Sulphurette Pt. 07


A young man and his two friends climbed out of the Uber to stand looking up at the massive building in front of them. Its huge geometric white pillars partly hid a wall of black glass cut into a pattern of rectangles. Banners advertising a performance of Gounod’s Faust that evening stood on poles all around the concrete courtyard. The young man started forward confidently, while the other two gawked and tagged along.

Inside, electric lights, shining brass and white marble were echoed into enormity by mirrors covering the walls of the large lobby. White marble stairs covered in olive green carpet wound over a lighted pool and out of sight. Without hesitating, the young man and his friends wove through the slowly ascending crowd of tuxedoed men and richly gowned women.

Arriving at the mezzanine level, all three were momentarily stunned. A half-dozen, honest-to-god *Succubi* were mingling and greeting the crowd! And they. were. *hot*. None of them had exactly the same outfit, but all wore slinky gowns and cocktail dresses which showed off just about as much as it was legal to do in public. Deep v-necked bodices displayed the navels of some, and high-cut, side-slit dresses revealed the tops of stockings on others. Besides that, each one of them had the most amazingly realistic wings! They ranged in size and color, but all looked like they were made of a close-grained leather with a kind of internal mechanism which made them actually flex and move as the women walked about.

In particular, there was a short blonde with sun-kissed skin right in front of them greeting people as they reached the top of the stairs. Her dress was electric blue, and seemed like it must have been poured on just as they were running out of paint. Thin straps highlighted the muscular shoulders of a gymnast. As the fabric dropped, it flared wide enough cover the nipples, but left the faint curve of her flat breasts exposed as it continued downward connect below her navel. The back and side were similarly exposed, showing off the subtle interplay of lean muscles across her chest and back and deliciously feminine dimples above her buttocks. The whole thing seemed so precarious, though, that one felt that the slightest wrong move would expose her entirely. Thin hips and thick thighs stretched the skirt nearly to its breaking point.

His two friends stood as gauche and goggle-eyed as they might have done at Hooters, but he wanted to seem aloof and mature. Quickly getting his hormones under control, he headed toward the bar, thinking to himself that the opera had really out-done itself in creating ambience tonight!


Umbra was all butterflies and nerves as she kept her fake smile glued firmly in place and tried to imitate Sulphurette’s poise and witty conversation. It was her *very first time* being asked to join a hunt, and she was equal parts excited and terrified. Sulphurette had been planning this with The Agency’s leadership for weeks, and there was a lot of pressure on her to pull it off. Umbra just wanted to make her mentor proud and not screw anything up.

Umbra kept an eye on the main staircase, bringing anyone promising to Sulphurette’s attention. Seeing three young men come up the stairs together, she immediately signaled to Sulphurette. One of them headed towards the bar, and Sulphurette moved to cut him off. Umbra headed over to distract the other two with small talk, while keeping most of her attention on Sulphurette.

The two young men turned out to be mostly interested in her breasts (even small as they were), and therefore didn’t notice that Umbra was distracted, too. She subtly shepherded her young men just a bit closer to Sulphurette so she could overhear.

Sulphurette sashayed up behind the leader slipping a hand over his shoulder and down his chest. She said in sultry tones: “Good evening. Welcome to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Have you visited before?” With a start, the young man spun around and stared at her, eyes flickering between Sulphurette’s bulging décolletage and her face.

Amused, Umbra saw him finally get his eyes under control, as he responded: “Y-Yes, many times. This is the first time for my two friends, though.” He gestured at the two young men talking with Umbra. Sulphurette picked up the conversation to ask about other operas he’d seen, how well he knew Faust, and other topics to do with music. He seemed impressed not only with Sulphurette’s décolletage, but also with her extensive knowledge of opera.


He had to admit that he was *extraordinarily* impressed. This woman was obviously more than eye candy to foreshadow the orgy scene at the end of the opera! In fact, he was shocked at the depth of her knowledge about the opera and music in general. Lamenting that tonight’s performance was in German, she described the istanbul travesti first performance of this opera translated in Italian (“The true language of opera…”) as though she’d actually been to the performance more than 100 years ago.

