The Perfect Job Ch. 03


Author’s Note: This is my Thirty-Third story. I owe the idea for this series to my good friend and fellow writer, EddyFox and the helpful editing to EddyFox and Shady_Lady. If you want to know how this all began, please read Chapters 1 and 2 and keep an eye out for Chapter 4. And now, on with the story…I hope you enjoy it and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


I moved my leg so my knee was gently pressing against his crotch. I heard him moan and felt his cock through his slacks. He was hard and ready for me and felt big enough to make me smile.

“I think I’ll find out now. No intercourse doesn’t mean that we both can’t have some fun tonight. How about a little mutual masturbation? That way I can see this cock of yours and you can see my tits and legs, and we can both cum and I don’t have to worry about raping you.”

His hips pressed against my knee and he laughed a deep, masculine laugh, “I’m not sure who would be the rape-er and who would be the rape-ee since you can’t rape the willing and we both seem pretty damn willing!”

I laughed and moved away from his body and tossed half the pillows against the foot of the bed. We’d both left our dress jackets at the front door, which left me in my blouse, bra and skirt plus my thigh highs. “I’ve got 5 articles of clothing on…how about you?”

David got my idea with the pillows and began positioning them so he could prop himself against the footboard comfortably. “Umm…4…6 if you include each sock.”

I sat up in the middle of the bed and motioned for him to sit directly in front of me. “Okay then…so you’ve got 4 articles of clothing and 2 socks…I’ve got 3 articles of clothing and 2 thigh-highs. I say you loose an article of clothing and the socks and then you get to take off my thigh highs.”

David all but ripped off his dark blue dress shirt, leaving him in a very thin, tight fitting black under shirt, and threw his socks against the wall. Then he put his hands on my ankles and began slowly moving his hands higher and higher until he reached the hem of my pencil skirt. The skit fit tight against the tops of my calves and he had to settle for forcing his hands up the skirt because he couldn’t just lift it. He reached the tops of my thigh highs and slipped his fingers into the bands.

“How fond are you of these?”

“Mmm…if your thinking what I’m thinking go for it hun, they are a dime a dozen”

He did what I’d hoped…he pulled them down, tearing the thin fabric as he went. He pulled them off my feet and threw them against the wall to join his shirt and socks.

“Mmm…now your undershirt.” He pulled it up over his head, tossing it aside. I then began unbuttoning my blouse and tugging it out of the skirt. I demurely dropped it beside the bed and let him drink in the sight of me in the bra and skirt before ordering him to take his pants off.

He stood beside the bed and unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the ground, stepping out of them as he came back to the bed. He looked at me with lust in his eyes…then confusion.

“Wait a second. You said you only had 5 articles of clothing on!”

I grinned impishly at him, “I did. All I have left is my skirt and bra. I took the underwear off in the kitchen when I went back to get the tea. They were all wet anyways and I’d hoped I wouldn’t be needing them on for much longer.” Lust flew across his eyes as the information gerçek sex hikayeleri sunk in.

“So, which would you like next David? My bra or skirt?”

“I don’t know…that’s like asking a starving man if he wants chicken or fish!” His eyes flickered between the hem of my skirt and the exposed tops of my breasts. “Um…bra I think.” He said finally.

I reached behind me and unclasped the bra, but hugged it to my body so it didn’t fall away immediately. I put my hand to one strap and slowly slid it down off my shoulder, then did the same to the other before pulling the bra away from my body and exposing my plentiful 40D tits to him.

He was practically salivating and I could see a generous tent growing in his black boxers. His hand moved seemingly of its own volition, towards my exposed tits and I pulled back slightly, bringing him back to himself. “Shorts…off…now….let me see that cock David.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man’s boxers come off so fast in my life! The cock they revealed was built perfectly for my deep, tight pussy. He was about 8 or 9 inches long and about an inch and a half thick with throbbing veins running up and down the length of his hard, circumcised cock. His balls were average sized and his pubic hair was neatly trimmed.

