Snow Angels

Big Dicks

“It’s about time you got here. I was starting to get worried.” Jina shouted from the doorway of the cabin. “How are the roads?”

“Just a dusting of snow right now, but I heard this storm is going to come fast and hit hard,” said Arden as she handed a bag off to Jina. She stopped for a quick kiss before dropping her suit case and turning back to go out the door.

“What’s this?” Jina asked, peering into the bag.

“I picked up a few extra things at the store in case we got stranded.” Arden replied and winked before going back out.

“Hang on, I’ll help you.” Jina shouted back. “Let me put this down first.”

“No need, I just have a few small things left. I can manage.” Arden said and suddenly remembered something. “Could you put the ice cream away?”

“Only you would think of ice cream during a snowstorm.” Jina laughed. She then set about unpacking the bag of goodies, surveying each item, and putting them away. A small gasp escaped her lips when she pulled out a package of her favorite imported chocolate biscuits. Jina bought them only as an indulgence or for the holidays. This year Jina’s holidays were spent at the hospital where her grandmother lay terminally ill. All her free time was spent there this year, so the holidays were missed altogether. She had no tree at Christmas, nor did she exchange gifts with anyone except Arden. They spent New Year’s Eve at the hospital making Jina’s grandmother’s last one special, just holding her hand and quietly wishing her a Happy New Year. Three days later she passed away leaving Jina depressed and withdrawn.

Her grandmother had help raise her when her mom had to go to work and Jina spent many hours with her, learning of the family history, how to cook and just laughing together. She missed her with all her heart. Arden had felt that she needed to get Jina out of the house and decided a trip to her family’s cabin would do her some good. Besides, they hadn’t spent much time together and Arden was missing Jina terribly. The door to the cabin swung open and Arden walked in covered with snow. Jina went to meet her, taking her over night bag and purse before helping her off with her coat. “Here let me help you get that off,’ she said. “You look like a snowman.”

Arden dropped her other bags and shrugged off her coat. “That’s snow woman, love. It’s starting to come down in huge flakes.” She turned to face Jina and placed her icy fingers on her lover’s warm neck. “Little cold, don’t you think?” she laughed.

“Christ!” yelled Jina as she jumped back from the cold shock touching her warm skin. “I hope the old saying, ‘Cold hands, warm heart’, applies.”

Arden put her arms around Jina’s waist and pulled her in for a long, passionate kiss. “Does that solve the mystery, Love?” she whispered into Jina’s mouth.

“Mmmm. You make Sherlock Holmes look like Urkel” chided Jina. She had a quirky habit of making a joke of any situation. Some were quite funny, while others bordered on annoying.

“You’re lucky I love you!” Arden laughed, pushing Jina away from her and reaching for her overnight bag. “Who else would put up with your pathetic sense of humor?”

Jina couldn’t resist. “Let’s see…um…Ellen Degeneres? Maybe Rosie O’ Donnell?” she grabbed some of Arden’s smaller bags and followed her up the staircase to the loft.

Arden stopped in the middle of the staircase and looked at Jina, a small smile on her face. “It’s nice to have my Jina back. I’ve missed her.” She stroked Jina’s cheek and started back upstairs to the bedroom.

Jina cast her eyes downward and thought to herself, ‘Have I really been so selfish to neglect the one I love? I was so busy with my own life, I forgot about her needs and here she is giving me this chance to start over and I’m too stupid to realize it. Jina knew Arden was anything but neglected. She had her family who loved her dearly, but her lover was the one who should be there for her at all times and Jina felt like she had failed her.

She entered the room to see Arden drop her bags and pull the ponytail holder out of her hair. Jina stared at the slender brunette as she shook her hair loose, running her fingers through her brown curls. A small electrical shock sent orgasmic pulses through her lower regions. This woman drove her crazy with desire, even with the smallest actions or words.

“Yuck, I feel like a wet dog.” Arden grumbled.

“Well you don’t look or smell like one so that’s a plus.” Jina teased. Jina crossed the room, taking Arden by the waist and pulling her close. “Why don’t you get a nice, hot shower and change into something dry. The fire is going and I’ll fix us something to eat.”

Arden put her arms around Jina’s neck. A small smirk spread across her lustrous lips, and her green eye’s narrowed mischievously. “Should I change into something more comfortable?”

