Sold Teachers

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“Are you sure you want to do this tonight?” Mary Beth asks Jasmine.

Jasmine answers, “Yes. Come on. It will be fun and it is for the school.”

“I know but they added an Auction.”

“Oh, we will be sold. Go to our “Owner’s” house and stay the night. Not a big deal.”

“I know. Ok, let’s do it.”

Mary Beth and Jasmine are teachers at a Charter School and there is a Charity Event that night. The two 28 year olds have agreed to be “sold” in the Auction. Both are very beautiful with great bodies. Mary Beth has light blonde hair and Jasmine has light brown hair. And they are best friends.

The Charter School has a Charity Event every year to raise funds for extracurricular activities. The two young teachers are happy to do their part for the School. The Charity Event raises a great deal of money for the school each year. This year an Auction was added. And for the next 2 weeks there is no school.

The “Slaves” will be auctioned off and will go to their new “Owners” home and stay the night. It will be like a stay at a Bed and Breakfast. It is meant to be fun and none take it seriously. At the Auction the Slaves will wear bikinis. The Charity Event is Friday night and the “Slaves” stay until 8am Saturday morning.

That night, Mary Beth and Jasmine are sold as a duo. And they bring, by far, the highest bids. The two are bought by a wealthy patron, Mrs. Davis. It is all very exciting. Shortly, Mary Beth and Jasmine change their clothes and all jump into Mrs. Davis’s car and drive to her home. Once at the Davis home, Mrs. Davis makes them an offer.

She says, “I have an offer to you both. Would you like to hear it?”

Jasmine responds, “Yes, go ahead.”

“You are both single? No husbands or boyfriends? Correct?”

“Yes, we are single.”

“Ok, Let us use you in any way sexually and we will double our payment to the school. Whatever happens here will remind here. My husband and I have an open marriage. And our children are very active as well.”

The two teachers were stunned. Mary Beth, “May we have a moment?”

The two walk away and talk. Jasmine says, “What is happening? We can’t do this.”

“You were the one who wanted to be sold.”

“Not for real.”

“It’s for the night. We’ll fuck the husband, lick her pussy. Let’s try to get more.”

Mary Beth turns to Mrs. Davis and says, “We will agree if you make it three times the money.”

Mrs. Davis, “Alright. I agree.” She goes on, “Give me a moment to prepare a Temporary Slave Contract.”

Jasmine, “Slave Contract?”

“Yes, Slavery is real. We need a formal contract,” Mrs. Davis resounded as she sat at the computer. She then went on, “There is no school for the next 2 weeks. Why don’t you stay for the weekend? Shall we make your slavery last until Monday morning?”

The two young women just nodded.

When she was finished, she turned to the two teachers and said, “I have a temporary Slave Contract for you to sign. It says that you are doing this of your own accord and not being coerced. It says that you will obey any and all orders. It also commits us to the dollar amount that we have agreed to. Please read and sign.”

Mary Beth and Jasmine looked at each other, read the contract and each signed.

Mrs. Davis took the contracts and said, “Very good. Now I will get the other members of the family. You will now call me “Mistress,” you will call Mr. Davis “Sir” or “Master,” you will call my son “Young Master”, you will call my daughter “Young Miss.” Do you understand?”

Mary Beth and Jasmine both said, “Yes Mistress.”

Before Mrs. Davis steps out to get her family, she says, “Oh. Don’t worry about anyone recognize you. Our friends are far above you. Sorry to be blunt.”

Mary Beth, “Are you going to share us with others? I don’t know if I can do that'”

“Yes you will. You will have sex with whoever you are told to. Understand?”

After a pause, Mary Beth said, “yes Mistress.”

Mrs. Davis steps out of the room and shortly returned. With her was her husband, her daughter Rachel and her son Bob. She said, “Let me introduce our two Slaves, Mary Beth and Jasmine. They have agreed to stay until Monday morning. Here is the Slave Contract.”

