Suzy: Lesbian’s Captive


Active resistance

Suzy was bound, wrists and ankles, loosely to the bed. She had been repeatedly raped. The abuse her anus had endured was too much in itself, not to mention her other openings.

She was half-asleep when the door opened. Thoughts of another gangbang flashed before her. But she was surprised at what she saw. Instead of men, it was a woman, a very nude woman. Suzy was confused.

The woman got on the bed with her. She moved so that her breasts almost touched Suzy’s lips.

“Would you like to kiss these?” the woman asked.

“Of course not!” she exclaimed.

“OK. Then I’ll just have to kiss yours,” she laughed.

Suddenly the woman was kissing her breasts.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Suzy yelled, frantically trying to pull away from the woman. But the restraints kept her from fighting off the eager mouth. She continued to struggle, but to no avail.

Passive resistance

Finally Suzy gave up. Like the men before her, the woman was going to do what she pleased, regardless of Suzy’s protests. She feared the men and their crude sex. But she feared a woman’s sexual advances too, for different reasons. She tried hard to put the homosexual images out of her mind. Suzy relaxed outwardly, but inside she was churning anxiously.

The woman’s lips ravished Suzy’s large breasts. This went on for several minutes. Suzy was embarrassed when she realized that her nipples were responding to the woman’s lips. She didn’t feel sexually aroused and yet her nipples were firming up. The woman smiled.

“Feel’s good, eh?” the woman giggled.

“Of course not!” Suzy exclaimed.

The woman toyed with Suzy’s erect nipples and laughed. “I’ll make you a deal. As soon as your nipples soften up, I’ll stop.” Suzy flushed with embarrassment.

The woman went back to kissing Suzy’s breasts. Suzy closed her eyes and tried to think about anything but the mouth.

“No, no, no,” she repeated to herself. It didn’t work. Her nipples continued to stiffen.

“Well, Honey, your body is telling me you like it. How about it?”

“I’m no lesbian!” Suzy cried out.

“You don’t have to be,” the woman smiled. “But if you don’t admit you like it, I’m going to have to find some place you do like me kissing.” Her mouth left Suzy’s nipples and moved downward.

Horrified, Suzy he realized what the woman had meant. Letting a female kiss your breasts was one thing, but having her kiss your pussy was pure homo. Her mind could handle the breasts. She knew she couldn’t handle the other.

The woman paused just above her pubic area, waiting for a response from Suzy.

“Where do you want me to kiss cevizli escort you?” she breathed.

“Nowhere,” Suzy cried.

The woman’s lips moved down, lightly grazing her pubic hair.

“No … Please … my breasts!” Suzy stammered, knowing it was the only answer she could give to keep the woman’s lips off her most private area.

The woman went back to sucking Suzy’s nipples. “Tell me how good it feels,” the woman demanded.

Suzy waited too long to reply. The lips again moved downward, jolting Suzy to reality.

“Wonderful!” Suzy exclaimed. “Great.”

“Good girl,” the woman giggled.

The woman’s lips went back to work. Every so often her lips would drift downward off Suzy’s breasts forcing Suzy to describe how much her breasts liked the attention they were getting.

After several minutes of expert kissing, sucking, caressing, etc., the woman’s hands started to roam downward to where her lips had threatened to go. Suzy protested.

“Would you prefer my mouth?”

Point made, she let the fingers roam without any further fuss. She didn’t pay much attention to them as she drifted back into “encouraging” the woman’s advances. Telling the woman how much she liked her breasts sucked had its own self-fulfilling effect. She was talking herself into actually liking the feel of the lips. She was beginning to feel far too comfortable.

And then it happened. Suzy suddenly awoke from her trance. She felt a mini-climax coming on. She realized that the woman’s finger was rubbing her clitoris. That, along with the attention her breasts were getting, brought it on.

“No,” she moaned weakly as she came, unable to control her pelvis from jerking spontaneously in the short, sweet climax.

She was so embarrassed. Her eyes filled with tears.

“I’m glad we got that over with,” the woman giggled. She kissed Suzy gently on the cheek.

Suzy was stunned. She had climaxed with a woman. She didn’t know what to think. She had always thought of herself as strictly heterosexual. Now she was filled with doubt.

She felt the woman’s finger slide smoothly into her wet cunt. The woman began finger-fucking her. Her lips moved to Suzy’s breasts again, this time with even more enthusiasm. She was being ravished from top to bottom. She was too numb to resist. She tried to think about anything but the fast moving finger.

