Sweet Natasha Ch. 02


This is chapter 2 of the series. It is strongly recommended that you read the first chapter to follow the story.


Natasha could only bow her head and cry. The onslaught was relentless. The yells increased the stream of tears flowing from her eyes. Jennifer’s assault, even though well provoked, was pounding Natasha’s spirit to a pulp.

“How you dare barge into my room…an-and…ughhh…are you a fucking dyke?” Jennifer barked with a look of anger and confusion.

“I-I…Jen-Jennifer I am so sorry…I just couldn’t help it.” Natasha hopelessly blurted out, not daring to make eye contact with the infuriated girl.

“You couldn’t help it? W-What are you…a freak?” Jennifer snapped back. Her tone increasingly puzzled.

Natasha bowed her head once again as she absorbed the hurtful comments. Her uncontrollable sobbing was the shameless acceptance of Jennifer’s allegations.

“I can’t fucking believe this…I am sooo complaining to the R.A.!” Jennifer announced, exasperated, as she furiously turned to leave the room.

Natasha desperately scrambled on her knees, and managed to clamp down on Jennifer’s left knee before she exited the room. With teary eyes she begged Jennifer for forgiveness: “Pleaseeee Jennifer…pleaseee, d-don’t do that. I-I would do anything…anything you say. I beg you!” Her pleas were cried out with a desperate whining.

As Jennifer struggled to rid her limb from Natasha’s iron grip, it became clear that her efforts were futile and helpless. Natasha’s will and determination were simply overpowering.

Finally succumbing to the relentless beggar, Jennifer’s heart softened as she gazed down at the fragile and desperate girl avidly holding on to her.

As she studied the helpless creature, an estranged feeling of pity and power quickly took over her. An almost quaint tendency of dominance which seemed to make her body warm and her skin tingle. She couldn’t quite grasp the foreign sentiment, yet the new perception excited her immensely.

Impulsively, she started caressing Natasha’s hair with consoling strokes: “Okayyy…okayyy…I won’t tell. Quit whinning now, would you?” She whispered in an inane state of mind, nonsensical to her own naturalness.

As Natasha heard the comforting words through the reassuringly soft fingers, her heart brightened up with glee and joy.

In an utmost grateful spirit she kissed Jennifer’s warm thigh, a mere reflexive peck of happiness. And as she felt Jennifer squirm, she unconsciously placed another kiss on the left inner thigh, a firmer and wetter kiss.

The warmth of Jennifer’s tanned silky skin on her lips immediately set her body aflame, blurring her thoughts and her lucidity. She couldn’t control herself as she started raining wet pecks on Jennifer’s inner thigh.

“Nat-Natasha…w-what the hell are you doing?!?” Jennifer’s complaint was partially mitigated by the tickling, yet tender feeling of Natasha’s soft lips on her inner thigh.

Yet, Natasha wasn’t in full control of her actions, as they were a mechanical response to her unbridled lust.

“Plhheeaseee…pleeeasee…l-let me thank you.” Natasha babbled in between kisses of solace.

She then started laving Jennifer’s inner thigh with deranged and passionate licks. Her salivating tongue left an excessively wet trail with each stroke, permeating the girl’s thigh flesh with warm saliva.

The taste of Jennifer’s skin was exquisite, only adding to Natasha’s temporary insanity.

“Hmmm…goodness, this is lovely.” Natasha whispered with trembling voice and eyes shut, as she savored the girl’s flesh.

Jennifer’s body seemed to have been paralyzed in time by the fervid caresses, and even though her mind rejected such ministrations, her body was unconsciously accepting them. Instinctively spreading her thighs a bit, she invited Natasha’s warm lips, which were already trailing up the path under the hem of her miniskirt.

As Natasha’s nostrils captured the mild musk of Jennifer’s cunt, she tilted her head in desperation, and pushed her nose into the fragrant crotch.

“Awwww gaaawwwd…this issshhhh greaaat…” Natasha crooned, as she sniffed Jennifer’s cunt perfume.

The sudden intrusion startled Jennifer, eliciting a loud gasp from her lips. Then, a hypocritical complaint: “Awwyyy…Nat-Natasha…you need to sto…” But her voice quickly trailed off as she relished the sensation of Natasha’s nose wedged between her pussy lips. Instead, the libidinous sensation brought about an unconscious rocking of her hips, as she sought better contact.

