The Gap


The three friends laughed heartily at the story one of them was telling. They were all on lunch break and sitting at a picnic table at a local park near their job.

“Girl, that boy got so mumble-mouthed when I showed him those pics…” Cassie said. She was telling the story and she was 27 years old. She was telling the other two women, 32-year-old Kayla Simmons and Nyla Cassidy, about her now ex-boyfriend. Cassie had busted the man for cheating and kicked him out of her home.

“The nigga swore he wasn’t at that chick’s house but he couldn’t deny those pics she took of him in bed asleep with her,” Cassie said, shaking her head.

“I’m glad that you can laugh at it all with us, but sweetie I’m so sorry. I know how you felt about him.” Kayla said, putting her hand on Cassie’s shoulder to comfort her.

“Thanks,” Cassie replied. “I knew it was a matter of time that he’d fuck up again after the last time. I said I would never get that kind of crazy over him again. I’m not gonna let any man make me like that again.” She pointed affectionately at Nyla. “You taught me that, Ma. Thank you,” she said with a smile.

Nyla grinned. “I love you too, Boo,” she said.

Cassie had been seeing her man for three years and the dude had been cheating on Cassie the entire time. When she started her new job at the orthodontist office where Nyla and Kayla worked, they noticed how angry Cassie was all the time. Nyla, who trained Kayla, took Cassie under her wing and taught her the job. All three women were dental hygienists in the office.

Nyla took Cassie aside and cautioned her that she couldn’t have this kind nasty attitude on the job. If she was having problems at home she needed to get them resolved pronto or else she’d be out of a job. Cassie apologized and promised to get her act together.

Then Nyla got a tearful phone call from Cassie one late night. She was in jail and unable to make bail. She had been caught red-handed by a patrol car slashing the tires on her boyfriend’s car. She was angry because she saw him earlier with a strange woman in his car. Nyla went downtown and bailed the woman out. She took Cassie to a bar where they had a drink and talked. Nyla shook her head at all of the shenanigans and fuckery Cassie’s boyfriend was putting her through. Nyla told her that no man was worth all the tears Cassie had shed over the man. If he really loved her, he’d respect her enough to not mistreat her the way he did. Cassie needed to drop that dead weight with a quickness. She then told Cassie about her life experiences.

Nyla was 45 years old and had been married three times. After the third divorce, she decided that a life-long marriage was not in the cards for her. She had two children from her first marriage and they were grown, on their own, and doing well.

After the second divorce, Nyla swore she wouldn’t go down that road again. Shortly thereafter, she became involved with a man who totally turned her out sexually. The man’s bedroom skills had Nyla’s head in the stratosphere and he could do no wrong. Nyla married him and everything changed.

The man isolated Nyla from her friends and family and essentially made her a sex slave. He also physically and mentally abused her. The abuse continued for a few years and Nyla put on weight as her spirit diminished. Then one night her husband didn’t like how Nyla prepared his evening meal. He expressed his displeasure by beating Nyla half to death. A neighbor called the police and her husband was arrested. Nyla didn’t need to file charges; the state charged him with attempted murder and he was sent to prison.

As Nyla recovered, she found new strength and got a divorce. She discovered fitness and bodybuilding it aided in her recovery. She got her sexy figure back and then some. She hasn’t looked back since.

Cassie took Nyla’s pep talk in and realized she was worth more than what her boyfriend was giving her and she now knew what to do. She wasn’t broke up at all when she busted her boyfriend for cheating and ended her relationship. And she thanked Nyla for helping her see the light.

As for Nyla, she shook her head at her younger friends. Cassie got all bent out of shape over a man, and Kayla sometimes talked to Nyla about how boring her husband is in bed. She loved him though and just wanted things to be better between them.

Nyla was done with all of that. She swore never again to get caught up over a man, good or not. She was done with the whole love game and she was happily single now. Nothing was going to change that.

She had a good career now with a nice townhouse and good friends to hang out with. For the first time in a very long time, she was content with her life. She didn’t need a man. All a man could do for her was give her good orgasms.

And if Nyla had any problems, that was it. With her new body, her sex drive increased exponentially. It was stronger than it had ever been and it was hard trying to find someone to tame that itch.

