The Car Date


Harry had been in a dry spell for quite some time. In fact, other than his own hand, he wasn’t 100% sure when the last time he had gotten off. It wasn’t that things were bad at home, there just wasn’t any spark left between him and Julie, and by the time they got into bed, they were both tired every night, so nothing ever happened. He had been faithful to her since the day they met, but it was getting to the point where all he could think about was sex 24/7.

Finally, he decided he needed to try something different, but what? He considered a strip club, but that would have just made his frustration worse. A hooker seemed like a potential solution, but there was something about paying for sex that turned him off. So he finally settled on starting to surf the personal ads on Craig’s List.

It didn’t take him long to discover the “Seeking” section, which seemed to be filled with both men and women looking for anonymous hook ups. Several of the ads referred to “car dates”, which intrigued him, although he wasn’t exactly sure what that entailed. A quick search on Urban Dictionary, and he realized that this was a polite euphemism for various sex acts performed in your car. Perfect, he thought! This solved the location issue, and frankly the thought of sex in his car was exciting! He hadn’t had sex in a car since high school, when that was the best option … and it seemed the best option now too.

Harry proceeded to text several of the ladies who had posted car date ads recently, and a short time later, he got a text back from a woman who called herself Linda. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Harry asked her if she wanted to meet sometime for a car date. She immediately responded that she was waiting for him to ask, and would be delighted to meet soon, was he available tomorrow afternoon? Checking his calendar, he saw he could sneak away, so they set a date for 3 PM the following day.

The next day seemed to drag on for eternity. Harry felt a little like he was in the scene from “Fast Times at Ridgemont high” when the clock was actually moving backwards! Finally, 2:30 came, and he walked out of his office and informed his secretary he had to run an errand, but would be back in an hour or so. Trying not to run to his car, he jumped in and drove as quickly as was prudent to the appointed meeting place, a Starbucks on the other side of town. He parked and texted Linda, who responded that she was just finishing her latte and would be out in a minute, asking him what kind of car he was in and where he was parked.

Steve sat pensively in his car, waiting Linda’s arrival. After a few minutes, the passenger door opened, and he was pleasantly surprised kağıthane escort to see the woman who climbed into his front seat. Linda was probably early 30’s, reasonably attractive, with long wavy brown hair, and a cute face. She wasn’t a “10” by any stretch, but not being sure what to expect, Harry was happy that she also wasn’t a “2”.

Linda immediately said “hi” and leaned over to give Harry a peck on the cheek. “Let’s go”, she said. Harry started up the car, and drove out of the lot, but suddenly realized he had no idea where they were going. He turned to Linda and asked “where to”? To which she replied “what, you don’t have a plan?” Harry’s face flushed bright red in embarrassment, but Linda started to giggle and comforted him with “just teasing, why don’t you get on the interstate and just drive”?

Harry found the nearest on-ramp and got on the interstate headed west out of town. As they got up to highway speed, he felt Linda reach over and put her hand on his thigh. Turning toward him she asked “so have you ever done this before?”, and Harry responded with a head shake no. Linda explained that she was married to an older gentleman who didn’t have much sex drive, and as she was a bona fide sex addict, she had started car dates to get her fix without the complications of having a boyfriend on the side.

As she was talking, she began to run her hand up and down Harry’s thighs, and eventually worked up to his groin, where his cock was steadily growing in his pants from her attention. She cooed in his ear “ooh, it looks like someone is getting excited!”, and then undid her seat belt and turned slightly in her seat, reaching across the center console with her other hand and unzipping Harry’s fly. She deftly reached into his fly, wriggled her fingers into his briefs, and snaked his cock out of his pants.

Harry couldn’t believe his luck! They had only met 10 minutes earlier, he knew practically nothing about Linda other than her first name and that she was married to a man who couldn’t satisfy her, but already she had his engorged cock out and had wrapped her lovely hand around it!

Linda then took her hand, and cupping it, spit into it several times. She then reached back into Harry’s lap and wrapped her spit-coated hand around his shaft and began to slowly stroke up and down. Harry let out a low moan of pleasure as she expertly worked him with her hand, squeezing just as the ring formed by her thumb and forefinger reached the base of his cock’s head to maximize the stimulation. After a few minutes, she added in a bit of a twist, which sent shock waves through Harry.

He sarıyer escort didn’t realize it, but his speed was fluctuating and his steering was a bit erratic. “Better set the cruise control” Linda advised, “otherwise you’re going to find it very hard to maintain a steady speed.” Harry did as she suggested and tried to concentrate on staying in the lane.

