Shared Girlfriend


As Jason led Lisa to the bedroom of his house, Lisa, anticipating what Jason’s surprise might be, grew more excited with each step. Since she had begun dating Jason, Lisa’s sexuality had ignited in a way it had not been for almost a decade. As the two grew more comfortable with each other, increasing trust between them led to more honesty with what each other craved sexually. This honesty and trust led to not only more sex but even more satisfying sex and fantasy fulfilment. Tonight, Lisa was sure that Jason had a particular fantasy in mind when he promised her a surprise. She just wondered which one.

Lisa’s excitement turned to genuine surprise, accompanied by a scream of shock, when she stepped into Jason’s bedroom. What Lisa had not expected was to find another man sitting on the bed. It was Jason’s friend Shane whom Lisa had now met on several occasions but never imagined she’d see him in this context.

“You scared me!” Lisa, easily spooked as it was, said to Shane. “What are you doing here?” Only then did Lisa remember that one of the things that Jason had recently shared with Lisa was his experience with group sex – particularly, one woman with two or more men. Lisa had found such a scenario to be very sexy and very exciting. She didn’t consider that Jason would act on it, at least not so quickly.

Both Jason and Shane saw Lisa’s obvious surprise. “Hey, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” Jason insisted to Lisa. “I thought it would be fun.” What the boys didn’t know was that Lisa wasn’t opposed to the setup; she just hadn’t been prepared for it. As she wrapped her mind around the fact that she was in her boyfriend’s bedroom with two men who were ready to have sex with her, the initial shock wore off and was replaced by genuine arousal as she contemplated the possibilities of having two men at her disposal. After all, Lisa knew she was good at pleasing her man; taking on two men at once would prove to be a suitable challenge for the 30-year-old Italian girl.

Jason watched Lisa’s gaping mouth quickly turn to a seductive grin. Her pretty brown eyes lit up as she finally replied, “No, let’s do the threesome!” Immediately, the excitement among the three of them was back to a fever pitch. As Jason embraced her, Lisa, that wicked smile still on her face, beckoned Shane to stand up and come closer. Needing no further motivation, Shane arose, and now two sets of hands were running up and down Lisa’s body, eliciting a quiet gasp from the thin, brunette beauty.

At 5’5″, Lisa was enveloped by the two tall men who surrounded her. Their strong hands started on innocent places of her body like her shoulders, back and hips, but soon those hands began to trace her butt and breasts, making Lisa feel warm inside, especially in her panties. She especially liked it when Jason squeezed her boob. Jason knew how much Lisa liked having her tits massaged. Meanwhile, Shane’s hand dared to sneak under her sundress and briefly rub her pussy along the outside of her thong, which forced a shiver to run down Lisa’s back and a gasp from her mouth. “Shane!” she scolded playfully. Already their tan goddess was overcome with pleasure, and everyone was still fully dressed.

“Take me to the bed,” Lisa whispered in a sexy tone. She didn’t even know what exactly they planned to do with her, but she was eager to find out. Lisa’s heart was racing as Jason backed her up to the foot of the bed and pulled her black and white sundress up. Shane helped Jason get the garment off the lady, who laughed, all the more turned on by the men’s teamwork. The garment hit the floor, leaving Lisa wearing a black strapless bra that barely contained her lovely breasts, matching black panties and three-inch open-toe high heels that Jason had insisted she wear on their date tonight. She knew Jason well enough at this point to assume that those shoes would not be coming off. The high heels displayed her freshly painted purple toenails, which were the same color as her fingernails.

Now dressed like a pornstar, Lisa sat on the edge of the bed and ran one hand up each of the boys’ pants, settling on their crotches, which were bulging under the fabric of their jeans. Lisa’s touch made Shane’s and Jason’s cocks only harder, begging to be released from their tight confines. Lisa could feel those boners solidifying to her touch, making her grin again and maintaining her excitement. She looked up at Shane first and then Jason as she uttered, “Let’s let these boys breathe.”

Lisa slid off the edge of the bed, squatting between the two boys. “Do you want me to work on you first, or your friend?” she asked Jason. Jason desperately wanted the attention from Lisa but had never watched her pleasure another man before. Beside, Shane had yet to experience sex of any kind with this wonderful woman, which was a shame, so Jason responded, “Start with him, and I’ll watch. But don’t forget about me!”

Lisa’s eyes gave Jason a devilish look, replying, “I couldn’t forget about you,” before Lisa fixed her attention on escort izmir Shane’s pants, loosening them and pushing them away from his hips, allowing his erection to fling right out at Lisa’s face.

