The Festival


I was 25 when I decided I didn’t want to live in the city anymore. I hated my job and my neighbors, I didn’t have any friends and I lost my parents when I was younger. The only person I was close to was my ex, who broke up with me 2 years ago because we weren’t compatible; something he realized after being in a relationship for 6 years. I suspected it wasn’t the truth but I didn’t bother fighting for him, it was the best thing to happen to me in a very long time. I was tired of his constant grumbling, criticizing and leching after other women even when I was standing next to him.

Since then I’ve preferred staying alone. I was on a hike last year when I found a small abandoned cabin in the woods, so I tracked down the owner and bought it from him at a very cheap rate. I used up the rest of my savings on repairing the house and setting up a vegetable garden behind it. It wasn’t easy and I had to take up odd jobs in the nearby village to support myself for a while, but it was worth it. I sold the excess vegetables in the village and expanded my business as time passed by. It was all going well, I enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the woods, my work also kept me fit and I was eating healthy. The only problem was the occasional sexual urges I couldn’t satisfy; that was the price I had to pay for wanting to isolate myself from everyone.

Until that one day I ran into Noah in the village, my classmate from college. We didn’t interact much during those days except for the polite hellos and nods we exchanged as we passed each other in the corridors. I didn’t know how to react at first, if I really wanted to take the conversation further but I thought it would be rude to cut it short and leave. It had been a long time since I had an actual conversation with another person so I asked him out for coffee. He was more than happy to join me.

“Where have you been all this time? It’s like you disappeared from the face of the earth,” he said.

I smiled and told him everything, from the time I decided to move, to what I had been doing lately. He was really impressed that I had achieved so much on my own, in such a short period of time. He told me about his boring job as well, and how he wished he had the guts to do what I did.

“So what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well…I needed a break, been working my ass off for 4 years now. I haven’t taken a holiday since I started, I don’t have time to socialize either. I was tired so I decided to take an off for a week and go exploring, that’s how I reached this place. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay here, the only motel is fully booked so I have no place to stay, will have to try the next village.”

“Oh right, it’s the time of the local festival…it’s amazing! eskort bakırköy The entire village is decorated and there is dancing and singing and drinking. I don’t participate but I do watch…and drink, that’s the best part. Lots of tourists come here around this time. I wish you could experience it,” I replied.

“Maybe next time,” he said, feeling a little disappointed. Standing up, he paid the bill even though I insisted on doing it. He hugged me and planted a kiss on my cheek; I smelled his cologne and felt a little intoxicated by it. I didn’t want to let him go but I didn’t have much choice. “This life really suits you, you look prettier than ever.” I wasn’t used to getting complimented and blushed till I was as red as a tomato.

I don’t know what came over me, I told him he could stay with me for a few days; offering to show him around so that he could enjoy the festival too. He was a little hesitant at first and I cursed myself for sounding so desperate, but then he accepted, thanking me repeatedly.

We reached home and I helped him get settled in the guest room. He went on to take a shower while I prepared dinner. He came out wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. The sight of his chiseled chest and well defined abs made me feel things I hadn’t felt in a long time. He smiled at me with perfect dimples on both cheeks and went to the guest room. I tried to remove the image from my mind, telling myself nothing was going to happen and I was just helping a friend.

I served dinner and we ate, reminiscing about the old college memories. He insisted on cleaning up since I had cooked, saying it was the least he could do in return for my hospitality but he was my guest and I couldn’t let him do it. We argued about it for a couple of minutes before deciding to share the load, I did the scrubbing and he ran it through the water. He felt a little playful and splashed some water on me; I stood there completely soaked deciding my form of attack. I quickly grabbed the sponge and squeezed it on his t-shirt wetting him too, he then took some dish soap in his hand, lathered it and rubbed it all over my face and body. Realizing how close we were standing to each other, I moved away, feeling a little awkward and turned on at the same time. I asked him to have a change of clothes while I finished doing the dishes. He got cleaned up and I did the same once I was done, wondering if he would have kissed me if I hadn’t pulled away.

I came out of my room and saw him going through my DVD collection; I didn’t have cable so he picked a movie and played it. We sat next to each other on the couch and watched in silence, till a few minutes later the actors started having sex. I felt eskort ataköy him get tensed next to me and I didn’t know how to react either. I decided to fast forward the scene, but before I could grab the remote, I felt his hand on my leg.

