Probably bad, but…

STUPID! How can I have been so stupid?

It was understandable this morning, late, always late, running through the apartment trying to comb my hair, apply make-up and dress at the same time.

Oh how I need this job, knowing that there was hardly any gas in the car and also knowing that if I stopped for some I would be late on my first day. For once Lady Luck was smiling on me, the car started and made it all the way to town without so much as a splutter. Even the hem of my skirt almost managed to hide the run that I had naturally made in my last good pair of hose during my frantic dash for the door.

The day continued to improve, Mr. Soames appeared to be pleased with my work; the girls in the office were pleasant and helpful and by mid afternoon I had finally relaxed enough to eat. To cap it all as I was leaving Mr. Soames called me aside to tell me that he was impressed with my efforts and hoped that they would improve even more in time.

“In time” means he wants me to stay, in my state of euphoria I blissfully drive past all the gas stations on the way out of town.

STUPID! I never used to be like this, intelligent, organized; capable were words that applied to me until he left, I don’t even think his name any more. Three years of my life gone in ruins, bringing me to this, the most desolate stretch of road in the county. Dusk upon me and at least a mile in either direction to the nearest house. I want to kick the poor car, knowing that it is me that needs the kick.

“Do you want a ride or not?” Shocked out of my reverie I see for the first time the car that has pulled up next to me, a quizzical expression on the face of the driver. “Yes please I’m out of gas its my fault” the words tumble over themselves in their hurry to escape.

“Well get in then”. I half run around the car, then back again to grab my purse finally sliding into the soft leather interior breath panting from my lungs.

The car silently glides away, a far cry from my old rattletrap. I turn my head slightly to view my savior, a tall figure, carefully trimmed dark hair, dark business suit over a white shirt, the head turning toward me.

“You were really out of it, I called to you three times” she said, a laugh catching in her voice. “I am sorry that we are going in the wrong direction, but out here it doesn’t really matter.” I asked her if she would drop me at the nearest gas station and I would be able to get a ride back with a can.

No way, she said I have had a long hard day and if you don’t mind me saying I can see that you have too. We are going to get a drink and something to eat then worry about the car. Feeling silly and ashamed to been seen in public in such disarray I protested that it was too much trouble and that she should really just drop me off.

Her only answer was to reach a long slim manicured hand across toward me, “Susan” she said. Taking her hand I managed a small “Robin” feeling a little relaxed by the touch of her cool skin and cheerful smile.

“OK türbanlı escort if you don’t want to go out, we will go back to my place, there is everything in the world to drink there and we can relax. I want to hear about your day.

I should have known I thought as we pulled into the parking lot of the newest block of condos in town. Riding up in the elevator to the top floor I surreptitiously looked at Susan in the full light of the car.

Standing at least 5’10” slender and perfectly groomed I wondered how she could possibly have had a hard day. Catching my eye she smiled that infectious way again “Boy am I looking forward to this drink.”

Entering her Condo I was staggered by the lights of the town starting to twinkle far beneath us and moved to the large picture windows to gaze out. “What do you want to drink Robin” she called from the other side of the large room and I turned to see her standing by a large bar, which seemed to have appeared from no-where

“Gin and tonic, please if you have one” Again that laugh, ” I have everything I think; the major difficulty is finding it”. She handed me a crystal tumbler ice cubes tinkling in it and tapped her glass against mine. “Cheers” We stood in silence for a few minutes, looking out of the windows at the brightening town sipping our drinks. Suddenly she said If you are not in too much of a hurry, why don’t I call out for some food and we can relax, I want to hear about your day. I don’t want any silly protest; I hate to eat alone anyway. With that she turned to the phone dialing and speaking briefly before turning back to me. I am going to take a shower, spare room is over there and you will find robes in the closet. With that she walked over to a door on the other side of the room and slipped through it.

Feeling suddenly alone I stood for a few moments unsure whether to run away or not but good manners prevailed, I did not wish to hurt or upset my savior. Carrying my drink to the other bedroom I opened the closet to see several robes all silk and all short. Deciding to put off the decision I walked to the bathroom door and entered the most magnificent bathroom I had ever seen mirrored walls, gold fixtures, quite breathtaking.

Turning the shower on I stripped, throwing my clothes onto the vanity and pausing to look at my reflection in the mirrors. Not too bad, although I could afford to lose a pound or four, breasts still firm my nipples stiffening a little in the cool air and maybe even because it seemed a strangely erotic watching my entire figure displayed in the walls. Casting such thoughts aside I stepped into the shower and let the cool water flow over me washing away the tension. Taking the soap I slowly started to work up a lather, again the erotic feeling as I worked down from my breasts to my belly, my soapy hands sliding between my legs tingling as they washed my lower regions the water playing on my breasts stiffening my nipples still further.

Stop it you fool, tüyap escort I jerked myself out of the trance and hurriedly finished washing, climbing out of the shower and grabbing a big fluffy towel. Drying myself I walked back into the bedroom to study the robes.

