The Hike Ch. 05


Note: this is the final chapter in a multi-part story. You can read from here if you want, but I think it’s much better if you read the previous chapters in order. Please don’t judge harshly if you haven’t read the previous chapters. Also, please note that this is the conclusion of the saga with Allen and Becky, but there’s no sex in it. If you liked the previous chapters only for the sex, you can skip this. If you got into the story and loved what the sex scenes did for it, then read on to find out how it all turns out.


Becky screamed at him. “Stop fucking breathing on me! Your breath stinks and hurts my skin!”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m just trying to help.” Allen held her hand as she lay in the hospital bed. Legs up, staff all around, little machines going “Beep” and “Bing” all over the room. Contractions were coming less than a minute apart. Finally, after more hours then Allen could remember, the baby was imminent. Allen was cool. He knew what to expect. But he didn’t expect Becky to be so intense. He thought she was a bit tougher than she was acting, but he figured fucking 5 or 6 guys for 4 hours was a lot less work than trying to push a baby out in the very early hours of a new day after laboring for 20 hours straight.

After dragging on for an often excruciating 20 hours, things suddenly moved in a blurr. Becky screamed often. The medical staff, dressed in their colorful, artfully adorned scrubs, came and went almost randomly, numbers were thrown out about time between contractions, and dilation, heart rates, respiratory rates, and cc’s of this and that.

At some point an OBGYN must have come in the room because instructions for Becky to “PUSH!” were delivered calmly and authoritatively, and then there was the desperate, high-pitched infant’s cry. Allen left Becky’s side to follow the nurse with the baby to check it out. It was a boy. He was blue, but getting less so right in front of Allen’s eyes. He was beautiful. Gross, but beautiful all at once. The nurse handled him more roughly than Allen would have expected as she cleaned him and did several tests.

Swaddled by the nurse, the baby was brought back to lie on Becky’s chest while work was done between her legs to do whatever doctors do after a baby Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir comes out of a vagina. Allen didn’t know or care what was happening there. She looked at her new baby boy, and even though she was exhausted, Becky beamed over him. Allen stroked her hair as he looked at the new life that, moments ago, hadn’t been in the world.

“He’s beautiful,” Becky said. “He’s just beautiful.”

“I love you,” Allen responded.

Becky looked at his face. “Oh, Dexter. Isn’t he beautiful?” Then she turned back to the baby in her arms and made cooing noises.

Allen squeezed her hand and then put it down gently at her side. He thought the baby was beautiful. He was instantly in love with his baby boy the minute he saw him. He knew he’d love him forever. He wasn’t as sure about Becky.

The medical staff thinned out of the room over the next hour. The maternity floor they were on was very quiet after Becky’s screaming ruckus ended, and she was drifting off to sleep with just Allen and the baby in the room to keep her company.

“Let me take him and put him in the basinet so you can rest, and then I’ll get you some ice chips and be right back.” As she drifted to sleep, he walked out the door with a cup in hand.

He didn’t go to the ice machine. He didn’t go to the nurse to ask where the ice machine was. He didn’t go back to Becky’s room.

He had told her he loved her. After all she had done that would cause most men to walk out on her long ago, he still told her he loved her, and he did still love her. But she didn’t say it back, didn’t acknowledge that he had said it. He felt that with that little slip, she had showed her hand. She was with him because she needed a father for the baby they had made accidentally, and, somehow, Allen had been duped into accepting that role, while she persisted in a lifestyle that was not the lifestyle of a woman in love with the father of her baby. He caught her at it. He watched her at it. He knew there was more that she wasn’t telling him.

He finally did call Tanya after the last “session” was over and asked her what was really going on. Tanya had loyalty to Tanya and didn’t care a lick about Becky or Allen. She didn’t care if Allen and İstanbul Escort Becky stayed together. She didn’t care if Allen’s feelings were hurt. She was done with Becky once the last session was over because she knew the baby would come any day after that. Becky’s novelty would disappear with her swollen belly, so did Tanya’s ability to use her for the lucrative sessions. She didn’t care if she gave information that ruined their relationship.

Caring only for herself, Tanya told Allen what she knew and what she thought. She knew Becky had been cheating on him since they first started dating. She knew that Becky enjoyed the session for more than the money. She thought Becky was a self absorbed slut, who loved the attention as much as the money. She thought that Becky just kept him around because he would be a good father. She figured Becky thought she could keep him in the dark about the life she lived away from him, and, by doing so, have the best of both worlds: the one with Allen and the one he had seen in their living room.

No, he didn’t go back to the room. And neither did the swaddled, brand new baby in his arm. He set the empty water cup down on a counter without stopping and walked right out of the hospital.


The southern air was warm for a fall afternoon. The air conditioner in the hybrid sedan worked casually to keep Allen, Amanda and baby Cole comfortable as they tooled along the country road. Allen looked at Amanda and beamed. She was beautiful. She was shapely. She was smart. And she said “I love you” when he said it to her.

Only after they’d been dating for almost 7 months did he tell her anything about Becky. He told her about the hike and about Jeff and Tanya and about the sessions, and, reluctantly, the truth about the baby and how he and Cole ended up together without a wife or mother. She had been shocked when she should have been, angry when she should have been, and she expressed sorrow and concern for him and his feelings. She didn’t judge him; she didn’t try to fix him. She loved and accepted him and his baby.

She had a good job. She was beautiful and classy and kind, and treated strangers well and friends better. And she loved to have sex Escort İstanbul with him more than Becky ever pretended to, satisfying him and teaching him to satisfy her. She had no reservations with him in the bedroom and they did things that made him hot and excited and embarrassed all at the same time.

They drove down a country road in silence, leaves blowing in the gust of wind their car created as they sped along. Allen was comforted by the thick wad of cash in his front pocket. He knew they would need it for their weekend getaway. No Motel 6 for him and Amanda. He had arranged lodging in only 5 star hotels. He worked hard at his moderate-paying job, but he didn’t use that money for this kind of adventure. He kept socking that money away in his 401k and other investments. The money he used to play with, to pay for the hotels, to buy the shiny new hybrid, that money sat in 7 file boxes in his storage locker registered to “Dexter Smith.” Becky had pretended to bare all to him when she showed him the boxes of money in the closet, but he had figured out, from talking to Tanya, that she had only showed him part of the money she had collected from the many sessions she had done with Tanya almost as soon as she and Allen had returned from the hike.

A little snooping around the apartment and he found more boxes in her closet. Found cash in her drawers, even found a huge amount in food boxes in the pantry. He took it all before she got out of the hospital. He paid for the apartment for a year up front so that she could at least have a place to live. In a note he left explaining about the apartment he told her that if she tried to come after him to get the baby, he would expose her in a family court and she would lose. He was sure that a mother who lets strangers gang bang her for money would not win custody over a father with a regular, secure job. The fact that Tanya would probably relish the idea of acting as a witness probably chilled Becky on the idea of fighting for her money or her baby because he never heard from her once he left.

Allen reached for Amanda’s hand and gently squeezed it. She took his hand in both of hers and kissed it lovingly, making him smile. It was going to be a great weekend. Maybe he’d find a babysitter so he could get Amanda to go for a hike with him. Maybe not.


Well, that’s it. If you stuck it out and read this far, thanks very much. I guess this story didn’t have as much appeal as I’d hoped. I’ll have to go back to the drawing board. Thanks again, and check out some of my other offerings and please vote.

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