When I didn’t push it away, he moved further inside, caressing the inner part of my thigh. I was wearing a short, loose dress which gave him easy access to my now wet pussy. My breathing got heavier and I turned my face to look at him. He was already staring at me, I leaned in for a kiss and his lips came crashing onto mine. Holding onto my chin with his left hand, he sucked at my bottom lip before pushing his tongue inside my mouth. His right hand moved my panties aside and he traced the outline of my clit with his forefinger. I let out a soft moan and he deepened his kiss, teasing my folds; without a warning, he plunged two fingers inside and curled them, moving them vigorously. I grabbed him by the hair and bit his lip, which aroused him further.

I pulled off his shorts and underwear and took his cock in my hand. It was so big and beautiful and how badly I wanted it inside me! I moved my fingers over the tip very delicately, his juices leaked out and I tasted the saltiness of it with my tongue. I heard him moan, as I pumped him with my fist, and then took it in my mouth as far as I could go. I moved my mouth over it in slow rhythmic motions, increasing my tempo eventually. He couldn’t wait anymore, so he pulled me on his lap with my legs on each of his side while I faced him. I shifted my underwear; he ran his cock over my opening and then plunged it inside with one hard thrust, till it had sunk in my cunt completely. He tore the buttons off my dress and pushed it down to my waist, he did the same with my bra; exploiting my bare breasts one at a time, licking it, moving his tongue on my tits all the while holding onto my waist and bouncing me on his cock. He sucked on my breasts like an infant feeding on a mother’s milk.

“I’m cuming!” I screamed. He picked me up, while he was still inside me, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he laid me down on the floor, getting on top of me. Balancing his arms on both of my sides, he rammed his dick in my cunt with force. I placed my hands on the back of his neck to keep me from moving away, my body jerked violently and my legs felt like jello, as I orgasmed on his cock wetting it with my juices.

He spread my legs apart and licked whatever was left on my thighs and vagina. He took off his t-shirt and stripped me out of mine till we were completely naked. He moved upwards, kissing my stomach and toying with my belly button. I pulled him on top of me, kissing his lips and tasting myself in his mouth. I squeezed escort his butt and spanked him hard; he nipped on my lower lip and then sucked it gently, soothing the pain. I was still recovering from my orgasm, but he wasn’t done yet, so I pushed him on the floor and took his member in my mouth.

“Oh god baby! Yes…suck it harder…mmm…ohh,” he moaned. I ran my mouth over his shaft in rapid movements, tightening my grip on it. I played with his balls and licked them, taking each one in my mouth then going back to sucking on his dick. He exploded in my mouth as his sticky liquid filled it up and I drank hungrily, taking in every single drop till my throat burned. Feeling exhausted, I lied down next to him, and he pulled me closer resting my head on his chest.

“I have a confession to make,” he said, “The rooms weren’t all occupied in the motel, I lied because I was hoping you’d offer to let me stay with you. I really wanted you the minute I saw you today.”

I smiled and kissed him, “you know the festival the locals celebrate? It’s the festival of fertility. After they get drunk they have really wild and passionate sex.”

“Guess we celebrated a little early,” he said. “How about we celebrate the whole week?”

“I’d like that, “I said planting a kiss on his cheek. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up the next morning in my bed, covered in my sheets. I freshened up and took a shower, wrapped a towel around my body and walked out. He was making breakfast, he saw me and stopped what he was doing, we maintained eye contact and I dropped my towel. He turned off the stove and walked towards me, I moved backwards, trying to get away from him. I enjoyed teasing him; he ran towards me, he was way faster than I was. He grabbed me and pushed me on the floor, turning me over he forced me on my hands and knees, he took out his cock and slammed it in my core. He pounded on me like an animal; there was no foreplay this time, we didn’t need it, given how horny we both were. He grabbed my hair and my body arched backwards, his left hand on my waist, our sweaty bodies slapping against each other. He kept pushing and with one final thrust he ejaculated inside me, his seed filling my cunt.

He pulled out his cock and pushed his fingers inside my hole, his left hand rubbing onto my clit faster and harder. I broke into spasms and he quickly replaced his fingers with his mouth, fucking me with his tongue. I squirted in his mouth and he savored the taste of my liquids. We sat next to each other on the floor, regaining our strength. Then he went back to making breakfast and I got dressed.

We spent the whole week having animal sex in the shower, on the kitchen platform, in the vegetable garden rolling in the mud, and all the other places we could possibly think of. We had sex in the middle of having the dessert when I dropped some chocolate syrup on myself. It was crazy! He visited me every year during the festival since then and we celebrated it throughout the whole week.

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