The Italian Stallion Ch. 07


Mario returns the favor

Mario was so pleased and delighted with my generous gift of the ardent fondling’s of my Coven sisters that he couldn’t wait to reciprocate with a surprise for me. I came home from a long, stressful day at work and found a basket with a Chilled bottle of Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc, a wheel of Triple Cream Brie, grapes and crackers and a gift of a massage certificate at Bliss Spa. I was thrilled. It had been a long time for me and my back was sore from lifting patients AND stock pots so I was really looking forward to it.

I arrived at the Spa. Lush, flowering bushes and trees surrounded it with Japanese lanterns gently swaying in the Spring breeze. I entered a luxurious lobby filled with plants and trees and spa products everywhere. Women were sitting around, sipping glasses of champagne and gossiping. Chill music was softly playing over the speakers. I raised an eyebrow and my champagne glass in acknowledgement. Pretty fuckin’ cool LOL.

I checked in and the pretty young receptionist smiled and said, “You are booked into our Deluxe suite. Your massage will take 2 hours; do you have time for that?” I said sure, a little puzzled because most massages only last an hour, hour and ½ tops. But it’s all good. I was asked to disrobe to my underwear and lie face down. I took in the room. Holy shit…Cascading Buddha fountain in the corner, low lighting, candles, nice smell of lavender in the room. Beautiful Buddhist prints on the wall. I sighed a happy Nurse Chef sigh and took my clothes off and got under the covers.

A knock sounded at the door. “Hello?” I said to come in and the most stunningly beautiful blonde girl walked in the room. She looked like Brittni but about 10 years older. She introduced herself as Katrina and started to warm up her oils. I felt a wicked little tingle in my groin. Nothing like a hot woman rubbing up on you, I thought, with a silent giggle. Massage usually makes me cum. I’m fucking letting it happen and enjoying it. It’s not MY fault she’s that sexy HA HA HA…

Katrina started to work on my shoulders with a light but firm touch. She massaged the back of my neck and really got the knots out. She used an effleurage technique that I myself had learned in Physical Therapist erotik hikaye Assistant school and it felt very good. She moved down to my lower back. Ohhhhh boy…if she hits that spot on my lower back, I’m toast, I thought. Her strokes got harder as she worked on the base of my spine. BAM! She hit the spot and my back arched involuntarily. “Sorry”, I whispered while she assured me it was ok. She started on the backs of my legs and I swear I felt her finger accidentally brush my asshole. Then she did something that surprised me…she massaged my ass cheeks, cupping them and rubbing them firmly and separating them Hmmmm…I wondered, in an erotic dream…I wonder if she would… never mind, I can’t think that way lol. Let the woman do her job. She got to my feet and I shuddered because I KNOW what’s coming next. I have A HUGE foot fetish and if you massage them right, I will cum. OOohhhhh oh oh oh…she was attacking my arches and the ball of my foot. I moaned and my foot twitched in her hand. I was a little embarrassed but starting to get aroused. She was pulling on my toes and really giving my dainty little feet a sweet little massage.

She asked me to turn over and I complied. She started massaging my neck and her fingers and hands felt soooo good. It was so sensual and so sexy. I glanced up at her and thought she looked a little flushed. Hmmm. She worked on my upper chest wall and pecs and I started breathing a little heavier. “If you are comfortable, would you mind removing your bra?” She asked. I laughed because once she gets a load of these puppies she’ll be in for thrill. I obediently unclasped my zebra striped lace trimmed bra and slid it off. Her eyes widened at the size and perfect shape of my breasts. I settled back as her hands began to rub the sides of my breasts and circle into my cleavage. I was hypnotized by the rhythmic pace of her strokes and started to drift into an erotic dream. Suddenly I felt another pair on hands stroking my upper thighs. I sat up in shock and said “Wassup?” Standing at my feet was a petite beautiful brunette with the Spa uniform on and she was touching me.

“Relax,” said Katrina, smiling. “Mario arranged all of this. It’s our deluxe treatment. Boy porno hikayeleri is HE getting some when I get home HA HA HA…I relaxed and relished the erotic sensation of the four handed massage. Sandi started to work on my inner thighs and I could feel my panties getting wetter. She asked me to remove my panties so she could really work the muscle. Work THIS, I thought, giggling but I obeyed.