Natasha was avidly sniffing Jennifer’s crotch. The now very aroused crotch was emitting a more potent feminine musk, an animal-like spice, which had Natasha drooling and blithering: “Hmmm…this is shhoooo ghhoood…plhheeease l-let me thank you…”

Natasha found Jennifer’s cunt scent tantalizing and spellbinding. Perhaps sweeter than any exotic flower she had ever smelled, and yet more mecidiyeköy escort intoxicating than any fragrance she had ever experienced. The womanly aphrodisiac seemed to have a purifying effect on her, as she found herself drooling from the corners of her mouth, and her stomach growling with sexual hunger. Jennifer’s pussy had the smell of nourishment – the fragrance of life giving essence, the unique spice of royal cunt.

Driven by an estranged sensuality, Jennifer continued to rock her hips back and forth, animatedly rubbing her crotch on Natasha’s nose. The firm contact on her excited vagina gradually increased her libido, elevating the inexplicable passion that had taken over her.

The deranged, yet synchronized copulation had both girls moaning with excitement. It was an instinctual bond that arose from a deep and dark portion of their spirits; an inherent pact which involuntarily assigned them roles as lovers in a dominant-submissive relationship.

In an unwilled impulse, Jennifer’s hands took hold of Natasha’s head, as she involuntarily attempted to stimulate her cunt deeper, utilizing the refined nose.

“Ohhhh…Natasha…th-this is crazy…” Jennifer’s raspy voice announced the insanity of her actions.

Yet, Natasha was deaf and blind to the reality that surrounded her. Somehow being in between Jennifer’s thighs was her idea of paradise. Having her face smothered with the scent of excited cunt was thrilling beyond her understanding.

“Ghhaaawwwd Jennifer, it smells great…hmmmm…oh gosh…” Her babbling was hardly audible through the constant smothering of her lips.

Yet, her words triggered an abrupt lurch in Jennifer’s hips which sent them both tumbling down to the floor as they tottered out of balance.

Jennifer fell on her backside, with her legs sprawled – again revealing her tantalizing crotch to Natasha’s glaring eyes. Her unbalanced positioning, with the hem of her miniskirt above waist, was an unconscious allurement to resume their lecherous fondling.

Natasha’s nose quickly found its way in between Jennifer’s thigh for a much needed whiff of cunt. A couple of seconds away from the coveted treasure felt like a lifetime to her.

“Uyyy…Ahhh…hmmm…” Jennifer flinched and mewed when she felt the searching nose firmly nuzzling her. Automatically, she grabbed Natasha’s head and resumed her hip rhythm in the sole search of better stimulation.

The moans slowly became more audible in the quiet room, as the girls traveled the unexplored path. The extrinsic, yet heated passion was taking them to an unknown territory – a dimension in which two total strangers would come together in pursuit of a blinding infatuation. – As the heat in her crotch became unbearable, Jennifer was swept by an inherent desire of liberation; an unpredictable impulse to bare her treasures to scorching eyes. The intolerable itching in her cunt needed immediate release.

With a swift bounce of her hips, Jennifer quickly brought the soaked thong to her mid-thighs, alerting Natasha in the process: “Nat-Natasha, whh-wait…I ha-have to take these…”

Pushing the girl’s nose from her crotch, Jennifer quickly raised her shapely legs up high, and discarded the flimsy underwear.

The warm garment was immediately captured by Natasha, who nervously fumbled with it, searching for its warm and wet crotch. Quickly finding its most fragrant spot, she sniffed it diligently. Her hands trembled as she held the panties to her nose. It was apparent from her bodily reactions that it was quickly becoming an addiction.

Yet, such occupation proved meaningless as her eyes took in the sight directly in front of her. Jennifer’s thighs were spread wide open displaying her very wet and swollen vagina. Her obscene posture was a clear invitation for Natasha.

Quickly dropping the panties, Natasha brought her face to within inches of Jennifer’s pussy. As she studied the bubbling cunt, her body shivered with exhilaration. The outer lips were very moist and swollen, almost pouting angrily. Thin shiny cum strings stretched from in between the slightly parted labia, giving the entire vulva the appearance of a drooling ravenous mouth.

The splendid sight made her mouth salivate at an alarming rate. Her insides seemed to churn with excitement as for the first time ever, her eyes witnessed perfection. It was more beautiful than she had ever imagined, far more lovely than she had ever dreamed of.

As the aggressive slick lips seemed to usher her in, Natasha nervously glanced up at Jennifer. She was silently pleading for acceptance, begging for permission, imploring for a chance to make a dream come through.

With a slight upward lurch of the hips, Jennifer quickly invited the beggar to explore; it was just a weak push upwards, lewdly offering her wet cunt to the famished girl.

