Tennis Players Ball


David put two one hundred dollar bills in the caretakers hand.

“Okay, now you understand, nobody is to be here. No groundsmen, no carpenders, nobody. I know you won’t leave, and thats okay, but you don’t breathe a word of what you see.”

The old guy nodded. It wasn’t unusual for tennis players to want to practise in private, keeping their form a secret, especially coming up to a tournament.

David slipped him another hundred. “This is to make sure, and stay out of sight, I’ve told them nobody will be here.”

It was as if they’d arrived a for a big match, as the two ladies, Anna Dvorsky and Maria Chovanec, both world champion tennis players, walked onto the court with their tennis bags.

Charlie did as David told him and stayed out of sight, on the second tier at the back. He had seen these ladies play before, many times, but he was surprised that they were practising together. A moment later he was even more surprised, as he watched them both strip off nude.

Anna picked up her racquet and a bag of balls, and walked to the end of the court, naked, apart from her headband and shoes. Maria walked to the other end, also totally nude. For a moment, they looked at each other grinning.

Anna called out. “Warm up?”

Maria nodded. “Okay.”

They hit balls back an forth. Charlie noticed that neither girl had big breasts, so didn’t bounce about a lot, but enough to keep him very interested, and at his age of fifty five, he had not got an erection that quick in years.

Now he knew why all the secrecy, these two ladies wanted to play tennis in the nude. Wow, what a crowd that would draw. He grinned.

After half an hour, they stopped for a break, and then he got another surprise, Anna as she walked past Maria bent down and kissed her. The kiss lingered, and Maria eased herself ucuz escort from the chair she was sitting on and dropped to her knees, pulling Anna down with her.

Charlie figured they were to busy enough with each other to notice him, and he quietly and slowly came down to almost court side. His view was excellent. He had a full view of Anna’s pussy, and could hear her whimpers of pleasure, and Maria’s slurps, as she dined on her pussy.

Charlie undid his pants, and pulled out his rigid cock. He was about to do something he hadn’t done in years, jerk off.

Anna saw some movement and looked across, she saw Charlie watching them stroking his cock. It really turned her on, even though she was looking at what she considered to be an old man. This guy had a massive cock, bigger than she had ever seen before in real life, and although she wasn’t interested in him fucking her, Maria licking her cunt, and this guy masturbating, was sending her over the top. She knew she was going to come fast and hard.

Yes Maria yes,” Anna groaned. “Lick my cunt, I’m gonna come.”

Maria slid her tongue onto Anna clit, making her thrust and gyrate, she held her hips.

Anna couldn’t keep her eye’s off Charlie’s cock. Even as she orgasmed, she watched him masturbate. She wanted to see him come, see his cum shooting from his big cock. She didn’t want to fuck him, but he could come on her if he wanted. She had guys do that to her a few times, and it was really erotic. She supposed they got the same buzz watching a girl orgasm.

Maria held Anna’s pussy flaps apart with her fingers, and licked them, her tongue moving from one side to the other, across her slit, and then moving in circles, everytime touching her clit. It drove Anna mad with erotic pleasure.

“Fuck me Maria, ümraniye escort fuc k me,” she groaned. “God his cock is so big.”

Maria looked up, frowning. “What cock?”

Anna pointed. “That cock.”

Maria looked at Charlie. A quick flit of anger crossing her face, they had been interrupted. But then the erotica of it overtook her anger, as she felt a surge of pleasure surge through her body.

She fingered Anna, as she gyrated thrust and called out, her orgasm controlling her actions and emotions. She watched Charlie, Hotrod as he was know during his school days, stroking his cock.

“Come here,” she told him.

He got up and stood by the fence.

“No here,” Maria patted the ground alongside her. “And take off your pants.”

He took off his pants, climbed over the fence and stood beside her. She took hold of his cock.

“God, that is so big,” she said in awe. “Do you know how long it is.”

He nodded. “It’s been measured many times, by many girls. Ten inches.”

She closed her eyes. “Ten inches. Well put your ten inches in my hungry wet pussy.”

He went behind her, and eased his cock into her wet hole.

She moaned as she felt him stretch her open.

“You want him to fuck you?” Anna asked her, with raised eyebrows.

Maria nodded. “Of course. I would never pass up a cock that big.

Charlie fucked her to an orgasm, and gave Anna her wish, pulling out on the money shot, and shooting his cum over her throat,tits and stomach. The last drizzles he left on Maria’s gorgeous tight arse.

Anna touched her clit, as she rubbed his cum over her nipples, restarting her orgasm.

Maria rolled onto her back. “Give me more, fuck me again.”

Charlie slid his cock back inside her, and fucked her üsküdar escort hard. She gurgled with delight as Anna sucked her nipples.

They sat smiling at each other, and Charlie chuckled. “This stadium has never seen this sort of action before, and probably never will again.”

Marie giggled. “Don’t bet on it. Anna and I like to play some games in the nude, so when we are in town, would you make the stadium available?”

“You only have to ask my darling,” he replied.

“And your wonderful cock?” she grinned at him.

“It goes without saying,” he grinned. “It’s a package deal.”

Anna rolled towards him, and put her hand on his cock. “I’m not a lesbian, I’m a little bit bi, I prefer girls, but under the circumstances, maybe.”

She took him in her mouth and sucked him, then straddled him, guiding his cock inside her. It was a while since she had fucked a guy, and had forgotten how good a cock could feel. Particularly this cock.

After a couple of minutes, she felt the pressure building, and couldn’t believe she was going to come.

“God, here we having sex with an unknown man,” she groaned.

Charlie took the hint. “I’m Charlie, the head groundsman here.”

Anna smiled down at him. “I’m Anna, and that’s Maria.”

He nodded. “I’ve watched you both play a hundred times, but this is your best performance yet.”

She grinned, she was staring to orgasm, and knew this wonderful event was about to end. “And you are very discreet.”

“It’s my middle name,” he said.

He walked with them to get their bags and clothes. “Sure you don’t want to play a few more sets?”

They both laughed. “You are a naughty man Charlie,” Anna said. She grabbed his cock and squeezed it. “I think this better than shaking hands.”

“Any chance, at your next comp here, you could play without panties?” he grinned.

Maria giggled. “Actually, I’ve thought about doing that, but the skirts are a bit short. Sorry Charlie.”

“But instead,” Anna said. “We will come back and play for you nude, like today.”

Deal,” he grinned, slapping their bare arses. It couldn’t come soon enough.

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