The Keys


He expertly maneuvered the rented convertible in and out of the early morning traffic, his gray hair blowing, a Bob Seger CD blaring, as they sped south on Highway 1 from Miami, top down, toward the Keys.

She blushed slightly as he turned his attention from the road to glance her way and caught her staring at his handsome profile. A grin crossed his face as he reached to take her hand gently squeezing it before he lifted it to his lips, softly kissing her palm and each of her fingers as he looked into her eyes. Then refocusing on the road ahead, he lowered her hand to rest on his bare thigh.

A warm tingling sensation moved slowly through her body, the feel of his firm leg muscles sent visions of the previous day and night surging through her mind. She had never in her life ever experienced anything even remotely similar. It had all gone so smoothly, yet it was so wonderfully wild and erotic.

She met him at the airport in Miami where he was attending a writer’s conference. Initially she had looked forward to being with him again with much anticipation, but as the day neared, the anticipation had turned to apprehension, and then to worry, as she began to question whether she had used good judgment in allowing him to arrange it. It seemed to her that it could never be the same as it had been before and those thoughts had at least temporarily taken control.

She remembered vividly how good it had been previously. She played their meeting over and over in her mind at least a hundred times. She had daydreamed, actually fantasized, about what it would again be like; his smell, his smile, his voice, the kisses, his touch, the sex. But nothing in her wildest fantasies prepared her for what had taken place.

She stared out the window of the car, her mind racing from event to event, recounting their separate lives over the past several years, trying to get her mind off the events of the previous day, and to focus on right now. She tried concentrating on the scenery that flew past them. It would be his first time to The Keys, but she had been there before. It was just as she remembered it in her mind’s eye… palm trees everywhere, expensive homes lining the shores, marina after marina, all seemingly full of every type of boat imaginable.

Thoughts of the first day and night of their reunion again began to occupy her mind; the coffee shop on the boardwalk, the way he looked into her eyes, the electricity that filled the air, the heat of his touch. It all happened so fast. One minute they were on the beach, the next minute she was naked on the bed. Their foreplay that seemed to last an eternity. Every inch of him plying every inch of her… hands, mouth, tongue, cock massaging, nibbling, kissing, sucking, licking, rubbing, probing, teasing, bringing her to the very edge with one technique, and then moving to something different. On and on, over and over, he would pleasure her one way in one place, leave it for another, and then return to start over again. He literally played her body like a fine instrument; time and time again she thought she was going to erupt. Never had she wanted anyone or anything so badly.

“How about we stop in Key Largo and get some breakfast?” his deep voice interrupted her thoughts, bringing her attention abruptly back to the present.

Hesitating just briefly, she responded, “That sounds wonderful. I’m hungry for a big breakfast… biscuits and gravy and perhaps even some grits,” she added, with a slightly nervous laugh, keeping her eyes on him, while wondering if her white shorts were soaked through from her wetness.

He laughed. “As far as I’m concerned, we can forget the grits and the red eye gravy. I can’t stand that shit. Eggs, biscuits and some sausage gravy, that sounds great.” He reached over and removed the Seger CD and inserted a new one. Instantly, the drugged-up tropical sounds of Bertie Higgins from his hit of years past, “Key Largo,” blared from sex hikayeleri the convertible’s speakers as they crossed the bridge taking them from the mainland to Key Largo.

The sun was high in the sky, and the temperature had jumped 15 or 20 degrees to the low 90’s, by the time they had finished breakfast… a breakfast filled with soft touches, lingering caresses, hot stares, and verbal foreplay.

“Think we should put the top up? It’s beginning to get hot,” he asked, as they walked hand in hand to the car.

“Oh no. Let’s leave it down. The sun feels good.”

He opened her door. Waiting until she had slid into the beige leather seat, he bent to kiss her. A soft easy kiss at first, it grew in intensity as he felt her mouth and body respond. His tongue probed, hers responded. His hand moved to massage her breast, plying her hard nipple through the thin cotton of the blue and white polkadot halter-top. Now breathing heavily, he pulled back.

“Oh God. I’m not sure I can wait until we get to Key West.”

“I know,” she said reaching to pull his head down to her, moaning softly as she thrust her tongue deep into his mouth, her hand moving to find his hardness.

“Oh shit,” he said, raising up, his cock still encircled by the firm grip of her hand.

“Let’s try to wait. The next couple of hours will be some kind of fun. We can play all the way down there,” he continued, reaching to shut her door then leaning over to kiss her again, one hand again massaging her nipples, the other softly caressing her cheek. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer, her lips and tongue responding to the urges surging through her body.