She had no problems attracting men. Nyla was a man’s sexual dream. At 5’10” and 160 pounds, Escort Bayan Esenyurt she was built like an ebony Wonder Woman, thick and curvy with the muscle tone to go with it. She had smooth milk chocolate skin, doe-like brownish-green eyes, long natural dark hair that she kept up in a bun. The way she wore her hair brought attention to her plain simple beauty. She closely resembled the Haitian-born female bodybuilder Dayana Cadeau.

She didn’t have any particular hang-ups about sex. She loved to be manhandled and treated a bit rough but she also had no problems with taking the lead with a man. And she loved her job, the reason being that she had a thing about a man’s teeth. Several of her patients came complaining about gaps in their teeth and seeking braces. Personally, she thought a man with a gap was so very sexy. Her dream man was a Michael Strahan type, big and burly with green eyes and a pretty gap.

But she had to get back into her groove. She was getting backed up. She hadn’t had sex in almost two months since she had stopped seeing the last guy she had been with. He was in the military and had a beautiful gap. Nyla loved riding his face and he had some really good dick to boot. However, he hated his gap. Nyla showed him the beauty of it and more importantly, how to use it. By the time Nyla got through with him, the man no longer wanted braces. Unfortunately, his duty assignment changed and he went overseas. Hence her present predicament.

The women came back to the office after a lunch break and prepared for the next slew of patients. So, Nyla thought as she checked her appointment board, who do we have next?

Terry Greene let out a sigh as he parked his car outside of the orthodontist office of Dr. Daniel Allen. He had an appointment at 130 PM to talk to someone about braces. He was finally going through a promise he had made to himself a long time ago about his teeth. He had a huge gap in his front teeth and he was teased ruthlessly about while growing up. Life went on and now after college and building a career, Terry was in the position to get rid of the gap. He had done his research and was interested in the Invisalign braces.

He entered the office and went up to the receptionist’s desk. He signed on the sign-in sheet picked up a clipboard with insurance forms to fill out. He filled out the forms and put his insurance card on the clipboard then got up to return the clipboard. He gave it to the receptionist and turned to go back to his seat. He suddenly stopped short as he laid eyes on one of the dental hygienists. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The woman saw him staring and stopped.

“Sir, is there something wrong?” she asked nicely.

“Oh no. Not at all.” Terry said, smiling. The woman went on her way.

Terry sat back down, shaking his head. Wow, he thought. If Shaft were a woman, she’d be it. He wondered what kind of chance he would have with someone like that. He saw that she was more mature than most women he usually dated but that is what made her look even better. Fuck it, why not, he thought. All she can do is tell me no. He decided he was going to ask her out if he got the chance.

He had been single for a little while now. He was dating this chick around his age but she was trying to be too serious. Terry had recently become a new divorcee after five years of marriage and serious was not what he needed right now. He had to cut the woman off.

Wonder Woman came out from the back and announced, “Terry Greene?”

Terry grinned from ear to ear as he got up to accompany the dental hygienist to the back. Nyla was grinning to herself as well when she saw the big gap in Terry’s teeth. Plus he’s cute, she thought. And it appears he’s feeling me. I can’t let it be known that I’m feeling him too though. Gotta make him work for it.

The pair went into the billing office and Nyla sat down behind the computer and Terry across from her.

“So, Mr. Greene, you are interested in the Invisalign braces?” she asked. “My name is Nyla, by the way. I’ll be taking care of you today.”

“I’m thrilled at that,” Terry said, still grinning. “And yes, I’m very interested in Invisalign. I have to get rid of this gap.”

“You don’t like it huh?” Nyla asked sweetly. “Why not? Your teeth from what I see look strong and white and healthy. You have a beautiful smile.”

Terry was totally disarmed. He expected her to upscale him the braces. They were in the business of dental care after all. But he appreciated her honesty.

“Well, let’s just say that my teeth have caused me some pain growing up and I’m now in the position to do something about it,” he replied.

“Very well. Let’s look at the pricing options. I have your insurance card here so let’s run the numbers.” Nyla said.

They discuss the financial options of the braces and openly flirted with each other back and forth. By the time they were through, Nyla was smiling and blushing from Terry’s comments. Yes, she was feeling him and he knew it. She told him she Escort Bayan Avcılar needed to take some x-rays of his teeth for the orthodontist. As he sat in the chair, Nyla boldly ran her finger along his lips and smiled.

“Wow… You don’t play, do you?” Terry asked.

“When I see something I like, no I don’t. I don’t have time for games.” Nyla said.

“I know that’s right.” Terry co-signed. He gave her an unsure look. “You seriously like my gap?” he asked.