Lisa giggled at the excitement of a new cock and immediately began to stroke it skillfully with one hand. Shane moaned, and his moan grew louder once he felt Lisa’s lips and tongue make contact with the tip of his penis as Lisa continued to stroke its length. As Lisa took more of Shane’s cock into her mouth, her hand slid down to rub his balls while her free hand supported herself against Shane’s hip. Shane sighed and moaned uncontrollably as the pretty Italian girl slowly but surely engulfed his entire cock in her mouth.

As he watched on, Jason removed his own pants, along with the rest of his clothes, unable to refrain from masturbating as he watched his girlfriend begin to suck his buddy’s dick. “You look so hot sucking his dick, Lisa,” Jason said, praising his pretty lady as her head began to bob back and forth, her lips and tongue pressing against the veins and rigid flesh of Shane’s penis. Shane ran both his hands through Lisa’s long, straight, dark brown hair as she sucked his cock, all while his friend beat off to the sight.

Still sucking Shane, Lisa reached over and wrapped her other hand around Jason’s cock. Now that she had a good rhythm going on Shane, she managed to stroke her boyfriend at the same time so that he didn’t have to do it himself anymore. “Oh fuck, baby,” Jason moaned, continuing to profusely affirm his sexy girl, “look at you handling two men at once!” He could hardly believe Lisa had never been in this situation before, based on how well she was doing. He couldn’t wait to see how Lisa performed once both cocks were inside her.

After a few moments, Lisa switched, taking Jason’s cock in her mouth and playfully licking and sucking the head while she stroked the base. For the first little while simply kept her other hand wrapped around Shane’s full-mast erection as she focused on pleasuring her boyfriend. After a moment, she took more of Jason into her mouth until the tip was poking the back of her throat and her hand had no shaft left to hold onto, and so her hand shifted to gently rub his balls. Jason cursed and groaned, and Lisa began to suck his cock just like Jason had watched her do to his friend a few minutes before.

Once Lisa was in full swing blowing Jason, her other hand began to slide up and down Shane’s cock so that she was managing both men at once again. As Lisa beat him off, Shane reached down to unhook the back of Lisa’s bra, which fell to the floor between her feet, exposing her sizeable breasts. “Shit, those are nice,” Shane muttered while helping himself to a feel. After another moment, both boys agreed to pick Lisa up so that she was standing straight. It pulled her mouth away from Jason’s cock, but Jason was OK with it because more fun was to be had.

Jason and Shane lay the playful woman on the bed, her back on the mattress, her legs dangling over the edge. Jason sat up on the bed beside Lisa on her right side; Shane crouched down between Lisa’s legs. Together, the boys pushed Lisa’s panties away from her hips, and Shane pulled them down her legs, around her ankles and high heels, and tossed the garment disdainfully aside. Next, Jason leaned over, putting one hand on Lisa’s left breast and his mouth on the other, right over the nipple. Lisa cried out with pleasure and was even more excited knowing what was about to happen where Shane was. Lisa instinctively spread her legs farther apart, and Shane lunged in, licking Lisa’s slit and working his tongue into her pussy.

Having her pussy eaten caused Lisa to immediately writhe, arching her back and kicking her legs as Shane bathed her vagina with his tongue. Jason had Lisa equally aroused from the attention his hand and mouth were giving her tits. After a few minutes of this attention from the boys, Lisa looked Jason in the eyes and asked, “Is your friend going to fuck me or not?” Jason quickly looked at Shane, who had heard loud and clear, prompting him to stand up and put one hand under Lisa’s right thigh while his other hand lined his cock up with the gorgeous girl’s pussy. Lisa reached down to help Shane push his tip into her, while Jason supported Lisa’s head as she looked down at a new cock she was about to conquer.

Once Shane had fit half of his manhood into his friend’s girlfriend’s cunt, Lisa pulled her hand back, instead now supporting the top half of her body by her elbows and watching with lust as Shane now had his other hand under Lisa’s other thigh, holding her legs up around his hips as he sank deeper and deeper into Lisa until his balls were touching Lisa’s taint. Lisa grinned wide and moaned, “You cock feels so good in my pussy, Shane,” as Shane bottomed out inside her. Meanwhile, Lisa’s boyfriend was rubbing her shoulders and boobs as he watched on, as aroused as anyone in the room while his girlfriend got fucked by his friend.

