The Briefcase Ch. 07


“Come on Jess, the water will feel good,” Eric whispered into her ear. I can’t move… he must be crazy! She exhaled.

Eric slid the silk, black stockings from her legs that still remained hugged around her thighs, and he laid them at the end of the bed. I need to think … Jessica sighed. The hunger he inspired in her was too much to bear.

He moved an arm under her bent knees and then dug another under her limp body, rolling her into his arms. As he lifted her off the bed, she curled an arm around his neck, and then grasped his shoulder with the other. A quick kick too the bathroom door with his foot and they entered to find Justin standing in the shower, his shadowed body shone in the glass shower door.

The shower door clicked, Justin poked his head out at the edge of the glass. “Come on Jessica, I wash your back.” His soft and sensual smile reminded her of the hot bubble bath they’d shared together at Ashton Heights.

“Justin will take care of you, Jess. I’ve got something I need to do,” Eric said, and then released his curled arm from beneath her knees, setting her down on her toes.

“Not enough room in that shower for all three of us.” Eric winked. She stepped inside, and Justin reached for her hips and then brought her up against his hot, wet body.

Jessica glanced at Eric as if he wasn’t coming back. “Jess, I’m not leaving,” he stated.

“He won’t be long, trust me,” Justin whispered, curling his strong arms around her, as if he knew where he was going and when he’d be back.

Justin Gray and Eric Jackson were like brothers. They’d met one year after Eric made partner at Miller he was washing her, in the most erotic way. She almost shook with each stroke, feeling her body respond to his touch, as he continued to search for any place that hadn’t been washed.

He nudged against her with his hips, backing her body into the spray of the hot water. It poured down her shoulders, following the curve of her arched spine. He then took possession of her ass with his other hand, parting her, as the water line continued to run down. His fingers played with the rush of the water there, tracing along the soapy path, rinsing it away.

He placed a series of soft kisses at her parted lips. Her head tilted back, eyes slowing opening and then closing, as the hot spray began to soak into her hair. He nibbled at her chin, suckling the water droplets that were left there. Releasing one cheek to caress her back, his hand filled with her hanging, water-soaked hair, as he drew up her spine between her shoulders. Her head settled into the cradle of his hand, as it reached her neck. The water poured down over their lips as he engulfed hers with a long, deep, consuming kiss.

Click. The shower door opened.

“We should just take her back too that big bed,” Eric stated with a husky tone, watching Justin consume her lips with his mouth. Justin’s fingers slid from between the soft flesh of her cheeks and then pressed her into his iron-encased erection.

They broke from their kiss, looking in Eric’s direction with heated smiles; Eric arched a brow, standing with an open towel in his hands.

“Come on baby, let’s get you dressed so we can go downstairs and have some more strawberries and champagne.” Eric slowly dropped his gaze to her sweet body, the soft form of her breasts flattened slightly from their embrace.

Eric wanted to strip from his clothes, throw her over his shoulder, and spank the wet skin of her ass, hauling her right back to the bed they’d crawled out of.

Jessica gave Justin a sweet peck to the lips and then smiled, as she turned, stepping out into the waiting towel. Eric wrapped her up in his arms, kissing her lips briefly.

“Where did you go?” Jessica asked, looking at him for a long moment, as Justin turned the shower off.

“I let Mr. Shaw know that the room would be free,” Eric stated, watching Justin pull a towel from the rack just outside the shower, and he wrapped it around his waist, and then stepped out onto the rug.

“Mr. Shaw?” etiler escort Jessica asked.

“Richard Shaw is the owner of this house. He holds The Client’s Ball once a month,” he stated, as she pinched the towel at the top of her partly covered breasts with her fingers.

“I think it should be every weekend.” Justin smirked, dropping his towel, leaving a quick kiss at the side of her cheek, as he padded off to the bedroom.

They arrived downstairs, Eric’s hand resting against the bare skin at her lower back to her right and Justin only a step behind her, to her left. The evening’s entertainment hadn’t died down in the least, as they strolled through the crowd in the ballroom.

“Looks like Mr. Shaw has a lot more members now,” Justin noted, taking a drink from his glass.

“You shouldn’t be surprised Justin, you see many of them,” Eric teased and then grinned back at him, from over his shoulder.

“Only the women my friend, only the women.” Justin chuckled.

“Maybe they need a new lady to introduce the new male members to the club.” Jessica smiled sweetly.

She was pushing it and she knew it. Pushing Eric’s arousal, pushing her own boundaries. She was tired of the restlessness that she’d been living with for to long.

