Take Me After The Ol’ Ball Game


“Oh, fuck!! I’m cumming!” Melissa screamed and began whimpering. Her orgasm milking my cock, provoking me to flood her with my own.

I collapsed and Melissa rolled over on top of me. Her 40D chest molding itself to my chest as we kissed.

“Welcome to New York, Len.” She giggled tracing my nipple with her fingernail.

“Thanks, babe. This..” I gave her tight ass a love swat, “is just what I needed to begin my vacation.”

“Sweet talker.” She kissed me again and added, “Besides that’s what friends with benefits are for.”

She was right. We’ve known each other more than half of our lives. It had been nearly four years since we’d been together. Way too long! We have been through it all and know each other inside and out. At 38, it’s a great thing to have in life. A no strings attached fuck buddy.

Especially, one as sexy as Melissa. In her early forties she passes for early thirties with her flowing mane of natural blonde hair, sparkling green eyes and 40D-28-34 traffic stopping figure that draws attention everywhere she goes. She loves sex and I reap the benefits of her nymphomania.

I had arrived in New York a few hours earlier. The weather had been typical for New York on July 3rd. Hot and sticky with oppressive humidity. I refused to allow it to bother me as I began the first vacation that I’ve had in nearly four years.

My life has been filled with the heartbreaking task of caring for my disabled mother. It was wearing on me and for the sake of my sanity I needed a break.

Melissa invited me to New York and my brother and sister in law agreed to sit with mom so I could take her up on the kind offer.

As we lay under the breeze of the ceiling fan, after fucking Melissa after years of only cybersex and masturbation I felt like a new man.

I woke on the 4th of July finding my morning wood pressed against Melissa’s thigh. Easing the tip to her entrance, i teased her into consciousness. We shared a good morning kiss and she asked what time it was.


She rolled out of bed. “Crap! I hate to leave you like this, but I’ve got to haul ass or I’ll be late for the celebrity flag football game between the cops and firefighters.”

We hit the shower, washed each others backs and headed out. Melissa got lots of donations along with learing glances from the male populace in attendance. For teens and eighty year olds alike, Melissa was the object of fantasy fodder. Her looks helped raise alot of money for a great cause.

She was so swamped that I agreed to man the concession beylikdüzü escort stand.

“I need a diet Pepsi, please.” The exhausted request came at me in a thick italian accent.

“Comin’ right up.” I grabbed a bottle from the cooler and turned to face the customer.

A goddess smiled at me. Long flowing jet black hair, intense green eyes filled with a passion for life, glowing olive skin and from what I could tell from the way her the zebra striped ref’s shirt hugged her curves, her body was the equal of Melissa’s.

She paid for the drink and I returned the money with a smile. “On the house. Official’s discount.”


“Len.” I introduced myself.

“Thanks, Len. That’s sweet of you. I’m Angelica.”

“My pleasure, Angelica.” Our eyes locked until one of the firefighters yelled, “Come on, Ang. The second half starts in a few and we need a ref.”

“Comin’,Tony.” She yelled back. “My little brother. Whatcha gonna do?” Angelica shrugged, took a long swig of the icy soda and jogged back onto the field. Her ass swaying in snug workout shorts.

With the halftime rush over, I was relieved. I walked to the fence, my eyes never leaving Angelica. She had command of the field. When the cop’s center slapped her ass she penalized him for illegal use of hands and when he protested she kicked him square in the ass to the delight of the crowd. “You don’t see that in the NFL.” I chuckled.

The game ended and nearly five hundred dollars had been raised.

Angelica and I were talking in the end zone when Melissa appeared with a firefighter. She introduced him as Marco and let me know not to wait up for her.

I found myself in need of a ride when I noticed Agelica giving me an inquisitive glance. I explained my relationship with Mellissa and my dilemma to her.

She nodded. “So you are free?”

“As a bird.”

“Good. No offense, but Melissa is a fool for choosing Marco over you. I’ll give you a ride.”

“That would be great! Plus, it’ll give me a chance to get to know the sexiest ref I’ve ever seen.” I flirted.

“In that case, instead of taking you home, how does an authentic italian lunch with me sound. Then if you are up for it, I’ve got an extra ticket to the Jays-Yankees game ’cause Tony’s working.”

“Sounds like a date, Angelica.” I agreed and we headed to Brooklyn. Angelica excused herself and returned a few minutes later. Shower fresh and modeling an LT 6 jersey and a pair of jean shorts that beyoğlu escort showed off her great legs.

