Taking Nurse Kelly


Alicia swerved into her personal parking space in her black Mercedes. She looked at the double glass doors leading to her office but she didn’t touch her heels to the pavement. Not yet.

She laid her back against the black leather and sighed but it was one of a fading sadness. She hoped the material would help soothe the pain of the recent finalization of her divorce but it did little of that.

Not every relationship lasted a lifetime and hers carried that unfortunate distinction.

Her ex-hubby didn’t want to have any munchkins running around but Alicia did and those differences were quite irreconcilable.

She knew Tim felt that way before they tied the knot but she hoped her irresistible charm and beauty would sway him. After all, he was the one she’d been waiting for her whole life and she couldn’t think of waiting longer for another prince.

That didn’t work out so well. A mistake but everyone made them especially when driven by love.

And now she was a free woman.

As Alicia reminisced, she recalled mentioning a certain fantasy to her hubby about wanting to play with another woman. He was beyond ecstatic about the idea and amongst their circle, they discovered Marie, a friend of a friend that was bi and very curious. She got to know Alicia and wanted to have some fun with her, too.

The couple eventually invited Marie into their bed. Tim was content with watching and jacking off while the ladies had their playtime.

It was something wonderful about how that woman touched Alicia with a gentle softness and explored places on her body she never knew were erogenous. How she licked her sex as she took her time and savored it resulted in Alicia’s mind being blown.

After that night, Alicia filed that experience away in her mind along with the intense feelings that came with it.

One thing that came along with the separation and the ensuing burning of the marriage certificate were the nights that left her pussy cold and lonely.

She reached for the file containing the night she had with Marie and the craving she had for another woman was out of the damn world! She had to have one and an idea popped into her mind.

Alicia broke from the dirty thoughts running around her mind and peered out of the window. The sky was fading from its early morning dark purples and giving way to the yellow, blinding rays of the sun. It was also a hint to Alicia that her shift was beginning soon and she needed to get moving on that sidewalk.

Her fingers were tempted to slip inside her skirt and ease her tensions. She pulled them away but not without a grunt.

There was a woman she had her sights on. One she’d come to know quite well and she was about to see her. Maybe some persuasion would get her to relieve those tensions for Alicia?

Alicia pulled her rear view mirror even with her face to ensure she was presentable to be seen in public for the 90th time that morning. Her cheeks were brushed with red blush, her eye shadow mimicked the color of her plum skirt, her jade irises glistened in the rays of the sun, and her pink lips were juicy and wanting to get some action.

She nodded when she passed her check again and pulled her brownish blonde locks into a ponytail.

Her black high heel touched the pavement and she strutted her way into her building.

She smiled and waved at the patients strolling the brown marble-tiled lobby and the older gentleman at the security desk. She was trying to fake a good mood until she made it. Being too down would only invite questions she had no desire of answering.

The clacking of her heels on the tile became softer as she stepped onto the carpet blanketing the hallway where her office resided.

She pushed the handle to the office and stepped inside.

There was a little boy bouncing from one corner of the waiting room to the other with a mom in pursuit donning eyes of fury and a wagging finger. Sitting in another pair of seats were a woman that looked to be in her 20’s about to pop with her hand’s fingers entangled with her significant other. Another patient was checking in.

To Alicia’s surprise the rest of the seats were unoccupied and her 7am patient wasn’t among those present, which was pleasing because she was certain to need some “alone” time that morning.

She grinned at the receptionist on her way to the door to the back area with the patient rooms.

She opened the door and despite the warm breath of nature outside, a chilled breeze smacked her in face.

She let the door close, took two steps, and was ambushed by a pretty petite woman with brown hair and caramel skin.

That was Kelly, the star of Alicia’s recent fantasies. She had been Alicia’s nurse for the past month or so. It was her first nursing gig and she was always unsure of every move she made, asking questions to which she already had the answers, and tripping over her shoes. One time, Alicia was with a patient and halfway through the appointment realized she was reading from the wrong chart. She had to have a closed door talk with kartal escort Kelly who was crimson-eyed and face was drenched with tears.

Alicia was firm and no nonsense but made an effort to see things how Kelly did. Kelly was trying to make a positive impression, maybe going overboard with it, but at least her intentions were in the right spot.

