The Babysitter’s Delight Ch. 02


-Saturday; A little after noon-

“Oh, I’m doing fine, Laura. How are you?” said Mandy, talking to her girlfriend over the phone. Mandy threw her head back into the couch and let out a silent moan. On either side of her were Sarah and Erin. Sarah had her hand buried in Mandy’s pants and Erin was lining Mandy’s neck with kisses. “I’ve been having a”—Mandy let out a soft moan—”wonderful weekend! How’s your sister?”

“Oh my God,” Mandy mouthed to Sarah. “Right there. Right there!”

Sarah pressed her fingers against Mandy’s erect clit and kept rubbing. Erin, meanwhile, was busy kissing he babysitter’s neck and fondling her small tits through her shirt.

“Oh, no, everything is fine over here. I’m just… watching Frozen with Oliver…”

Mandy ripped the phone away from her ear and clenched her eyes shut. She bucked her hips forward as she came. Her face was flushed and her breathing erratic. She put the phone back to her ear. “Oh, no, I’m just watching this movie. Say, I’ll talk to you later. Oliver is getting a little peeved that I’m talking during the movie. I’ll call you later tonight. I love you… Okay, I love you, too. Good bye.”

Mandy ended the call. “Oh, my… You two are horrible!”

“You cheated first,” said Erin, smirking at the babysitter.

“That’s right,” added Sarah. “You knew what you were doing.”

Mandy grinned devilishly. “Perhaps we should take this upstairs to the bedroom?”

Erin and Sarah grinned at each other. They pulled Mandy up from the couch and led her upstairs.

The bedroom door burst open. Sarah held their babysitter’s left hand while Erin held her right hand. Mandy was giggling uncontrollably as her employers were lining her neck with sensual kisses. Her nipples were erect beneath her shirt and each kiss sent another wave of lust down to her dripping cunt.

Erin kissed her way up Mandy’s neck and to her ear, sucking on her earlobe, eliciting a gasp from the young babysitter. Mandy cooed Erin’s name under her breath as another tingling feeling caused her panties to dampen.

Sarah kissed the other side of her neck slowly and softly. She hooked a finger in her shirt and pulled the collar away exposing Mandy’s collarbone. She lined it with sweet, passionate kisses until she reached the center of her neck. She then ran her tongue up the center of Mandy’s neck and stopped at her chin.

Their eyes met. Both women had beautiful blue eyes, but how Sarah’s eyes were light and sparkly like light refracting off of ice, Mandy’s eyes were darker and resembled the ocean on a calm summer’s night. Mandy’s breathing was heavy as Erin continued her assault on her earlobe. Sarah smiled seductively and slowly brought her hand up from the redhead’s hand and curved it behind her neck and beneath her hair. She brought Mandy’s face close to her own and they kissed.

Their lips smacked together with each passionate, caring kiss. Mandy took her free hand and ran it all down Sarah’s back. She ran it over her hips and stopped as she felt her hand reach her employer’s ass. She gave it a light squeeze which caused Sarah to coo, but the soft, affectionate sound was lost in Mandy’s mouth. Both of their lips curved up as they both smiled while kissing each other.

Erin pulled away with her lips still around Mandy’s earlobe. The cartilage popped out from between Erin’s lips and she kissed her way back down Mandy’s neck. Her eyes lifted to see her wife and her babysitter making out. A wave of heat settled between her thighs, her panties dampening at the sight.

Erin pulled Mandy’s hair away from her neck and kissed her way behind the redhead. As she kept kissing her neck she eventually came to Sarah’s hand. She threw Mandy’s hair around her shoulder and then grabbed Sarah’s wrist. She took her wife’s index finger and sucked on it sensually. Sarah moved her finger slowly in Erin’s mouth grazing her trimmed fingernail along Erin’s tongue. Both women were wet with passion.

Erin pulled Sarah’s finger from her mouth and gently let it drop from her grasp. She curved her hands slowly around Mandy’s chest and took her breasts in her hands. She could feel her babysitter’s erect nipples through her shirt and her bra. She squeezed the soft mounds firmly and went back to kissing her neck. Mandy shuddered with pleasure and both wives giggled.

They made their way further into the wives’ bedroom. They brushed passed a chair that sat in the corner of the room before making their way to the bed. It sat about four feet up off of the ground with thick, soft mattresses. There were four, large pillows on the bed and the bedspread was white as snow. The headboard sat next to the wall and was made of solid oak. Sarah and Erin grinned devilishly as they both threw Mandy on to the bed.

