Southern Nights Ch. 12

Big Dick

Southern Nights 12. – Over the trench.

The crystal clear water was so warm it hardly served to cool down the three passion-driven bodies at all. Not even now as the most intense heat was over.

Now, once the sun had passed it’s apex and started a downward journey, it didn’t give the same feeling of being roasted alive as they once again sat down on the upper deck to dry the salty water out of their hair.

The sun had now approached the horizon and started painting the vast deep blue scenery in the west in a magnificent myriad of red. Soon every reddish nuance played up all over the skyline as the gloomy profile of Maracolar got darker and turned up its most hostile contour of contained geological rage, seemingly determined to finally scare off the minuscule intruders that so shamelessly trespassed its timeless proximity.

After a while the rental company called them on the radio, and Mary was on to reassure them and make sure to follow their direction on switching on the appropriate lanterns for the upcoming darkness. A little later she even switched on the sonar and called the two others down to have a look.

“See, we’re just drifting out over the trench,” she told them excitedly, pointing at the green line down at the corner of the screen. “You can just see the edge down here as it slips out of range.”

Linda wasn’t afraid in any way, but the feeling of awe kept creeping in on her as the sound of a sharp gasping sound from the sea right outside made her jump. Mary smiled at her inexperienced reaction. “Dolphins,” she stated flatly as she started ushering her two companions out and back up onto the top deck. “If we’re lucky they will start singing for us in a little while.”

The light breeze that had cooled them a bit during the afternoon had died down to nothing and left everything completely quiet. The ocean was like a mirror, and the only sound to be heard was the chuckling ripples of water along the boat side every now and then.

Under the slowly swaying light of the lantern Linda went on to bring up another huge pile of towels, making the deck between the chairs a love-nest of itself for the evening’s passionate activities.

Soon the dusk with its waning artwork of sunset reds had tuned into complete darkness, and to Linda the atmosphere got much more intimate in some peculiar way. Probably from the fact that the vastness around them had been reduced to little more than the illuminated part of the upper deck right under the lanterns. Even the threatening profile of the volcano vanished into the depth of darkness as the outside world faded away and left the three of them floating alone in the very center of it. Soon the dolphins started their low, lamenting song, like lonely sirens lost somewhere far out in the night, making the experience of nearness to nature almost tangible in its mighty prominence. Linda thought they sounded like a choir of lost mistresses pleading to join them in their peaceful quest for ultimate pleasure.

Life was perfect.

“I don’t think bahçeşehir escort I’ve felt so romantic in years,” Angela smiled as she raised her glass to click it with her two companions. “It’s like an overdose both of sexual pleasure and awe-striking nature,” she added with her short, girlish giggle. “Who could believe it could be so awesome… all of it.”

Mary smiled back and nodded as she sighed deeply in her almost dizzying state of gratifying contentment. “Awesome is the word, that’s for sure. I can feel the vastness around us as a kind of deep tone, a kind of humming deep in my soul… striking a low cord somewhere deep within…” She had to smile at her own philosophical elaboration, thinking she should have topped it with some dry remark from her other – and very distant – world of statistics.

Every now and then there was a click or some other sound coming from the radio down under. But they were left alone and undisturbed, as they had asked. Only the three of them, together there under the warm light, getting closer than ever before, on all emotional levels.

Sitting on the pile of towels between the two deck chairs, Linda felt a new glow of consolation and confidence fill her heart. Maybe it was the champagne, but the desire to play her role out to perfect completion made her entire body tingle with a kind of drowsy excitement. Somehow the darkness and intimacy of the imaginary confinement of light made her bolder than she would ever thought she could be.

“Ma’m,” she cooed coyly, putting her hand on her mistress’ knee. “Is there any way I could be of assistance to you? Anything at all? I think maybe you could use some loving attention from a humble slave longing to worship…”

Immediately Mary’s thighs slipped apart, revealing a pink, swollen cleft still slightly reddish after its last outburst of mind-bending ecstasy.

“Oh yes, my darling. Go on. Serve me. Make it good for me. That’s what you’re for…” Mary’s voice was deep and soft – almost raspy – with a mixture of teasing sensuality and blatant passion to it.

“That’s my only purpose in life, ma’am. My only desire. I belong to you!”

They both smiled at the palpable expression of eternal love and devotion, yet somehow they knew that it was all very real. About as real as it could get. In its own way. Their own special way. This was what they both wanted more than anything in their life, and there were only the obstacles of reality that could change that. Obstacles that possibly could be overcome one way or the other?

“Oh yes, mammmmmmm…” The hungry lips found their target and tongue followed between lips to slip into its predetermined place in the groove directly at the left side of the lust-ripening clit.

Mary was sated but not completely exhausted. Still she needed some time to overcome the slight feeling of soreness that damped the onslaught of new emotions in the beginning. But then it gradually faded away, and passion flooded throughout her system bakırköy escort as ever before as that wonderful mouth did its well-trained tricks.

