The Landslide


“You have to be kidding me…”

Krystal pulls another credit card from her purse and looks at the clerk sternly.

“Mam…I told you the landslide that stranded you knocked out the telephone lines…we can’t access linx…but even if we could…We are booked up”

Krystal can not believe what she is hearing.

“What…I can’t spend a night with her…I can barley stand to work with the bitch…There must be something you can do”

Nicholas is as equally distraught as he talks to his people on the phone. He and Krystal, colleagues at Maraj and Maharajh Law Firm had come up to see a client and now found themselves stranded, pinned in on both ends of the road by two huge landslides.

“It could have been worse”

Krystal turned her head slowly to look at Nicholas. They had been looking for a place to spend the night for over four hours now and as they sat in Nicholas’s 4X4 van on Tyrico beach, she could not imagine a dumber statement.

“Worse…Worse?”, her voice going up with the second salvo to Nicholas.

“Look Nicholas…Let’s not pretend…I don’t like you…And you hate me…So let’s just tolerate each other this night and try and forget about it after this”

Nicholas just nodded his head defeated.

Some two hours had passed and Krystal was just beginning to close her eyes when she heard Nicholas puff out an exasperated breath of air.

As she cuddled up on the passenger side of the big van her eye slits opened to see Nicholas unbuttoning his shirt.

He pulls his shirt off and leans forward. Krystal saw his muscles in his back flex as he did. Not bad, she thought as she continued to peep at him. Some skillful moves and he was now seated next to her in his white Hanes boxers. Krystal reacted by holding her breath. She felt aroused at seeing his sexy body and kicked herself for it.

Out of the van, she watches the tapering of his broad shoulders to his just perfect waistline as he walked off into the darkness of the beach.

Realizing that Nicholas’s impromptu strip show had turned her on more than she could imagine, Krystal closed her eyes and began to rub her hard nipples through the thin cotton top she wore under her dark ladies business suit. Her lips parted slightly as her cold hands penetrated through the material. She opened her eyes and her face is overcome with shock.

She pulled back her hand sharply as she saw Nicholas walk past the side of the vehicle. She did not think that he saw her as he walked past and went to open the covering on the tray of the pick up. Breathing a sigh of relief, it finally hit her. With a wicked smile on her face she muttered under her breath.

“Two can play this game Mr Nicholas”

Krystal was convinced that Nicholas had purposely put on the strip show for her because he had alerted her by breathing a big puff of air into the air.

Her smile grew broader as she popped open the van door.

Nicholas was standing by the back of the van when she did and he just continued looking for his gym bag which was at the back of the van.

“Found it” his voice filled with triumph.

Digging in the bag, Nicholas looked up to see Krystal stretch her arms high into the air, her breasts straining against her top. He pretended not to notice. But when she turned around and bent over to detach her heels, his cock twitched as he saw her ass imprinted in her tight skirt.

Krystal was in wicked mode now and she had just begun to put on the show.

Facing away she first took off her jacket, pelting it atop the hood and then she began to unbutton her blouse.

Nicholas held his breath and like a good voyeur, he disappeared into the shadowed background of the big van.

Krystal was now in her sexy red bra as her hands reached for the zipper at the back of her skirt. Aware that she probably had his full attention now, Krystal slid it down slowly to her ankles.

Nicholas’s cock grew in his briefs and he instinctively put a hand to massage it. But when she bent right over at the waist to pick up the shirt, allowing a peek at her fleshy pussy from the back, he knew he had to do something right away.

Nicholas was not the only one turned on as Krystal soon realized that the seam of her panties were wet. She could not understand how this guy she loathed from the office could even get her turned on far less wet and she chalked it up to the cool breeze under the beautiful night’s sky on the beach.

Continuing her mischief Krystal turned around to give Nicholas a frontal view of her breast straining against her sexy bra as well as her staged parted legs which would give him a good look at the cleft of space which promised so much goodness from her puffy pussy. To complete the look she placed her hands on her hips.

A look of confusion filled her face when she did not see Nicholas. Still in actor/model mode, she circled to the back of the van, expecting that he might have hidden away to look at her. She was wrong, he had disappeared.