The nineteen year old babysitter gasped when she landed on the mattress. She brought her legs high up in the air and began undoing her pants. Sarah and Erin crawled up onto the bed slowly peering down at the redhead with lustful eyes, ready to cevizli escort devour their prey. Mandy bit down on her lower lip and shifted her eyes watching the two older women stalk her. She threw her pants across the room and put her hand on her hot, dripping cunt. She could feel her juices soaking through her panties.

Sarah and Erin both lunged at Mandy. They each began kissing a cheek while squeezing a breast. Mandy gasped deeply as she massaged her erect clitoris through her silk panties. Sarah and Erin made their way to Mandy’s lips, sharing a three-way kiss. Erin ran her hand down Mandy’s torso and tucked it up under her shirt. She slowly made her way back up the redhead’s torso and then placed her hand gently on Mandy’s soft mound. She squeezed the breast through her bra and then pulled at the erect nipple. Mandy squirmed as they all continued to make out with each other.

Sarah wasted little time in making her way down to Mandy’s pussy. Mandy was still rubbing and massaging her clit but that didn’t stop the blonde. She placed her fingers just outside Mandy’s wet opening and pressed at it. Mandy broke away from their kiss gasping at the pleasure surging through her dripping cunt. Sarah’s fingers glistened with cunt juice as she brought them up to her face. Rather than sucking them clean she offered her fingers to her wife. Erin accepted and sucked Mandy’s juices from her wife’s fingers.

Mandy melted at the sight.

They all returned to kissing each other as Sarah’s hand made its way back down to Mandy’s cunt. She went right back to where she was before except this time rather than teasing her babysitter through her soaking wet panties, she curled her index finger under the undergarment and pulled it away exposing Mandy’s glistening labia. She pressed her fingers into Mandy’s wet lips and let her fingers collect her pleasure. Mandy moaned loudly at all of the sensations coursing through her body.

“I’ve never been in any position like this until yesterday,” Mandy moaned.

Sarah and Erin lifted their heads and stared into each other’s eyes. They grinned alluringly at each other and then kissed each other. When they pulled away a string of saliva bridged their lips. Mandy brought her free hand up and broke the string of saliva with her index finger. She stuck the finger in her mouth savoring the taste of the two wives.

“Today will be even more fun,” Sarah smirked with lust coating every word.

“That we can promise,” Erin added with an alluring wink.

Mandy moaned again.

Erin brought her hand out from under Mandy’s shirt and caressed Mandy’s arm. She wrapped her fingers gently around Mandy’s wrist and pulled it away from her clit. She brought Mandy’s hand to her face and sniffed at her glistening fingers. “You smell as delicious as you taste,” Erin whispered. She then began sucking on Mandy’s fingers.

Sarah, meanwhile, traced her hands up Mandy’s slit and to the hemline of her panties. She pulled at them wanting them to come off. Mandy dug the heels of her feet into the mattress and lifted her hips. Sarah pulled the panties from Mandy’s cunt and off of her legs. She let the silky, wet undergarments dangle from her finger. She brought them to her face and took in a deep whiff, inhaling Mandy’s lustful scent.

“You do smell good,” she agreed.

She found the wet spot on Mandy’s panties and sucked at it savoring her juices. Mandy gasped at the sight squeezing her thighs together. Erin stuck her hand between Mandy’s thighs and parted them. She slowly made her way down Mandy’s body. She maneuvered her way between the redhead’s legs and lifted them. She began kissing softly and sensually behind her left knee. Mandy’s skin immediately became rigid with goose bumps. She squirmed at the pleasure filling her pussy and her breasts. She smacked her hand down on the bed and grabbed a handful of white bed sheet.

Erin kept kissing her way down Mandy’s leg slowly and teasingly. She reached her thighs while tracing her fingers down Mandy’s right thigh. The babysitter shivered with delight and then giggled. She arched her back and dug her rear into their bed.

Sarah couldn’t help but smile. “You like this? You like us?”

“I love you! Both!” Mandy shouted passionately.

Sarah stroked her hand along Mandy’s forehead and through her red, wavy hair. “Good,” she said adoringly. She lowered her lips down to Mandy’s and began kissing her once again.

Erin traced her lips along Mandy’s inner thigh. A tingling sensation rocked Mandy’s wet, dripping cunt as well as a ticklish feeling from Erin’s lips against her sensitive skin. She squirmed and giggled into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah stuck her tongue in Mandy’s mouth and ran it along the redhead’s tongue tasting her again.

Erin placed both hands on Mandy’s inner thighs and parted them as far as they could go without making the redhead uncomfortable. Mandy’s pink, wet pussy was there—ready and wanting to be devoured. Erin licked her lips at the sight. She could erenköy escort see Mandy’s labia glistening with the sunlight pouring into the room. It was a truly beautiful sight to behold. She wasted little time!

