The Maid Pt. 04


Arriving at work, the maid found an envelope stuck into the door of her locker. Opening it, she found it was a note from her favourite guests in room 365 offering her a position to work for them at double her salary. So confident were they she would accept, they even enclosed an open dated airline ticket.

What to do? Should she, shouldn’t she? She knew little about them apart from their exciting sexual encounter weeks before. Her head told her she had a steady job at the hotel and should stick with it, but deep down, she felt an excitement of the unknown she couldn’t ignore. An excitement that was coming from between her legs as much as from anywhere else. As soon as her shift ended, she gave in her notice. The die was cast, she was off on an adventure. All the same feelings of arousal came flooding back as she recalled the two day encounter with her new employers and she couldn’t wait to get home to touch herself and relieve the tension building between her legs. She could almost feel her vibrator inside herself and she longed to hidden away indoors so she could stroke her now throbbing clit. She couldn’t believe what they did to her, how just the thought of them made her so very wet.

They were there to meet her as she walked into the airport concourse. Kisses on the cheek all round, they led her to their waiting car. She was not surprised to find it was a limousine. Sitting in the back facing them, they chatted as the scenery rolled by. She felt instantly at ease with them and their smiles showed how pleased they were to have their little playmate back. Trying not to make it obvious, she couldn’t help but sneak little glances at them, up the wife’s skirt, a tiny bit of panties showing, the husband’s crotch which she had a feeling was a little more swollen than normal. She didn’t feel guilty, she was sure they were doing the same to her, glancing between her legs each time she crossed and uncrossed them. She was pleased she had worn her tight fitting blouse. It showed off the swell of her full breasts very nicely.

The house when they arrived, was just as she expected, a large mansion of a building with manicured gardens and a large pool out the back. With the driver fetching her bags, they showed her to her room. It wasn’t what she expected. It was plushly furnished with every amenity she could wish for. They told her that the driver who was also the butler had a similar room just down the hall from hers. With that out of the way, they showed her the rest of the house and in particular, their bedroom upstairs. It was sex hikayeleri as lavish as any of the rooms in the hotel she had just worked in with a massive bed which they took great delight in showing her.

As formal as the tour was, the undertones were unmistakable, the sexual tension growing by the second. She wondered if they wanted to rip their clothes off and fuck her as much as she wanted them to right now. She wished she could just reach up under the wife’s dress, slip her hand inside her panties and rub her lovely shaved pussy or kneel down and suck that wonderful cock of her husband’s, the long hard swollen one she remembered with its thick shaft and bulbous head dripping with precum. Dragging her mind back to the present, she heard them explain that as they had cleaners and chefs, she would be little more than a house guest. Her only set duty was to clean their bedroom each day. Later, she was to learn that the butler/driver was pretty much in the same boat as her. Going by his build and appearance, she could only imagine why he was hired and what pleasures he must be inflicting on her new mistress.

“I think I’m going to like it here.” she thought to herself smiling as they led her back downstairs.

After a leisurely lunch with her new employers, she decided she would take a dip in the pool and catch some rays. Back in her room, she stripped of her clothes and stood in front of the full length mirror.

“Not bad.” she thought to herself. Her breasts were still nice and firm although a little white compared to the rest of her tanned body. The same with where she had removed her panties, that was a little white too. She was sure her employers would appreciate a nice overall tan. Maybe when she had the place to herself, she could sunbathe nude and fix that. Looking at her shaved pussy in the mirror, she reached down and ran her fingers over it. It was smooth, not a hint of stubble. She idly stroked the tips of her lips, wondering what pleasures lay ahead. There it was again, her clit tingling, wanting to be played with as her mind wandered to thoughts of naked pussies and hard cock. Snapping out of her reverie, she slipped on her small red bikini and some sandals and left her room.

The pool glistened with reflected sunlight as she lay on a deckchair in front of it, her bikini top pulled down as far as she dared and the straps of her shoulders so she wouldn’t get tan lines. Her eyes were closed against the strong sunlight as it beat down on her body when a scraping noise startled her. She opened her eyes to sikiş hikayeleri the sight of the husband standing beside her chair with a drink in each hand. He had pulled another deck chair over beside hers and now sat down on it passing her one of the drinks, an ice cold Gin and Tonic.

