The Happy Couple


Her hand cupped his balls. Her other hand slowly moved up and down his penis. Her eyes gazed intently at the slot at the end of his shaft. She waited patiently for his white substance to jump out of the opening. As she applied a little more pressure to the underside of his shaft, she anxiously awaited the spurt of semen she knew would reward her for her patience.

He gave a soft moan. His hips rocked back and forth in rhythm with her hand. Her thumb pressed a little more firmly on the underside of his shaft. He moaned. Her hand accelerated its pace. He moaned louder. Her mouth opened. He moaned one more time. Her mouth encased his quivering shaft as it ejaculated. She couldn’t see the white sperm as it entered her mouth and descended down her throat. She swallowed. She licked his shaft up and down, cleaning it and the inside of her mouth simultaneously. His dick shrunk and flopped out of her mouth.

She pushed him back to seat him on the bed.

“You sleep now,” she said. “You can fuck me in the morning when you wake up.”

He smiled at her and laid down on the bed. She covered him and gently kissed him goodnight. She walked to the other side of the bed, slipped under Escort Bayan Esenyurt the covers, and joined her husband in a night’s sleep.

At two in the morning, she woke. She went to the toilet at the rear of their motel room, urinated, brushed her teeth, and washed her pussy.

“He’ll want to eat my pussy in the morning when he wakes up and I want it clean for him.”

She returned to their bed.

At six in the morning, she woke to the touch of his hand exploring her crotch. She put her hand gently on his arm. His thumb found her clitoris and his fingers found her vaginal opening. First one, then two, then three fingers found their way into her love opening. In and out, his fingers tickled her vaginal wall. His thumb manipulated her clit. He silenced her moans with kisses.

His hand came away from her genitals as he rolled onto her. His knees spread her legs. She willingly spread her legs even farther as she felt the tip of his penis looking for her opening. Her hand guided his penis into her. She lifted her hips to help him penetrate deeper.

She whispered softly in his ear, “Fuck me.”

He pumped. He stopped. He Escort Bayan Avcılar pumped again. With a loud groan, he emptied the contents of his genitals into his wife’s vagina.

“I love you,” she whispered.

She rolled him off her and lay beside him until she was sure he was asleep.

Again, she went to the toilet, urinated, and washed her pussy.

At eight o’clock, when she wakened her husband, she was fully clothed.

“Continental breakfast closes down at nine. If you want to eat, you have to get dressed now.”

“I’d rather eat you.”

“You can eat me before we check out but right now, I want a coffee and bagel.”

He got out of bed and dressed. The happy couple went to the motel lobby and enjoyed their breakfast.

“It’s our twentieth wedding anniversary,” he boasted to the couple sitting at the next table. “Her sister took our kids for the weekend.”

The happy couple returned to their motel room. She checked the notice on the door, turned and said, “Checkout is at eleven. If you’re going to eat my pussy, you have to do it now.”

“You drained me last night. I’ll wait until we get to the next motel.”

The Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü happy couple checked in to the next motel at five. They parked their little bit of luggage in the simulated closet. She thoughtfully placed her pocketbook on the bed.

Despite the cramped space, they showered together. They adjourned to the bedroom to dry themselves. She carefully positioned herself between her husband and the bed. She turned her back to hm, bent over, and started to dry her legs. She hoped that the sight of her ass and her asshole would inspire him. They did.

He gently pressed on her back, guiding her towards the bed. She instantly knew he was going to accept her silent invitation and take what he wanted; fucking her in the ass. Her husband liked variety and she wanted him to find it with her, not with someone else. She willingly bent over the bed.

He dropped to his knees and started licking the cleft of her ass. She uttered a happy moan. He used his hands to spread her butt cheeks and expose her anus. He licked the rim of her anus and tried unsuccessfully to inset his tongue.

“There’s lubricant in my pocket book,” is all she said.

He lubed his fingers and used them to lube her anus and rectum. With only a little help from his wife, his penis found its way into her rectum. Only a few thrusts, and her tight asshole squeezed his juices out of him and into her. He grabbed a tissue, wiped her ass, and then wiped his penis.

The happy couple stood face to face and kissed.

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