Erin lowered her head and wrapped her lips around Mandy’s soft, wet labia. Mandy jerked a bit. Sarah brought her leg over Mandy’s torso and lowered her body down on to Mandy’s to keep her in place while continuing to make out with her. She knew just how well Erin could eat pussy and she wanted Mandy to feel every bit of it.

Erin’s lips suctioned themselves around Mandy’s wet cunt. Her mouth dripped with saliva which only added to the lubrication. She brought her tongue forward and traced it along Mandy’s labia. The spot was extremely sensitive and Mandy squirmed beneath Sarah’s weight at the pleasure coursing through her body. Sarah brought her hands from Mandy’s wavy hair and placed them on her clothed breasts. She squeezed them and massaged them and toyed with her erect nipples through the clothing.

Erin traced her tongue along the left side of Mandy’s wet lips and made her way up towards her erect clitoris. She stopped just before grazing it with her tongue and then focused on her right side. She was collecting Mandy’s pleasure all on her tongue and savoring every sweet taste that she swallowed.

Erin kept her hands on Mandy’s thighs and squeezed at the erogenous zones. She then brought her bottom lip a little further into Mandy’s swollen pussy and closed her mouth running her jaw up the wet slit. When her lips met she sucked at Mandy’s clit and pinned it behind her top, front teeth and against the roof of her mouth with her tongue rapidly running across the erect organ.

Mandy squirmed more at the pleasure coursing through her body and overpowered Erin’s hands. Her thighs squeezed around Erin’s head as she kept sucking at the clit. Mandy broke away from Sarah’s kiss and began bucking her hips into Erin’s face, feeling ready to explode.

Erin kept sucking on Mandy’s clit vigorously knowing her young, beautiful babysitter was soon to cum. She didn’t let up. Sarah lowered her lips to Mandy’s neck and began kissing her again. The combination of pleasure built up inside of her was too much to bear. She bucked her hips one final time before exploding into her orgasm.

Her thighs squeezed as tightly as they could around Erin’s head. Erin kept the clitoris pinned to the roof of her mouth behind her teeth with her tongue running across it. Mandy’s juices poured from her sodden pussy like a waterfall and coated Erin’s chin in a warm, clear liquid. It ran down her slit and onto the bed sheets. She shuddered in pleasure and moaned loudly calling out Erin’s name.

Her hairline was drenched in sweat. Her cheeks were flushed and she was out of breath. Her eyes were glazed over with lust and passion for the two beautiful wives that she lay with.

When Erin pulled her face away from Mandy’s dripping pussy she wiped her lips and her chin on her shirt. She crawled back to Mandy and Sarah and pulled lightly at her wife’s hair. Sarah gasped as she lifted her head. Erin made out with her sharing Mandy’s cum.

Mandy watched breathlessly and felt a euphoria wash over her that she had only felt with her current girlfriend, Laura. She knew in that moment that she would have to most definitely get Laura over here to join in with the wives’ sexual romp. She was limp on Sarah’s and Erin’s bed and began giggling uncontrollably again as the aftermath of her orgasm rocked her body.

“I want that again,” she moaned breathlessly.

Sarah and Erin grinned at each other. They pulled at Mandy’s shirt. The redhead sat up allowing easier access to remove her shirt. They threw it across the room and attacked Mandy’s breasts through her satin, red bra. They pulled the straps off of her shoulders and brought the cups down exposing her breasts and her pert, pink nipples. Erin and Sarah each engulfed a nipple.

“Oh my God,” Mandy groaned. “You two,” she shuddered, “are too wonderful to me.”

Sarah lowered her hand to Mandy’s dripping, pink pussy and began teasing her clitoris. Mandy’s eyes widened at the surprise and she bit down on her lower lip. After an orgasm the clitoris is extremely sensitive and knowing this Sarah couldn’t resist teasing her. She gently ran her fingers over the erogenous zone and grazed it with her trimmed nails. Mandy squeaked out a moan.

Erin and Sarah pulled their lips away from Mandy’s nipples letting the pink nubs plop out of their mouths. They turned their attention to each other and began making out. Sarah discovered she loved the taste of Mandy on her wife’s tongue. It drove her wild. She could feel her panties getting wetter with each passing moment and she knew Erin was just as wet. She loved performing oral sex and it always made her drip.

Sarah ran her fingers between Mandy’s lips collecting more of her juices for lubrication. She teased her middle finger just outside Mandy’s wet opening. Mandy esenyurt escort began bucking her hips once again wanting Sarah’s to enter her.