Jina touched her forehead to her lover’s and looked back into those emerald eyes she loved so much. “Well, I had hoped that this weekend would be clothing optional for the most part, but I’m dying to see the new lingerie Esenyurt Escort you bought to torture me with, so…”

“Hey! How did you know I bought new lingerie? Were you peeking into my things?” her lover interrupted.

“Because my love,” Jina said while placing a small kiss on her nose, “you always buy new things for our getaways.”

Arden tipped her head down feigning disappointment, “Are you saying I’ve become predictable?”

“No love, just secure enough with me to try and surprise me with little displays of love after all this time. I would be very disappointed if you stopped.”

“You won’t be very disappointed then. I promise you that, lover.” She gave Jina a quick kiss on the lips and headed slowly towards the bathroom. Arden started to strip off her clothes as she went, never turning to face her lover. She pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it back to her private audience. “Hang that for me please?” She then kicked off her boots and shimmied out of her jeans and socks, tossing those back at Jina, who stood staring at her, mouth agape. Dressed only in her light blue bra and matching thong, Arden stopped and turned in the entrance to the bathroom. “Thanks love.” She giggled.

Jina was nailed to the spot by the impromptu strip tease. “So what do I get for being your lady in waiting?”

Arden turned her eyes upward as if in deep thought. “Hmmm,” she hummed while biting her lower lip. “This!” she exclaimed. With that, she stepped back and reached across her chest to slide her bra strap over her shoulder, then repeated the same gesture on the other side before reaching around to unhook her bra. Just before Jina was able to glimpse her ample breasts, she kicked the door shut with her foot and giggled loudly behind the door.

“You teasing little bitch!” laughed Jina.

“I heard that.” Came Arden’s voice from behind the door.

“I said I’m having a sneezing fit.” Jina then pretended to sneeze.

“Nice try hon,” came a laugh from behind the door.

“Sorry Sweets, couldn’t hear you” teased Jina “I think I’m coming down with pneumonia. I’m going back down to convalesce by the fire.”

Jina hung the clothes, as promised, and headed downstairs to make lunch. When everything was finished she walked over to the doors that led out to a large deck that overlooked a small private lake. The snow fell steadily now, leaving a blanket of frosty white along the shoreline. The trees were covered with dollops of nature’s icing and the path leading to the dock was all but invisible. Jina was greeted by a gust of cold air as she slid open the patio door. She smiled easily as a few snow flakes gently kissed her face. All was quiet, save for the occasional whistle of the wind or the whoosh of snow sliding off of the heavily laden branches of a distant tree. She became lost in the solitude of the silently falling snow. Thinking back to the summer months when friends gathered for parties, Jina imagined hearing their laughter echo across the lake. It seemed so long ago and now she felt like she was in a giant snow globe that someone had shaken, causing the snow to whirl and fall over the scene before her. Mother Nature had closed up for the winter, covering the woodland retreat with sheets of snow. She’d wait to return in the spring and allow her treasures to bloom and change the landscape back to green. Jina wasn’t sure how long she had been standing there basking in the wonderment of nature and its mysteries. She was startled to feel a pair of warm arms circle her waist. Arden’s hot breath greeted her ear, “Hey, you’re going to catch cold Baby.”

“Nah.” Jina replied smugly, “I’m used to the cold unlike you warm weather girls.” She turned her head to kiss her sweetie and wrapped her arms behind her to pull her lover closer. They stood there for a moment watching the snowflakes dance and twirl before them, falling in an ethereal ballet to the earth below, each one joining the countless others that fell before them creating a whole new world.

Arden broke the silence, “It’s like being in a giant snow globe.” Jina twisted in her arms to face her, a perplexed look on her face.

“What’s wrong J?” Arden asked.

Jina smiled slowly, looking into her eyes as if she had peered into her mind and saw something familiar there. “I was thinking the exact same thing a few minutes ago.”

Arden felt her face grow warm. This was nothing new to her. Since they met there had been many times that they’d had the same thought or idea. Sometimes they would finish one another’s sentences or just quietly acknowledge what the other was thinking just by a certain glance. The connection they had was so strong that sometimes is was frightening but nonetheless thrilling. Jina had often joked that they were lovers in a former life, moving in an eternal circle of joined spirituality.

“Well what do you say we move to the fireplace before someone comes along and shakes the globe?”, Arden asked.