The remaining miles went slowly as they navigated their way from key to key frequently touching, constantly engaging in verbal foreplay, kissing at every opportunity presented, each keeping the other in a continuous state of arousal.

They arrived at their beachfront condo in mid-afternoon. They quickly checked in and carried their things from the car to the condo.

“Ready to take a walk on the beach,” he grinned, as he hung the last of his clothes in the closet.

“Absolutely not,” she said… giggling as she pulled him toward the bed.

He held her away as he laughed, “Why not?”

“I’m just worn out. Way too tired for anything right now.”

“Oh I see. Too tired? No reason for me to hang around here then. Guess I’ll take a walk by myself,” he told her, taking a step toward the door.

She pulled him to her, her voice husky with lust, “Where do you think you’re going? You aren’t leaving me while you still have that,” she pointed and then grasped his hard cock.

Her open mouth found his, their wet, hot, lips one on the other. Falling backward onto the bed, she pulled him on top of her. She could feel the hardness of his swollen cock as it pressed against her thigh, his tongue working its way deep into her mouth. Her breathing shortened as his hand moved up the inside of her bare thigh to the crotch of her damp shorts.

Resisting the urge to let him continue, she rolled over on top of him. “Wait,” she whispered in his ear, then while grinding her crotch into his, she kissed him long and hard. Pausing as she raised up, she began to slowly undo his belt, her other hand firmly but softly massaging him while her hot mouth and tongue plied his neck, ears and face. “It’s my turn today.”

Down his body she slowly moved, her mouth, teeth, tongue probing, searching as she made her way to his feet. He shuddered, his swollen cock now twitching, as she began kissing, licking, nibbling at his toes, while at the same time slowly removing his khaki shorts.

She began to make her back way up his body, a long, deliberate erotic journey… licks here, bites there, until she reached his cock. He cried out as she took the head in her mouth through his briefs, now wet from oozing precum, wet from her sikiş hikayeleri mouth. One hand moved to ply his ass, another pinched his hard nipples.

Her wet hot mouth was on the move up his body, taking his shirt with it. Her mouth moved mercilessly from one nipple to the other, biting, sucking, licking, while one hand cupped and gently rolled his balls.

He twisted. He turned, thrusting his cock in the air. His hands frantically searching for her pussy, her nipples, her ass. Her mouth again found his, her tongue probing deep, her hand massaging his nipples, bare skin hot against his slick sweaty body. All the while, his cock pushed to free itself from his briefs, yearning for the depths of her tight wetness.

“Fuck me now,” he ordered, in a voice husky with lust.

“In a minute,” she giggled. Grabbing the top of his shorts with her teeth, she pulled them slowly down over his feet.

How did she manage to get her clothes off? He wondered, noticing that she was now totally nude, as she had again begun to lick and nibble at his feet while massaging his ankles and his calves. Her tongue increased in its intensity as her eyes focused on his cock now waving freely in the air, its ruby head swollen and wet. Sitting up, he moved one hand between her thighs and began to rhythmically ply her clit, while his other hand grabbed his cock, immediately beginning to stroke it.

“Quit that,” she ordered.

“Oh God,” he moaned. “I’m about to explode.”

“Not yet. Let me decide when and how.” Leaving his feet she began a very slow journey up the inside of his legs toward his still growing, throbbing, aching cock. He twisted and turned his hips, trying desperately to find something to make contact with as it waved in the air while she continued her biting, licking, sucking ascent up his body.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned as her mouth encircled one ball, gently sucking it, then moving to the second one. His cock was now twitching uncontrollably, his breathing was labored as she left his balls and licked her way slowly up his cock. Around and around the head her tongue moved. Slipping the head barely into her mouths Slowly letting it slide out; then around and around again with her tongue. His moans grew louder. His ass flailed as he tried unsuccessfully to plunge himself deep into her throat.

“My God,” he told her in a barely audible whisper. “You’re torturing me. Fuck me. Suck me. Do something now.”

“In a minute,” she giggled. Again sucking first one nipple then the other.

His moans increased as her mouth found his… hot, wet, kisses, his hand grasping for his cock but each time he found it, she admonished him and pulled it away.

“Wait,” she whispered softly. “Just wait. I promise it will be worth it.” Her tongue flicked his lips and filled his mouth.

The heat and wetness of her tongue now filled his ear. Gently licking and kissing, she made her way around his neck and down again to his nipples. His moans grew louder, the thrusting of his hips increasing as he pumped his cock in the air.

