The Adventures of Becky Ch. 1


My name is Becky. I am a 35 year old housewife with 2 kids in school and a husband that works long hours, often 6 or 7 days a week. I have a fairly regular routine for mornings that takes care of the housework, shopping, etc. and frequently leaves me with time on my hands from before noon ’till four thirty or so. I find various ways to spend those few hours. I often engage myself in some unplanned, sexually related activity. I am 5 foot five, weigh about 110 pounds, and my measurements are 36/26/37. I am rather small boned, and my breasts are firm but not large; I wear a size 36B bra. I am told that I am a very nice (and in the appropriate company, “sexy”) looking lady, in spite of my small breasts. In any case that is the way I feel, and I’ll bet I enjoy my breasts as much as anybody else can enjoy theirs!

A few months ago, at about one thirty on a weekday afternoon, I was at home alone, had just taken a shower, and was trying to decide what I would do for the afternoon. I was dressed in panties, no bra, a light dress, and slippers with no stockings. As I headed for the kitchen to get myself a glass of wine cooler, the doorbell rang and I found a very beautiful young lady, perhaps 28, at the door who said that her name was Annie, and that she was doing a survey of housewives’ preferences for magazines. She was carrying a large bag filled with magazines. She was far too warmly dressed for the Florida climate, and was noticably uncomfortable as a result. I told her my name was Becky and asked her in. I suggested that she remove her jacket. I told her that I had just started to the refrigerator to get some wine cooler and asked if she would join me.

She was very pleased by the offer and said “I’d be delighted, Becky”.

“Do you have a favorite flavor?” I asked, ” I have several in the refrigerator”.

“Yes, I love peach flavor if you have it”.

I was sure I had a bottle or two in the fridge and went to prepare our drinks. When I returned, she had removed her light jacket, revealing a very firm and shapely pair of breasts in a thin blouse and no bra. Her nipples and even areolas were protruding and well defined. I imagined that they were beautiful. I was so impressed that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. I am sure that she noticed and seemed to be pleased. She made a few little moves to accentuate their profile, and then moved toward a large divan. She asked if we might sit there for the interview. I nodded and she seated herself, motioning me to sit next to her on her right, which I did. She sipped her drink and complimented me on its quality. She then embarrassed me by telling me that she thought that I was a very lovely lady. She started into the questionaire that she brought. I was not very interested in the survey but I found myself very interested in her and anxious to get to know her better. She asked about some old magazines, such as LOOK, the original Saturday Evening Post, etc. which neither of us knew much about, and eventually got around to Cosmopolitan and Red Book.

It was not long thereafter that I realized that we were talking about sexually oriented magazines, and admitting that we read such magazines frequently. Seemingly unconsiously, she unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse. I noticed, but said nothing. I slowly untied a small bow at my neckline that let my dress fall open showing some cleavage. Neither of us seemed uncomfortable with the situation and we continued talking about the contents of magazines and the types of articles that we liked. I did not feel embarrassed to talk of sexually explicit magazines, including Playboy, Playgirl and Penthouse. She said that she read them as well as Club and a few others. She told me that two of her favorite magazines were Forum and Variations, where explicit letters were published. As we continued our conversation, we eventually got to discussing the topics of articles that we like to read. I hesitated in the discussion while I tried to decide whether I dare tell her what I really liked. “Becky, I hope you don’t think too badly of me, but I look for letters and photographic articles that deal with lesbian topics,” she said and then seemed a little embarrassed.

“Oh, Annie, honey, so do I,” I reassured her. I placed my left hand on my left knee, next to her right knee and slowly moved it up my thigh, pulling my dress up with it. She seemed to notice, and leaned toward me, allowing her blouse to open enough for me to see one areola and nipple. It seemed to me to be more erect and protruding than when she came in. I was suddenly aware that my breathing was getting heavier, my nipples were getting hard and I was getting aroused. I realized how badly that I wanted to have a sexual affair with this beautiful lady and decided to try to feel her out as to her willingness. I knew that I would have to make love to her if at all possible! Almost as if reading my mind, she stopped talking; we looked into each others eyes and I thrilled at what I sensed. ataşehir escort I placed a hand on her left shoulder and turned her gently to face me more squarely. She responded by placing her right hand on my bare thigh. With that movement, I knew there was no opposition, just a minor quandary as to how to start.

