Sisters Forever


Isabella Montana came down the stairs from the third–floor bedroom of her best friend’s house. Actually Beth Bailey was more like her sister. Since the two of them met in 2004, they had spent countless hours together, sharing both the triumphs and tragedies of their lives. Beth was Isabella’s maid of honor at her wedding, and Isabella was Beth’s maid of honor. They had matching tattoos. One could hardly imagine two women more like sisters.

“Sara’s asleep,” Isabella announced as her foot hit the bottom step of the stairs.

“That didn’t take long,” Beth replied. “I’m glad she’s not like some kids. They take forever to go to sleep. They just keep fighting it.”

“Yeah, me too.” Isabella agreed.

Beth smiled at Isabella. For several years now, she had known that Isabella wanted to have sex with her. She had always told Isabella she wouldn’t. Today, she thought, I’m going to let her have what she’s wanted for so long.

Isabella noticed Beth smiling at her. “What? Why are you smiling at me like that?”

“Nothing. Come over and sit down next to me,” Beth patted the green cushion of the sofa next to her. “I miss when we used to sit and whisper to each other.”

“Okay, sounds like fun,” Isabella said as she sat down. “Did I tell you where Tracy went yesterday?”

“I don’t want to talk about Tracy right now.” Beth slid a little closer to Isabella. “Do you remember what you told me you always wanted to do?”

“Not that I remember right now,” Isabella said, genuinely unable to guess to what Beth was referring.

Beth moved her upper body closer to Isabella and leaned toward her in a manner Isabella immediately recognized. Just before Beth’s lips touched hers, Isabella said, “I remember now.”

Their lips met. Short, tender kisses, accentuated occasionally by the tip of a tongue, were exchanged between the two women. Although they knew each other very well, both women felt an unfamiliar charge of sexual energy between them. Esenyurt Escort Bayan Their kisses were strange and erotic — each kiss forbidden by the taboos of conventional morality — every kiss portending the touch of private places and erotic desire to come.

Beth rose from the sofa with Isabella’s hand in hers. No coaxing was required. Isabella stood silently and, still holding her hand, followed Beth to her bedroom. Next to the bed, Beth turned and embraced Isabella. Her hand moved to Isabella’s breast and lightly pinched her nipple. A chill ran through Isabella’s body and she anticipated the feel of Beth’s large breasts and the taste of her sweet pussy.

Beth reached for the hem of Isabella’s blouse and lifted it over her head. Her fingers found the clasps of Isabella’s bra and deftly pulled them together enough to release it. Isabella’s bra fell to the floor. Isabella removed Beth’s blouse. Beth reached behind her and unhooked her own bra. It fell forward and Beth’s copious tits spilled from their cups. Isabella immediately pulled her friend’s left nipple into her mouth. She teased it with her tongue. When she left Beth’s nipple, she trailed small kisses up the side of Beth’s breast to the dimple formed by the union of her neck and clavicle. Isabella lifted her chin and Beth kissed her deeply.

Beth sat back on the tall bed and pulled her pants off from the waist. Isabella moved between Beth’s legs while she removed her own pants. Isabella’s attention fixed on the pink thong that barely hid the object of her desire — Beth’s pussy. Isabella removed her own thong and then sensuously removed the pink thong. Beth lifted her hips to help her.

Beth’s pussy is perfect, thought Isabella. Isabella could see Beth was very wet. She parted the lips of Beth’s pussy with her hands and leaned over to bury her face in the folds of Beth’s inner lips. Isabella was skilled with her tongue. She licked the length of Beth’s wet slit, and then plunged Avcılar Escort Bayan her tongue into her hole. Beth tasted sweet. Her tongue worked its way up and found the button of Beth’s clit. She closed her lips around her clit and swirled her tongue around it.

“Ahhhhhhh . . . oh yessss!” Beth lifted her hips from the bed to press against her lips. “Yeah Isabella, that’s it. Don’t stop!”

Isabella continued to eat Beth’s pussy. Beth felt her climax building. The pressure of imminent orgasm was intensified by Beth’s fantasy that Isabella would get her off. No one had ever been able to get Beth off by eating her pussy. Each wave of pleasure brought Beth closer to orgasm. Isabella licked the length of Beth’s pussy, her tongue slipping ever so briefly into her hole. Juice from her pussy continued to flow onto Isabella’s tongue. Isabella then directed her attention to Beth’s clit.

“God yes, Isabella! Right there. Right there. Don’t stop!” Beth reached between her legs and pulled Isabella’s face into her cunt. “Right there.”

While eating Beth, Isabella had reached between her own legs and started rubbing her own clit and dipping her fingers into her hole. Beth pulled the folds of her pussy apart for Isabella’s tongue. Isabella rubbed her own clit in a rapid circular motion. Isabella felt her own climax building while she was getting Beth off.

“Oh god, oh yes, Isabella, I’m . . . ahhhhhggggggggg . . . I’m cuuummmmmiiiiinnng!” Beth’s said through clenched teeth as her orgasm burst forth. “Oh god, I came! I came!”

“Mmmeeeeeee tooooooo!” Isabella panted.

Beth sat up and signaled her desire for Isabella to join her on the bed by gently pulling on her shoulders. Isabella rose and crawled onto the bed beside Beth. Beth felt for Isabella’s clit and rubbed it slowly between her index and middle fingers. When Isabella began to moan and press her pussy against Beth’s fingers, Beth pulled her fingers up and slid them down the length of Isabella’s crack before inserting them into her vagina. Switching to her middle and ring fingers, Beth began moving her fingers in and out of Isabella’s hole. Beth rubbed Isabella’s g–spot with her fingers while massaging her clit with her thumb.

“Oh yeah, Beth! That feels so good!” Isabella was nearing orgasm for the second time. The excitement of finally having sex with Beth brought Isabella to climax faster than she expected. “Damn Beth, I’m cummming . . . I’m . . . I’m cummmmminnnng! Ohhhh, oh, oh!” Isabella’s body began to spasm in the throes of orgasm. Her cum freely flowed from her pussy down the crack of her ass and onto the bed. Isabella struggled to catch her breath.

Beth rubbed her own clit, both with a circular motion and up and down her crack. Her cunt, always wet, was wetter than usual. “Do me,” she said to Isabella.

Isabella rolled to her side and her breasts crushed against Beth’s. Isabella put three of her fingers inside Beth’s pussy. She began to move her fingers rapidly back and forth against the top of Beth’s vagina in a vigorous fashion.

“Oh shit, Isabella! That’s it! That’s it!” Beth rolled her shoulders forward as she forcefully contracted her vaginal muscles against her fingers. Isabella continued to move her fingers rapidly in Beth’s cunt. She curled her fingers to increase the pressure against Beth’s g–spot.

“Uhhh! Uhhh! . . . Uhhhh!” Beth’s exclamation was loud as she began to spasm. To Isabella’s surprise and delight, Beth began to squirt. As Isabella’s fingers thrust into her pussy, Beth’s ejaculate splashed up Isabella’s arm and onto her breasts. Beth was not spared. Her pelvis and left tit were wet from her own ejaculate.

“Beth, I knew you could do that, . . . but I had no idea!” Isabella said excitedly. They then realized the bed linens were very wet. Both women started laughing.

“I want to do that too!” Isabella exclaimed.

“We’ll work on that next time . . . next time!” Beth laughed. “I’m exhausted!”

“Me too,” Isabella agreed, just as she realized what Beth said.

“Next time,” Isabella thought and then said out loud, “Ahhhh, sister’s forever!”

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