Erin brought her hands to Sarah’s pants and unbuttoned them. She slid them passed Sarah’s hips and down her ass. She cupped her wife’s hot, wet sex through her panties and felt the heat against her hand. It brought her a lot of pleasure to know her wife was aroused.

Mandy watched Erin tease Sarah and felt really hot. She could tell her cheeks were flushed; she could feel the heat radiating from them. She pulled herself out from between Erin and Sarah. The two wives broke away from their kiss and stared at Mandy quizzically.

“You’re not done yet, are you?” Sarah asked breathing heavily as Erin continued to tease her.

Mandy shook her head. “I want watch you two fuck each other. I want to watch you two make love. I want to be your voyeur.”

Sarah and Erin turned their heads back to each other. “That’s actually really hot,” Erin admitted.

“It is,” Sarah agreed. They turned back to Mandy. “Go sit in that chair,” Sarah said pointing at the chair sitting in the corner of the room.

A huge smile formed across Mandy’s lips. She jumped off of the bed and made her way to the chair clapping lightly and excitedly to herself. She sat down and threw a leg over the armrest of the chair giving herself perfect admittance to her dripping cunt. She became a spectator to the wives as they went about caressing each other lovingly.

Sarah kissed Erin lightly yet passionately. She caressed her fingers along her soft, warm cheeks. Erin brought her hands around Sarah’s waist and gripped her wife firmly. She curled her fingers up under Sarah’s shirt and lifted it up. They broke away from their kiss as Erin removed Sarah’s shirt. Her breasts were contained in a black, silky bra. Sarah wasted little time in reciprocating the action. She removed Erin’s shirt and looked at her chest. She was in a white, cotton bra that clasped in the bra. Taking full advantage of the front-clasping bra, Sarah removed it and stripped her wife of the undergarment. She quickly brought her lips to Erin’s hard, pink nipples.

Erin threw her head back at the pleasure. She stroked Sarah’s hair and let out a quieted moan. Mandy observed Sarah sucking on Erin’s nipple and began teasing herself. She pulled at her own nipples and very lightly ran her middle finger over her clitoris just as Sarah had been doing before. A shiver went up her spine and she cooed softly.

Erin ran her hands all through Sarah’s straight, blonde hair and stopped at her bra. She began messing with it until it came undone. She pulled it from Sarah’s chest and pushed her wife away from her breasts. Sarah fell back on to the bed and Erin crawled over her. Sarah stared up at her with lust in her eyes. She reached up and undid Erin’s pants. She pulled them down over her soft ass along with her panties while not breaking eye contact.

The strawberry blonde maneuvered herself accordingly to get rid of the articles of clothing. She threw them away from the bed and gently rested her body on to Sarah’s. Their breasts pressed against each other and they held each other in a loving embrace while they kissed each other slowly, passionately.

Mandy was in awe at their love for each other. She continued teasing herself while watching Sarah and Erin rev each other up. The bedroom was filled with such raw passion and lust that the only thing missing was Laura, on her knees between Mandy’s sodden cunt.

Mandy lowered her hand away from her clitoris and began massaging her labia. Her lips were wet and soft and filled with nerve endings that sent waves of passion coursing through her body and up her spine. She could barely keep her eyes open at the amount of pleasure filling her cunt.

Erin placed herself between Sarah’s legs. She straddled Sarah’s groin. Sarah ran her hands up and down Erin’s back. She loved the feeling of her wife against her body. She felt at peace as if nothing could go wrong when she was this close to Erin. She then tucked her hands under Erin’s panties and rested her soft, delicate hands on Erin’s round, firm ass. She gave her wife a gentle squeeze and Erin lightly thrust her hips into Sarah’s. Their clits gently grazed each other’s and both women let out an audible moan.

Erin continued grinding her hips into Sarah’s enjoying the feeling of her clit rubbing against Sarah’s through their panties. They were growing increasingly wet and the dark, damp spots in their underwear were proof of that. Erin ground her hips harder and faster into Sarah’s. Sarah continued to moan with each thrust. She buried her face in Erin’s neck and Erin loved the feeling of her wife’s hot breath against her sensitive neck.

Sarah began reciprocated by bucking her hips along with Erin’s. The bed began to shake and the headboard began to tap against the wall. At the sound of the headboard against the wall, Mandy forced her eyes open and saw Erin and Sarah thrusting into each other. She could see the damp spots in their panties clear as day and immediately stuck a finger inside of her wet, tight pussy. She ran her finger along the upper wall of her vagina and gasped at the amount of pleasure consuming her. She continued to pleasure her g-spot while playing with her erect nipples.

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