My mouth salivated and this time it was I who instinctively moved forwards. I felt his hand on my shoulder and realized what I’d done and blushed slightly. “Now I think its time for the skirt to come off.” He said in a low, husky voice.

I stood up and reached behind me to unzip the skirt. I turned away from David and slowly shimmied out of the tight skirt. I stood there fully naked with my back to him so he could see the swell of my hips, the round firmness of my ass and the strength in my thighs and calves. I turned around to face him and his eyes slowly moved down my body from my face, to linger over my bountiful tits, down my stomach, over my hips to my cleanly shaven pussy and firm thighs.

David stared at my body and finally his eyes moved up to meet mine, “If you don’t lay down and start touching yourself I won’t be able to resist doing it for you much longer.”

I giggled as I hopped into the bed and reclined against the pillows, then watched as David did the same.

I ran my hand across my collarbone down to cup one breast and began rolling nipple between my fingers. David’s eyes were glued to the hand on my breast and he just sat watching me.

“This isn’t just about me touching myself you know. I want to watch you stroke your cock for me. Show me how you like to be touched, tease yourself for me.”

His hand moved to his cock and he gripped it by the base and squeezed slightly before he began slowly moving his hand up and down over the shaft of his cock.

I released my breast and leaned over to open the bedside table and pulled out some lube. I moved onto my hands and knees in front of David and kissed his chest and flicked my tongue over his nipple as I opened the bottle and drizzled some of the lube over the head of his cock and watched up close as he smoothed it over his hard cock.

“Mmm…that’s it…lube up that cock nice and good for me…so shiny and hard…it makes my mouth water. I wish I could taste your cock right now…but Isabella is right…we should wait till the results get back, just in case.”

I moved back to my reclining position and moved my hand down to cup sex hikayeleri my pussy and felt the hot wetness against my hand and moaned. I slipped a finger between my pussy lips to gather some of the wetness there and then raised it to my lips and sucked the juices off. David moaned and his hand sped up on his cock.

“Does your pussy taste as good as it smells?”

“Mmm…better…would you like a taste?”

David moaned again and I spread my pussy lips with one hand and slipped first one, then two fingers deep inside my pussy and moaned loudly as I slowly finger fucked myself with them, getting them nice and wet before pulling them out and raising them up to his lips.

David sucked on my fingers like a man possessed and I moaned as I watched his cock twitch as he tasted my pussy for the first time. “That’s it, lick all that pussy juice off for me….since you can’t fuck me with your cock tonight how about you fuck me with something else?” I asked in a husky voice.

I pulled my fingers from David’s lips and reached to the bedside table and pulled out my favorite dildo. It was 10″ long and 1″ wide and always made me cum hard. I raised the plastic cock to my lips and began sucking it as ferociously as I wanted to be sucking David’s cock that moment.

“Oh ya Michelle, suck that cock deep…just like that…make it all nice and wet and warm for your hot little pussy.”

I slipped the dildo from my mouth and handed it to David, “Come kneel between my legs and keep stroking that hard cock for me while you fuck me nice and deep with this dildo.”

David followed my orders perfectly. He scooted up between my legs and began stroking his cock harder and placed the dildo against my pussy and slowly pushed it inside me until only the final inch remained for him to hold onto.

He slowly began working the dildo in and out of my pussy as his hand continued to stroke his cock harder and faster with every passing moment.

I was moaning and thrashing around on the bed like a woman possessed as I watched him stroke his cock for me. He was oozing precum and I was salivating with the desire to lick it off his cock.

I slipped my hand down my body and began teasing my clit with my fingertip and moaning louder. I could feel an orgasm building inside me, “Oh yes David…just like that…come on fuck me nice and deep while you stroke your hard cock for me. Ya baby just like that…right there…harder right there…oh fuck yes! Come on David…fuck me hard baby and make me cum all over this cock for you….harder…harder…fuck yes…right there…right there…don’t stop! Fuck me baby…fuck me…fuck me…I’m gunna’ cum baby shove it deep in my pussy baby…fuck yes! YES!!! YYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

David continued fucking me hard until my orgasm began to fade and then he started slowly easing the dildo out of my pussy. I put my hand on top of his and stopped him. “Leave it there…hold it deep inside my pussy and come up here and kiss me.”

