The Other Half

Anal Fingering

The sun had set on yet another gorgeous winter day. Molly Hunter had sat on the porch of her small Colorado home, watching the sky transform through a series of vibrant oranges, reds, and pinks, until, finally, the sun had completed it’s descent behind the mountains. This time of year, those beautiful sunsets were the only real color anyone had to enjoy. Molly always made herself available to watch the changing skies with a mixture of awe and appreciation. For her, happiness could be found in just about anything, and right at that moment, there wasn’t anywhere else she wanted to be.

Of course, she wouldn’t have minded having someone to share such moments with.

Overall, for a woman in her mid-twenties, she was doing quite well with her life. She had an amazing job that she loved, working with children coming from unstable families. Her home was bought with her own money. She had a dog, Bennie, a golden retriever that really only ever retrieved her from sleep in the middle of the night. But, damn, she sure did love that furry little guy. How can you be upset at something that is quite literally over the moon every time you walk through the door? That thinks you are the queen of everything that is good in the world?

Even with that, though, she so often found herself longing for the closeness of a partner, for someone that, maybe, actually said out loud that they were happy you were home, instead of jumping on you, sharing their fur, and licking your face. If she were being completely honest, she was lonely. As a kid, her dream was to fall in love, find THE ONE, have kids, a home, a picket fence. As an adult, that dream seemed more like a fantasy. Well, at least she had the home – minus the picket fence – but, a home nonetheless. Plus, there was Bennie.. he was a bit like a child. But, in the end, there wasn’t anyone she could share her life with.

It wasn’t as if Molly hadn’t dated, or had serious relationships. It was just that they never worked out. For a while, they’d be great, always with that period at the beginning where there was a fleeting thought of ‘this could be it.’ Later down the road, however, things always changed. At some point during the relationship, it would seem everything the other person did was an annoyance. She wouldn’t consider herself picky, though, or the one at fault for the ending of these pairings. Okay, maybe partially at fault, but, honestly, sometimes they just weren’t all that nice. Or sanitary. Or considerate. The list could go on, but needless to say, there was a reason those relationships didn’t last more than 3 years, and only that long because she was just too nice to break the news until finally she literally couldn’t take it anymore.

In the end, the life she’d envisioned as a child just was not looking as if it’d happen any time in her future. Molly’d all but given up on marriage. Besides, Bennie was good company.. and as far as sex went, orgasms were pretty damn amazing with her little silver bullet. She could have the fun without all the drama, right?

With a heavy sigh, she collected her blanket and coffee mug and headed inside, Bennie at her side, tail wagging. She felt her cell start to buzz in the pocket of her sweats and took it out.

‘Damn.. here we go again…’ she answered the phone. ‘Hi, Mom! how are you?’ All the false excitement she felt was forced through the stiff smile she now wore. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her mom, Shirley, she did with all her heart. It was just that, at this stage in her life, any phone calls Molly got from her were riddled with questions about settling down and giving her grandkids. Plus, on a side note, it irked Molly to no end that this often happened right after having deep thoughts about her own future. She was pretty sure her mom was somehow in her head.

‘Oh, I’m fine, honey. Just checking up on you. You know how I worry with you living alone. I don’t suppose you’re seeing anyone since we last talked?’ Shirley said, trying to make it sound offhand.

‘Well, gee, mom, let’s see. We spoke on the phone two weeks ago, and had lunch 3 days after that, so, no, not much has changed in my personal life since then,’ she replied, unable to keep the sarcasm out of her answer.

‘No need to get snippy with me, Mol. I can still take you over my knee -‘

‘No, you can’t. I’m at least 2 and a quarter inches taller than you, and pretty sure I can run faster.’

They both laughed for a moment, then Shirley said, ‘I really don’t mean to be a pest, sweetie. I do honestly worry about you. No, before you start in on me, I am not insinuating that you can’t take care of yourself, or that a man is the key to happiness. I am just saying that I know you, and I know that you certainly wouldn’t mind having someone to share your life with. Not to mention, Valentine’s Day is coming up..’ See, thought Molly, she’s in my head!

‘Of course I do, mom. I just haven’t met that person yet. And, really, I’m starting to wonder if I will. But, seriously, erotik hikaye oku mom, I’m not unhappy! I love my life and have so many positive things going right now. Please, stop worrying.. you don’t have any room left on your head for more grays.’