The Bahçeşehir Escort three family members looked at the two Slaves. Then Rachel said, “Ok Slaves. Strip. I want to see your bodies.”

Mrs. Davis, “Now Slaves. Obey.”

Mary Beth and Jasmine removed their clothes and soon stood before the family naked. Mr. Davis said, “You made a great choice dear. They are both perfect.”

Mrs. Davis, “Let us watch them perform. Sit down while they entertain us.” She says to the two Slaves, “Now Slaves have sex with each other. Right here.”

The two Slaves looked at each other and then began to make love. They were a little tentative at first, unused to having audience but soon got into it. After they had both had cum Mrs. Davis said, “Come with me Slaves. You will now take care of Mr. Davis and me. Follow me.” She then said, “Rachel, in an hour come and take Slave Mary Beth and Slave Jasmine to their bedroom. You can use them for 30 minutes.” Then she said, “Bob, you can then use them for 30 minutes.”

Both Rachel and Bob said, “Yes Mom.”

Mr. & Mrs. Davis then led the Slaves to their bedroom.

So, for a large donation for their school, Mary Beth and Jasmine agreed to be Slaves for the weekend. They are used for sex by the whole Davis family; husband Mr. George Davis, wife, son Bob, and daughter Rachel. The Slavery was supposed to be just over night but Mary Beth and Jasmine agreed to stay for the whole weekend.

On Saturday, Rachel and three of her best girlfriends had a pool party with Mary Beth and Jasmine as the entertainment. The Slaves were ordered to have sex with each other and make each other cum. Then, they were ordered to eat each girl’s pussy and make all the girls cum.

That night, Mrs. Davis had some of her friends over, and they used them. And again, Mary Beth and Jasmine were ordered to service all the women and they were fucked by several women with a strap-on.

Mary Beth and Jasmine were overwhelmed. They were having the time of their lives. “I am such a slut but I love this,” said Mary Beth when they were in their bedroom alone.

“Yes we are. I would love to stay,” responded Jasmine.

Yes, they are Slaves but they each loved it.

Sunday morning, Mrs. Davis still glowing from her latest session with her Slaves, asked them to once again extend their slavery. She says, “Slave Mary Beth, Slave Jasmine. I would like you to stay the whole week. I will make it worth your while.”

Mary Beth looked at Jasmine, who nodded, and said, “Yes Mistress, we will stay.”

In a few moments, Mrs. Davis got up and made an extension agreement. All then signed the extension. Mary Beth and Jasmine had agreed to be Slaves until the next Monday morning. At breakfast, Mrs. Davis told her family the news. Mrs. Davis said, “Slave Mary Beth and Slave Jasmine have agreed to stay for the whole week. Enjoy our Slaves.”

Rachel ran up to Mary Beth and Jasmine, hugged them and said, “Wonderful, we will have some much fun.”

Later in the day, they all were relaxing by the pool; the slaves were posing for the family, when a Mr. Ridge came to the house. When no one answered the door, he walked in. As he walked in, he heard the family outside and started to walk through the house. He saw the Slave Contract on the counter and picked it up. What he read made him very angry.

He is the Davis’s banker and his bank held the mortgage on the house and property. And the Davis were far behind. When Mr. Ridge walked out to the pool, saw the two Slaves, he grew angry and said, “You can’t keep up with your mortgage but you can buy Slaves?”

Everyone jumped at the voice. “Oh, Hello Mr. Ridge. There was a charity auction that’s all.”

Mr. Ridge holds up the Slave Contract saying, “This is worth a lot of money. They are now your Slaves and as such your property. They could be repossessed. And you are far behind.”

Everyone is stunned and no one responses.

He walks up to the Mary Beth and Jasmine and inspects them. “Why, they are not marked! They must not be Registered and Certified. They are assets, this must be corrected. I have other clients that have Slaves. There is a Slave Grading happening today, I will take them there and get Beylikdüzü Escort this corrected.”

Mr. Davis “Now wait a minute. We don’t want them registered. It is a temporary arrangement. For charity.”