“Go ahead, Shane,” izmir escort bayan Jason encouraged, “nail my girlfriend!” Shane responded by promptly beginning to thrust in and out of Lisa. He started slowly, wanting to be gentle with this sweetheart of a lady and the girlfriend of his friend, but both Jason and Lisa urged him to fuck her harder. “Come on, man!” Jason said. “Fuck her harder!”

“Yes!” Lisa moaned, “fuck me like I know you want to!” To their request, Shane began to pump in and out Lisa harder and faster, pushing her forward and back on the bed, making her legs bounce with each thrust as they rested in his arms.

“That’s it! That’s it!” Jason said while watching his friend slam repeatedly into Lisa.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Lisa cried, moaning louder and louder until she turned her head and said to Jason, “Now fuck my mouth.” Needing no more encouragement than Shane had needed, Jason knelt beside his lover’s head and pushed his cock past those pretty lips, which Lisa had turned toward him. Jason then held onto Lisa’s head and began to thrust into Lisa, just like his friend was doing only at the opposite end.

The bed creaked quietly beneath Lisa and Jason as the boys pumped in and out of either end of the Italian babe. With one hand, Lisa gripped the comforter beneath her while her other hand wrapped around Jason’s back and held onto his ass. Jason held onto Lisa’s head as he jammed his cock as deep into her mouth as he could again and again, all while Shane was going to town slamming her pussy over the edge of the bed and all three of them were moaning.

After a few minutes in this position, Jason said to Lisa, “My turn for your pussy.” No one contested, since Lisa was, after all, his girlfriend. Jason lay next to Lisa, his legs over the edge of the bed as well, and Shane reluctantly pulled out of that tight, wet pussy that he had very much enjoyed fucking. As soon as Shane was out of her, Lisa rolled over and straddled Jason, her knees on either side of his hips as the couple, sweating and breathing heavily already, worked together to get Jason’s cock into her already used pussy, which accepted him readily. Effortlessly, Lisa slid down the whole length of Jason’s cock, and the two of them moaned in unison. Jason sank his nails into Lisa’s ass, whose hands held herself up against Jason’s chest. Then the two began to thrust into each other, ensuring all of Jason’s cock sank deep into Lisa each time the man and woman came together.

The two worked up to a faster pace, causing Jason’s balls to slap against her taint with each thrust. They fucked right in front of Shane for a couple minutes, and Shane just stood by and stroked himself, enjoying the show but not sure what to do. After another minute, he caught a glance from Jason, a look that was crystal clear to Shane. As Lisa continued to ride Jason’s cock, Shane stepped up behind the two, right behind Lisa’s ass.

Before Shane could make contact, Jason told Lisa, “I want to double-penetrate you.” Perhaps in a different context, Lisa’s reaction would have been to protest and weigh the potential outcomes in this situation. However, she was entirely aroused, and the thought of having two men filling both her holes in unison really turned her on in this moment, even though her experience with anal was limited.

To Jason’s surprise, Lisa consented immediately. “Go ahead!” she said, and then to Shane, “There’s lube in the nightstand drawer. Don’t you dare go in my ass without using plenty of that first.” Shane stepped away from the bed to retrieve the item and then promptly apply the substance liberally to Lisa’s asshole and his own cock while Jason remained sheathed inside the neighboring hole. Once he was done with it, Shane tossed the tube on the bed beside Jason and Lisa and then positioned his cock directly in line with Lisa’s alternate entrance.

Lisa and Jason ceased from their motion on the bed. Jason held Lisa down by her shoulders, pressing her boobs against his chest, hearing her heavy breathing and even feeling the hard beating of her heart as she prepared for double penetration. Shane poked the tip of his cock into Lisa’s ass, which was much tighter than her pussy, especially now since her pussy was filled with Jason’s cock. Lisa cried out, half in pain, half in pleasure as Shane worked inch after inch of his cock into her ass while Jason’s cock barely stirred in her other hole. Jason kissed Lisa’s neck and lips while rubbing her back and shoulders as Shane eased more and more of himself into his friend’s girlfriend until both men were balls-deep inside their sexy goddess.

Everyone’s hearts were racing as the boys worked to double-stuff Lisa. Jason’s excitement peaked as he felt Shane’s cock push into Lisa on the other side of the membrane that separated their two penises. The intrusion caused Lisa’s already tight pussy to close around Jason’s cock even more. Meanwhile Lisa was panting, sweat already forming on her breasts, forehead and all down her back as she continued to brace through izmir escortlar Shane’s penetration. It was a little uncomfortable, even with all that lube, but it was so wildly hot that the pleasure of two men inside her along with how sexy seducing two men made her feel by far outweighed any initial pain caused by sex sandwich the three of them had created.