I slowly reached over and began unbuttoning her blouse. She placed her hands on my breasts, caressing them thru my dress. I was so aroused that I moaned a little and suddenly put my arms around her and planted my lips on hers for a very long and erotic kiss. Our tongues jabbed and probed into each others mouths and traced each others lips. We continued kissing for several minutes, while I squeezed and kneaded her bare breasts, and she did the same to my right breast with a hand placed thru my untied dress top. I suddenly stood, took her by the hand and hurriedly headed for the bedroom.

When we got there she asked if she might get into the shower and freshen up a bit. I was delighted that she was concerned and I led her toward the bed to undress. I removed her blouse and then her skirt. I sat her on the bed and removed her shoes and stockings. I then had her stand while I helped her remove her panties. I was overwhelmed by her beauty and sexuality, and we embraced and kissed again. She lifted my dress over my head and off and then stood behind me and gently reached around me to place a hand beneath each of my breasts. Her breasts against my back and her hands on my tits really turned me on. I decided that we’d better act quickly if she was going to get to the shower and I turned around and told her that I’d be ready for her when she got out. She hurried to the shower and adjusted the temperature to suit her. I watched as she closed the shower door, then suddenly felt very lonely.

Almost as if in answer to my thoughts, she opened the door and asked, “Becky, won’t you please join me?”

“Oh, yes, yes honey, I’d love to,” I replied.

I was in a frenzy to get my panties and slippers off and get into the shower with her. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I lifted and caressed them and leaned over to kiss one of her nipples. She told me that she loved my touch and loved to touch me. I assured her that the feelings were mutual. I placed my left hand low on her back and moved it downward over her ass while my right hand held her left breast. I ran my tongue around her nipple. She put her hands under my tits and lifted and squeezed them. I loved it and was intent on bringing her as much pleasure as I knew that she would bring me. Her head went back and her breasts with hard areolas and nipples stood out beauti- fully. She began to quiver slightly each time I moved my tongue around her nipple and then over it. I caressed and lightly squeezed each breast with my hand and circled her nipples gently with my tongue, first the left then the right. She moaned softly and wiggled her ass as I massaged it. I suddenly wanted her on the bed, where I could concentrate on her delightful body, and she on mine. I could hardly wait!

“Annie, baby, I want you on my bed, I want to do things with you,” I told her.

“I’m yours, let’s hurry,” she agreed.

I started applying soap to her tits, then her pussy. It was difficult to limit my probing to just washing. She did the same to me and I was so turned on that my nipples ached and my clit was as hard as a nail! She could not resist putting a slippery finger in my cunt and I was so sensitive there that I flinched away from her. I got the shower massage and rinsed her off from the top down. I turned the vibrating spray on her pussy while she spread her cunt lips. She squirmed and moaned a little as the warm water gave her a douche. She took the sprayer and did the same for me. I shuddered as the spray hit my hard clit and swollen cunt lips.

I quickly replaced the shower head, turned the water off, and reached for a large towel. We dryed each other off, trying hard not to get too far sidetracked to fondle, lick and suck each other. We were only partly successful, as we could not help but fondle tits and asses with gentle caresses. We finished drying and kissed very passionately before I led her to the bed.

I sat on the bed and invited her to sit beside me. She did, and I placed my arm around her, pulled her to me and kissed her eager lips. Our tongues entwined, probed, jabbed, and traced each others lips with increasing pleasure and fury. We lay back on the bed and I rolled over to place my mouth near her left breast, which I squeezed gently. The nipple and areola was hard: I loved the feel as I circled it with my tongue. She wiggled and moaned softly, obviously enjoying it.