Jina turned and slid the door shut, taking one last glimpse at the kinetic portrait being painted Avcılar Escort outside before following her lover into the other room. Watching Arden’s hips sway when she walked made Jina forget all about the world outside and turned her thoughts to warmer ones. The way the short green silk kimono hugged her waist, showing off her hourglass figure, filled Jina with desire. She immediately ran toward the unsuspecting brunette, grabbed her by the waist and lifted her off the ground.

Arden screamed with surprise at the sudden attack. “Hey put me down you crazy woman.” She laughed as Jina growled against her neck. “What is this all about?”

“I was just filled with an overwhelming burst of lust and happiness. Do you know how incredibly sexy you are in that robe?”

“No why don’t you tell me lover?”

Tugging at the belt on the silky robe, Jina unwrapped her lover and began to caress her breasts, leaving feathery touches across her hardening nipples. “You’re the most beautiful creature put on the face of this earth and I love you so very much.”

“Mmmm, Baby, You make me feel so wonderful.” Arden felt herself tingle under the experienced touch of the fingers teasing her taut nipples. “I love you too.”

Jina began to kiss her neck as she slid her hands down towards Arden’s flat stomach, pausing at her navel to trace a circle around it, before letting her hands plunge toward the vee between her legs. Tickling her soft hair before running one finger down her slick pussy, she then slipped it between her moist lips, forcing a moan from her partner.

Throwing her head back against the taller woman, Arden whispered in her ear, “I crave your touches. Please don’t tease me baby, I need you to fuck me. It’s been too long”

“I thought you wanted to eat lunch?” Jina teased as her finger made it’s way inside the other woman and then pulled back out just as quickly “Not hungry anymore?”

“I’m hungry for your mouth on my pussy.” Arden pulled away from Jina and lay on the fireplace rug, her robe was cast aside, her legs spread open wide. “Eat me!”

The desperation in her voice sent a shock wave through Jina and she dove to the floor between her legs not even flinching a she knocked her knee, hard against the wooden floor. The scent of her lover’s desire was intoxicating and she lowered her head to lick the glistening pussy in front of her.

“Yes Baby, that’s it….ooh…God!” Arden began to writhe beneath Jina’s attentions. She felt herself slipping into a state of uncontrolled ecstasy, her hips rising to meet the well placed lashings of a warm, wet tongue violating every inch of her aching pussy. Feeling strong arms wrap around legs, pulling her into a hungry mouth made her wild. Arden had been pinching and twisting her nipples mercilessly increasing the pleasure rising in her until she felt a tongue entering her dripping entrance. Her head flew back as she moaned loudly, her fingers twisted in Jina’s black hair, wrapping tendrils of her hair between her fingers for a better grip as she pulled Jina’s face further into her pussy.

“Fuck me baby. Fuck me with that fabulous tongue of yours.” Arden raised her self up on her heels, her hips grinding into Jina’s face. “I need you so badly.”

The orgasm trapped inside her broke free with a fury as she shouted words she couldn’t comprehend. Her body shook as the explosions overcame her in waves of near painful bliss.

Jina lay between the trembling legs of her lover, her head resting on her stomach as she reached to hold Arden’s hand. It had been too long for both of them, she understood that now and promised herself she would never deny Arden anything again. Her heart felt as though it would explode with love when she heard her lover’s breathing become steady and realized she had fallen asleep.

She untangled Arden’s fingers from her hair and rose to get a blanket. Looking down on her lover lying there so content, spent from a simple act of love, made Jina smile to herself. She moved next to the sleeping woman on the floor, covering them both with the blanket and curling up next to her. Feeling warm and safe, she drifted off to the sounds of her lover’s breathing and the crackle of the logs burning in the fireplace.

The snow fell softly, drifting aimlessly to the ground. Jina ran to the open field, the zweep, zweep, zweep, of her nylon snow pants was the only sound other than her giggles of joy. Turning around she landed backwards on the ground, her arms and legs sweeping against the untouched snow. Carefully lifting herself up off the ground she stood back to admire her creation. A perfect snow angel lay before her, ready to fly back up to the heavens. She laughed out loud as she stood looking out over the quiet field. Her voice seemed muffled beneath her earmuffs and woolen hat. Lifting her arms up to the sky, she opened her mouth to catch snowflakes on her tongue. Waiting for the cold flakes to stick to her long lashes, she was surprised instead to feel a warm wetness touching her skin. It spread across her face and on her lips making her skin tingle.

Jina opened her eyes to find Arden peppering her face lightly with kisses. She smiled up at her, realizing she had been dreaming of a time long ago when she was a girl back East.