Passive acceptance

It frightened her that it felt so good. She hadn’t been finger-fucked since high school. It felt better this time than it had in the back seat of her boyfriend’s car. He had fumbled around not knowing what he was really doing. This woman knew erenköy escort exactly what, where and how. There was no fumbling. Two fingers worked in and out of Suzy like a pro. Her juices were flowing. Despite Suzy’s half-hearted efforts to resist mentally, within a few moments her body started to climb towards another climax. Her nipples burned under the onslaught of the woman’s mouth. Her womb ached with pleasure from the finger-fucking. She bit her lips trying to hold back the anguished cries of ecstasy. Her hips started to hump against the penetrating fingers. This was no mini-climax. This was the real deal.

She moaned loudly as she had a thunderous climax. She was unable to hold back the cries of pleasure.

She was ashamed of herself, unable to stop her body from responding to the woman’s sexual advances. She couldn’t help craving the woman’s touch. Even after the gigantic climax she knew she was ready for more. Her body was experiencing insatiable lust. One, sometimes two climaxes, was all she normally experienced. But she knew there were many more where the last one came from.

The woman spoke softly. “I know you feel bad about cumming. Don’t worry about it. You’re OK. This is just an aberration. You have been raped every way possible. This is your haven from the brutality. This is for you, not the horny guys. This is for yourpleasure.” She smiled down at Suzy, caressing her breasts softly.

“Pleasure is certainly the word,” Suzy thought.

“Besides,” the woman continued after a pause. “I make all my straight women cum and cum and cum!” She laughed.

“All my straight women,” she repeated to herself. That made her feel better. The woman seemed sincere. “Thistruly is an aberration,” she thought. She wasn’t a lesbian. She enjoyed men. After tonight this would never happen again. But right now, she lusted for this specific woman’s touch.

“Shall I continue?” the woman asked, still caressing Suzy’s hard-nippled breasts.

Suzy nodded weakly, unable to verbalize her feelings. She felt like the experimental rat that kept pushing the lever that triggered an orgasm, even though it was starving to death. She knew she was only a finger away from another climax.

“I can untie all but one ankle,” the woman said.

Suzy watched with great anticipation as she was untied. She was ready for more sex.

Up until now she hadn’t paid much attention to her seducer. The woman was very athletic looking. She smiled to herself. If ever she had met a dyke before, this certainly was one. No wonder she had cum so quickly. This woman knew exactly how to seduce a female. Suzy had been easy prey.

“Hmmm…,” esenyurt escort she purred, as the woman again started kissing her breasts.

Active acceptance

She was able to use her own hands freely now. She pressed the woman’s lips to her swollen nipples. The woman’s hand moved downward slowly, teasingly. Suzy grasped it with her own hand, pressing it against her cunt. She felt the fingers again slide inward. Her body swam with pleasure. Her heart jumped as she felt the woman’s lips move downward off her breasts and across her belly.

This time there was no protest. She was miles past the stage of not wanting to indulge in something “homosexual.” She loved every minute of it. She knew were the lips were headed. She tensed as the tongue touched her pubic hair. The woman’s lips paused. Suzy breathed deeply waiting for the tongue to reach its destination.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. She pressed the woman’s lips to her womb. The tongue licked the insides of her cunt. Suzy squealed with a pleasure so intense she lost control. She felt like she was going to urinate. Warm juices flooded her womb as she began to climax. She couldn’t control her humping hips or her loud moans. The climax went on and on.

When her climax finally stopped, she couldn’t believe what had happened. It must have been one of those maxi-climaxes she had read about. It was far and away the best – and longest – she had ever had.

Having just moaned, groaned, squirmed, humped, purred, screamed, climaxed, etc., etc., she finally felt totally at ease with her female lover. She reached up and felt the woman’s breasts. They were well-rounded and firm. The nipples were hard.

“You must enjoy your work,” Suzy giggled.

“Your not the only one who got off,” the woman laughed.

“Great! I was having so much fun myself I didn’t notice.”

Suzy couldn’t believe the next words that came out of her own mouth. “I’d like to go down on you…”

“You would.” The woman seemed genuinely surprised.

“You gave me such great pleasure. Let me try.”

She gave the woman’s breasts a squeeze. Rolling her onto her back, Suzy kissed each one of the small but firm breasts. Somehow it seemed so natural. The woman purred. Suzy had a good teacher. After a time she began stroking the woman’s pubic area as the woman had done to her, drawing similar groans from her. Finally Suzy’s lips followed her hand down between the woman’s thighs. Her tongue drew from her lesbian lover the same sounds and uncontrollable movements that Suzy herself had made moments before. She felt the woman cumming. She loved it. She realized that the reason she was enjoying the woman’s reactions so much was that she, too, was having another climax.

They quickly maneuvered into the natural 69 position, remaining that way for several more climaxes.

When it was over, Suzy wondered if a man could ever give her as much pleasure as she had experienced with her dyke lover.

Bi Bi.

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