The Office Incident


Marianne could feel her head begging for relief. It was nine o clock. Everyone had already gone home for the night. She still had two more graphs to print. She slipped her heels off her feet. She heard the printer stop. ” Goodness, darn printer” she said. She got up and added more paper. She was tired. It had been a very long day. She was thinking that she needed a good massage. That would definitely relieve some of her pent up tension. She knew that her boss Damien had a massager in his drawer.

She walked down the hall to the office in the corner. She looked at the name on the door. She was contemplating opening the door. She figured she deserved a massage. ” No one will ever know. Just the one time.” she said aloud. She snuck in the office and found the massager. Instead of taking it back down to her desk she figured she would use it here.

She sat down in his lamb skin leather chair. It felt good against her bare legs. She hated panty hose and at five feet seven with tall tan sleek legs she didn’t need them. She leaned back and placed the vibrator at her neck. She could feel herself melting. ” I have got to get me on of these” she said. It felt so good she could feel herself getting moist. She started running the massager down her body.

Her nipples began to harden. She finally hiked up her skirt pushed her panties aside and slid the massager of her clit. The sensations were mind boggling. She began to arch her back. The vibrations set her on fire. She turned the massager up a notch. Her pussy lips were vibrating. She kept one hand on the vibrator and the other she used to let her long hair loose. Then her fingers were pinching her tanned nipples. She could feel it coming, it was like a wave washing over her entire body. A small moan escaped her lips as her body shuddered from the pleasure.

That one time turned into four times a week. She bought one for herself to use at home. But she barely ever used it. Something about her boss’s that excited her. Damien was a sexy man. Knowing that it was his just added icing to her cake or better yet juices on her pussy. It was three thirty in the afternoon and the mail guy was passing out memo’s. he smiled down at her as he put one in her inbox. She picked it up and looked it over. It was a note stating that there would be a staff meeting in Mr. Damien Faulk’s office at four p.m. Oh well it was Friday and the weekend was ahead she figured she could sit through one boring meeting, She might even get out of the office a little earlier tonight.

At four o clock she found herself sitting in Damien’s office. He was sitting in his chair. The meeting was long and boring, and from the information that was being discussed she would be staying late again tonight. Not that she had any big plans. Damien reached in his drawer and pulled out the massager. During the meeting he started massaging his neck while a coworker was explaining cost. Marianne couldn’t help but smirk.

Once the meeting was over she worked endlessly. By the time she looked at the clock again it was near seven o clock. Her coworker Lisa stopped at her desk. erotik hikaye oku Marianne working late again I see?” “Yea I got to get these graphs done before tomorrow.” “Yea you know how Hot Pants (Damien) gets when something isn’t completed on time” Lisa remarked. Marianna couldnt help but smile at the Hot Pants remark. All the women in the office called Damien that. He was a sexy man for sure. “Well hun, Im gone. I’ll see ya Monday morning. Have a great weekend” and with that Lisa was gone.

All alone in the office. What to do? she thought. How about a massage? She smirked to herself. She went into his office and began her ritual of pleasure. She was to the point of orgasmic limits. Her pussy was throbbing. Her juices were flowing. She didn’t hear the office door open. He stood in awe.

She was imagining Damiens hands on her. Caressing her body all over. ” Oh Damien please fuck me harder” she screamed. He smiled and said “I would if it was me inside you. Startled she dropped the vibrator. “Er….. I am terribly sorry Hot Pants… I mean Mr. Faulk.” A smile spread across his face. He knew the office women had called him that. “It seems I am coming back for more than my briefcase.” She started to get out of the chair and fix herself. Damien raised his hand and said “Please continue, I was enjoying watching you Marianne.” She didn’t even know that he knew her first name.

He smiled and said ” I have been watching you switch that sweet ass of yours all day in that little black skirt.” She couldn’t help but let that compliment ass to the moist pussy juice. She knew that her shyness would never allow her to continue with him watching. He started walking towards her and she sucked in her breath. Her moist panties were increasingly getting wetter. He was taking his over coat off “So tell me … Is fucking your boss a fantasy of yours? Or do I just turn you on as a man?”Startled she replied” I was just……” How could she explain what she was doing?

“I see what you are doing Marianne. It seems to me that my employee is in bad need of attention” he remarked. He was now standing in front of her.

“And since my employee is so quiet , I guess I will have to instruct her. Stand up Marianne and unbutton my shirt.” Stunned at his authoritative voice she didn’t know what to do. The sexual part of her was screaming to do it. Fighting all the no’s she stood up and proceeded to unbutton his shirt. He stood perfectly still. She pulled the shirt tails out of his perfectly tailored slacks. He had a white cotton undershirt on.

He slid the undershirt off with ease. What it reveled made her smile. He had a hard chest and torso. He had quite a bit of hair on his chest region. And a little line of hair starting at his belly button. How far it went down she didn’t know. But sure wanted to find out. He saw the grin spread across her face. “I guess you like what you see” he asked her. She felt like she was in a wild erotic dream. She hesitated but finally replied. “Yes, I like it very much.” That made him smile. He said ” Time to get back to the matter at hand. Take your blouse güncel sex hikayeleri oku off Marianne.” She slowly began undoing the buttons on her blouse. He couldn’t tear his eyes off of her. Her fingers were trembling. Once she removed her blouse her red bra was in full exposure. And he soaked it up with his eyes. She could swear that she heard him suck in his breath.