As she walked back to the front gerçek sex hikayesi of the van to peer in to check if he had entered unknown to her, she felt a little silly. Why was she even playing this game with Nicholas, and more importantly why did he have her turned on, she thought to herself.

Her feelings of confusion would soon increase as she looked out into the distance to see Nicholas doing push ups in the sand. He was preparing his body for the water and she loved how his taut body looked as he pumped up and down on the sand. Visions of her being under him flooded her mind and she instinctively cupped her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and it did not take her long before her fingertips crept in and captured them.

By this time Nicholas had stood up and she caught a glimpse of his cock straining in his boxers.

She licked her lips as she saw how hard it tented his underwear.

Even though Nicholas had figured out that Krystal was playing to her audience, him, earlier because she must have heard him shout out at the back of the van, he was struggling badly with his condition. His head was telling him how much he did not like his pushy, obnoxious colleague but his other head was telling him how much she turned him on. Even after a full set of push ups, his cock was still hard form visions of her stripping for him. Nicholas just stood there on the beach with his hands on his hips and his cock protruding badly. He was sure, hopeful, even though he would not admit it at the time, that she would be watching him now as she would be at least curious about where he went. He was determined not to let her get the better of him. So with a grimace on his face he did the only thing he could do under the circumstances.

Krystal gasped aloud and her hands quickly moved from her breast and nipples to cup her pussy in her hands. Her eyes were ablaze as she stared through the dim light at what Nicholas did.

Nicholas had pulled off the shorts in one smooth motion and was now standing erect; in more ways than one.

To make matters worse Nicholas held his hard veiny cock in his hand and slowly pulled back the foreskin on the wide head.

Krystal imagined the heady scent of man sex on the tool and licked her lips at the pre-cum that was sure to be present.

Not looking her way for anything, Nicholas stared to slowly pull his foreskin back and forth. His cock thickened and grew painfully hard.

Krystal’s fat pussy lips had swallowed her panties and as she traced her slit, she shoved more of the material in her soppy hole. She was soaking wet. Even though she knew he was putting on a show for her, she could not control her urges and moved forward and closer to Nicholas on the moonlit beach.

Nicholas was too busy to notice her at first as he was really stroking his cock hard and fast. But as she shuffled sand with her feet as she drew near, he could not help but look her way. He looked up to see she had taken off her bra and ample bosom bounced as she approached.

He slowed his speed, but did not stop stroking his man meat as she approached.

Standing a mere foot from him now, she could reach out and touch him. And from the look in his eyes as he stared at her magnificent pair, he would not mind. Standing inches from each other the two just stared at each others appendages. Krystal was the first to move and what she did next almost killed Nicholas.

Krystal turned away, pulled down her panties slow, and then bent at the waist to pick it up.

This caused her pussy to part and Nicholas’s eyes bugged out as he got a good look at her slipperiness. She then turned to look at him over her shoulder then strutted her long legs off to the water’s edge.

Nicholas was feeling like he was left holding the bag as he was actually holding on to his nut sacs with his other hand as he stroked his cock.


Was the word that escaped his lips. He wanted to stop this game now, but he knew he would have to play at least one more round with his sworn office enemy.

With a grimace on his face he made his way to the water.

Just before he came to the edge, he saw Krystal rise from it’s depths like a fabled mermaid. The water had slicked back her long hair and it cascaded down her body between the valley of her breasts. Nicholas so wanted to plough that valley.

But he had one more trick left up his sleeve.

He dove head first into the water and when he popped up he just rolled back and floated on his back next to her within arms length.

He was criminal she thought as she looked at the only thing protruding above the water. His cock was like a boat’s mast; tall and rigid. It even had its crow’s nest, the slit at the top of the big head that caused Krystal to lick her lips as she watched.

Confident that he would win this battle, Nicholas placed his hands behind his head as if he was in a comfortable bed.

But once again Krystal had found a way to best him. As he craned his neck upward to peer at her position, porno erotik hikayeler Nicholas almost sunk to the bottom of the water with what he saw.