“Are you OK?” Shane asked Lisa once he was fully inside her, wanting to ensure her comfort before the boys really got going.

“I’m fine,” Lisa said, “It feels good! I just need a minute.”

“Take your time, honey,” Jason said, still running his hands up and down Lisa’s back and through her hair. “You’re so sexy – oh my gosh!” Lisa smiled down at Jason as she continued to take deep breaths until the pressure in her holes began to subside and her body adjusted to the sensation of two men inside her at once.

After a minute or so, Lisa gave the green light. “OK, go for it,” she said. “But start slow.”

“Are you sure?” Jason asked, eager to get to work with Shane and double-fuck this beauty.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Lisa responded. “I want you both to double-penetrate me!”

“Good enough for me,” Jason said.

“And me,” Shane piped in as he began to slowly pull back, easing his cock out of Lisa’s ass until only the tip was inside. Then he pushed forward, sliding inch after inch of himself back inside, and, as he did, Jason thrust back himself so that he was making more room for Shane’s cock in Lisa’s ass as Shane thrust forward.

“Oh!” Lisa cried out, the pressure now turning into real pleasure. “Oh, that feels nice!”

“Good!” Jason responded, now holding onto Lisa’s shoulders. “It feels good for me too.” Lisa assumed it wasn’t the first time Shane and Jason had doubled up on a girl, and while that thought didn’t thrill Lisa, she was happy to benefit from their experience that would serve to make her first time all the more enjoyable. She appreciated how the guys took turns going in and out of her and how they eased their pace to start. Their focus and teamwork made it easier for her to adjust to the new experience and feel genuine pleasure, even as Jason and Shane began to work up to a faster pace slowly but surely.

“Oh! Fuck!” Lisa cried as Jason and Shane began to thrust into her a little harder and faster. She let out a girlish giggle and said, “That’s so hot!” Lisa pushed herself up, her hands on either side of Jason’s shoulders while Jason continued to hold onto her shoulders and pump up into Lisa’s pussy while he grunted without saying a word. He admired the look of pleasure on his girlfriend’s face, her straight, dark hair hanging down over his mouth and her sexy tits swaying forward over his chest as she took thrusts at her back end from two men. Meanwhile, Shane had one hand on Lisa’s back and the other wrapped around her ankle as he plundered Lisa’s ass, sinking his whole shaft into it each time Jason retracted from Lisa’s pussy and then pulling back as Jason sank back into that sexy body. The more time that went by, the faster the boys were able to work together to saw in and out the hottest girl they had ever shared.

“Mmm, how’re you doing, baby?” Jason asked amid staggered breathing as he continued to work over Lisa’s pussy.

“Really good,” Lisa replied. “You can go faster if you want.”

“I heard that!” Shane said, and the boys immediately picked up their pace, sliding in and out of their shared female. Their balls slapped against Lisa’s taint each time one of the guys thrust into her, taking turns penetrating her beautiful body as they double-fucked her. The increased pace made Lisa moan even louder and eventually collapse on top of Jason, her breasts now pressed against her lover’s chest as their sweat mingled.

The boys continued to fuck Lisa together while all three of them moaned for a few more minutes until Jason spoke up. “Let’s switch places,” he said to Shane. Without a word, Shane slowed to a stop and pulled out. Lisa cried out as Shane’s cock popped out of her ass, and, without needing instruction, she pulled herself off Jason, rolling onto her side and attempting to catch her breath as the boys swapped positions. Shane and Jason took a moment to admired the sweat-soaked beauty, who smiled back at them as she recovered from the most intense fucking she had received so far in her life.

“Are you good for another round?” Shane asked Lisa as he sat down next to her and lay on his back, stroking his cock.

“Please,” Lisa said in response. “I’ll outlast both of you.” She wasn’t sure she believed what she had just said, but it certainly was hot for the guys to hear her say it.

“Prove it!” Jason said as he stepped in front of Shane and then helped Lisa climb on top of him. “Let’s get back to it, then!” Lisa resumed the same position as before, this time with Shane on the bottom and Jason behind them. Before she let them penetrate her, she reapplied the lube to her ass, and this time added a helping to her pussy as well, which was sure to be sore as well by the time the night was over. The boys, too, lubed up, and then they were all ready to go. Lisa slid down Shane’s dick, which easily slipped into her, allowing Jason to get right to work prodding Lisa’s asshole with his cock.

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