The Day He Did It


“Come on, Judy, you know you want to. All those times that you said no, you really wanted to go ahead. Let’s go the last step.”

“Richard, it’s because I want to that I don’t want to! Oh, I don’t know, I’m not sure it makes sense to me either! It’s just that I hate to trust someone like that until I’m really sure,” she told him.

“You mean that after all this time you don’t trust me?”

“Oh, oh, I guess I do, but… Oh, hold me!”

He held her body against his while she wept on his shoulder and made up her mind.

Finally she looked up and nodded slowly, as he expected. He led her over to the little iron-frame bed he had in his apartment and softly kissed her as they sat.

They lay back and he pulled her body over his. As their tongues met he reached behind to unbind her hair and let the black cloud of it settle over them. He ran his hands through the silky softness and along her face until the tears vanished. Then he tugged on the shirt she wore until a little bare skin peeped through and he touched her there. She gasped, not so much from what he did as from what it meant as a first step toward an end that she still wasn’t sure she wanted.

He continued to run his hands over her lower back, then on her stomach, then to the fastening on the bra she first let him under three months before, and no one içerenköy escort else ever. The hooks came undone and his hands slid under and around to cup her breasts. His thumbs circled her nipples and brought them erect, then she drew in her breath when his fingers twisted them.

The shirt and bra came off and he lay her back to caress her breasts and dart his tongue into her mouth. She put her hand up to unbutton his shirt then she timidly touched the hair on his chest. After a little she moved her hand down to the bulge in his pants, a thing she had never done before. To anyone.

His hand went to the top button and then to the zipper on her jeans. Here she cooperated, helping him take them off. When she lay back wearing only panties, he pulled her to him and put his hand on her hip and held her to him.

“Oh, Richard, it’s so nice to have someone who cares for me, someone I can really trust!” she whispered to him, to reassure herself.

Soon he began to remove his trousers and she moved to lend a hand, breathing softly and half-beginning to cry again. Once that was done, he held her again until that wave of worry passed.

He gently touched her legs, upward and pressing his hand against her panties when he reached them. He raised his hand to the kadıköy escort waistband and returned, now against hair and skin. His fingers touched her, finding her as damp as he thought she would be.

Her physical desire was very strong, and the way she soon gasped and trembled told him she was ready and aching for the next step.

“Judy, I don’t want to sound unromantic, but we may stain the sheet. Would it be all right if I put a towel under you? The blood will wash out more easily from that. Also, this is the best time to put on a condom.”

“Yes, Richard. That would be practical and sensible, and thinking of it — of both — makes me feel even more that I’m right to trust you in this. I want you very much,” she told him.

He took the towel from the bedside dresser and spread it under her, lifting her by the legs. As he set her back down, he removed her panties and planted a quick kiss on the top of her pubic hair. Then he dropped his shorts and slid the condom over his bulging erection.

He lay back down and used his hand to stir her fires again, then moved over her and into position.

“It’s a little higher, I think. I feel it going in… Oh, you’re there! Oh, it hurts! It hurts a lot! I think you broke it, it just tingles now, it feels a lot kartal escort better…”

The blood dripped onto the broad white towel.

His gentle motions relaxed her and awakened a strong drive in her body. He had been sure one was there, and he had been right in his estimation of her. Soon her legs lifted and wrapped around his back to pull him in. Her bucking hips and her gasping gave him the signal to quicken his strokes. Their climaxes were bare seconds apart.

When they broke apart and lay on their backs, he glanced at the clock-radio by his bed. “Nine-fifteen,” he said softly.

His erection went down completely and he removed the condom. She noticed that he touched the blood on it to the towel before discarding it.

After some minutes he said, “Lying here and holding you would be very nice, Judy, but it could be better yet if we were more comfortable. What do you say to our taking a shower together?”

“That sounds naughty… Yes!” she replied.

When she got up, he took the towel from the bed and put it over his arm. As she walked by the open but curtained window, he reached out to stop her and kissed her. She responded happily, as he was sure she would.

Then he shoved the curtain aside, exposing her body to the three men standing on the street below, and he threw the towel with its bright red spot down to them.


He leaned out the window to shout. He expected her to stand frozen in shock. He did not know her quite as well as he thought, it seemed. She shoved him.

He landed head-first, five floors down. He almost hit the spot, but it hardly mattered afterwards.

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