Krystal had followed Nicholas’s lead and she too was floating on her back. The only difference was her big firm breasts were protruding out the water and she had spread her legs wide like a shelter cove for pirates to dock.

Nicholas just stood there watching her hand slide down her body to trace her lips as she looked at him standing there at attention in the waist high water.

They were both determined not to make the first move and had it not been for the unusually gentle wave of Tyrico bay they may have never made physical contact; such was their determination. It was this determination and desire for competition that brought them up here in the first place.

As if prodded by the Gods, the wave had pushed Krystal’s opened leg body right into Nicholas’s waist. His cock head rubbed the cleft of her pussy and they both let out a turned on hiss from their mouths.

They had both heard each other, so no one could claim the upper hand.

Sucking her back, the wave eventually pushed Krystal onto Nicholas’s cock again.

This went on for sometime but could go no longer as one of them had to take the initiative and concede defeat.

Nicholas had grabbed Krystal by the waist and pulled her hard to him. His turgid cock slid in easily as Krystal was very wet. Something Nicholas noted to Krystal.

“Fuck…Your cunt is wet”

He had said it with a hint of a smile.

“Your cock is rock hard”

In trying to respond, Krystal had actually complimented Nicholas and he winked at her in approval.

She realized how that came across and sent another more meaningful shot across his bow.

“You made the first move.”

Nicholas grimaced and rammed into her harder. She moaned her approval and he smiled his.

His hard thrusts were now brutal as he stirred water all around them. She was beginning to feel that sweet sensation she felt when she was getting close, so she gripped his arms hard and started pulling herself into him matching him stroke for stroke; the buoyancy of the water making it easy for her to glide and grind her hips all over him.

She thought she could best him and not be the first to break but she was wrong and she came hard over his cock. Seeing her body convulsing, Nicholas was determined to savour his victory and what he did next ensured just that.

Krystal’s scream of pleasure pierced the silence of the night. Nicholas had placed his thumb on her swollen clit just at the point of her orgasm and whipping it fast back and forth he forced out some mind blowing multiple orgasms from her body.

His other hand was busy pinching her nipples very hard. Given her aggressive nature, Nicholas figured she might like that; he was right as she gripped his thumb and forefinger with hers and squeezed even harder.

Nicholas marveled at her pain tolerance and his was tested when she pulled his same breast squeezing fingers into her mouth and bit him very hard as she finally came down from her high.

From biting she was now passionately sucking his fingers and simultaneously they both had the same idea and dislodged from each other.

His cock protruding out of the water, Krystal bent her head and took it in.

Her suction was amazingly tight and powerful and Nicholas felt as though she would pull him into her depths.

Holding his ass with her both hands she pulled him into her. Not satisfied with that, Krystal roughly reached up and grabbed one of his hands to place it on her head.

Dislodging from his cock she looked up at him with a scowl on her face.

“Fuck my face…Bitch”

Nicholas’s eyes rolled in his head and he did as he was told. It wasn’t the “Fuck my face” that sent him wild, but surprisingly it was her calling him a bitch. So in control most of the times, guy’s like Nicholas wanted, needed a woman like that to rock their world. Take charge bitch, were the words that popped into Nicholas’s mind as she said it and he was now speeding to the edge.

His balls were boiling and had contracted fully up into his body in preparation for release. Krystal could sense this too as his hip rocking into her face was becoming erratic. She knew she had him where she wanted and laughed in her mind at what she was about to do to him.

Nicholas only needed a couple more strokes from her rampant head and he would have blown his load, but Krystal timed him to perfection and just broke touch and ran out the water.

Nicholas stood there with his hands on his hips in complete shock as he watched her ass jiggle as she bounced out of the water.

An intrigued smile on his face he slowly walked out of the water, his cock leading his way like a divining rod in search of water. To think about it; it was just that; having made Krystal come after so short a time, she would surely describe it as divine and he was in search of water, Krystal’s water porno hikayeleri that sprung forth from the valley in between her legs.

It wasn’t all bad, Nicholas thought, as he approached the van and saw what he saw.

