The Christmas Present


So it started innocently enough. Two old friends with mutual interests catching up for Christmas over a bottle of wine. The hotel bar was busy with a festive crowd. The lights were low and the bubbles were getting to both of their inhibitions. He was the guy that she always turned to for advice with men. Their friendship had outlasted most of her major relationships. He was one of those friends that you could argue about politics with but in the next breath ask them for advice on blowjobs. There was always that slight element of sexual tension between them with caused some people to wonder if they were actually going out with each other but closer friends knew that they were both going out with other people so it was never going to happen. But they were the only ones that knew each other’s kinks inside out and only they knew the level of depravity that they would go to after midnight when she was not being sexually satisfied by her lovers. However, fate had always conspired to keep their bodies apart.

He looked at her and was instantly captivated by her. The gold lights illuminated her green eyes and the golden highlights through her dark brown hair. He just had to touch it. There was a curl on her forehead which he had to touch and brush out of her eyes. He moved it with his fingers while resting his thumb on her cheekbone for a slightly indecently length of time. She looked up at him and he gazed at her red lips imagining them on him everywhere that a gentleman shouldn’t.

She looked at him and she knew that it was finally going to happen. She made an excuse that she had to show him files for a meeting tomorrow in her room. That they were confidential so she didn’t want to bring them to the bar. He was confused for a moment and then he realised that this was a code to say taksim escort that she wanted him in bed but didn’t want alert anyone else that maybe eavesdropping that they were going to her room for other reasons.

They walked together to the lift. He walked behind her so he could take in her full form. She wasn’t thin but voluptuous. She was wearing high heels, light black tights and a black dress that was both conservative but showing off her delicious curves that he had dreamt about for so many nights. They got into the lift to her floor and he couldn’t hold off anymore. He pinned her to the wall of the lift, undid her hair and he ran his hands through her thick long hair. The softness and fullness of her hair was as erotic as the rest of her body. He drank her in with his eyes, imagining what she would soon look like naked. She looked up at him demurely but seductively. She wanted him as much as he wanted her.

The lift doors opened and they walked to her room. The minute her door was shut he held her head in his strong hands and kissed her deeply as if he had never kissed anyone before. It didn’t matter about anyone else at that moment, he wanted her and as much of her as he could have in that moment. She pushed him against the wardrobe and started to undo his tie as she greedy kissed him back. She then started undoing the buttons on his shirt, kissing each freshly exposed part of his chest until she got as far as his belt. She undid it slowly but pulled the entire length of his belt out, throwing it on the bed as she would need it later. Then she freed his now throbbing cock from his boxers and put her red lips around the shaft. She went to work on it and he couldn’t stand the pleasure of finally having her mouth topkapı escort where he had wanted it to be for years. But he didn’t want to come this way. He wanted to come inside her.

He pulled her up by her shoulders and lifted her on to his waist while kissing her deeply. He brought her over to the bed. He moved up the skirt of her dress over her hips and was surprised to see that she was wearing stockings with no underwear. He didn’t realise that she had already made herself accessible to him. He moved his hands up her leg and she was moaning loudly. He ran his hands up to the top of her legs and she was already soaking wet. He ran his finger over her clit and it was already hard and throbbing. She left out a deep moan. He wanted to make this the best fuck that she had ever had. He had waited so long to have her that he wanted to make sure that he would never forget this night. She slipped out of her dress. She was wearing a sheer black bra which made her already amazing breasts look divine. She was about to take it off when he stopped her. Instead, he slipped one breast out of the cup and sucked on the hard nipple and then did the same to the other nipple. He leant back to forever imprint the image of her body in his memory forever. She has alabaster skin with no marks what so ever. He was going to have to mark her. He flipped her over so that she was across his lap. He had to spank her slightly just enough to slightly redden her skin. He gave her a gentle slap. To his astonishment, she asked him to go harder. He thought that she might have been into this, they had briefly discussed it before but he never though that he would get the chance to spank her. He got harder with his spanking and rougher until he knew she was tüyap escort about to come but he wouldn’t make it that easy.

He asked her if there was anything that she wanted him to do to her. She asked him to fist her. She lay back on the bed and he lay beside her. He started by putting one finger inside her. She was moaning and begging for more. He worked his fingers in one by one until he had them all inside her and then curled his hand into a fist. She was so incredibly wet that he didn’t even consider lube. His fist was now pounding her cervix and she was in ecstasy with the pleasure of the pain.

He took out his fist after she came hard and was about to put on a condom to give her a traditional fucking when she got on top of him. She reached to the pillows where she had thrown his belt and tied both of his hands together. He knew from the look in her eyes that he had realised the sexual animal that he knew was inside her. She put the condom on him and she straddled him. Normally he wasn’t into being dominated. He was the one that preferred to be on charge but against type, he knew he was going to enjoy this. She slowly took his throbbing hard cock inside her. He did everything in his power not to come right there and then with the pleasure of finally being inside her. He could feel her body locking on to him as she started to move her body up and down his shaft. She increased the speed and he could feel her orgasm coming on. She looked amazing on top of him. HIs eyes were at the level of her breasts looking up at her concentrating on both his and her pleasure. He put his arms around her waist and started to kiss her neck. She couldn’t hold on any longer and came just as he exploded into her.

The orgasm was unlike anything either of them had experienced before. It was probably the pent up sexual frustration of both of them wanting each other but bottling up their emotions for so long. They lay beside each other completely exhausted but fulfilled. She looked at him and she could see a mischievous look in his eyes. They knew that they had started something but didn’t know where it was going to lead them.

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