Nyla smiled. She again put her finger in the middle of his top lip. “I think it’s fabulous,” she said. “But I understand why you want to get rid of it.”

“You’re giving me second thoughts,” Terry said with a smile.

“In that case, let me finish with these x-rays so my boss won’t think you’ve changed your mind. I’ll get in trouble.” Nyla said with a wink. They both laughed.

Terry went through with his appointment and got up to leave. He turned to Nyla. “I’d love to meet you after work for a drink or a cup of coffee,” he said hopefully.

Nyla smiled. “I’d like that,” she said. She grabbed a stick-it note and wrote her phone number on it then gave it to him. “Call me,” she said with a wink.

“I sure will,” Terry said with a smile and left the office.

At a discreet distance, Cassie and Kayla spoke in hushed tones at the interaction between the two. They giggled like schoolgirls when Nyla approached them. “Giiiirrrrllll, he is CUTE!!” Kayla hollered.

“Ain’t he though? You like ’em young, don’t you?” Cassie whispered.

“You better be careful. You gonna turn him out. He’ll be stalking you.” Kayla joked.

“Y’all shut up,” Nyla said with a laugh, shaking her head.

Terry was sitting in his car trying to wrap his head around what had just happened. He couldn’t believe his incredible luck, meeting a woman like that at his dental appointment. WOW!! He couldn’t wait until 6 pm to meet her. However, around 5 pm, Terry’s phone rang and it was Nyla. Terry’s heart sank. He just knew she was going to cancel on him.

“Hi there,” he said pleasantly anyway.

“Hi, Terry. I was just leaving work for the gym. I have to get a quick workout in before going home. It has been a very long day. I hope you won’t feel bad if I tell you I’m not feeling much about that drink we were supposed to have.” Nyla said.

Terry was disappointed but he didn’t let on. “I understand, Nyla. We can hang out some other time if you want.” he offered.

“Oh noooo!! I didn’t mean that I didn’t want to see you today. I just meant that I didn’t want to go to some bar to have a drink.” Nyla said. “I was hoping maybe we can meet for a cup of coffee after my workout.”

“Oh…,” Terry exclaimed in relief. “Sure that would be great. Just tell me where to meet.”

“Okay, there’s a Planet Fitness about two blocks from my job where I work out at and there’s a Starbucks in the plaza across the street. Can we meet there at 630pm?” Nyla asked.

“I’ll be there,” Terry said with a smile.

“See you then,” Nyla said and ended the call.

Terry found the gym and the Starbucks with no problems and showed up a little after 6 pm. He knew he was early but he didn’t mind waiting. He sat in his car outside of the Starbucks and he could see the gym across the street. There were a lot of nice looking women coming in and out of the gym and he thought about just walking in to see them all working out. He told himself that he needed to join a gym to maybe connect to some of the ladies there.

At around 615 pm, he thought he saw Nyla come out of the gym. Yes, it was her. Oh, my God, he thought. Serena Williams didn’t have shit on her. Nyla wore a black striped sports top and black tights. Her midriff was bare exposing her toned midsection. Terry looked at himself and found his physique feeble looking at Nyla. The woman could probably kick his ass up and down the street. But she was gorgeous. He got out of his car and entered the Starbucks to wait on her.

He ordered a Skinny Latte and sat down at a table near the back but in view of the front door. After about 10 minutes, Nyla came through the door. He saw her right away and waved at her. Nyla saw him and began to walk towards his table. Terry got lost watching her move. It was like watching a black panther walking towards a hypnotized prey that knows it shouldn’t even try to run away. Her gait was confident and she oozed sensuality as she moved. Every guy in the shop stopped to stare at her as she passed. That was the kind of attention she commanded.

“Hi Terry,” she said as she sat down across from him.

Terry nodded his hello. “That was quite the entrance,” he observed. “You just shut this place down.”

“What? All I did was walk in.” Nyla said coyly.

Terry laughed and nodded. “Yep. That’s all you did. And turned the heads of every man up in here.” he said.

Nyla smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “Well, aren’t you the lucky one that I’m here to meet?” she asked with a wink.

Terry just laughed. “I guess I sure am,” he exclaimed.

Nyla Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü smiled. “Okay. So are you ready for me to show you why you shouldn’t get braces?” she asked softly. Terry just smiled and nodded. “Okay. Let’s go. Follow me back to my place.” Nyla said.

