Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 04


The series you are reading is the story of our baby sitter Katherine who was seduced by my wife Ann. Ann’s friend Lisa, who is a dominant lesbian, decided to lead Katherine into a lesbian lifestyle and as part of that instructed her to recruit her college roommate Taylor. This chapter is Katherine telling her story to Lisa and Ann, who retold it to me…and now I’m telling you. I know, confusing but hey, I can’t get Ann to write it down. Thanks! Larry –

I had been stiff as a board ever since Ann called me to say she was on her way home after meeting Lisa and Katherine at the coffee shop. Lisa had called Ann at the office and asked her to stop by the Starbucks near campus. Katherine was going to give the two ladies a progress report on how the seduction of her roommate, Taylor, was progressing. Lisa has instructed Katherine to recruit her this week to join in their little lesbian games. The fact that Taylor was straight and had a steady boyfriend perhaps made the game that much more exciting for Lisa who reveled in turning straight women into her lesbian playthings. When Ann arrived home she wasted no time in relaying the conversation that took place earlier in the evening between Katherine, Lisa and herself:

Ann spotted Katherine alone at a booth sipping on one those iced coffees they serve. Katherine looked stunning in a little yellow top but her nipples, hard as little pebbles were clearly evident. Lisa had made it clear, among the many rules she had made the coed, panties and bras were off limits even in public. She intended Katherine to always be ready should the need arise for a quick grope.

Ann ordered and had just begun to exchange pleasantries when Lisa sauntered into the shop, dropped her pocketbook on a chair, leaned down and placed a lingering kiss on the coed’s plump lips. They parted lips with a wet sound as Lisa leaned back down and wiped Kat’s upper lip with her tongue before heading to the counter for an order.

When she returned, she asked Katherine to report on how things were going with Taylor. According to Katherine, Taylor is a couple of years younger, just nineteen and a sophomore at the local college. While Kat is 5′ 6″, Taylor is two inches shorter and weighs 110 lb. Both are identical 34 C. Katherine, who used to have long blonde hair, now has it cut short, at Lisa’s direction. Taylor is a brunette and wears her hair just above her shoulders.

“Okay….I’ve been dying to call you but you made me promise to wait until…well, I’m getting ahead of myself,” started Katherine. “Taylor and I have roomed together for two semesters after my first roommate graduated last year. She and I are really close and it floored her a few weeks ago when I came home and Susan had restyled my hair. I thought her eyes would pop out.”

“You didn’t tell her I had it cut,” Lisa smiled as she took a sip of her coffee.

“I just told her I needed a change. We often do our laundry together and she took notice of the clothes you had purchased me…the skimpy tops and shorts…and the fact that I never had any panties or bras to wash,” continued Kat.

“Little sluts don’t wear such items sweets,” Lisa chided.

“Well, it wasn’t lost on Taylor although she didn’t say anything. But on more than one occasion I returned to the room and knew that she had been through my drawers and closets snooping around. Well Monday evening after we returned from the café, I figured I better get to work if I was going to have her recruited for you by this weekend.”

“We were both reading in our beds, when about eight or so, I said I was going to take a shower. I stood up and with my back to her raised my top over my head. I looked in the mirror on my dresser and could see she was watching me undress, peeking over the top of her book. I unsnapped my jeans and eased them down, taking my time and giving her a nice long look. When I turned to lay my jeans on the bed, I looked over and her attention quickly shifted back to the book but I was confident I had seen her gazing at my ass.”

“I took my time in the shower, rubbing my tits and pussy which were throbbing in anticipation at what I was going to do,” continued Katherine

“There’s no feeling like the first time turning a supposedly straight girl out to get those pussy juices going,” Lisa smirked, “but please keep going.”

“Well, I went back in the room with a fluffy towel wrapped around my waist and tied at the top just over my titties. I then sat down on the edge of the bed and began painting my toenails. I painted them that bright red that you like. The way I was sitting I could feel the cool air on my pussy and knew it was exposed. I could only imagine it gaping and inviting. On several occasions I could feel…sort of sense, Taylor looking, but each time I looked up Taylor would turn a page of her book. But once I caught her. She was transfixed on my crotch and then she saw me looking at her. She blushed as I just smiled back at her.”