“Oh God,” he moaned as her hand grasp his balls and her tongue circled the head of his cock. Slowly she took his cock into her mouth. Sliding it deep into her throat then letting it slide slowly out, licking around and around the head, taking as much as she could swallow into her throat. His moans increased in intensity. His hand grasp the back of her head, grabbing a hand full of her hair, as he attempted unsuccessfully to keep his cock buried in her throat.

“Let me do it. Just let me do it,” she softly whispered, her voice deep with lust, her own breathing extremely heavy.

She moved to straddle him. Taking his cock in her hand she began to alternately massage, then slap her clit with the head, much as he had done the night before when he was on top of her.

She bent to suck his nipples, her body shuddering as she let the head penetrate sex hikaye her dripping swollen pussy lips. Again and again she rubbed, then pummeled, her clit with the head before allowing it to slide an inch or two into her, only to once again pull it out.

Reluctantly pulling herself up as she realized he was nearing an orgasm, she moved her hips quickly forward to cover his face. He raised his head in anticipation as his tongue extended to meet her.

“Yes,” he gasped. His hands grabbing onto the cheeks of her ass, pulling her down onto his fully extended tongue.

He frantically worked, his tongue on her clit then around her lips, savoring her sweet juices, then plunging as deep as his tongue could reach wishing he could somehow continue to eat her pussy while simultaneously fucking her. She shuddered and moaned again and again as he expertly sucked, then licked, then flicked her clit. His hands firmly gripped her ass pressing her pussy to him as his tongue licked and probed inside her.

“Fuck me,” he gasped between frantic licks at her hot juice dripping pussy, his swollen cock throbbing as he continued to thrust his hips in the air. “Fuck me now.”

In one motion, she lifted herself from his face, grasped his cock and lowered her pussy to meet him. Pausing for just an instant as she made one last violent rub with the head, around and around her clit. “Oh God,” she cried out as she lowered herself onto him, his hot throbbing hardness filling her.

Repeatedly, her ass rose high in the air then back down to fully envelope his cock. Over and over, pausing when only the head remained, then slowly lowering her ass until her pussy had once again consumed him. She alternated between sucking his nipples and filling his mouth with her own hard nipples. His hands grasp the cheeks of her ass lifting her as she rose on his cock, pulling her down as she again enveloped him.

Their rhythm began to accelerate. Breathing became heavier, moans growing louder, thrusts becoming more powerful. The throbs of his cock strengthened as the pulsations in her pussy quickened.

“Oh my God,” she cried out!

“Yes! Yes! Kiss me, Baby,” he yelled. “Kiss me now!”

Their lips were hot and wet with passion. Their tongues flicked frantically; his hips pushed upward. Her ass thrust downward, his cock penetrating deeper into the hot tight wetness with each grinding rhythmic move.

She pumped her ass harder, her pussy wet and hot, throbbing, aching, wanting every possible inch of him inside her, wishing somehow she could have his entire being inside her. The flow of a powerful orgasm began to fill her body, moving across and through her.

He thrust up to meet her wanting all of his cock completely enveloped by her pussy, yearning to taste her sweet juices as she came, his hands pulling at her ass, his mouth on her mouth, his tongue deep in her throat.

“My nipples,” she gasped. “My nipples. Oh God please, my nipples! Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me!”

His hands moved to her nipples. Massaging, squeezing, pinching, twisting as his tongue still probed deep in her throat. Her ass moved with a frantic powerful force. The rhythmic sounds of their hot flesh slapping, the beautiful smell of sex, their loud cries of pleasure filling the room.

“Oh God, Oh God,” she cried out! Her ass quivered. Thrusting down hard she forced his cock still deeper into her. Holding him there, she moved her ass frantically back and forth in a forceful grind as another powerful orgasm moved through her body. His hands grasped hard to the cheeks of her ass as she felt the tell-tale twitching of his cock just before his hot fluid spurted to fill her, her pussy squeezing him, milking him as he ground inside of her. His body shuddered, his cock pulsating and throbbing inside her. Desperately pulling at her ass, he cried out, “Oh Baby! Oh God! I’m cuming! I’m cuming!”

They lay side by side together. Totally spent. Totally satisfied. Tightly embraced. The entire length of their bodies still entwined. His half hard cock remained nestled in the warmth of the tight grasp of her wet pussy. Each holding… caressing… kissing… loving the other.

A perfect beginning to their days in The Keys.

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