Eric could feel his chest tighten at her statement. “You’ll have your hands too full, Jess,” Eric drew in close to her ear, he chuckled and his growl was deep.

Another member casually walked toward them. “Care to dance?” the member said, now standing in front of Jessica, as the two men stood behind her, wondering if he noticed them.

“I’d love too, give me a few minutes?” she asked, a spike of irritation from Eric’s comment gnawed at her tongue.

“Sure. I’ll be standing right over there,” he pointed toward a table. “Just come and get me when you’re ready.” He smiled, turned and then walked toward it.

When Jessica turned to look at Eric, her eyes were lit and full of fire. He loved that about her, her need to push back just turned him on even more.

“Listen, Eric, there are a few rules.” A frown snapped between her brows. “Number one, Jessica is an independent woman.” She counted off her fingers as she continued. “Number two, Jessica likes to make her own choices and that does not change simply because Eric and Justin are now sharing her bed. Do we understand these rules?” she shot a tight smile toward Justin before returning it to Eric’s amused expression.

Justin stared at the delicate fingers. “Are those all the rules?”

“Of course not, but I’ll let you know as others crop up.”

Eric took that moment to step into her. He brought his hand around, making contact with the side of her rear, hard enough to cause her to jump in surprise.

“Rule three is, if Jessica gets out of hand with the rules, she gets her butt paddled.” Eric laughed.

“Want to make another rule?” Justin’s smile tugged at his lips.

A blush stole over her cheeks as she laughingly turned and walked toward the dance that was waiting for her.

“You have your work cut out for you. She doesn’t belong to you yet.” Justin slapped his shoulder with a teasing chuckle.

“Yet.” Eric repeated the last word and almost jerked from the sudden tension that tore thought his body at her deliberate challenge. His teeth clenched with arousal so hot, spiking so hard, that he shot a glare over to Justin. Justin had seen that familiar look in his eye; she was just making him hungrier than he already was.

His entire body was tight now, his control fraying by the second. All he could think about was holding her, restraining her, controlling that sweet, hot little body while he and Justin worked her toward a pleasure she couldn’t imagine.


Jessica hated the cold ride home in the car that night when she left the Client’s Ball. It took all the strength she had not to get into the limo with Eric and Justin. Eric had tried to convince her otherwise, “a smooth ride home” he called it, but halkalı escort she knew better. With Eric and Justin it was anything but smooth. They would’ve had her again before she could’ve reached her door step.

She needed to think: her heart was starting too sing one tune, while her mind and body were dancing to another. This was just for the pleasure… the immeasurable, adventurous, and carnal pleasure, she told herself. So why did the tug in her heart make her feel like she already belonged to him?

The soft material of her red dress kissed at her sensitive, once-penetrated center, as she shifted through the gears in her beat-up Jeep Cherokee. Eric had kept her panties on purpose; a constant reminder of how he made her feel, no doubt. She gripped the steering wheel with a little frustration, laying her foot into the gas petal. Eric was there at every turn, denying him was getting harder and harder.

* * *

The elevator stopped and Jessica blinked, realizing that she’d been day dreaming about what had happened at the Client’s Ball a week ago. Not so much as a finger or tongue had ever even been near the tight, forbidden place they entered. She knew what Eric was preparing her for. Her need was like a fever inside of her. It had built over the days, simmering and flaming, and now it was sweeping through her body like a wildfire. She couldn’t deny it. She wanted more, much, much more.

Today she decided that she would have lunch away from the office. Work had been crazy which kept her strapped to her chair into the wee hours, night after night. She was tired of staring at the same four walls, a change in atmosphere was what she needed.

The silver doors to the elevator started to slide open. She studied them and they soon revealed Eric, patiently waiting behind them. A smile crept into the corner of his lips, seeing her standing alone inside the elevator. There’s no escaping you… she thought, biting at her lower lip.

Jessica held her briefcase in front of her with her fingers folded into the handle, as Eric stepped into the elevator without a simple hello. He turned and then faced the open elevator door, standing only inches from her shoulder. A hint of freshly showered hair filled her senses. His suit jacket was buttoned, tie neatly cinched up at the collar, and his shoes had a mirror-like image. He looked as though he just stepped out of a court room or was getting ready to walk into one.

Her heart began to pound just as it always did in his presence. She glanced up at the lit-up floor number, waiting for the doors to close. The silence would’ve been unbearable, except for the outer noise of the hallway with countless lawyers and clients, rushing past the open door. The graveled noise of the door began to drag along its track, finally bringing to a close.

