12 Months Later Ch. 02


Chapter Two: The Unveiling of The Slaves

In Chapter One, Kelly and Celia were blindfolded and gagged separately, and strapped to each other in a 69 position on a hotel bed. They were forced to lick each other off. It was the first experience with a woman for either of them. When we left off, they were kneeling in a large shower, blindfolded, gagged, and covered in my piss.

I grabbed them each by the hair and collar, and guided them up to their feet. I turned them so that they faced each other. They were maybe an inch apart. Close, but obviously not as close as they had been earlier. I picked up a large neoprene strap, wrapped it around them both under their arms, pulled it tight, and locked it. Kelly and Cecilia were squashed together now.

This was a different, but no less intimate arrangement then the first one I had set up. Rather than face-to-cunt, they were now cheek-to-cheek. I can only imagine what was going through each slaves mind. Neither of them had ever so much as made out with another woman before today. Now they were pressed together, face-to-face, after being introduced to each other 69-style.

I watched them for a few minutes. Kelly & Cecilia were nervous. They were shaking a little, and unintentionally grinding their bodies together as they attempted to stand still. Their breathing was heavier now than it had been on the bed. I guess having their faces pushed against each other like this made the whole thing seem more real. Kelly & Cecilia were not just allowing me to humiliate them for my benefit. They were also going to have to share their humiliation, and have their first lesbian experience at the same time.

I un-cuffed Kelly’s hands.

“Grab the slut’s ass, and squeeze it tight with one hand. With your other, kayseri escort grab the back of her neck.”

Kelly’s left hand squeezed Cecilia’s ass hard. Her fingertips disappeared into the crack of her ass. She caressed Cecilia’s neck with her other hand.

“I’m going to ungag you both now. When I do, you are to shove your tongues as far down each other’s throats as you can, and leave them there.”

I ungagged them. They put their mouths together. The sperm in Cecilia’s mouth trickled down both of their faces. I could see their tongues moving inside their mouths. I fastened a strap around both of their heads. It took a little doing to get it just right, but when I was done, their heads were pressed against each other’s securely.

I went to work on Celia. I lubed my fingers and fingered her ass. It didn’t take long to loosen up enough for three fingers to fit. When she was ready, I worked a butt-plug up her ass. She whimpered, even though her mouth was filled with Kelly’s tongue. Kelly fondled and caressed Celia as I did this. I stood back to watch as Kelly worked Celia’s body harder and harder. Their bodies were sticky, and squeaked together roughly. Time to ramp this up. I forced a vibrator between Celia’s legs, and turned it on. I grabbed her hair from the top, and held it in a firm grip while I worked the vibrator. Celia started coming in less than a minute. This turned Kelly on even more. She pressed on Celia’s butt-plug, which gave me an idea. I ordered Celia to keep the vibrator between her legs, and left for a moment. I came back with an anal dildo, and replaced the butt-plug with it. Kelly grabbed it, and butt-fucked Celia in time to the vibrator. Celia was screaming through Kelly’s mouth. This just made Kelly work her mouth kıbrıs escort extra hard.

I removed Kelly’s blindfold. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the light. She studied Celia as much as she could, given her extremely limited mobility. Then I removed Celia’s blindfold. As her eyes adjusted, Celia stared straight into Kelly’s eyes. Kelly stared hard and impassively, and fucked her even harder with the dildo. The look of humiliation in Celia’s eyes was priceless. The fact that Kelly was a good 10 years older than Celia added to the dynamic. Celia was strapped tightly to a naked woman she’d never seen before in her life. They were covered in sweat, urine, vaginal secretions and semen. Celia had a vibrator between her legs, and a dildo up her ass. Her hands were cuffed behind her, while Kelly’s were free to roam. Their tongues were jammed into each other’s mouths, and Kelly was kissing Celia aggressively while Celia moaned and screamed. Kelly had a predatory look in her eye. Celia tried to look away, but it was impossible. The look of humiliation on her faced increased exponentially as her orgasms gained in intensity.

Celia couldn’t last much longer. After fifteen minutes, I replaced the dildo with the plug, and guided Kelly’s hand back to gripping Celia’s ass-cheek firmly. Celia was having trouble standing up by now, and Kelly was effectively holding her up.

I took the vibrator away, and let Celia wind down. Kelly held her comfortingly now. I unstrapped them from each other when I felt that Celia could stand up. They gladly separated their mouths from each other. They must have had a jaw-ache like they’d never had before. A substantial amount of drool trickled down from both of their mouths. I put my hand on Celia’s shoulder.

“On konya escort your knees, slut.”

Celia kneeled. I un-cuffed her.

“Thank the bitch by sucking her tits.”

Celia tenderly grabbed one of Kelly’s breasts, and began to lick. I grabbed Kelly by the hair from behind.

“Does that feel good, bitch?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Is that how you like it?”

Kelly paused before answering.

“I like it harder, Master.”

“Then tell the slut. Get her to suck your tits the way you like it.”

“Yes Master. Harder, slut, harder. That’s better. Suck harder. Bite down a little, let me feel some teeth. Squeeze me while you lick, you fucking slut. How does that taste? Can you taste our Master’s piss, you fuck-slut? Ah, ah, ah, ah…”

Kelly’s tits were very sensitive, and she came hard. After one orgasm, I lifted Celia up by the hair.

“That’s enough, slut. Turn around.”

Celia turned around. I ordered her to put her hands back behind her head, and bend over.

“On your knees, bitch.”

Kelly dropped to her knees. She was staring right at Celia’s butt-plug.

“Remove it…with your mouth.”

Kelly’s eyes went wide. She reached up slowly, grabbed Celia’s hips, and pulled her in closer. The tail on the plug was the smallest I could find, so Kelly had to really get in there. Her face was plastered onto Celia’s butt. If there was one thing she was now going to be an expert in, it’s what a woman’s sweaty ass smells and tastes like. She gripped the plug with her teeth, and pulled it out slowly. There was an audible pop when it exited her ass.

I left them in that position while I gave them final orders.

“You both smell exceedingly pungent. Time to bathe. But you are not to clean yourselves. Clean each other, thoroughly, and silently. No talking. Take as much time as you need. When you’re cleaned and dressed, we’ll go to a nice expensive restaurant for drinks and dinner. You’ve more than earned it. Now get to work, slaves.”

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