The fact that she was easily one of the most attractive women he’d ever seen didn’t hurt. She was dressed in a smokey black dress which seemed not to have a single actually opaque piece of fabric in it. You were only prevented from seeing her curvy body by the skillful combination of layers which tricked the eye. Jet-black hair over milky skin combined with just a hint of an Italian accent to give the impression of speaking with some European nobility. The subtle veins just visible beneath the skin of her bulging breasts seemed to reinforce the impression of “blue blood” in a way which set his heart racing, and made it very hard to concentrate.

Just as she finished yet another witty observation about German opera, she said: “I’m afraid I have to greet some of our other guests now, but I would love to continue our conversation later. Perhaps you and your friends could join my group later on?” He was already nodding, so she drew a small white card from her cleavage, and continued: “Excellent. Meet us here after the show.” She leaned in close to kiss him on the neck, and tucked the card just behind the pocket square of his tux.

It felt like it took him a full minute to remember how to breathe properly as she disappeared into the crowd: wings waving as her ample hips swayed. His friends were their usual, juvenile selves as they rushed up to him. Apparently, they scored similar invitations from the petite blonde. Taking the card out of his pocket, his eyes widened as he read: “Founder’s Room, 11:30” written out in gold leaf. He grinned at his friends, who held up their own cards and grinned right back.


Umbra heard the last chords of the opera come to their melancholy conclusion, followed incongruously by cheering and applause from the audience. She grinned quickly as she thought: “If they only knew what what the afterlife was actually like!” But, her attention was quickly drawn back to the doors of their little prep room when Sulphurette came sweeping back in. Everyone else grew quiet, too, and all eyes turned toward her.

“They should be arriving in the next few minutes. I managed to bag two more during intermission, making one man for each of us. If all goes to plan, this will be the largest single hunt our Bordello has had in a hundred years, and we will spread our influence in a strata of society which is normally very hard for us to reach.” She paused to meet the eyes of each of the other five Succubi. “Except for my apprentice here, you have all been on hunts before. Stay alert, keep to your man, and be flexible. And remember, we want them just a bit groggy: not passed out for hours. So, *control yourselves*. I’ll be back once they’ve all arrived, then we’ll make our big entrance.”

Umbra’s nerves were creeping up again, so she closed her eyes, slowed her breathing, and brought back images of Sulphurette’s nude form stepping out of the shower earlier that evening. She’d already chosen her form for the night: ebony hair, marble skin and heavy curves all around. The water sparkled in her hair and traced glistening lines over the curves. Eyes closed, Umbra felt the flush of arousal on her chest, and the swelling between her thighs in response. She continued to daydream for the next few minutes until Sulphurette returned to summon them.


The Founder’s Room at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion exuded an aura of 60’s opulence. Wood paneled walls stretched far overhead decorated with oil paintings and crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling providing the glow of candlelight to the entire room. Rich wood side-tables lined the walls covered with drinks, crystal glassware, and other refreshments. The center of the room was dominated by an arrangement of wide, cushioned benches arranged in parallel rows.

The young man sat near his friends: chatting, bragging, and sipping drinks. There were a few others who had joined them, and they were all waiting for the ladies to show up. Without warning, the two huge doors at the far end of the hall swung open, and the room fell silent as *they* arrived.

His jaw sagged open, and he just stared. Six women walked into the room looking like they’d just left a demonic version of a Victoria’s Secret catwalk. Silk, satin and lace glistened everywhere, and they represented feminine perfection in every shape and color. They were lead by the woman who’d invited him earlier. As with the other women, her costume had changed considerably from when he’d last seen her. The wings and horns remained, but the gauzy layers of sheer fabric had disappeared leaving only istanbul travestileri a corset, panties, and thigh-high stockings. The others’ costumes had similarly diminished. His cock throbbed in tempo with his pounding heartbeat, and his eyes raced from one to another of the amazing women, trying to drink them all in at once.