The prosciutto and parm tortelloni and anolini dinner was the best meal that I’ve ever eaten and I told her so.

Over a vintage bottle of Lambusco after dinner, we got to know each other. I told her my story and I was captivated by hers.

At 39, she had been born in Parma, Italy and moved to Brooklyn when she was twenty. She works as a sales associate for a Manhatten department store. She’s also going back to NYU to get her Master’s degree in International Business. With it she will return to Parma and eventually take over the family vineyard and restaurant. On top of all of that, Angelica also helps her Aunt Rosa take care of her Uncle Paulie as he is recovering from a broken hip. Her social life was sparse because there just weren’t enough hours in the day.

I know exactly how she felt. Getting to know Angelica was like finding the other half of myself. Finishing off my wine, I realized that Angelica was everything I’ve ever desired in a woman.

Intelligence. Great wit. Beauty. Athleticism. Talented in the kitchen. And every pore in her body exudes that smoldering sensual sexuality that only Italian women seem to possess. I knew sex with her would be as scorching as the heatwave the city was blanketed in.

The dishwasher loaded, I pulled Angelica to me. “Thank you for an incredible lunch and for allowing me to get to know you Angelica.” My lips met hers. Tentative at first she returned the affection and the passion began to build. The intensity of the kiss exploded. I had experienced the hottest kiss of my life.

The kiss sealed our destiny. We were soulmates. Meant to be together. I understood it and from the lust filled gaze Angelica gave me as we broke the kiss, she knew it, too.

“Wow! Thanks, Len. I could get used to the way you say thanks.” She grinned and my heart raced as we headed to the stadium, found our seats and settled in.

During the seventh inning stretch, Angelica stood, stretched and I noticed her arms discretely disappear inside her jersey. Her right hand reappeared as she took the cap from my head. Moments later her left hand appeared and she dropped her bra into my cap!

Shaking her breasts she sighed. “That’s much better! It’s way too hot for a bra.” She teased handing me the cap and it’s contents.

We settled in for the rest of the game and Angelica’s right hand rested on my left thigh. Mere inches bizimkent escort away from the hard on that her teasing was creating.

Her wandering fingers had me so distracted that Angelica nearly got plunked with a ricocheting foul in the bottom of the ninth. I caught it out of the corner of my eye and used my bra filled cap to snag it. I pulled the ball from the cap to a smattering of applause from a the guys a few rows in front of us. I handed the ball to Angelica. She inspected it and handed it back to me.

“You can have it. I like the balls I’ve been playing with better.” She spoke with a straight face and gave me a playful squeeze. I dropped the ball into the cap and snuck a peak at the label of Angelica’s bra. 38D. I leaned back and enjoyed the rest of the ball game. The one Angelica was playing, that is. The Yankees won in twelve but we could’ve cared less.

We headed back to Brooklyn for our own extra innings. We barely made it into her apartment and slammed the door before we were kissing again. My hands yanked the jersey over her head. Angelica stood before me gloriously topless. My hungry mouth found her perky pink nipple as my right hand cupped her other breast, kneading it with urgency. Kissing my way down her taut toned stomach, my toungue bathed her belly button as my fingers nimbly unbuttoned her shorts, which along with her purple panties joined the jersey, her bra and my cap in the pile by the door. My kisses trailed through her full neatly trimmed bush until I found and captured her clit between my lips. As I suckled, Angelica moaned and nearly swooned when I dipped my index finger into her soaked pussy. Steadying herself, she grinned, and kicked of her sneakers and socks as I undressed.


“Upstairs! First door on the right!”

Scooping her petite frame into my arms I carried Angelica to bed. Where I gently placed her and told her she was gorgeous before I resumed my position between her silky thighs. My tongue brought her two orgasms before she slid around and we 69ed until she orgasmed again. Realizing that I was close, Angelica straddled me and I slowly slid herself down on my cock. She began to ride and squeeze me as I played with her bouncing boobs. I felt like I was in heaven as her fourth orgasm triggered the biggest one I’ve ever had.

I held Angelica in my arms that steamy 4th of July night as the sandman sent us to dreamland.

My two week vacation to reunite with my fuck buddy Melissa turned into a summer full of sizzling sex with my soulmate Angelica crammed into two weeks. She was my tour guide and date for the standard fare of summertime. Pool parties. picnics. Even sex on the beach after we got loaded on a few sex on the beaches!

I’m back in Arkansas now. My vacation over, my future is on the horizon. Angelica graduates in December and has invited me to Italy to meet her family. Time can’t pass fast enough.

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