As the silent agreement was made, Natasha immediately brought her nose to the unconcealed vagina and sniffed its bare şişli escort essence. Closing her eyes in passion, she inhaled the naked perfume of excited cunt. The warm scent was enticing and pheromone filled. It was primitive, and enrapturing, yet very feminine. Its musky aroma had Natasha quivering uncontrollably, trembling with emotion.

The excited vagina pulsed constantly as it made contact with the searching nose. It looked fervid and alive, almost calling Natasha to a more intimate contact.

Then, the unexpected happened. Natasha brought her lips to the overheated vagina and gave it an exploratory kiss, a wet hesitant peck that marked the beginning of a new life for her.

“Aghhhhh…gosh Nat-Natasha that felt so…” Jennifer whispered with trembling voice as she felt the wet and warm contact.

Natasha placed another wet kiss on the hot pussy, this time with a firmer and more reverent smack of the lips.

“Ooohhh…please Nat-Natasha…it-its ki-killing meeeee…”Jennifer’s complaint quickly became a loud squeal as she felt Natasha French kiss her pussy.

The warm and buttery cunt felt exquisite on Natasha’s lips as she instinctively lip-locked the slippery flesh with a searching tongue. It was Natasha’s first kiss ever, her first intimate and passionate exchange in a world that had deprived her from happiness for so long. The thrill of no longer being an oral-virgin had her ecstatic and overjoyed; it fueled her novice effort as she devoured the gorgeous liquid cunt.

As she pulled away to contemplate the hot vagina once again, her lips pulled the slick labia with a stretching suck, absorbing a fair amount of vaginal fluid into her salivating mouth. The warm juices seemed to sizzle in her taste buds as she relished the unique taste of hot aroused cunt. The sweet spiciness of the offering was very exotic, and its tanginess very alluring. Natasha found the taste oddly stimulating and nourishing. The tart flavor seemed to increase her hunger as it trickled down her throat.

Momentarily neglected and desperate for more contact, Jennifer spread her thighs further, silently asking Natasha to resume her ministrations. The slight outward motion separated the slick pussy lips with a faint squelching sound that brought Natasha’s attention back to the task ahead.

Refocusing on the drooling cunt, Natasha could now see the pink inner lips. They were very smooth, almost wrinkle-free, and coated with minute drops of cunt cream, which gave them a very slick and waxy appearance.

Natasha could only swallow hard, and whisper her anxiety: “Gawwd Jennifer…it-its sooo gorgeous.”

Hesitantly she stretched her drooling tongue and scooped up a tongue-full of the warm viscous fluid which covered Jennifer’s inner labia. The tangy flavor immediately fired her nervous system, sending her into a licking rampage, and she started laving the entire vulva with broad tongue strokes. The slippery texture of Jennifer’s cunt flesh felt amazing in her tongue. It had her moaning helplessly as she took in the flavor of sex:”Hmmm…Hmm…soo gmmm…good…”

Jennifer’s hips started moving to the rhythm of the tongue strokes as she mewed and groaned in pleasure. “Ohhh gosh Natashaaahhh…don-don’t stop…” Her voice was airy and somewhat broken as she encouraged the libidinous contact.

Then, brazened with unbridled passion, Natasha started sucking on the entire vulva – milking its cream to her heart’s contempt. It was an inherent reaction that surfaced from her hunger.

“Hmmmmm…hmmm…hmm…” She moaned, relishing the meaty texture of Jennifer’s vulva.

“Oh gawd yes suck…suck…please don’t stop…” Jennifer cried in passion as her cunt was almost ready to erupt.

Clasping Natasha’s scalp, Jennifer started rocking her hips against the girls face, energetically fucking the inexperienced mouth with an iron grip. From the erratic rhythm of her hips, it was obvious that she was approaching a thunderous climax.

Instinctively latching on to the pulsing cunt, Natasha sucked her way through the rocking motion. Never letting down, blindly loving Jennifer’s cunt to the best of her ability.

And, as the fervid copulation gradually drove Jennifer over the edge, she announced the culmination of her lust;”Natasha…don-don’t s-stop..I am gonna co-come…nnghhhh…”

Then, pulling Natasha in with a mighty grasp, she yelled out of her lungs and squirted a scorching jet of cunt juice on the back of Natasha’s throat: “Awwyyyyyy….fuuuuck…shiiiiit!”

Natasha flinched reflexively as she felt the mist hit her tonsils; yet, she found herself innocently swallowing the spending.

Gracefully ending the impetuous climax, Jennifer gave out one last squeal, an almost forceful grunt, obscenely squirting the remaining juices of her exhausted cunt inside Jennifer’s mouth. “Unghhhh…gosh that was sooo great…”

As the two girls lay tired on the floor, no words were said; only heavy breathing kağıthane escort was audible in the quiet room. A guilty silence permeated the atmosphere.