“Then I will default the loan right now.” Holding up the Slave Contract again, he continues. “They are your Slaves. Allow me to take them or I will take everything you own.”

Mrs. Davis “May I have a moment?”


Mrs. Davis walks up to Mary Beth and Jasmine “I’m sorry. But would you go voluntarily. We’ll make good on our payments to the School. In fact, we will double it. I’m afraid that he will call the police and have you removed by force.”

Although they were scared, Mary Beth and Jasmine agree to go with Mr. Ridge.

Mr. Ridge says to the Slaves, “Go get dressed, meet me at the front door. Go.”

After looking at Mrs. Davis, who nodded, Mary Beth and Jasmine comply. And in a few moments all are standing at the front door. Mr. Ridge then says, “Ok Slave Mary Beth, Slave Jasmine, come with me.”

Mr. Ridge leads them to his car and drives to the Slave Grading. Once there, Mary Beth and Jasmine are put through the Slave Grading process. Every part of their bodies are measured, recorded and photographed. They are fucked, in both holes, made to suck cock and eat pussy. All to test their skills. A small Slave mark is branded on their left buttocks and their Slave Number is tattooed to their scalp, just above the hair line. They are now Registered and Certified, grade A, as the Davis’s Slaves.

Once the grading is complete, Mr. Ridge returns them to the Davis’s home. He hands the paper work to Mr. Davis and says, “Be at the bank first thing on tomorrow morning, and bring the two Slaves.”

After he left, Mary Beth and Jasmine were so upset. Mary Beth grabs Jasmine by the arm and said, “Let’s go.”

Mrs. Davis, “You can’t leave. You will be found and arrested as runaway slaves. I am sorry but you cannot leave.”

Mr. Davis, “She is correct. You are now our Slaves, permanently.” He goes on, “We are sorry, we did not mean for this to happen.”

Rachel took Mary Beth and Jasmine to her room to comfort them. And there they stayed. They talked and cuddled.

The next morning, at the Bank, the family and the Slaves are led to Mr. Ridge’s office. Mr. Ridge says to security guards present, “Guard, handcuff the Slaves arms behind them and place shock collars on them.”

“Yes Sir.”

The two guards do as ordered. Mr. Ridge then says, “Now, Mr. Davis I have your file right here. You are seriously behind. Can you catch up?”

Mr. Davis looks at his wife and says, “Not at this time. Please give me one month.”

Mr. Ridge responds, “I am sorry but that is impossible. I will take the Slaves to the auction this Saturday, they will bring high prices. I will have them sold as a set. They will start to get you caught up.” He went on, “Until then, I will take them to my house for safe keeping. I have the paperwork all ready.”

He also mentions that their “daughter is very nice too and would make an excellent Slave.”

The Davis’s are shocked and say no. Mr. Davis has them sign the Slaves over to the Bank and another form, which the Davis’s being very upset with their problems, don’t read. They just signed each form.

After they signed, the family rose to leave but Mr. Ridge told them to wait. He then said to the guards, “Take the two Slaves to my car and wait for me. Send in two more guards.”

When the two new guards entered Mr. Ridge said to the family, “Now Rachel, would you like to help your family?”

“Hold on, what are you asking?” Mr. Davis asks.

Mr. Ridge says, “Because you have signed her over to the bank, to be sold as a slave.”

“What! We did not.”

“Yes, this is the form. You all signed it. Rachel agreed to be sold as a slave.”

Mr. Ridge nods to the guards, two others had entered and two grabbed Rachel. The other two held the family under arms. Rachel was removed from the office and taken to Mr. Ridge’s car.

Mr. Davis, Mrs. Davis and Bob could do nothing. Mr. Ridge, “They will be sold together. They will bring a large price. The bank will get its money back and you can go on. It is done.”

Each member of the family was very upset but there was nothing they could do. Mr. Davis, “It will be all right dear, I’ll call Larry.” Larry was the family lawyer. And the family goes home. Without Mary Beth, Jasmine or Rachel.