“Have you been wet for me, Jess?” he asked her then, turning toward her with his chest against her shoulder. “Have you touched yourself and imagined me?” The elevator car started to move, floor by floor.

She swallowed tightly; the erotic words were tearing through her brain. The naughty and explicit whisper, made her dampen her panties with the thought of the things he and Justin had done to her at the Clients Ball. She could barely breathe. Her clit became a painful engorged knot of nerve endings, the hood scraping against the lace of her panties, making her insane.

Jessica was tempting her own destruction and she knew it. If she thought the loneliness had been bad before, it had only grown each time she was away from Eric. Before she could answer him, the elevator stopped and the doors opened once again. A rush of people piled into the elevator, pushing and cramming, as they rushed too their next meeting or lunch date.

Eric hooked his fingers into the crook of her arm, tugging her until her back was up against his chest, as they moved up against the elevator wall. It was tight and not just his body, the elevator was full. She watched the door innovia escort come to a close, feeling how hard he was, pressed into the part at her cheeks. She stood before him once again, in a skirt, his lips close to her ear, as the warmth of his breath dusted against it.

“Are you on your way to lunch?” he whispered, as he moved, reminding her of how very little material separated them.

“Yes, I decided to take a lunch break out of the office today,” she answered, her eyes wanting to close, merely from the small fraction of his movements.

She glanced around the crowded elevator. A man in front of her moved, trying to find the room to stand comfortably, and his back nudged her breasts, pressing her further back into Eric’s body, making her ass that much tighter against him.

A quiet and distinct growl of hunger leaked from his lips. “I have a car, would you like to join me?” He nipped at her ear.

“That would be great, thank you,” she answered, barely able to form the words.

The elevator reached street-level as the doors slid open. People filed out quickly as Jessica could feel the fresh air flowing back into the once-cramped elevator. She casually walked forward behind the crowd of people, knowing that Eric was right on her heels.

They passed through lobby and then the sliding doors, finally walking down the steps too the waiting limo. The driver opened the door, waiting for Jessica to step inside. Eric climbed in behind her, sliding into the seat across from her.

The door closed and he sat there silently, studying her expression, his sexy smile shining the pleasure he had once enjoyed from being with her.

“You always seem to be in the right place at the right time, Eric,” Jessica stated, as she crossed a leg over the other and then laid her briefcase on the seat next to her. A slight shift in weight to the limo was felt as the driver took his seat and with a thud, his door closed.

Eric’s stare advanced, exploring the smooth skin of her knees, as they came together. She hadn’t worn any stockings and he twitched at the thought of weather or not she’d worn any panties. He followed the line of her leg down into the dark, navy blue pumps that she wore.

“Sometimes I’m just lucky.” he chuckled and the limo pulled away from the curb, darting into the rush of afternoon traffic.

“Are you going to return my panties?” she asked with an amused grin.

“Yes. They’re at my place. Would you like to go get them?” He seductively winked.

“I have appointments.” Her stubborn little chin lifted as she defied him.

Eric unbuttoned his jacket and then removed it, laying it in the seat next to him. He slowly came forward and then knelt down onto his knees in front of her. Within in inches of kissing her, his hands reached pasted her shoulders, pressing into the leather seat.

“Cancel them,” he said carefully, his dominance that had been successfully leashed, tugged at its bonds.

“I’ll take it under consideration,” she informed him, pulling her head back a little, resisting him.

He moved his right hand, drawing a line across her jawbone and then dropped it down to her knee. He cupped the fingers of his right hand under the bend of her right knee, and he separated it from the other. His eyes never left hers, moving them too each side of his hips, as he squeezed them to keep them in place. He then curled his left arm around her hips and jerked her to him.

“Do you feel what you do to me, Jess?” he growled, as her hands braced against the cushion of the limousine. “Do you feel how fucking hard you make me?”

She felt it. She couldn’t help but feel it, and he knew it. His hardened cock strained against his slacks, butting up against the center of her laced panties.

He growled, “What are these?” looking down between them, where her short skirt had slid up far enough to leave her completely open to him, revealing the panties she wore.

He moved his hand to the back of her neck, threaded his fingers into her hair, and then pulled her head back with a tug. She licked her lips, suddenly not hungry for food.

“Be a good girl now and cancel your appointments or I’ll put you over my knee and spank you until your cheeks are as red as those strawberries you love to eat.” He kept his voice as calm, as certain as the decision he was making, tightening the hold in her hair.

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