His lips were hard and hot against mine. The kiss was deep and probing and passionate. His chest was pressing down against mine and I could feel my nipples hard against his chest. “Suck my nipples David…suck them good and hard for me.”

He lowered his mouth to one hard nipple and flicked his tongue over it, making me gasp slightly. Then his mouth locked onto it and he began sucking hard, never letting up until my sex hikayeleri hands were in his hair pulling his lips from one nipple and moving it to the other.

His mouth on my nipples was incredible and my pussy was working itself all over the dildo shoved deep inside me. I could feel his cock hard and throbbing against my leg and I rubbed against it as he sucked my nipples and made me writhe beneath him.

My hands were in his hair pressing his mouth against my tit, “Don’t stop…shove the dildo deep inside me and hold it there…let me fuck it while you suck hard on my nipples…that’s it baby…suck hard for me…harder…harder…oh fuck yes! Yes just like that…oh fuck yes…yes…yes…I’m gunna’ cum again baby…keep sucking…suck it while I fuck that cock inside me…yes…yes…don’t stop…yes…I’m cumming…I’m fucking cumming…FUUUUCCCKKK!!!!”

My body spazmed beneath his as the orgasm subsided and I pulled his mouth from my nipples and kissed him deeply and passionately.

“What a very good boy you are…now take that dildo out of my pussy…I want to watch you stroke that hard cock of yours while you lick and suck all my pussy juice off the dildo.”

He hesitated for a second, but finally complied. Watching him stroke his cock hard and fast while he licked all my cum off the dildo was so fucking hot I started rubbing my clit again.

“Oh fuck that’s hot…come on David I want you to suck that cock and get all my cum off it…that’s it…take that cock in your mouth and suck it clean for me…mmm….fuck yes…your cock is so hard baby…I bet you want to cum don’t you?” David nodded his head yes and made a muffled noise around the dildo in his mouth.

I got off the bed and knelt on the floor next to the bed with my tits propped up on the edge of the bed. “Mmm…come over here David…I want to watch you cum for me…I want to look up and watch you stroke that hard cock for me and watch you cum all over my tits while you suck all my pussy juice off that dildo.”

David moved over to me without slowing his hand or mouth and I felt his cock slap against my cheek and moaned out loud.

“Fuck that’s hot baby…I’m rubbing my pussy watching you stroke that hard cock for me. I wish I could lick it…fuck I wanna taste your cock so badly right now…rub it for me David…rub that hot cock hard and fast for me and cum all over my big tits…mmm…fuck suck that dildo baby…take that deep in your mouth for me…fuck ya…just like that baby…your close…I can feel it…take the dildo out of your mouth and look down at me…watch your cock cum all over me….fuck ya baby…I’m gunna’ cum soon too…my fingers rubbing my clit feel so fucking good and your cock looks so delicious…cum on David…cum for me…cum for me baby…I’m so fucking close…I want to cum with you…cum for me…cum all over these big tits of mine while I cum all over my fingers baby…”

David’s eyes closed shut and I saw his balls contract as the first shot of cum came squirting out and landed on my chin. That set me off and I began moaning and screaming wordless sounds of pleasure as I came all over my own fingers and felt his cum shoot thick and hot all over my neck and tits.

I slouched against the bed and pulled my fingers from my pussy and began to leisurely lick the hot cream from them. I looked up when I felt David hand grab my wrist gently and pull me to my feet. He moved my hand to his lips and began slowly sucking the cum from my fingers as his hands went to my waist and pulled me tightly to him.

Finally I pulled my fingers from his lips and motioned for him to lie down and I curled up against him.

Without a word we lay there in each other’s arms, covered in drying cum, and drifted off to sleep.

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