“I could tell she was rattled when Ankara escort she announced she too was getting ready to turn in. She walked into the bathroom and began to run the shower. At first the door was cracked and I wondered if she was going to provide me a show. But no such luck when she pushed the door shut. When she finished and walked out, she had slipped on a t-shirt which hung below her hips. I was still in my towel lying on my back watching television. I figured it’s now or never and retrieved a bottle of lotion from the bathroom and began rubbing lotion on my feet and legs. Sighing, I told Taylor my back was really tense and was there any way she would consider rubbing my shoulders.”

“Taylor had just slipped into bed but I was hopeful my pitiful look would beget some sympathy,” continued Katherine. “Sure” Taylor replied.

“I eased down on the bed on my stomach as she sat on the side, taking time to warm the lotion in her hand before administering it to my shoulders. Her soft hands felt great on my skin as they slid across the top of my shoulders, stopping to pinch the skin at the base of my neck. After a couple of minutes I made a move and released the towel and pushed it down bunching it to my ass. Let me get this out of your way. She hesitated a few seconds before I felt her hands again trace circles on my back. My legs too, if you would,” I said.

She was really quiet and then she started ruinning circles on my lower back where you had me get the tattoo. “When did you get this?” she inquired.

“You like it?” I inquired.

“Its unusual. A tiger wearing a collar…. What does it mean?” she continued.

“Well, its a cat…like me…Kat. Tigers are wild…and always on the prey…but that one is collared.” I explained.

“I’m seeing someone and they picked it out.” Taylor was really quiet and I was unsure what to say. I didn’t want to scare her off. “It symbolizes my submission to them.”

“Who is this person, when do I meet him?” she asked.

“I didn’t dare explain at that moment the he was actually a she. You will. I promise. I want you to.”

“Fortunately she dropped it but I could tell her eyes were still fixed on my tat. The tiger with the thick black collar and silver studs. Thinking I had given myself to someone to do their bidding. I only wished I could read her thoughts.”

“Taylor moved her hands to my legs and it felt divine as she squirted lotion directly on them and rubbed it in. I groaned my approval. ‘Would you do my front?’ I flipped over without waiting for her response. The expression on her face was priceless. Her eyes were glued to my breast and she started to utter something when I said, ‘Look don’t be silly, it’s just us two. She was careful to rub down low and on the occasion she ventured near my breast she ran her hands around them.”

“I was really disappointed but knew I needed to take it slow. After a few minutes, I told her it was her turn. Initially she balked, but I insisted and practically pushed her facedown on the bed. I slid out of my towel completely and sat astride her back legs nude. I squirted lotion on my hands and then eased them up the back of her t-shirt exposing her cute little pink panties. I rubbed until she began a soft moan that was just detectable. That’s when I raised the back of the t-shirt and began pushing it up encouraging her to remove it so we didn’t get lotion all over it.”

“Taylor was reluctant but I kept on pulling it up until she raised her chest up and the t-shirt went up and over her head. I wondered if Taylor could feel the juices flowing from my pussy onto her leg as I took in the sight before me. I continued my slow methodical massage, working my way down and even taking my hands and sliding them under the waistband of her panties.”

It was then I decided to make my move when I asked her to flip over.

“I think we should stop,” Taylor said somewhat softly, her face half muffled in my pillow. I knew if we did, that would be my last chance. “Oh, don’t be like that. I let you do me,” almost as if it had been a favor. “Besides, it’s just a stomach rub.” I tried to lift her and she was really hesitant at first, but eventually she turned over and there was heaven before me. Her nipples were already stiff as little pebbles sitting on her firm breast. I wanted to lean down then and began biting them and it was all I could do to hold back.”

“I worked my hands slowly around her shoulders and neck and ever so lightly traced my fingers down her sides raising little bumps across her skin. She was sighing with her eyes closed as I rubbed lightly across her belly and then back up to her top. With the palm of my hands I slid over the top of her breasts and could feel her nipples give way to my hand. She ever so slightly moaned but I wanted to be careful not to scare her away.”

“Eventually I became bolder as she seemed to relax. I tweaked a nipple with my fingers and her arm shot up as if to cover herself. “I’m sorry, did that hurt,” I feigned.

“No, Ankara escort bayan its just…I wasn’t expecting it,” Taylor replied. “Are they sensitive” I asked, Knowing full well the answer as I this time more softly traced a pattern around her little bud?