“Hey lover. I didn’t think you were ever going to wake up.” Arden leaned in and kissed Jina’s cheek. “You looked so cute I almost let you sleep longer.”

“Well I’m glad you didn’t, I don’t want to waste any time not being able to look at you.”

Jina pulled her in closer and kissed her deeply. A moan escaped from Jina’s lips as she felt fingers opening the buttons on her blouse and reaching inside to cup her breast. Cool fingers slid underneath her bra searching out her already stiffening nipple. She could feel Arden’s breath leaving her nostrils, blowing across her cheek as her tongue invaded her mouth, sending a tingle down her neck to her belly before landing in her pussy.

“How about you go and get out of these clothes, grab a shower and I’ll fix dinner since we forgot all about lunch.” Arden teased. “Then I can take you up to bed and repay you for that outrageous orgasm you gave me. You’ll be dessert Baby.”

Jina threw off the blanket and kissed Arden on the nose quickly. She rose up from the floor and started to run up the steps.

“I’ll be back in fifteen minutes…Maybe ten even.”

“Hey slow down you, don’t forget there’s a blizzard out there and I’m not going anywhere.” Arden laughed.

She listened to the sounds of footsteps running along the ceiling followed by the slamming of a door. Running her fingers through her hair she thought about Jina in the shower. She could picture the water trickling down her ample breasts, her dark hair glossy from the wetness and her lithe body all soapy. Letting out a sigh, she got up and prepared to make a quick dinner for two.

The table was set, candles lit, and the mellow sounds of Sarah Vaughn ‘s smoky voice filled the cabin. Arden was just opening the wine when Jina appeared in the doorway.

“Mmm, something smells great.” Jina smiled when she saw the table set up so beautifully and she walked up behind Arden, encircling her waist with her arms. She kissed her neck and gave her a hug.

“It’s nothing fancy, I figured I would disguise my attempt at cooking by camouflaging the table and getting you drunk.”

“Like you need to get me drunk for anything you do for me.”

“Well how about you taking a seat and letting me wow you with my culinary skills. No one can open a can or microwave like me. I should have my own cooking show called, The Idiot’s guide to Cooking for the Non-cook.”

“I would eat cat food on a cracker if you made it and told me it was Albacore tuna flown in fresh.”

Arden laughed out loud, “Well, you’re close.”

They ate together holding hands and chatting about silly things. It felt so comfortable and so valid. It had been so long since they were alone and intimate that the sexual tension between them was becoming uncontrollable. The touch of a wrist, the taste of food from another’s fork, the look of desire in the eyes of the one sipping wine was almost a form of gastronomical foreplay.

Arden took her napkin to wipe an invisible spill from Jina’s lips. She then took her hand and led her from the table into the room where the fire burned with the same intensity that burned between the legs of both women.

Moving closer to one another, they began to slowly dance to “Come Rain or Come Shine.” Jina sang softly into Arden’s ear, her one arm around her waist and the other stroking her hair. Arden rested her head on Jina’s shoulder and placed her lips against her neck.

“I love when you sing to me J.” she sighed.” Promise me you’ll never stop doing it?”

“Promise love. I’ll sing to you whenever, where ever always and forever. “L`amo adesso e per sempre.”

Arden picked up her head to kiss her love’s neck, trailing her lips up to her earlobe, tugging at it with her teeth and then Whispering. “God, you know it drives me wild when you talk to me in Italian. I love you too, always and forever. I think it’s time we went to bed, I’m ready for dessert.”

She took her raven-haired lover by the hand and led her to the loft upstairs. When they stepped into the bedroom, she turned and kissed Jina ardently, her tongue snaking into her mouth. Her fingers worked at the buttons on her blouse, pulling her shirt tails out from beneath her jeans and tossing it to the floor. Sliding her hands along her back she deftly undid the hooks of her bra, setting her breasts free. Before the bra even had a chance to hit the ground, Arden had her hands around Jina’s generous breasts, pinching her nipples between her fingers and causing Jina to throw her head back and moan with pleasure. Arden flicked her tongue against her rigid nipple, delighting in the way it resisted her advances, unyielding to the pressure she added and making her own nipples stiffen with lust. Her mouth enveloped the areola sucking and licking hungrily while her hands reached down to open the fly on Jina’s jeans. Jina’s hands were woven through her hair, pressing her mouth further into her chest, savoring the warm wet mouth succulently devouring her and generating electric pulses that shot straight to her pussy.

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