Mr. Ridge, along with his secretary, then goes to his car and drives to his house. When they arrive, Mr. Ridge tells Mrs. Ridge says to his wife, “Use the Slaves how you wish. They are being sold on Saturday.” He continues, “I will take Rachel to get Slave graded and return.” And finally says, “Ms. Long stay with my wife. Help her with the Slaves.”

Mrs. Ridge and Miss Long use and abuse the Slaves. They make them have sex with each other, fuck them with dildos, spank them, chain them. In the mean time, Mr. Ridge takes Rachel to the Slave Grading. When they return, Mr. Ridge has Rachel show the slave mark to the others. Rachel says, “I am now Registered and Certified, grade A, as the Bank’s Slave.”

All week, the Mr. and Mrs. Ridge used the Slaves. Mr. Ridge has some friend over, and they each were allowed to fuck each of the Slaves. Mrs. Ridge has a tea party on Wednesday, and the two Slaves are ordered to service all the women. Mary Beth, Jasmine and Rachel are kept nude the entire week. They are made to have three way sex, on film to be shown on the web. It was a weeklong sex fest.

On Saturday, Mr. Ridge along with Miss Long drives the three Slaves to the Slave Auction. He arranges for them to be sold as a “Set.” After Mary Beth, Jasmine and Rachel are taken to the Slave holding area; Mr. Ridge turns to Miss Long, his secretary, and says, “My wife likes you Miss Long.”

Just then Miss Long is grabbed by two men and taken to the Slave Grading area.

She screamed, “No.” and fought but it was no use.

A shock collar was put on her and after one prolonged use of it, Miss Long was subdued. Mr. Ridge holds out a form and says, “Sign this Slave Contract Miss Long. My wife got used to having a slave, she wants you. Sign or you will be sold. And I promise you will be sold to a cruel Master.”

Now terrified, Miss Long sign herself into slavery. My how one’s life can change in a moment. Miss Long is now Slave Graded; every part of her body is measured, recorded and photographed. She is fucked, in both holes, made to suck cock and eat pussy. All to test her skills. A small Slave mark is branded on her left buttocks and her Slave Number is tattooed to her scalp, just above the hair line. She is now Registered and Certified, grade A, as Mr. Ridge’s Slave. She is returned to Mr. Ridge wearing nothing but restraints and chains.

And he says to her, “Mrs. Ridge will love you. Treat her well or you will be punished.”

Miss Long, not believing what has happened to her, just nods. Later, after the auction, when she and Mr. Ridge return to his home, he gives Miss Long, now called Slave Mizzy, to his wife. Mrs. Ridge takes great delight in using her and showing her off to her friends. And using her.

At the Auction, Mary Beth, Jasmine and Rachel were brought to the stage together and were paraded around the stage and posed.

The Announcer said, “And finally something special. Three new Slaves, unbroken and certified to be SDT free and not pregnant. They are being offered as a Set. Slave Mary Beth and Slave Jasmine are 28 years old and the young one, Slave Rachel, is 21. What an opportunity.”

Selling Slaves as a set was unusual and the bidding was fierce. There was a winner and the three were taken to a holding room. After a few minutes, a handler came and leads them to a car. Their new Mistress stepped out and said, “Hello Slaves, I am your new Mistress. You can call me Mistress Marlene. I treat my Slaves well but expect devotion and obedience. Understand?”

All three, Mary Beth, Jasmine and Rachel, look at each other and drop to their knees and each say, “Mistress Marlene, please accept me as your Slave. My life is but to serve you.”

Then all get into the car and drive away.

Mistress Marlene is a good Owner. She does not believe in giving pain. Oh, some light spanking but nothing more. The Slaves serve her well and she is content. And, for Slaves, they are content also. Mistress Marlene hosts a Women’s Party every month with the Slaves the entertainment by making love. After the show, the Slaves then serve each women present.

For a Slave’s life, their life is good.

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