It was quite devious for Alicia to think about how Kelly gave off a highly submissive vibe during their coaching session and how she might use that later.

Kelly was like an almond that needed cracking open. Aside from Alicia, it was an anomaly for her to speak to anyone unless it was necessary for her job. She spent most of her breaks in a shadowed corner reading the latest kisses and roses novel through her pink framed lenses. She was from Laos but lacked any accent that would have given that away. She usually only mumbled a few notches over a whisper and looked everywhere but at the person she talked to. Alicia encouraged her to relax and trust herself with confidence because she knew what to do, engage her peers and the patients more, and greet people like they were friends she hadn’t seen in years. It seemed to be a stretch for Kelly to not treat everyone as a German Shepard looking to tear off her flesh but Alicia was there for her all the way.

Following her private conversation with Alicia, Kelly worked like an employee of the month and would chat with others but only if they engaged. It was a start. Alicia was proud and enjoyed the $8 cups of expresso she brought her every morning but if Kelly wasn’t trying too hard, it wouldn’t be her.

Though Alicia had seen Kelly every day, she looked quite edible this morning in her green scrub top and pants. She never eyed her nurse the way she was now with such lust and desire.

The thought of pursuing Kelly was a naughty one indeed. Alicia had the twenty-six year old nurse by thirteen years in age. She was already eating out of her hand and anxious to please. Kelly seemed to shrink back when standing under Alicia as she was knocking at the door of six feet, a full half foot taller than her. Alicia would just have to figure out how to encourage Kelly to please her in other ways without risking their jobs at the same time. Kelly was a star employee and Alicia wanted to take care not to derail her promising career.

Alicia could use her position of power and be a little assertive but that wouldn’t be appropriate…would it?

Alicia was still gazing at Kelly when she reached for the expresso she offered.

“Good morning, Dr. Davies,” she said as she handed her the cup.

“How are you today?” Alicia asked while taking a sip of the beverage. It filled her with warmth as it slid through her system.

Kelly twirled a few strands of hair around a finger. “Good. Mrs. Oakley is here. She came early. She’s ready for you in Room 1.”

A little disappointment trickled into Alicia’s faux cheery disposition. She was sure she would get a few moments to collect herself before starting work.

She walked towards the room. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Um, that’s a cute skirt.”

Alicia ceased her steps and shined a grin at Kelly. “That’s kind of you. Such a sweet thing for you to say.”

Alicia appreciated the compliment though she wasn’t sure how genuine it was. She may been throwing bait for brownie points but if she kept working so well, she might get them and much more!

A couple hours later, Alicia was in a circle chatting with some of the other doctors and nurses when her ears snared the sounds of a raucous coming from around the corner.

She excused herself from the conversation and sped to investigate.

A lady, probably pushing seventy, was shoving Kelly’s hand away, which held a needle she obviously wasn’t thrilled about having near her.

“Get that away from me!” she snapped. “I don’t like those! I never have! If you had read my file, you would know that!”

Kelly said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t see that but I promise to find out why it wasn’t in there.”

“It seems that being competent isn’t a requirement for working here!”

Kelly covered her emotional display and started sniffing when Alicia stepped into the situation.

“What is the problem, Mrs. Mills?” she asked as she took the place of her distraught nurse.

Mrs. Mills shook her head in disgust. “You people should know that I require sedative before I can deal with those needles!”

Something about that became the spark that lit Alicia’s fuse. “Okay, first of all, my nurse’s name is Kelly. I would appreciate you not referring to her or anyone here as ‘you people.’ And second, I wouldn’t have asked her to give you the flu shot if I thought there was a problem. The doctor at your previous clinic must have not sent over your complete file. I’ll look into it. We can administer some nitrous oxide but it will have to be on your next visit. Please see the receptionist on your way out and she will reschedule you. I’m sorry for the confusion.”

“Hmph,” Mrs. kaynarca escort Mills scoffed as she snatched her purse and shambled her way to the door.

Alicia’s main concern was that of Kelly who was standing off to the side with her arms folded and drying her eyes.

She approached Kelly with a hand to her back as she moved around to her front. “You handled that well. In that situation, apologize and promise that we’ll correct the issue and get the patient taken care of.”


Alicia, with her thumb, acted as her Kleenex. “Don’t take that personally. That wasn’t about you, okay?”