Katrina was making circles around my proud nipples with her fingers now and rubbing and massaging my giant titties. Sandi gently spread my legs and began to sensually stroke my quim. I moaned. She started to play around the edges of my outer lips and tug on my tiny patch of hair. I could feel my pussy opening up and begging for her touch. As she was doing this, Katrina began to lick and suckle my nipples EXACTLY the way I like it. I cried out and had an orgasm. She was alternately rubbing and fondling my one breast while giving me tiny bites on my aureole. I was loving it. I was so creamy and wet from their tender ministrations.

Sandi was putting light pressure on my clit, rubbing it in circles with the oil. Fuck. This was hot. These ladies keep THIS up, I’m gonna cum all over them and bring the house down. Talk about a Happy Ending LOL! She then put her finger inside of me and curved it upward to rub my G spot. “OH!” I cried out as a powerful spasm hit me. She smiled and then spread my legs further and began to lick my clit delicately. OH MY GODDESS!! It’s my fantasy coming true and it’s so fucking good I can’t stand it!

Katrina was sucking and licking my 42DD’s sooo good and her hand joined Sandi’s tongue in stimulating my clit. Sandi began to move her tongue in really fast circles and finger-bang my cunt. I started arching my back and making a lot of noise. I didn’t CARE if anyone heard me at this point. MAKE ME CUM BITCHES!! Katrina came down to the end of the bed and she was completely naked. How the hell she pulled that one off, I don’t know but Ohhhh…hot fucking perfect tits, little shaved box, nice ass. “Let me have a turn,” she breathed, “What a perfect pussy” Sandi pulled her tongue out of my ass and stepped back.

Katrina started sucking my clit into her mouth, like it was the best sex hikaye candy in the world. “Oh my,” she said, “You are DELICIOUS!” Well, there’s nothing more than this girl likes than to get compliments on her perfectly maintained and immaculate vagina. She alternated between suckling at my clit and licking it in insanely fast strokes of her hot tongue. She put her finger in my weeping vaginal hole and hit my G spot perfectly. I started screaming and crying out, “I’m CUMMING! OH MY GOD, I’m cumming!! Don’t STOP!”

She let me ride her face as I had multiple orgasms from inside of me and my clit. I just let go and reveled in the amazing feeling her lips, tongue and fingers were giving me. I went limp and my legs hung open on the table. I was almost asleep when I felt the table under my legs drop down like a drop-leaf. I opened my eyes and sat up.

Right at the end of the table was a Fuck Machine. OH MY FUCKING GOD! I had been watching soooo much porn with that, It was my main obsession these days. Both girls were naked now and would casually caress each other’s breasts as they hooked it up and brought the penis extension right up to my exposed clam. I was still soaked from my huge orgasm and I gasped in pleasure as Sandi inserted the 6 inch penis in me. That Mario, I thought, smiling…unreal. They turned it on and the machine started fucking me gently. I just laid there and got fucked. It was awesome.

The machine increased in intensity as I started fucking it back. Sandi was playing with my tits and Katrina whipped out a wand and began rubbing it on my pussy as the machine fucked me. I started screaming that it felt so good, OH MY GOD! All of a sudden the machine went crazy and started fucking my soaked pussy in super-fast strokes and vibrating at the same time. It was like it sensed what I needed.

I was actually roaring with pleasure. Sandi was pulling my tits and Katrina was making my clit explode in orgasm, as well as the machine. The girls were moaning and saying, “Come on baby, come for us” I had the most intense orgasm of my life, it was like a never-ending wave that just kept repeating until I couldn’t catch my breath. When I finally said, “No more”, they withdrew the cock. Sandi said to get dressed, leaving me a lemon and mint water. I sat up shaking. I could still feel the echo of vibrations in my well-used cunt. I actually shook my head at the enormity of it all.

And Mario sat behind his computer smiling and observing the whole thing at home and let go of the Joystick.

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