‘Oh, shut up!’ yelled Shirley good naturedly. They laughed again and, after a bit more small talk, said their goodbyes.

Molly’s smile faded a bit as she ended the call. Maybe someday she’d meet that guy, the one that would sweep her off her feet, but, for now, there really was no reason to stress or dwell on it. Besides, she had a date that night.. with ice cream, the couch, and whatever was premiering on HBO that night. Being single wasn’t that bad, at least she had sole possession of the remote control.


Later, after a hot shower, Molly lie in bed, wide awake. No longer obsessing on her non existent love life, she instead sat going over that very explicit, hot, sexy love scene from the movie she’d just watched. Quite frankly, it had turned her on. A lot. She’d always been a very sexual person, open to new things, willing to experiment. If anyone were to ask her what she was ‘into,’ she wouldn’t know how to answer. Her turn-ons covered every side of the broad sexual spectrum (with a few exceptions.) Right now, however, all she could think about was getting downright dirty with a hot, sexy man.

Molly closed her eyes and let her imagination do what it did best…

She was lying on the bed, her sheer negligee clinging to her breasts. The fireplace was ablaze to the left, illuminating her smooth, white legs. She ran her fingers down her neck, her breasts, her midsection, her inner thigh, moaning. Suddenly, her bedroom door burst open and he walked in. His shirt was unbuttoned, revealing his chest, covered in soft black hair.

‘I was just thinking about you, if you couldn’t tell,’ she said softly, smiling.

‘It looks like you started without me, lover. What should we do about that?’ He replied, unbuttoning his pants.

She sat up, throwing her legs over the side of the bed. He walked up and stood in front her. She looked up, eyes wide, but she felt no fear, only desire.

‘I think I owe you an apology, sir.’

With that, she slid to her knees before him. He placed a hand on the back of her head and gently pulled her toward him. She placed her hands behind his hips and pulled him toward her as well, her mouth open and eager. His hard cock slid into her mouth, her lips closing on the shaft. She took him as deep as she could, felt the tip hit the back of her throat, sending a gush of excitement to her aching pussy. His rock hard cock slid in and out of her mouth as his hips moved back and forth. She lowered her right hand to finger herself, felt her wetness. Her hand was covered in it as she slid three fingers in and out of her rapidly.

Molly was fully naked in her bed by now, her fingers as deep inside her as she could get them, soaking wet. Her life-like dildo deep in her mouth as she imagined it was his. She removed her fingers and rubbed her clit, breathy, loud moans filling the room.

He slid out of her mouth and pulled her to her feet. Before she knew it, her negligee was in pieces on the floor, having been torn off.

‘Get on your hands and knees,’ he demanded.

She obliged. He climbed onto the bed and kneeled behind her. She leaned down onto her forearms, her ass in the air. He rubbed and massaged her ass cheeks as his cock slid between the valley between them, still wet from her mouth. Without warning, he slid into her, all the way, as deep as he could get it. Her moan was loud and her pussy instinctively tightened around him. He let out a loud groan as his head rolled back. He kept thrusting harder and harder, guiding her with his hands on her hips.

Molly shoved the dildo further into her pussy as she squeezed her hard nipple, she was so close to cumming. ‘Please don’t stop fucking me,’ she moaned breathily.

‘You want to taste yourself, you dirty little thing?’ He asked, but before she could answer, he’d already pulled out of her, moved to her side, grabbed the back of her hair, and shoved his hard cock into her mouth.

Molly started vigorously rubbing her clit with her vibrating bullet, the dildo now back in her mouth.

She tasted herself, moaned as she sucked him clean. She could hear his moans getting louder and louder, knew he was going to cum. With one last hard thrust into her mouth, and a loud grunt, his hot cum covered her tongue. He still held onto her hair, looking down at her. She returned his gaze as she sucked one last time before he slid out of her mouth.

Molly all but screamed as she climaxed, her breathing erratic, her clit throbbing and pulsing. She lie there, allowing her heart to return to it’s normal pace, her breathing to regulate.

‘…Shit,’ she breathed.

Needless to say, she slept quite soundly that night. Even fantasy men erotik hikaye could wear you out.