Kelly sniffed again. “Yeah.”

Alicia opened her arms and though she hesitated, Kelly accepted her invitation.

There was something about having a warm, beautiful young woman in Alicia’s arms that was driving her wild! Oh, did that feel comforting!

Alicia noticed Kelly tighten the hold on her before she detached and returned to work. It was subtle but did it mean anything? Alicia wanted to think so. It only caused her infatuation with her to shoot up a couple of notches.

An hour or so later, Alicia was in her office working on her laptop. Noon was soon to strike and the rumbles in her tummy made certain she was aware of that. The mad rush of everyone scrambling out of the office was also a good hint! She felt like she could have eaten a whole garden’s worth of salad.

She closed her laptop but before she could sprint to the cafeteria, the fluffy red-haired, bouncy Renee tapped on her door and eased it open. She was the nurse for one of the other doctors.

Alicia waved her inside. “Hey, Renee. Come on in.”

“Hey, Dr. Davies! Is this a good time?”

“Of course. It’s not like I was starving and about to go to lunch or anything.” Renee had a look of utter regret as she clinched up but Alicia smirked and chuckled. “I’m teasing but I wouldn’t be upset if you made it quick.”

Renee loosened up and said, “Okay, I will! Um, I wanted to say that Kelly is like amazing. She always wants to help everyone. It gets kind of annoying when she keeps asking if we need something but at least she asks. She acts like we’re going to bite her, though. She’s kind of timid.”

Alicia was thinking that she would love to bite Kelly amongst a few other things but on a professional level, she had the ideal work ethic.

“Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad that you enjoy working with her. I’ll let her know what you said.”

“Great! Enjoy your lunch!”

And like that, Renee popped out and Alicia scooted to the cafeteria as quick as her feet could get her there!

It was fried chicken day and the smell was most prevalent. It would have been a temptation had Alicia not been on a permanent diet.

Some premade chicken salads in plastic containers were on ice and those were more appealing. She swiped one.

Through the hustle and chatter, she spotted the desire of her eyes getting a plate of food at the hot table nearby.

Alicia timed it so she would get in the cashier’s line in front of Kelly. Nearby was a cooler shaped like a Coke can filled with ice. She rummaged through it and pulled out a Diet Coke.

Alicia hummed to herself and looked around while waiting to pay as Kelly eased up behind her.

Kelly was staring at her plate of baked chicken and apples when Alicia turned sideways to chat her up. “That smells good.”

Kelly never looked up from the tray. “I hope it tastes that way.”

The ladies moved up a few steps.

Alicia cleared her throat and whipped out her authoritative tone. “Kelly, I need to see you in my office when we get back. You can bring your lunch.”

Alicia could almost see a lump form in Kelly’s throat.

Kelly’s eyes bucked and her brows slanted the same way they did the last time she visited Dr. Davies’s office. “Did I do something wrong?”

“You’ll find out when we get there.”

It was Alicia’s turn in line and she handed the cashier a Lincoln and he filled her open palm with a pair of bills.

Alicia seemed to like using the power behind her title and the naughtiness was more appealing!

She went back to her office, dropped her salad and plastic fork on the table, and waited for Kelly who was a few paces behind.

When she came in, her fingers trembled, barely holding up her plate and she shuffled her feet.

Alicia sat down. “Close the door.”

Kelly pushed it closed and lowered herself so gently into the chair across from Dr. Davies. “Am I in trouble?”

Alicia popped the top of the plastic container, stabbed some of the green icebergs and a cherry tomato with her fork, and stuffed it into her mouth.

She kept an eye on Kelly while she crunched. Kelly couldn’t sit still and was playing with some sticky notes and a pen that was on the desk.

Alicia chewed for what seemed an hour and sat back. “How’s your lunch?”

Kelly picked at the chicken breast with her fingertips and nibbled on a piece. “It’s okay.”

“Good. I thought about trying kozyatağı escort it but you never know how cafeteria food is,” Alicia said as she pierced her salad again. “I just wanted to talk about your progress. Are you okay with that?”

Kelly was still rigid but loosened enough to lift her fork and poke at a sliced apple.

“I guess…”

“So, how do you like working here?” Alicia asked as she chewed on her meal.

Kelly slid a piece of chicken between her lips. “I like it very much.”

