The Little Black Dress


They’ve been having a great time. They’ve been lightly touching each other throughout the show…holding hands…lightly touching her legs and her neck and arms during the show….stealing glances. Yes, a little smoldering has been going on as they are both attracted to each other and anticipating.

He has been admiring her legs and cleavage all through the production of Les Miserable… My god, she looks like a model and is stunning in the solid black dress that is as short as it can be and still be worn at a formal occasion… Of course, her fit frame makes this dress look breathtaking where it might look trashy on a different body type on a different woman.

As they enter the downtown hotel room he has rented for the evening she is standing in front of him. Only the street lights are shining through the gap in the windows… He doesn’t reach to turn on the light.

After they walk inside, with the lighting subdued, he is standing behind her…she doesn’t turn around. He lightly touches her hair and strokes his fingers sex hikaye down it and down the outside of her arms ever so lightly….she doesn’t turn around….he is standing behind her…she can feel his breath on her neck….he pulls her hair away from her neck and she can really feel his breath and he lightly kisses her neck…he again lightly runs his fingertips from her shoulders down her arms and this time all the way down the outside of her legs…she doesn’t turn around…her breathing is getting more rapid. She asks if she can turn around and he says, “No, this is about you feeling good.” He again takes his fingers back to her shoulders and runs his fingertips down the front of her body lightly brushing her breasts this time as he lightly traces his fingers down her body and lingers on the curve of her buttocks. Oh her skin is so smooth through the silkiness of the fabric of the dress.

Looking at her, he realizes that with her high heels, the bottom of her dress and her butt cheeks are just inches from his hands and his hard penis porno hikayeleri that has been erect all evening. His balls are sore from being restrained and continually rearranged in his dress pants and inside the ever tightening smooth slippery fabric of his sport boxer briefs…. Ever since he noticed the outline of the slinky, likely black thong he realized she was wearing as she walked down the theater aisle in front of him.

He traces his fingertips down her hair around her neck and across her shoulders…. His fingers lightly glide over her dress and he feels and sees her perky erect stiff nipples..on her perfect round globes he has admired. She has been purring throughout and now gasps her breath and shudders… His idea of continuing his patience and discipline is going out the door as his own breathing is becoming very quick…. She is so hot in this dress with obviously no bra and just a thong that he is literally feeling dizzy from his desire… The longing…. His male instincts to mate and covet her body are taking over erotik hikaye and he must give in to them

He slides his large hand bw her legs and pulls one finger back along her slit…. It is soaking wet…. He hoarsely says….. Oh BABY I want you so bad

He quickly pulls the halter top over her head or the straps off her shoulders, exposing her breasts and moves around to the front of her bending down and devouring her breasts with his mouth… His firm large tongue licking and flicking her aereola and nipples…. She can feel the electricity from her erect nipple all the way to her clit and toes as he applies pressure with his tongue.

He drops to his knees and puts his mouth on her wet pussy…. He had felt the soft landing area of hair above her clit… It was soft…. His tongue traces each wet lip and he slurps on her dripping juices.

He quickly undoes his belt… She hastily helps by unzipping him yanking his slippery boxer briefs off and releasing his cock…. I want you inside me so badly…. He drops the idea of entering her from behind after those words as she falls backwards on the carpeting and he looks her in the eyes as he easily slides his 8 hard inches into her wet opening and gives her a huge open mouth kiss.

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