I moved around on my hands and knees so that my tits were above her face as I licked and sucked hers. She took one of my tits in each hand and kneaded them. I continued to lick and flip her hard nipples, and she sucked first avcılar escort one then the other of mine. The soft moans and movements of each of us betrayed and reinforced our sexual arousal. I began to detect the lovely smell of our pussies. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and sucked as much of her tit in as possible. She squirmed as I sucked hard and pulled away. As her tit slipped from my mouth, I would move my tongue over and around her nipple. I increased the sucking and massaging of her nipple with my tongue. Simultaneously, she took one of my nipples into her mouth and suckled it as a baby does. It felt wonderful. I could feel the sensations clear to my clit. The sensitivity of my nipples increased, and I could hardly stay still enough to keep our tits and mouths togather. The very acute sensations were having a pronounced effect on our movements and breathing. I felt like I just couldn’t get enough of her tits and she had obvious delight in working on mine. We almost frantically sucked and licked as our arousal increased. We continued in this activity for perhaps 10 minutes, while our pussies twitched and literally oozed with anticipation. Finally I tired of the position and moved around to lay beside her, flat on my back.

She moved immediately to lay on top of me, one leg parting mine. She placed her mouth over mine and engaged me in the most erotic kiss I ever had. Her tongue and lips worked on my mouth and her tongue dueled with mine . My mouth began to feel more erogenous than I had ever believed possible, and I relished the feel of her tongue sliding in and out, back and forth, around and around. She sucked my lips and I sucked hers, we sucked each others tongues, and we jabbed our tongues in and out. I found it hard to believe that I could enjoy the foreplay so much. I was so turned on that I had sensations of being fucked by her tongue, even though there was nothing near my wet cunt but her leg. The only thing that stopped our wonderfully erotic kissing was the overwhelming desire building up in our cunts.

She rolled slightly to one side, rolling me onto my side, also, so that she could put her leg further between mine, and so that each of our pussies was in contact with the others leg. Needless to say, we were not motionless. We gradually increased our humping on each others legs while we pulled and rubbed tits and continued kissing. After several minutes of escalating erotic endeavors, we began to approach orgasm.

She said “Oh, Becky, I love you, fuck me, fuck me, I love you, I love to fuck you.”

“I love you, too, Annie, I want to come with you. Oh, fuck me, fuck me, faster, harder.”

Her leg against my clit was wonderful, rubbing, grinding and pushing in an ever increasing frenzy as we both went over the top with involuntary humping, “Oh’s”,”Ah’s”, and moans. We followed up with showers of kisses and caresses. Finally our cunts and tits became so sensitive that we separated and lay back on the bed, with arms and legs spread. We remained in this position until the sensitivity subsided, and our breathing became more normal. After about five minutes, I rolled onto my side to see her beautiful breasts, her nipples and areolas were still hard and I could not resist moving over to her and taking one into my mouth.

She said “That feels so good that I hate to let you stop, but I want you to lay back and let me play with you.”

I could not resist her offer, partly from curiosity, but mostly because I knew that she would do nothing that I would not love. She began with my tits, sucking and kissing first one then the other until I was again aroused to the point of involuntary jerks and shivers as her tongue and mouth worked on my nipples. Gradually, she worked her hand down and back and forth across my belly, moving ever closer to my very wet pussy. When she finally got her hand into my cunt hair, she moved her fingers slowly deeper between my legs until she had her hand over my eager cunt. She began to apply pressure with her palm as she moved her hand in a small circle. I could not stand it any longer and bucked against her hand.

“Please, fuck me, fuck me!” I cried as she suddenly placed one, then two fingers in my cunt while her thumb rubbed my clit.

Suddenly, she stopped, removed her hand, and got up from the bed. My hands immediately went to my cunt and clit, intent on completing the unfinished work.

“No you don’t!” she said, and pulled my hands them away.

She then spread my legs apart and placed herself between them so that her tits hung just above my wet and swollen cunt. She pressed one tit against my cunt, then squeezed it so that the nipple protruded. She moved the nipple over and around my clit, again causing me to squirm and buck for more. She again stopped and let me cool down a little while she slid downward so that she could lick and kiss my legs and belly around my pussy. She came ever closer with her tongue avrupa yakası escort and had me so excited when she finally made contact with my clit that I shuddered and cried out. She ran her tongue slowly from my clit to my vagina while moving it back and forth from one side to the other, giving me intense pleasure. She lifted my ass and shoved a pillow under it, giving her added access. She rolled her tongue and thrust it in and out of my very eager and enlarged hole while her upper lip rubbed my clit. I thrust and squirmed, frantically trying to engulf her whole face in my cunt. She moved her tongue near to my clit as she slowly inserted one finger into my cunt.

