up in disgust as the wet dick made my mouth slick with cum. He shot out one last load of cum into my throat, gagging me up. And then he pulled out and got dressed. I lay on the bed and curled myself into a ball, crying profusely. Parts of my body still ached from the ordeal. He pulled out something from his bag and threw it at me. “Here are some contraception pills. Take them if you don’t wanna bear my child. And just in case if you’re thinking of telling anyone…” he grinned and walked to the table. As he reached out and picked up his phone there, I realized that it was there all along, filming the whole thing. He walked over to me and turned the phone towards me, before playing the video. My ears turned warm in shame as I watched myself getting violated. He fast forwarded the video to the part where I was begging him to fuck me, gave me an evil look and left.

I curled back into the bed, sobbing and crying. However, I was confused whether I was crying because I got raped, or because I lost my virginity after protecting it for so long or because I enjoyed getting violated.

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