The girl seemed to sense her prevalent need for rhythm and predictability though, and she started a very slow and patient massage of the clitoral area that inevitably drove her lady very slowly towards another peak. As Mary felt it coming she focused on relaxing every muscle of her body, and just let everything flow according to its own spine-shuddering and muscle-flexing pace. She was almost amazed as the ultimate moment came and her hips wiggled vigorously against the dark head completely by their own drive for ultimate pleasure. That made the intensity of it so overwhelming she had to shriek uncontrollably as she exploded inside out into the warm mouth, wetting the enthusiastic tongue with another generous squirt of lady juice as the ecstasy flowed through her. She really thought she should have learned to control her vocal outputs during her orgasm by now, but she realised that with this sensational girl it would grow increasingly difficult as the little darling continued finding new ways to intensify her pleasure. And what the hell did it matter far out here? Nobody could hear them except the dolphins that kept prying along every now and then, and they had a song of their own!

It took a long time of devoted letdown nursing before Linda finally lifted her mouth from the happily swollen pussy to meet Angela’s eyes over at the other chair. Mary groaned just semi-consciously as the contact of love was broken, and the girl could sense her strive not to fall asleep right on after her gut-draining eruption.

Linda gently put her mistress’ legs down and covered her entire crotch area with soft, still sun-warmed towels before she turned her attention to the patiently waiting lady beside her. There still was this delightful task to attend to, and she went down into a low crawl, attempting an imitation of a big cat – even purring and daintily licking her lips – as she moved over towards the stunning beauty at her side. She was welcomed by languidly parting thighs, and the lady eagerly slipped down to position her butt at the very edge of the chair to be in ideal position for the prowling youngster. Lips sealed themselves upon swollen lips with a succulent mmmmmm closely followed by a breathless gasp to signal the start of another joyful ride to the heights of unparalleled pleasure. A shudder went through both of them – from the one over to the other – as the wave of passion washed over them like a tidal wave. Angela grabbed the arms of her chair as soft hands came up to start tweaking her erect nipples in a perfectly balanced rhythm with the tongue invading her well-lubricated love tunnel with vivid thrusts.

“Yes, like that baby… just like that. You know exactly how to do it… you little strumpet… oooohhhh…”

Mary had to mobilize energy just to open her eyes as she heard the unmistaken sounds of mounting passion başakşehir escort right beside her. She knew her exhaustion was only temporary, and the sound of her friend’s pleasure-drowned instructions immediately filled her chest with a new glow of joyful desire, bringing her to life in a way she never would have thought possible just a few months back. All because of the amazing talents of her incredible young aficionado.

As she watched the dark head bob on between the obscenely spread legs of her friend, she started wondering how far this girl actually could drive them. Right now it seemed there was no real limit to how high the intensity of their pleasure could get. It was practically just a matter of how well coordinated they could get with her, something that obviously was a matter of how much time they would spend together.

From her position right behind the upturned butt she could see the girl’s fingers play gently over her own lust engorged clit, expertly coordinating her own pending orgasm with that of Angela as their breathless exercise culminated in a terrific bout of bouncing and trashing and Angela’s blatant howl of ecstasy. She knew the girl had hers – no matter what efforts she made to try to conceal it – when she couldn’t take the intensity of the heat any longer; a relief of her insatiable hunger for their domineering pleasure.

Afterwards they all piled up together on the heap of damp towels, intensely enjoying the feeling of nearness and comfort. The two ladies even overcame their reluctance to touch each other and were soon kissing and stroking gingerly as Linda’s tongue worked it’s tickling magic on some body part most available and receptive to new signals of passion.

On and on their lovemaking went, all three of them seemingly insatiable in their unremitting pursue of unparalleled sexual bliss. Mary could hardly understand where she got this amazing sexual energy from. Maybe some of it came from witnessing her friend’s rapture, the way she so utterly shamelessly gave herself over to her passion, delightfully selfishly pulling every last flick of sexual stimulation from the overloaded girl tongue consistently at her devoted service. It was a kind of staunchness that had been unknown to her with her slightly introvert sexual ways, at least compared to that of her friend.

Sometimes in the morning they woke up from the cold breeze. With goose bumps covering their entire bodies, they withdrew down below deck and under the warm covers of the welcoming sleeping cabin beds, sighing and groaning happily as they went to sleep for the rest of the night entangled in each others arms and warm bodies with yet another increased level of comfort.

The harbour did not call them during the night, meaning that there was no bad weather or anything else endangering their languid luxury out in the vast openness of endless dark horizons.

Mary was the first one to get up on deck and peer against the intense light of the morning sun. They had drifted quite a bit during the night; so much that they could clearly see the difference when they studied the profile of Maracalor. They were much closer, and Linda felt a little trickle of fear run down her spine by the sight of the rugged profile, suddenly so near and bullying in the intense light. She knew by heart she would never make friends with that dormantly sleeping beast.

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