“I think we should stop Katherine…” Taylor said before I again, took a nipple and squeezed it. Taylor groaned and held her hand over mine but this time she wasn’t moving my hand away. I continued to rub her little nipples which hardened between my fingers, gently pulling outward as I felt her body rise up against my wet pussy.”

“If I ever had the upper hand, I felt it was now as I bent down and took her right nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it, flicking my tongue against the nipple, holding her beautiful breast in my hand. Taylor moaned, her eyes closed as she tilted her head to one side. She never looked more beautiful to me.”

“I’ll stop if you really want me to. Do you want me to?” I asked softly. There was no reply just a soft sigh.

“I bent down and placed a soft kiss on her cheek, then the tip of her nose. I looked at her face and closed on her lips, ever so gently resting my lips on hers in a very soft kiss. I sat back up and continued my assault, gently twisting her nipples in my fingers, tonguing one then the other before I bent down to kiss her again. This time my mouth and lips lingered on hers. I pushed ever so gently with my tongue. Her mouth yielded slowly, ever so slowly as she accepted me and then I felt her open her mouth. My tongue found hers and we entered into a passionate kiss.”

“Now she was kissing me back as forcefully as I ever kissed her. My hand cupped her face, wandered back down to her breast, and then slid ever so slowly down her stomach to the elastic of her panties. Once again, I felt her hand go to the top of mine, but it was almost like she was asking me to slow down….not stop.”

“I moved slowly as her release on me relaxed until I felt the top of her soft bush. I ran my hand down and cupped her hot mound as I felt the wetness and heat rising from her pussy. My fingers teased her lips and she groaned under my mouth as her tongue pushed hard between my lips.”

“I pushed my finger in her hot tight hole, sliding it back and forth between her lips while her hips bucked beneath me. I slipped my hands up to the top of her panties and inched them down. I was a little surprised when her ass rose off the bed to allow me to slip them off. I eased up her body, my breasts mashing against hers as I whispered into her ear, I’m gonna eat your pussy baby. I’m gonna make you feel like you’ve never felt before.”

“Maybe it was because she wanted me to. Perhaps she realized she couldn’t stop me…or just didn’t want to as I slid down her body stopping at her cute belly button to stick my tongue in it. I licked all over her tight stomach as she groaned and held my head. As my tongue danced in her cute belly button, I thought how sexy it would look with a piercing. Perhaps her gift to me. But that was for later.”

“As I scooted down to her little brown muff, I could tell she let it grow naturally. I parted the lips with my fingers as I lapped up the juices which had already been flowing. I teased her hard little clit and sucked on it before I again slid my tongue into her folds and plunged it as deep as I could into her pussy.”

“Her hands were gripping the sheet, clenching in little tight balls as I reached up and we interlocked our fingers. Do you like it baby I asked. Do you like me eating your pussy.”

“Yes, oh yes….I like it. Please don’t stop,” came Taylor’s soft reply. “Tell me you like me eating your pussy. I want to hear you tell me,” I went on.

“Oh yes….oh it feels so good. No one’s ever made me feel like that…..oh shit…” Taylor continued.

“I rubbed her clit with my finger as I worked my tongue into her cunt. I could feel her legs trembling beneath me, her body shaking as she was beginning to build into an explosion. She screamed out loud enough to get the attention of our suitemates as she almost completely sat up and grabbed my head, pushing it into her hot hole. She came loud and hard until she collapsed back on the bed.”

“I licked a few more times getting the last remaining juices before I crawled up her body and placed my mouth over hers. I knew she was tasting her first pussy and the pussy was hers. I gently licked her lips and she sucked my tongue. I rubbed my fingers through her hair as we lay with her arms wrapped tightly around me.”

“As I gently tickled her stomach, she looked into my eyes. Neither of us spoke as we enjoyed the embrace and the moment. I broke the silence, “Did you like that baby. Did I make you feel good.”

“Yea,” she said dreamily as she rubbed her fingers gently across my face.

“I’ve never done anything like that before. I mean, I’ve never been with a girl before,” Taylor continued.

“It’s okay. Girls know what other girls like. Has anyone ever Escort Ankara made you feel as good as I did tonight?” I questioned.

“No, that was…that was awesome.”