“Thanks.” she said taking a sip and savouring the cold refreshing taste.

“How’s the sun?” he asked, his eyes unabashedly roving over her near naked body.

“Nice.” she said. “Good tanning weather.”

“You know you can go topless if you want.” he suggested. “Bottomless too, for your tan that is.” he said laughing.

“I’m sure you’d love that.” she joked back. “Although, I might just do part of what you suggest.” she continued, sitting up in her chair. Reaching around, she unhooked her bikini top and took it off. His eyes automatically went to her firm round breasts and she felt her nipples start to harden under his stare as she laid back on her chair taking another sip of her drink.

“Would you like some sunscreen rubbed on.” he asked hopefully. She wasn’t bothered, but the thought of a man’s hands running over her sent a little thrill through her body and she nodded. Kneeling beside her chair, he squirted some lotion into his hands and started to rub it on her shoulders. It felt so good, she thought. His hands slid down her sides, avoiding her breasts and over her stomach, smearing the lotion down to the top of her bikini bottoms. Next his hands were sliding slowly down the length of her legs and back up the insides of her thighs. Her legs opened ever so slightly at the touch of his hands there, her pussy inside her bikini beginning to moisten. Squeezing more lotion onto his hands, he cupped her bare breasts with them and slowly massaged the lotion into them. She felt her nipples go rock hard and wondered how he liked them scraping against the palms of his hands. Judging from his smile, she guessed he liked it alot. One of his hands left her breast and slid down over her tummy. It didn’t stop at her bikini. His fingertips dug under the material and his slippery hand slid inside, down between her legs. Her legs opened wider and her breathing deepened as he slowly started massaging between them, the flat of his hand rubbing her entire pussy. One finger delved between her now wet lips and found her clit. It was throbbing and the touch of his fingertip sent a wave of pleasure coursing through her. His finger slid down and up inside her wet opening, her pussy flooding with excitement at being entered. Just as she started to moan erotik hikaye and writhe under his touch, he slipped his hound out from inside her bikini. Stunned, she looked up at him, confusion and frustration written across her face.

“Just a little taste.” he said with a devilish grin as he stood back up.

“Work tomorrow, don’t be late.” he told her, turning and walking back towards the house, his fingers to his nose, smelling the odd combination of suntan lotion and pussy on them.

“I’ll be working on something long before that.” she thought to herself, her pussy aching with arousal and denied orgasm.

“I saw that.” said his wife, standing at the window in her bra and panties as he entered their bedroom.

“Naughty boy, you just couldn’t wait could you.” she said turning to face him.

“It was just a tease.” he replied.

“Looks like you were teased too. Would you like me to take care of that.” she said, looking at the huge bulge in the front of his shorts.

“Would you” he replied walking towards her.

She pulled down his shorts and undies, releasing his cock which sprung up in front of her, throbbing and rigid. She slid her hand under it and curled her fingers around the thick shaft. He moaned with pleasure as she started pulling him, sliding her hand back and forth along its entire length. As his excitement grew she pulled him faster, egging him on, telling him to cum for her. She felt him shaking and knew he was about to cum. Pulling down the front of her panties she pressed the head of his cock to her shaved slit. With a loud groan, his cock erupted, spewing thick cum all over her pussy and inside her panties. Replacing her panties, she used a fingertip to wipe the final drop of cum from the tip of his spent cock, put it to her mouth and sucked it clean. Giving his cock one last fondle, she turned and walked towards the bed to finish getting dressed.

“You’re not wearing those are you.” he asked.

“Of course I am.” she replied with a grin, reaching down and stroking the wet sticky material between her legs.

“Oh fuck!” the maid cried out, laid on her bed, legs wide open, forcing the huge head of her dildo into her wet aching pussy, pushing it in as deep as she could. Crying out, desperate to cum, she drove it in and out of herself frantically until with a near scream she climaxed, shuddering and jerking, the silicone cock still buried deep in her contracting cunt. “Fuck that felt good.” she thought as she lay there, panting, her pulse still racing and post orgasmic bliss washing over her.

Recovered from her massive orgasm, her thoughts turned to dinner. A nice meal and perhaps a movie would be the go. A nice relaxing evening.

Work tomorrow. She smiled, wondering what the day would bring.

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