They both got up and left the Starbucks. Nyla got in her car and drove out of the parking lot and headed to her home. Terry followed in his car. Nyla didn’t live far from there, maybe 10 minutes away. She pulled into the parking lot of some very nice apartments. Terry parked beside her and waited for her to get out before he did. Nyla got out of her car and waited for Terry. She smiled and they walked towards the building entrance.

Nyla used an access code to gain entrance to the building and they walked towards the elevator. No one was around and Nyla said this was par for the course. Everyone was pretty busy doing their own thing and tended to mind their own business. This was just how she liked it.

They took the elevator to the sixth floor and got off. Nyla’s apartment wasn’t too far from the elevator and they went inside. She dropped her gym bag on the floor near the couch and turned to Terry.

“Make yourself comfortable to whatever. I don’t think I have any alcohol around though. I’m not a big drinker.” she said to him.

“That’s fine,” Terry said.

“I’m going to take a quick shower and get comfy myself. I’ll be back in a bit.” Nyla said and headed into her bedroom.

Terry sat down on the couch and took in his surroundings. She had a nice place, very modern with splashes of color everywhere. She had a couple of paintings on the walls with some photos. Not of the family though, not that it seemed. Terry realized he next to nothing about Nyla but this was probably the way she wanted it, too. He wasn’t going to press her if she didn’t want to talk about it.

Other than that, her place was neat and comfortable. No expensive gadgets around. A few books on some shelves. She did have a nice compact stereo and a big screen TV. Terry got up and went into the kitchen. He found a glass in the cabinet and poured himself some ice water from the refrigerator. He saw a couple of covered dishes in the fridge so he assumed she must know how to cook for herself. She seemed in complete control of her life and was comfortable with it.

He sat back down on the couch and sipped on his water. He couldn’t hear her in her bedroom and he wondered what it was like. Hopefully, he’d soon find out. He still couldn’t believe she was attracted to him. Terry was a lot of things but a ladies man was not one of them. He would consider himself cute but handsome? No, he didn’t see it. Especially not with his teeth.

He heard the bedroom door open and he turned his head. Nyla came out wearing a white terrycloth robe. Her hair was wrapped up in a towel as well. Terry smiled as she came over and sat down on the couch beside him.

“Oooh, is that water? Can I have a sip?” she asked hopefully.

“Sure,” Terry said and handed her his glass.

Nyla took a gulp and closed her eyes, enjoying the water. She gave the glass back to him and they were both quiet for a few minutes. Then Terry decided to break the silence.

“It’s still hard for me to believe that I’m here with you,” he said.

“Why?” Nyla asked softly, looking at him curiously.

“I mean, look at you,” Terry said. “You’re way out of my league. I keep thinking that I’m dreaming but I don’t want to slap myself and wake up.”

Nyla leaned in close to him and got right in his face. He could smell the cocoa butter oil on her soft, dark skin. “I won’t slap you but…,” she whispered and she placed a soft kiss on his lips. His lips parted and hers did as well. Her tongue sought his and their kiss deepened. She put her hands on his shoulders as their kiss lingered. She finally broke away and looked at him.

“Now… That would wake you, wouldn’t it?” she asked playfully.

Terry stared at her incredulously. “It sure would. Okay, so I’m not dreaming,” he said, breathlessly.

She smiled. “Do you think female bodybuilders and fitness athletes are unattractive?” she asked. “Or manly?”

The question caught Terry off guard. “No. I mean, there are some women who seem overly manly. But for the most part, I don’t consider them unattractive.” His eyes roamed over her form again and he added. “And especially not you. You are anything but manly.”

Nyla smiled. “I have a bit of muscularity to me. But I’m still very soft and feminine. Would you like to see?” she asked.

“I’d love to,” Terry said. Nyla stood up and held out her hand. Terry took it and got up. Together they headed for her bedroom.

When they got inside, Terry looked around. Just like the rest of the apartment, it was very comfortable. She had a spacious California King sized bed with plenty of pillows abound. Soft slow jams were playing from an Amazon Echo on the dresser. The lighting was soft but not too dimly. She wanted to make sure he could see her.

Nyla led Terry over to the bed and pushed him down on it on his back. She smiled as she took off his shoes and socks and placed them near a chair near the window. She then climbed atop him and straddled his waist. She methodically unbuttoned his shirt then helped him out of it. He slipped off his undershirt and she took these items and placed them on the chair as well.

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