“Kiss me.” He demanded. She didn’t hesitate. His lips were warm, full and moist. he probed the depths of her mouth with his tongue. She responded by sucking on his tongue lightly and then sucked his lower lip. “MMMMM…. Like to suck do ya? Well unzip my pants” Once again she did as she was instructed. She slid her fingers between the slacks and his boxers allowing them to fall to the floor. He wore a gray pair of tight fitting boxers that made his manhood stand out .His erection was pushing and stretching the material. “You know what I want? Don’t you Marianne?”

She knew all right and nothing could stop her from sucking his throbbing cock. He instructed her to take his boxers off and she did. His boxers fell to the floor joining his slacks. He slid his loafers off and kicked himself free of the pants at his ankles. She was stunned at his cock. It wasn’t really that long but the thickness was amazing. “Take it in your mouth and suck me.” She took her shaky hands and grasped his cock. She leaned over and started to take the head of his cock in her mouth. She took the head of him and slid it in and out of her mouth. Teasing and tantalizing him with her tongue.

He threw his head back and groaned. “Yes Marianne tease me.” She started slowly taking more of him in her mouth. She had her left hand at the base of his shaft. While her right hand massaged his balls. The more of his cock that she took in her mouth the more her head would bob up and down. “Oh yes baby you do that so well” he told her. She enveloped his shaft with her mouth. Running her all over him. Sucking harder she felt his cock twitch. She knew he was about to come. She had never swallowed before. She was pulling back when he shot his thick come down her throat. She swallowed quickly. And realized it wasn’t so bad. She leaned back and smiled. A little of his cum was at the corner of her mouth so she stuck out her tongue to lap it up “You are a marvelous creature Marianne.”

She smiled up at him. “Now lemme see how you taste.” He reached around her and unzipped her skirt. She hadn’t taken her skirt off to play with the vibrator. She had only hiked up her skirt. He let the skirt fall to the floor. He undid her bra also. “Get on the desk Marianne.” She did as instructed. She was only wearing a pair of cotton briefs. The wood beneath her body was cool against her warm skin. She leaned back and propped herself up on her elbows. Damien looked her over and smiled.

He sat down naked in his chair and pulled it up to the desk. The side of the chair bumped the desk causing Marianne to jump startled by the noise. “Relax baby, IM going to do a lot of things to you, but hurt you isn’t one of them.” She let her calfs dangle off the desk. sikiş hikayeleri He slowly spread her legs further apart. “Scoot your bottom to the end of the desk.” She moved down for him. He leaned down and kissed her right below her navel. he ran his hands up to her breast. Teasing her nipples with his fingers. He bent down again but this time he kissed her right about her mound. She thought she would explode. She cant ever remember wanting someone or something so bad. He ran his tongue over her neatly trimmed bush. There was no hair on her lips. Only above. She arched off the hard desk begging him to touch her with his tongue. “Please” she begged him. He could see the moistness on her lips. He knew she was aching for him. And he knew he needed to be inside that moist, wet and silky pussy. But he wanted to taste her before he got inside and lost all control and train of thought. He finally took his tongue and ran it gently over her pouty pussy lips. She let out a moan. Then he took his tongue and parted the lips taking one of them in his mouth and sucking lightly on it. The pleasure she felt was unexplainable.

He continued running his tongue up and down her slit. He used his hands to hold her lips apart. He looked up at her and smiled.”You are as sweet as honey.” And back down he went. Thrusting his tongue in and out of her tight hole. He took his right hand and placed it at the top of her mound. Taking his pointer finger and teasing her clit while his tongue dived in and out of her . The pleasure was to a breaking point. He quickened his movements and he could feel her shudder. He knew she was about to come. His mouth watered he couldn’t wait to lap it up with his tongue. She arched and screamed “IM gonna come.” And come she did. He felt her convulsions on his tongue. He stood up. Her juices were all over his mouth region. “Now lets come together” he told her. His cock was rock hard and needed to be buried in her. He took his cock in his hand and the other hand he placed on her belly. Slowly he started running the head of his cock up and down on her pussy. Until it found the hole it desired. He slowly slid his cock in her awaiting pussy. She cried out as the tip of him entered her. She had never had a man with this thick of a cock. He put it in slowly inch by inch. As if he was teasing her. He had never had such a sweet tight pussy. His cock was loving this. He began thrusting in her more and more. He put both his hands beside her hips on the desk to help balance himself. He began pushing and pumping inside her harder and faster. He knew that he was to the point of and explosive orgasm. The juices from her pussy was sliding down to the desk. She didn’t even care. She was to caught up in the moment. She could feel him deep in her belly. And as he ground against her clit she knew she was gonna come. Her whole body began to shudder and he knew she was about to come. He could feel it through his cock. Milking him into his own fury of sexual intensity. From the depth of his balls he filled her with his white river. She felt him slowly get soft inside her. He leaned down on her and she could feel his heart beating rapidly against her. He raised up and pulled out of her and as he did they’re combined juices flowed out of her pussy. He smiled at her. And said” And to think it was my neck massager my mother bought me that brought us together.”

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