“I bent down again and gently kissed Taylor on the lips. Our tongues lightly touching. Then she reached up to remove a stray hair…a pussy hair. We both giggled. “Not mine,” I said with a smile.”

“I noticed that. When did you start shaving you twat?” inquired Taylor.

“First, it’s a pussy not a twat…say that. Ask me again,” I said.

“Okay, when did you start shaving your…your pussy,” she said with emphasis.

“Actually it’s waxed. It’s better than shaving and lasts longer. And I love the feel. I love the way it feels all exposed and its so, so sensitive when someone’s going down on me.” I saw Taylor blush just a bit.

“Here, let me do you. Let me shave you tonight.” I said as I pulled a tuft of her hair between my fingers.

“I looked and saw the picture of her boyfriend Dennis on her nightstand. She affectionately referred to him as Di. “Di will go nuts when he sees it…what do you think?”

“I saw her eyes light up at the thought. I wondered is she was considering it because of the naughty nature or because he might like it? “Okay…let’s do it. I think I’d like it…will it itch, she asked as she began to roll off the bed.”

“Only if you let it grow back out and I won’t let that happen….” I retorted. It was almost said without thinking. She glanced back but didn’t say anything about the boldness of my statement.”

“I took her by the hand and we went in the bathroom where I had her sit on the counter as I first cut her pussy hair as close as I could to the skin. Then I had her stand in the tub as I knelt before her, staring straight into that sweet young cunt. I turned on the water and removed the shower handle from its holder. Lathering her up I was careful not to knick her taking time and being ever so cautious. I would rinse her off, and then lather again until I was confident it was as smooth as it could be. I then asked if she would bend over and let me get between her cheeks”.

“She giggled as I shaved the little bit of hair around her asshole. It was all I could do not to stick my face between her cheeks but I knew in due time. We then both soaped up and I took her hand with soap and rubbed it across my breasts, guiding her hand over my nipples and then down to my pussy before I let go and she continued to lather me. It felt so good to have her hands sliding across my wet chest.”

“After we rinsed, I toweled us both off and took her by the hand and lay her back on the bed. I immediately moved between her legs telling her I needed to see how good a job I had done. This time there was no reluctance on her part as she moaned her approval when my tongue entered her hot smooth pussy. She had her hands on my head almost guiding me where she wanted me to go.”

“What am I doing to you baby?” I inquired softly between licks. “You’re eating my pussy,” she purred back.

“You like me doing this?” I continued. “I love you eating my pussy….it feels so good.” She moaned as I flicked my tongue across her clit.

“Play with your titties baby. Play with your nipples as I watch.”

“Taylor rubbed her hands across her breast, cupped them and then pulled hard on her nipples. She twisted both of them…rather hard, giving me the impression she liked a little pain with her pleasure. It also gave me a thrill she was doing what I asked.”

“You gonna’ come for me again?” I asked. “Oh yes, I gonna come….oh I’m gonna’ come,” she chanted until once again her hips raised off the bed and she groaned loudly. This time she pulled me up and forcefully kissed me. We lay together for some time before she raised up to get out of the bed.”

“Stay in my bed tonight baby,” I said as I grabbed her hand. She looked over and then lay back down. I got up briefly, turned off the light, and lay back down with her. Taking her in my arms as a soft glow from outside shown through the window.”

“Is there more,” inquired Lisa smiling at how successful her young protégé had been.

“Actually, yes…a great deal,” continued Katherine as she continue to intrigue Lisa and I with her story.

Katherine began again, “Taylor and I usually have dinner together in the café and when she didn’t show without calling I knew something was up. I ate alone and then hurried back to our dorm room. I studied for a while and then took a shower before I lay down on the bed and watched a little TV.”

“About 9:15, Taylor opened the door and entered very quietly. I could almost feel the chill in the air as she entered without saying anything. It didn’t take much for me to realize she was upset about the previous evening.”

“Where you been?” I questioned. “Studying in the library,” came the short reply back.

“I was thinking of some type of response when she laid it out there, “I don’t want for us to do what we did last night again…,” she said softly pausing… “it was wrong.”

I looked at Taylor who was looking down at the floor. “I’m not sure I understand. What was wrong about it,” I countered.

“It’s just…it’s just not natural,” Taylor retorted.

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