Then, a raspy voice, a mere whisper: “Please get out of my room…this is so wrong.”

This phrase haunted Natasha for weeks to come. She couldn’t understand why Jennifer turned her away after the passionate encounter. `Why was she being so cold and distant?’ Deep inside of her, Natasha knew that a part of Jennifer had enjoyed the wonderful moment. She had come so sweet in Natasha’s mouth, and yet that didn’t seem to be enough. Natasha had begged on her knees for one more chance, a priceless opportunity to show Jennifer how much she adored her: “Please Jennifer. Please…I’ll do it better this time, you can do whatever you want with me…just let me do it again…” And yet, many times she found herself crying after the same answer: “Natasha quit it! I am not a dyke…it was a mistake!”

The words seemed to bore a hole in her soul; `it was a mistake!’ She would cry in front of the mirror, searching for the answer; looking deep inside her green eyes for the antidote to mitigate her pain. It was slowly killing her – consuming her entirely; affecting her lucidity and her sanity.

Yet, the countless begging and pleading sessions eventually proved too enticing and stimulating to a slowly crumbling Jennifer. Many a times she would find herself craving the hot mouth; `Gawd, it felt sooo good to come in her mouth.’

Then she would always reminisce on Natasha’s veridical words: “You can do whatever you want with me….”

Every time she remembered Natasha on her knees, crying, her body would warm up and her cunt would itch. Perhaps it was the fact the she had sole control over the fragile girl, or maybe it was pure need of satisfaction. But regardless, the idea of having Natasha between her legs again was slowly becoming irresistible.

Then, it happened on a slow Friday afternoon.

Natasha was resting on the living room couch watching television when an upset Jennifer came barging into the apartment. “I can’t fucking believe this! How she dare make me walk!”

Throwing herself on the couch opposite to Natasha, the exasperated girl recounted the upsetting experience. She had gotten into an argument with a sorority sister, and was left to walk the long distance from the Greek house to the apartment. “That fucking bitch…ughhh…I mean look at my feet…they are so swollen!” She said as she placed the heel of her shoes on the edge of the couch.

Natasha’s heart pounded in her chest as she saw the girl’s light blue miniskirt slide back to expose tanned thighs framing a black thong. It looked exquisite, and Natasha was already salivating as she imagined the scent and taste of the sweating cunt underneath.

“D-Do you w-want me to massage your feet?” The nervous inquiry came to her as a mere impulse.

As Jennifer heard the offer, she stared at Natasha, almost studying her facial expressions; searching for a sign, looking for that natural state of submissiveness that had been strangely exciting her lately.

Then, biting her lower lip, she gave Natasha a sensuous smile, and nodded her head in approval: “Uh huh…”

Natasha quickly scrambled to her knees and crossed the room to kneel in front of the gorgeous girl. Quickly baring the warm and humid feet, she started massaging the left foot with improvising fingers. Jennifer’s toes were perfect and well taken care of. Natasha thought they were lovely and exquisite.

As Jennifer started to relax, she commended Natasha on a very soothing job: “Hmmm…Natasha your hands are wonderful.”

Laying back for comfort, she pushed her hips forward as she laid her back against the couch. Unconsciously spreading her lovely thighs in the process, she gave a mouthwatering view of her panties to Natasha.

With the warm crotch now closer to her face, Natasha could only swallow hard as she took in the alluring sight. She could feel her hands beginning to shake as she began to have flashbacks of their first encounter. She could still feel the warm vaginal fluid trickling down her throat, nourishing her heart and soul in a unique and special way. The taste of Jennifer’s cunt was still vivid in her mind. It was so beautiful, so palatable; it was the incomparable flavor of gorgeous cunt.

Closing her eyes in passion, she moved her nose to Jennifer’s crotch and sniffed deeply. The scent was strong and musky. It was the smell of a well exercised cunt; the fragrance of a vagina that had sweated under enclosed confinements. It was peppery and spellbinding, yet very feminine. Natasha found the raw and primitive aroma extremely arousing.

As she realized that her sniffling was out of control, she quickly glanced up, to find Jennifer staring down at her. And even as their gazes locked, it was impossible for Natasha to stop smelling the musky cunt. She was entranced with the tantalizing aroma.

Then, Jennifer did something unexpected. Pulling the black thong to the side she offered herself to the cunt-famished girl: “Go ahead sweetie…you can suck it.” Her whisper was somewhat broken and airy, a testament of her growing lust.

Natasha immediately lunged, and sucked as much flesh in her mouth as she could.

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