Even though she was still competing with Nicholas, Krystal had resolved herself to enjoy him. So as he approached with his rod pointing her way, she had climbed up on the front of his van, her feet on the lower part of the chrome bumper, her hands clutching the upper part, her back heavily arched in preparation for more of his cock.

Standing inches from her so his cock could rub against her cheeks, Nicholas leaned back and slapped her ass very hard.

She grimaced and moaned her approval.

“Yes”, her voice low and sexy.

Realizing she had a thing for pain, Nicholas slapped even harder on the next cheek. The sound echoed in the still night.


This time Krystal said it loud and with intent. She had seen his reaction to her calling him that name the first time and she said it this time, fully aware of what it would do to him now.

Not surprisingly, he moved closer and roughly grabbed at both her breasts with his big hands. She moaned aloud and craned back her neck, wiggling her ass as she did. She had read him right; he was predictable she thought to herself. But what he did next she wasn’t expecting.

He shoved his cock deep up into her cunt hard, his balls slamming against her clit and his muscled abs banging on her fleshy ass. He quickly pulled it out and lined it up with her ass. Before she could protest he buried it deep. The exquisite pleasure pain it gave her sent her into an immediate orgasm and she struggled to hold on to the metal bumper as she shook uncontrollably. Nicholas was strong and sturdy however and held her tight, supporting her strength which he was responsible for taking.

He continued to plow away on her sweet ass and it was a good thing her pussy had lubed him up.

Finally coming down from her high she began to regain her strength and when she clenched her cheeks and squeezed his dick in her metal vise grip, he growled in satisfied approval.

“Put your fucking hands on your hips and just stay still….Bitch”

Krystal did not have to say the Bitch at the end because her earlier words sent Nicholas into a frenzy; a frenzy that he now had to control. After all he was given a command and he liked nothing better than to be controlled; the dichotomy of the powerful man.

Krystal had regained her full strength now and she was now flexing like a dancehall queen on Nicholas’s rock hard cock as she held onto the front of the van. Her ass had loosened and was busy clutching and releasing Nicholas at its will.

He closed his eyes and as he did, he remembered what had occurred earlier so he opened them again; but he was a bit too late.

He opened his eyes to see the palm of her hand being thrust into his face. Stumbling back his cock made a pooping sound as it exited Krystal’s ass.

Nicholas shook his head from side to side. He could not believe she had done him it again. But Krystal wasn’t going to torture him any more; she just wanted to please him in her own perverse way.

She stepped up to him, her face serious and she grabbed his cock with her right hand. With her left she slapped him hard across the cheek. He grimaced, but the surge of blood she felt in his cock as she hit him told her she was doing something right.

A couple of quick pumps and pulls of his cock with her hand and he hissed his approval. She pumped faster and harder and without warning she slapped him again. This time he responded by immediately raising his hand and twisting her nipples painfully between thumb and forefinger. Krystal just loved pain and clutched at his throat, bringing her mouth close to his, urging him to twist her nipples harder.

She finally screamed with pleasure pain, her body hit by a mini orgasm. He let go of her nipples but she did not let go of his cock and throat. Like a woman possessed, she pushes him to his knees. Nicholas was taken aback by the gentleness of what she did next.

Krystal bent her head and took his face in her hands tenderly and pressed her lips to his. A sweet sensuous kiss that was only broken when she used her tongue to trace the edges of his lips. Nicholas held her sweetly as well and the intensity and passion of their kiss increased. Tongues fencing, Krystal had returned to her customary ways and bit down hard on Nicholas’s lower lip. The sensation was exquisite for Nicholas as he so loved this kind of punishment.

Fully in control now, Krystal unhinged from his mouth and after spreading her legs, she shoved out her hips and with her both hands she skinned back the lips of her juicy, swollen pussy to expose her rigid clit.

Nicholas needed no instructions as to what to do next and with his eyes fixed on his target he moved in for the kill.

He swallowed her clit whole and with his tongue he started to whip it left and right like a car’s windshield wipers.

Releasing her spread apart lips, they flew back to hit Nicholas at the side of his suctioned cupped mouth. One of her hands whipped back her semi wet hair out of her face; the other massaged her breasts meaningfully.

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