The Love in My Life


What do you do when friends come by — Long time friends — from out of town — that you haven’t seen for a long time — what happens next morning?

They’d been up late that morning. Long time friends had come into town and their visit lasted until well past midnight. These were old friends they hadn’t seen in a few years. None of them drank alcoholic beverages, but his wife Beth had served chips and dip, sandwiches and a mixture of cranberry juice and 7-up that he loved.

Beth had gotten up before seven, gotten the kids up and dressed, and even prepared a little bag of necessities for each of them. Then she’d driven the two boys over to her sister’s house for an all day birthday party for one of sis’s own brood.

She visited with her sister for more than an hour and even offered to stay and help. Her sister turned her down, but reminded her to ‘be over by six tonight, cause that’s when dinner will be’. Still tired she drove home.

When she got home, she cleaned up after the prior evening and noticed that her husband Bill was in the shower. Little devil, she thought, he slept all the time I was gone. When he came from the shower, he was still dripping and drying his hair. She marveled at his body, as she always did. His wasn’t an athletic body, but a comfortable one. His legs and chest had a sprinkling of dark hair and he had that wonderful clump above his manhood. And, what a manhood that was.

She lay on the bed admiring him, watching every movement and felt herself becoming warm. As he finished and sat on the edge of the bed next to her, she wanted him to take her arm and pulled her over to him. And then, he wanted to talk to her and make love to her.

Instead, Bill seemed in a hurry to get out and begin his Saturday work on the car. He always washed sex hikayeleri it, vacuumed it, and cleaned the engine. Then he’d drive down and fill it up with gas, check the tires and wash the windows at the station. Sometimes, she thought, I think he takes better care of that car than he does of me.

As he finished dressing, and said goodbye, she removed her housedress and lay down on the bed. She always slept nude, and couldn’t help but remember Bill as he came out of the shower. His cock was swinging in a rhythm opposite his balls as he began drying himself.

She dropped one leg over the edge of the mattress and felt that comforting edge press against her own softness. She almost straddled that edge for a few moments, even sliding up and down a few times feeling the soft pleasure of it. She drifted off to sleep intending to be up before Bill got home. The sleep was so peaceful, with the house quiet that she was still dreaming when he finally got there.

Bill opened the fridge and took out a cold coke. He held it to his forehead for a moment and felt the coolness of it on his sweating brow. Then he tore off a paper towel and wiped away the remaining sweat. He listened for a moment and heard nothing. He was certain that she must’ve been up by now; she’d looked like she was going to rest after he left.

He walked quietly toward the bedroom. The shade was still drawn, but in the ambient light he could make out her figure on the bed. As he walked closer, he checked for breathing, and then relieved, he watched her.

She was lying on her stomach, naked, with one knee on the floor. She was draped deliciously over the edge of the bed. He walked closer, studying her. He looked and could make out the full lips of her pussy from behind. This was a view that he seldom sex hikayeleri got, and he became aroused.

He sat softly on the floor next to her, with his face only inches from that wonderful gift to man. From this position, he could make out every curve and detail. The dropped leg enhanced the view by partially stretching the lips open.

He didn’t want to disturb her — like Hell he didn’t – – but, he sat and watched over her. Every now and then she would arch her stomach muscles and push her soft, delicate mound into the corner of the mattress. Each time the lips would open further and then relax again.

His manhood was so stiff and uncomfortable that he reached down. Opened the fly and removed it from his pants. And then, as he thought and watched, he reached down, unbuttoned them and slid them off.

He must have made a slight sound, because she stirred awake. Her head came up and listened and he said “its okay Hon, I’m just sitting here”. She started to pull the knee from the floor when he asked her to stay that way. She did as he asked and then asked what he was doing down there. He got on his knees, reached across for his own pillow and dragged it over to her hips. Then, still on his knees, he slid it under her soft tummy.

The effect was exactly what he wanted. Her hips were now slightly elevated and her knee had to drop further to reach the floor. Her lips were now spread deliciously wider. He moved closer to the foot of the bed, turned and rested his face between her cheeks.

He forced his face down and felt the warmth of her lips meet his own. With one hand and a finger on each side of a lip he opened her and buried his lips. She was always so soft and warm, she was moist and her scent was always sweet. She squealed slightly as he went to work, sikiş hikayeleri she was enjoying this new sensation. He’d never come in behind before, and it took her a moment before deciding that this was definitely good.

This was definitely good! She moved slightly and raised herself to meet his lips. He had such a way with his lips. She wasn’t exactly sure what he did, but it always drove her mad. Now, his tongue came out and he began the slow process of bringing her to a peak.

He was a supreme lover, always compassionate, dedicated, thoughtful and most of all slow. He always took his time to arouse her. As the minutes ticked by, and her passion rose, she began a slow rhythm with each stroke of his tongue, and each nibble from his lips.

She began to feel herself peaking, and then instantly she was there. She climaxed and she could feel a release, but he kept up the effort, and she climaxed twice more, each more intense than the previous.

Then as she was starting to cool, his fingers began a new motion and his lips and tongue came alive. She bucked and rode her hips into his face, but he was relentless. His tongue, his exquisite tongue was laving her clit and his hand was doing new things inside her when his other hand came up and spread her cheeks even further. His face dropped closer and she exploded. The feeling was intense, and freeing, and so needed.

He paused for a moment while the ripples of her climax drove through her body. Every nerve she had was excited. He then began the pleasurable task of cleaning her with his tongue.

Miraculously, when she looked later, the sheet was dry. He’d kept every drop from reaching the sheet, and yet she knew she’d completely flooded.

Breathing hard, she pushed him away and sat up. She told him that she hoped he was satisfied now that he’d ruined her for any other man. He laughed and only said good. Then she hugged and kissed him, and tried to tell him how exciting that had been. Men!!! They never understand she smiled.

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