“What do you like about it?”

She lifted a hand in front of her mouth as she spoke between chews. “Well, I love to help make people feel better and take care of them like I did my sister growing up.”

“Oh, I think that’s nice.”

“When she would get a cold or something I realized how much I enjoyed making her well again.”

Alicia was impressed by that. More than any compliment about her fashion she could have given her. “Ah, I see. That’s when you discovered you wanted to be a nurse. You’ve been doing great. Thanks for helping me like you have.”

“You’re welcome.”

“But, you could stand to chat up your coworkers more. I think I’m the only one you talk to. Sherry and Renee, the other nurses, are pretty awesome. I got some feedback about you today. Everyone enjoys working with you and appreciate your hard work.”

Kelly finished swallowing another chicken piece and said, “I think it just takes me a while to open up to people. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sure it’s something you can work on. Your supervisor was worried about you at first but I had no doubt.”

“Thanks…” Kelly said as she toyed with the breast again. “And thanks for helping me with Mrs. Mills.”

Alicia downed some of her Coke. “It was no problem and you know how to handle it now.”

“I do.”

“I also think you need to work on being on time. You’ve done well lately but you have been late a few times this month. That’s important especially when others are relying on you. One weak link drags the whole team down.”

“I’ll work on it.”

Being alone with Kelly had Alicia wet and her skin was warming.

Alicia sipped on her drink again. “Since you like talking to me so much, do you find me beautiful?”

Kelly paused mid-bite. “Um, yes. You are very beautiful.”

“As are you. You’re very pretty.”

Kelly smiled but kept feeding her face.

After a few minutes, Alicia dropped her fork into the empty container and wiped her lips.

She stood with Kelly in her sights and sat on the edge of the desk near her. She pinched her skirt at the bottom and hiked it up a tad revealing more of her legs.

Alicia felt every bit of awkwardness for she knew what she was doing, and the possible consequences, but she’d lost control the minute she decided to fuck Marie a few months prior.

Kelly’s attention shifted to Alicia’s retreating skirt but she ripped her eyes away. With a look from the side, she glanced again. Alicia was soaking all of this up and grew hotter by the moment.

Alicia parted her legs and angled herself towards Kelly. “So, you like what you see?”

Kelly’s face was glowing reddish brown and her breathing picked up. “I…I…”

Alicia brushed the tiny hairs on Kelly’s arm and her lip hung in shock or disbelief. “You what?”

Alicia slid her fingers within Kelly’s straight locks and squeezed. With a handful of them, she walked behind her, pulled her neck back, and looked at her through a bedroom squint.

“I can’t hear you. What did you say?”

Alicia had no idea what she was getting herself into but it was a little late to pretend as though she wasn’t pushing the bounds of their work relationship.

Kelly’s eyelids spread further apart. “I…liked what I saw.”

Alicia blew in silent relief. “And what did you see that you liked?”

Kelly was like the color of one of those cherry tomatoes Alicia had eaten.

“Do I…have to say it?” she said through her cracking voice as she clamped her hands between her thighs and looked around like someone might be passing by. Not that anyone could see. The lone window in the room faced the parking lot and the blinds were pulled.

Alicia crinkled her forehead and curled her lips. “I’m waiting or do I have to ask again?”

Kelly dipped her chin and mumbled. “Your legs…they’re nice.”

Alicia had legs like someone that spent a lot of time running and doing squats and lunges. They had a natural tanned look to them.

Alicia made her way to Kelly’s side with her skirt grasped in her fingers and pulled halfway up her legs. “Do you want to feel them?” Kelly kept darting her attention around the room when Alicia snatched her jaw and spun her focus back to her legs. “I asked you something, didn’t I? Do you want to touch me?”

Kelly lifted her head and Alicia reveled in how her eyes were all but asking to be taken. At least that’s what Alicia wanted to believe!

Alicia tossed a hand on her hip and waited. Kelly pulled a hand from between her thighs and Alicia was shaking until her hands like silk stroked her thigh towards the bottom of her skirt and back to her knee. Alicia was racing with arousal.

“Is this okay? We’re at work…” Kelly asked as she took away her hand.

Alicia grumbled and pinched Kelly’s nipple through her green scrubs and held it. Kelly yelped and sucked a strong breath.

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