They strutted as though still on a catwalk along one side of the room, making subtle eye contact, and turning now and again to ensure everyone got a full view front and back. Each woman eventually locked eyes with one man in particular, and stood opposite them.

His was the blonde gynmast with the sun-kissed skin who greeted them as they first reached the top the stairs Instead of the dress, she wore a matching blue negligé made of a nearly transparent film with a broad satin ribbon below her breasts and a narrow split down the center. It only came down to her hip bones and ended in another band of the same electric blue ribbon. Panties of the same material peeked out from underneath as she walked. From behind, he could see her tiny, glossy black wings (so realistic!) poking out from slits in the fabric. Perfectly tanned ass cheeks were visible below, with just a narrow line of blue satin disappearing between them. As she stopped moving, her blue eyes locked with his, and he just about stopped breathing.

The lead woman announced in a soft, breathy voice: “Thank you, gentlemen, for being patrons of the arts, and coming to visit us tonight. On behalf of the entire opera company, and in the spirit of tonight’s performance, we have come to show you our very *special* appreciation.” As she finished her little speech, each of the women started forward to sit with her man.


Umbra entered the room just behind Sulphurette. She’d been told to connect with the opera buff who’d brought his two friends along that evening. The six pairs of eyes felt like tangible, groping hands as the men fell silent and stared at them, drinks forgotten, jaws sagging open. She saw her man at the far side of the room, and made sure to give him a particularly good view as they strutted around.

She’d not *really* been *with* a man for a long time, and, try as she might, she couldn’t suppress her nerves. She’d always favored women, but as a prostitute during and after the war in Europe, she’d learned to enjoy being with men, too (one of the main reasons she was now a succubus). But, in the long years between those days and her transformation she’d exclusively been with women. So, despite her sexy and detached appearance, her stomach churned just a bit.

Her man was straddling one of the cushioned benches, and judging from the state of his wide eyes and the tent in his trousers, he wasn’t going to be a difficult target. After Sulphurette’s speech, Umbra approached him. Throwing one leg over the bench, she deliberately let her negligé flare open to reveal her stomach and panties as she settled herself facing him. Running her hands from his knees to his crotch, she leaned in to kiss him gently on the lips. He was hesitant at first, but eventually allowed himself to reach up to caress her face gently, and then more insistently.

He was unexpectedly strong as he suddenly pulled her close to sit on his lap with her legs locked around him, his hands caressing the lower part of her back. Memories of the strong hands of soldiers came flooding back, along with the eager swelling in her panties and memories of strong cocks penetrating her.

He was muttering eager compliments between kisses until she pushed him flat down on the bench, straddling his mid-section. Gently grinding her hips into his, she started undoing his bow tie and shirt buttons. He squawked a bit at that, and said: “Wait, wait, aren’t we going to… go… somewhere…”, but by the time he’d gotten that far she had most of his buttons open, and was running her hands along his hairy chest.

Pressing a finger to his lips, she said: “Don’t worry, we’re all among friends here.” Sure enough, as he craned his head up to look, it was obvious that the other men were in a similar (and even more advanced) state of undress. With a long kiss, Umbra gently pressed his head back to the bench, and he heavily exhaled the last of his reservations.

Sliding backward to his thighs, her fingers traced though the hair of his chest and stomach down to his belt. She tugged it open, and pushed down his underwear. His eager cock bounced up to attention. Standing over him for a nervous moment, she pushed aside her panties, spread herself open, and slid down onto his cock.

It was even better than she remembered. The genuine article had a softness and firm, but yielding quality that no toy could match. Her groan matched his as she pressed inexorably downward until their hip bones locked together. travesti istanbul She took a few moments to enjoy the fullness inside her before leaning forward to kiss him deeply on the mouth. As she tilted forward, her hips naturally rose up, and he took the opportunity to start thrusting from below while holding her face in both hands.