The next few days seemed be on fast forward. The center she worked at was preparing a play about Valentine’s Day, starring all the kids 12 and under. The process of which, including rehearsals, kept her far busier than she usually was. Not to mention causing her not to get home until sometime after 6 each night, sometimes later. Luckily, opening night was this coming weekend, a week before the actual much celebrated day that Molly had dubbed Lonely Hearts Club Day. She was exhausted, and, as much fun as she was having with the kids, could not wait for things to just calm down and return to normal.

Molly rolled into her driveway at 6:03pm. She looked up to see Bennie looking out the living room window, his tail moving so fast she could barely see it. Upon opening the door, she was bombarded by yellow fur and doggie kisses.

‘Hey, baby! Did you miss me? C’mon.. let’s go outside!’

Molly let him out and returned to the living room. Her cell started to buzz as she took her vibrant red hair out of it’s constricting ponytail. She answered with one hand as her other massaged her scalp.

‘This is Molly,’ she said into the phone.

‘Miss Hunter? My name’s Shaun. I’m a friend of Sally, at the community center, and a photographer. As a favor, she had asked if I’d be able to take some pictures of the kids for a play they’re doing. I was just calling to see if tomorrow would work for you? Say, 3pm?’ came the voice on the other end.

For some reason unknown to herself, the sound of his voice caused a slight fluttering in her stomach. It was so soft, yet sounded as if it belonged to a buff young man.

‘Hello? Miss Hunter?’ he spoke again

Regaining her composure, she stammered, ‘Hi, um, yes.. Yes! 3 is good, I’ll be there!’ She rolled her eyes at her own over-excited sounding voice. Idiot, she thought.

Shaun laughed. ‘Well, ok, then, Miss Hunter. I’ll see you tomorrow.’

Molly hung up. That was strange for her to react to a mere voice. It certainly had never happened before. She shrugged and started to undress. No sense in overthinking it. More than likely he was a photography student fresh out of college.. probably wouldn’t know what to do with her body even if he had the opportunity.

By 8, she and Bennie had eaten, and Molly was relaxing on the couch with a book, a glass of wine on the end table. Two hours, and a bottle of wine, later, she was exhausted, and slightly tipsy. Usually, being tipsy segued into being horny and another rendezvous with her fun toys would ensue. Tonight, however, she was just too exhausted to even think straight. Frankly, she was surprised she’d lasted as long as she had.

‘Gee, Bennie, I don’t know how you survive this life of partying that we lead. Lay off the sauce, pup,’ she teased as she scratched behind his ears.

Molly readied herself for bed and slid between the sheets. The last thought she had before falling into oblivion was of a faceless Shaun whispering sweet nothings into her ear.


Morning pretty much happened as soon as she’d closed her eyes, she was sure of it. There was no possible way she slept at all. If the way she felt wasn’t a dead giveaway, then the way she looked should have been. She was pretty sure those dark circles weren’t under her eyes yesterday, and had something died in her mouth? For a brief moment, she considered leaving her hair the way it was. She’d just tell everyone it was her punk look. Against everything inside telling her to crawl back into bed and call in sick, she started the shower.

An hour later, she was starting to feel more human, with her travel mug of coffee, and a piece of toast in her belly. Her light use of makeup had her feeling like she no longer resembled a zombie, and her hair was once again pulled back into it’s neat ponytail.

‘See you later, Ben-Ben. Mama loves you!’ and with that, she headed to work.

‘Hey, Sal, how’s it going?’ Molly greeted her co-worker, Sally Mitchell.

‘Good, Mol-‘ she’d looked up, ‘And.. you? Late night? What’s his name??’ she asked with a smile, coming closer, eager for gossip.

Molly gave her a confused, and slightly wary, look. She even went so far as to look behind her to see if she may have been speaking to someone else. ‘What on earth are you talking about? Who said anything about a late night.. or a man?’

‘Hon, you look tired! I’ve never seen you come to work with those circles under your eyes,’ Sally said with a huge smile.

Molly laughed outright. ‘Oh, please, Sal! I was just up late reading.. though, there may have been wine involved. Honestly, Sal, I just got carried away with the book, and had one too many glasses.’

Sally looked disappointed. ‘Damn, I was really hoping you’d have some good news for me, Hol. Anyway, in other news, some of the girls porno hikayeleri and I want to go out this Saturday, get wild, you know? Want to come? Maybe you’ll meet Mr. Perfect!’