I almost screamed, “Oh, that’s so good! — Oh, please fuck me Annie, fuck me with your finger. Suck my clit! Please don’t tease me, baby! Lick me, lick my cunt!”

After a few minutes more of teasing, she placed her pursed mouth on my clit and sucked it. Her simultaneous tongue motions on my clit gave unearthly pleasure and I bucked and twisted as I pulled and pinched my own tits.

As I cried “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me” over and over, she got three fingers into my gaping hole. I shouted “More, more fingers”. She put her four finger tips into my hole and worked them around, in and out as I pushed, jerked and repeated “More” “Fuck me” and incoherent moans.

I pinched, twisted and pulled my tits as every part of my body became a participant in my erotic frenzy. She managed to get all four of her fingers and the palm of her hand up to the base of her thumb into my cunt and thrust and turned her hand at my urging. I was so in motion that she had difficulty, but did manage to get her tongue and lips onto my clit once in a while, and I almost passed out as she sucked it in and tongued it.

As if she didn’t know, I shouted at her forcefully “Oh, Annie, I’m coming! I’m coming! Suck me, fuck me, fuck me harder!” Her hand and mouth become my obsession, and she obliged by faster and harder thrusts, her chin bouncing against my clit. My orgasm was so overpowering that I couldn’t control myself; I humped, twisted and turned so rapidly that she couldn’t continue licking and sucking at all and could hardly keep her fingers in my cunt.

I became so sensitive to her touch that I screamed “Stop! Stop! Enough! Enough!” and shivered and quaked in the aftermath of the delirious big orgasm.

She laid beside me as I recovered. A feeling of satisfaction and relaxation enveloped me. After perhaps 10 minutes, I told her that I had never experienced anything like that before, and that it was so wonderful that there was nothing that I would not do to please her, but that she would have to help me learn what she liked. She smiled sweetly and kissed me gently on the mouth. Her lips and mouth tasted of my cunt juices.

Annie got up from the bed and went to the living room to get something from her magazine bag. I watched from the bed as she reached into the bag to bring out a smaller plastic bag. She brought it to the bedroom and opened it to remove an odd shaped vibrator about an inch thick near the tip but a little larger in the middle, then smaller again near the base. It was about 5 inches long, and had a flattened base about 4 inches across . It had a sort of harness affair enabling it to be worn as a cock. There were a number of projections made of rubber beneath the base, which, I concluded, would provide some stimulation to the wearer. She laid the device on the bed and again laid down beside me, put an arm under me and rolled me over on top of her. After a passionate kiss, she asked me to suck her tits. I slid downward some so that I could oblige and she parted and bent her legs so that I fit between them.

I licked, sucked, squeezed, pinched and pulled her hard nipples as she squeeled and muttered approval. Her evident pleasure gave me erotic pleasure also, and I felt that I just had to get more and more of her tits into my hands and mouth. While I sucked and gently bit one, I would pinch and pull the other. That activity continued with increasing intensity for about 10 minutes. She bucked, turned and wiggled her pelvis attempting to make contact between her cunt and my belly. As she got more aroused, she made more noise and bucked and twisted harder so that, occasionally, the desired contact was achieved, at which time she would shiver, squeel and say “E-e-a-a-ah”.

Finally, she said “Becky, honey, I’m ready for you to move down, now. I want you to kiss my pussy, lick my clit, then suck it.”

I was more than anxious to do so, and slid down in the bed between her bent and spread legs until my tongue and mouth could reach her very wet, swollen, and eager pussy. Before I touched her clit, however, I inserted a finger into her vagina as she squirmed and thrust.

“Eat me, eat me” she repeated as I touched her labia and clit with my tongue. “Becky, don’t tease me, suck my clit, eat me!” she cried as she squeezed, pulled and pinched her own tits.

I opened my mouth wide and placed it over as much of her whole cunt as I could, found her vagina with my tongue, and pressed and clamped my mouth on her cunt by sucking as hard as I could.

She screemed “Oh! Oh! That’s so good, eat me, eat me” as I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and then licked upward to her clit.

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