She exchanged a whispered stream of profanity, compliments, and inarticulate sounds with him as they lost themselves in their mutual pleasure. It may have been Amsterdam of many years ago, and he another American GI. With the pure, physical sensation, her joy at being penetrated by a living man returned from the deep past. Craving more, Umbra straightened up, hands on his chest, and began slamming her hips down on top of his, gripping his cock inside her with all her strength. He lay, eyes closed, grunting with each bounce.

Looking around the room, Umbra was treated to the sight of her sisters in their element. One pair of her sisters were in a 69 with one another while each was being pounded from behind. Another was on her knees with her wings outstretched, vigorously sucking off the man prone on the bench in front of her. Yet another had her man pinned against the wall while she smashed her hips into him. Finally, like her, Sulphurette was riding another man on a bench a short ways off.

She was magnificent. Long hair streamed down as she arched her back, thrusting her breasts upward. Her heavy breasts bounced and strained in her corset while small thrusts of her huge wings helped propel her up and down. She lolled her head in obvious pleasure while one hand vibrated between her legs. Before long, her eyes squeezed shut as her mouth opened in cries of ecstasy. She clamped her legs around the man’s hips and shuddered for long moments, whimpering and crying out in a way Umbra knew very well. It was the most glorious sight she had ever seen, and she knew it would remain locked in her memory forever.


As much as he wanted this night to last forever, he could tell that he was starting to get close. And, if she kept increasing her pace as she had been, it was going to be soon! Looking up, he could see her staring at one of his two friends being ridden vigorously by the same woman who’d invited him. It was perhaps the most raw, wild, and unrestrained sex he’d ever witnessed. Then, when she finally climaxed, the shear feral sensuality of it was more than he could bear. At last, he grunted out: “I’m cumming!”

With a startled gasp, the woman atop him sprang up, grabbed his cock, and stuffed it in her mouth. Her hand stroked him rapidly while her tongue flicked across the head of his cock. He was so close that it was only moments before she brought him over the edge. With a groan, he let his head drop back, eyes closed, as the ecstatic tingle and surge of his orgasm spread from his cock to the rest of his body. He felt her suck down every drop of his cum, and continue to hold his cock in her mouth until he was completely limp. Only then, with one last sucking tug, she released his limp cock and climbed up to lay flat over top of him, stroking his hair, and kissing his neck gently. Between the caresses and the orgasm, he couldn’t help drifting off to sleep.


Umbra breathed in the cool night air, her fingers twined with Sulphurette’s, as they walked back home from the opera. Despite nearly messing up at the very end, Umbra had done her part to ensure the night was successful, and she was basking in the afterglow of the success. She’d been excitedly twittering along for several minutes before Sulphurette pulled her up short, and stared into her eyes.

“You did well tonight, mia bellissima margherita, but you still have much to learn. You have no idea what a success this night was. The influence of our power over those men will spread into the highest strata of society here for months and years to come. And, that will almost certainly mean promotion and influence with The Agency for me. I might even manage to get back to Europe after all these years! And then…!” As she spoke, her voice became faster and more strident, ending with a clenched fist and eyes gleaming red with demonic passion as they stared up into the sky.

As Sulphurette’s frenzy increased, Umbra’s joy drained away, and she filled with dread. She asked in a pinched whisper: “Would I still be your apprentice?” It wasn’t the question she really wanted to ask, but she felt too crushed to ask what she really wanted to know.

Sulphurette looked down into Umbra’s eyes, and the younger woman could see the fever of ambition soften into an equally fierce tenderness. And, answering the unasked question, she said: “Of course, carissima. I love you more than my own body. I would never let them separate us.”

Standing on her toes, Umbra threw her arms around Sulphurette and squeezed her tight. Sulphurette pulled her close and stroked her hair. After holding each other for a few more moments, they continued on their way, hands locked, with Umbra’s happy twittering floating off into the night sky.

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