They were so short, I grabbed one trying it on and wondering if maybe I could also find a pair of panties, but unwilling to pry in the drawers. Giggling I realized that they could not be Donna’s robes as they would not even cover her bum. Now what made me think that? A little flustered again I picked up my drink and wandered into the living room.

It was fully dark now; low illumination in the room made the town outside glow even brighter; again I took up a position by the window gazing at the lights below. Suddenly I felt hands on my shoulders startling me again and Donna’s voice above and behind me, “Feel better Robin?” Her hands gently massaging my shoulders she asked me to tell her why I seemed so lost. The whole story came tumbling out, the three years of bliss then nothing, coming home to find everything gone, his clothes his pictures his silly toys, everything gone and never a word since.

Her hands continued to rub my shoulders and neck as I unburdened myself to this complete stranger. The doorbell rang and she turned from me to answer it, I watched her reflection in the window tall and slender dressed in a full length white robe. Again I felt strange, maybe there had been long robes in my room and I missed them dressing instead in this one. She reappeared in my view carrying a sack, food I guessed, dropping it on the coffee table she continued on to stand behind me again her fingers resuming their gentle massage of my shoulders. Her hands dropped to the front of my shoulders and down sliding over the tips of my nipples and then back to my neck. I shuddered, feeling my nipples stiffening again in spite of me willing them not to. Had I imagined it or had she really touched me there? The question answered itself as again her hands slid down this time lightly cupping my breasts before moving further down toward my belly. There was a gentle tug and I realized that she had loosened the belt of my robe. Oh God what was happening, for the first time in my life another woman was touching me sexually, as her hands slid back to my breasts, this time against bare skin; the breath escaped from my lungs and I felt a gush of wetness inside me. I WANTED HER TO! The shock of that thought making me tremble all over. She was rolling my nipples between her finger and thumb when suddenly she pinched them, not too hard but not too gently either, looking down I saw them bursting out harder and bigger than I had ever seen before. Again I felt the flush of wetness between my legs and again stifled a scream.

She raised one hand to my cheek and turning my head lowered her lips to mine, softly against me her tongue gently licking my lips and probing into me, unbidden mine came forward to meet her, the tips of tuzla escort our tongues dancing together. Suddenly she let me go and stepped back, I thought I would fall to the floor but her hands reached again to my shoulders steadying me and at the same time slipping the robe away from them and onto the floor.

Slightly to one side of me I could again see her reflection, the intent expression as she let one hand trail down my back, further and further until she reached the cleft of my ass, then still further between my thighs.

I heard her gasp as she felt my extreme wetness, the angle of her fingers changing as she drove them deep inside me. This time I could not stifle the scream and it burst out as she reached into my innermost area. Twice she slid in and out of me then her hand disappeared. Oh no please don’t stop! I silently willed her, and then looking at her reflection watched her bring those same fingers to her mouth licking them, tasting me.

She slid her fingers from her mouth and took me by the hand leading me past the long forgotten food to her bedroom. Lay down and close your eyes she commanded me, pushing me gently to the bed. I lay my eyes tightly closed yet feeling her gaze upon me. “You are so beautiful Robin” I could not believe it this perfect woman was calling me beautiful. “Spread your legs a little wider, I want to see you all” she commanded again. Feeling like a wanton slut I spread my legs and raised my knees from the bed opening my self to her, wanting her to see me open for her. Weight shifted on the bed and suddenly there was hot breath between my thighs; her mouth came hard against me, Her tongue licking at me finding my clit, pressing against it then off again. Slippery between my lips, penetrating me, arms holding my legs further and further apart my hot soaked pussy open for her search.

Again the weight shifted, the tongue moving away, I almost cried out in anguish, then I felt her fingers upon me again playing in my wetness, shamelessly I raised my hips to give her better access being rewarded by a long slender finger penetrating deep inside me. Writhing on the bed I hear myself scream “More, Please!” Being rewarded my pussy stretched wide by her efforts, pumping in and out of me, I hear her moaning “come for me Baby, Please come”. My hands fly to my tits pulling and pinching my nipples as she had done and feel the orgasm building fast in me.

As it burst from me I opened my eyes to see Susan kneeling between my legs her left hand pumping against me her right doing the same to herself, so wild and out of control. Breasts bouncing and covered in a film of perspiration from her exertions. The sight of her bringing me over the top, my cunt filled with my coming, soaking her hand, as she frantically worked on herself, screaming as she climaxed with me. Again she removed her fingers from me now dripping with my fluids and raised them to her mouth licking and sucking each one. I had to! Sitting up, I reached down between her legs touching for the first time another woman’s pussy, marveling at the soft wetness, reaching inside her until my fingers were as wet as hers then raising them to my mouth. Oh so good. Susan pushing me back on the bed, laying on me, kissing me, our come mingling in our mouths.

“I am lonely too,”she said.

“Will you stay?”

“Yes” I Whispered.

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