Linda examined his swollen cock for a few minutes. “It’s lovely, and looks quite tasty, mind if I try it?” Harry mumbled a “no”, and without any further encouragement, Linda bent over, placing her head between his lap and the steering wheel and begin to gently lick his cock from the base to the tip, dwelling as she came to his head and caressing him with the tip of her tongue. Harry was on cloud nine! Not only did he and his wife never have sex, but she had never enjoyed blow jobs so he hadn’t had a proper one since they had married.

Linda continued to deftly work her way up and down the sides, top, and base of his cock with her tongue, licking it like a kid would a push-pop. In his excitement, Harry began to leak pre-cum, to which Linda exclaimed “oh, a treat for me!” With that, she expertly sucked the head of his cock into her mouth and began to work his throbbing cock into her throat. She eventually worked all the way down on his throbbing rod until her nose was brushing his pubic hairs, and then slowly began bobbing up and down the full length of his cock.

Harry wanted to look down and watch this sex goddess swallow his cock, but he had to keep his eyes on the road so he didn’t drive off the highway. He had to content himself with the slurping sound of Linda bobbing on his cock, and the waves of pleasure that were coursing through his body.

After a few minutes, Linda added her hand to the mix, gripping his cock at the base and sliding her hand up his spit-moistened cock as she extracted it from his mouth. As before, she expertly used her thumb and forefinger to form a ring to enhance the stimulation of his head, but she also was gripping him firmly in her other fingers, heightening the pleasure of her mouth and tongue enveloping his cock. Harry was no expert on blow jobs, but this was without question the best he had ever experienced in his entire life!

Linda stopped momentarily, and looking up at Harry said “put your hand on the back of my head and push me down onto your cock.” He couldn’t believe this woman! He had seen this move in porn movies before, but he was sure if he had ever tried it on his wife, that would have produced catastrophic consequences! She resumed sucking his cock, and who was he to sefaköy escort deny her, so he placed his hand on the back of her head and forced her farther down onto his throbbing member.

As they hurtled down the interstate at 65 miles per hour, Harry could feel the pressure building in his loins. The effect of Linda’s mouth, tongue, hand gripping his cock, and the excitement of holding her head down was almost more than he could handle.

Linda could sense that he was getting close from his moans and the pulsing of his cock, but she didn’t slow down. As Harry felt himself getting close, he moaned “I’m cumming”, but Linda didn’t miss a beat. She continued to stroke and suck, pushing him over the edge. Finally, he erupted into her mouth … months of pent up frustration gushing forth. She did her best to swallow everything, but it was quite a load. Fortunately, she was able to catch the overflow with her hand, which was still firmly wrapped around Harry’s cock, and sliding it up his shaft, she wiped any remaining cum from him. Sitting up, she promptly put her hand to her mouth, and licked the residual cum off of her thumb and forefinger with a satisfied “mmmm!”

Linda suggested Harry take the next exit and turn around to head back into town. As they re-entered the highway, she asked “well, what did you think of your first car date?” To which Harry, still reeling from pleasure and excitement, could only respond “Wow!”

His cock was still hanging out of his pants and briefs, although it was becoming more flaccid without Linda’s attention and as he concentrated on exiting and re-entering the freeway. Linda noticed this, and immediately spit into her hand again and reached across to grip his cock a second time. As they drove back to town, she slowly stroked him with her hand, relishing the feeling of his cock growing in response to her touch.

Linda calmly said “can you take me back to the Starbucks? My car is parked there.” Harry had to concentrate hard to remember the directions back, as he found Linda’s hand around his cock more than a bit distracting. He apologized that he was a “one trick pony”, to which she responded “that’s okay my dear, I just like the feel of a hard cock in my hand.”

As they pulled into the parking lot, she directed him to an open spot near her car, and as soon as he had stopped, she leaned over, gave him another kiss on the cheek, and said “call me again if you want to have another car date!” And with that, she hopped out of the car and was gone.

Driving back to the office, Harry wasn’t 100% sure this wasn’t all a dream, but as he pulled back into his office parking spot, he realized his cock was still hanging out of his zipper and was still fully engorged from the excitement of the whole experience. He carefully placed it back in his briefs, zipped up his fly, checked to make sure there were no tell tale cum stains on his pants, and then casually walked back into his office like nothing had happened. But he was already making plans to call Linda again!

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