‘I have some serious doubts about meeting the man of my dreams at a bar, Sal. Besides, the kids are doing the play on Saturday, I can’t miss it, they’d be disappointed,’ Holly said, feigning a disappointed face, jutting out her bottom lip.

‘Yea, yea, you never go, even when you don’t have a legitimate reason,’ Sal said quietly. Then she smiled, ‘at least this time you actually do have a good reason. You’re off the hook, but I will literally drag you out next time, got it?’

‘Deal,’ Said Molly, smiling.

The day progressed much as the rest of the week had, busy and fast. Before she knew it, it was 2pm, and time to get the kids ready for dress rehearsal.

‘C’mon guys, this is it! Our last rehearsal before opening tomorrow night! I know you can do this, you all rock!’ Molly smiled broadly, throwing two thumbs up into the air.

She sat in the auditorium watching the kids, completely enthralled in their performance. The play itself was small and silly but the effort they put into it made her proud. Some of these kids had really come a long way since they first started coming to the community center. Molly had found that they so easily found their way into her heart, and she cared immensely for every single one of them. Lost in her thoughts, and watching the play, she was startled when someone sat next to her. She jumped, putting a hand over her heart.

‘Whoa, sorry.. sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I came in a second ago, but I guess you didn’t hear me,’ said the man sitting next her, smiling. His blue eyes regarded her openly, his smile literally lit up his face, and for a moment Molly was unable to speak.

When she didn’t say anything, just stared at him, his smile faltered just the slightest, and he spoke again. ‘Um.. well, Sally said I’d find Miss Hunter in here. You’re the only adult I see, so, I guess.. that’s you?’

‘Yes! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. Yes.. Please, call me Molly. I’m sorry.. who are you?’

‘Oh, yea, sorry. Shaun Sellers, Sally’s photographer friend.’ He put out his hand to shake hers.

‘Oh, hi! I thought your voice was familiar,’ she said as a slight blush crept up her cheeks. Until just that moment, she hadn’t remembered thinking about his voice as she fell asleep.

‘So, where would you like me to start?’ Shaun asked.

‘Well, I guess just anywhere, really. I just want to have some memories for the kids. They’re doing so well and I figured they might want to remember this for a long time,’ she replied.

Molly couldn’t stop staring at his face as he unpacked his camera equipment. He was most definitely gorgeous. Older than she’d imagined, which gave her a bit of a giddy feeling inside. Why, she didn’t know. This was just a business arrangement, not a date. Then why were there butterflies going wild in her tummy? Her eyes moved up to his hair, light brown, not too long, but long enough, and it looked soft. For a fleeting moment, she imagined running her fingers through it. Blushing again, she cleared her throat.

‘I really appreciate you coming. This means a lot to me. The kids, I mean,’ she corrected hurriedly. ‘Well, me and the kids. Everyone, actually. We care about them so much and know having something to remind them of their achievements, big or small, will mean a lot to them. Am I rambling? I feel like I might be rambling.’

Shaun raised his eyebrows at her with a half grin.

Blush was becoming a permanent color on her cheeks. She normally was never this nervous around people, even good looking men.

‘I am so sorry. I literally do not know what is wrong with me. Is there a rewind button, can we start over?’ she asked hopefully.

Shaun laughed. ‘You’re even prettier than Sally said you were.’

With that, he got up and went to the stage to start snapping photos. Molly sat there for at least 30 seconds before she realized her mouth was still hanging open. She snapped it shut and took out her cell phone. With swift fingers, she typed out a text to Sally.

– Okay, who is this guy, and did you tell him I was pretty!? –

– A friend from college, and yes, I did! –

– Wait, wait, are you playing matchmaker? –

– No clue what you’re talking about 😉 –

– Jesus, woman. You’re lucky I love you! –

– For the record, he is single, and an all around awesome guy! –

After about an hour of Shaun taking a multitude of photos, including some of Molly with the kids, he gathered his things and walked up to her.

‘I actually had a really great time today, thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this,’ said Shaun sincerely.

‘No, thank you, honestly. This really does mean the world to us, what we do here, and giving the kids a sense of pride and self worth. From what I saw on your camera, the pictures look amazing. I can’t wait to see them all,’ Molly said.

Shaun turned to go, changed his mind, and faced her again. ‘About what I said before I started shooting.. It was mostly out of my mouth before my brain had processed thinking it. I hope it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable, or give the impression that I’m creepy.’

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