School Friends/New Friends Pt. 02

Big Tits

I got to Hazel’s house while the sky was still light. I rang the door bell and was greeted by a bubbly Hazel, with a huge smile, wearing very short shorts and an oversize tshirt. She was not wearing a bra. She threw her arms around me and hugged me tight, those tits pressed against me again. I was all too aware about how little material there was separating us, fuck.

I’m no idiot, she was up to something, but I wasn’t sure what. I didn’t want to overplay my hand too soon. Not that I had a hand. Hazel was hot, I was aroused. Yes, I’d had sex with…several…women. I just wasn’t sure what her end game was here and wanted to play it conservatively. Sex is complicated sometimes and it can ruin shit. I liked Hazel and found her attractive, but wasn’t too sure, at least logically, if I wanted to have a sexual relationship with her. But, I wasn’t 100% sure that’s what was happening. Fuck, she could just want to borrow money…lol.

Hazel pulled me inside and tugged me through the rest of the house. I was able to set one bottle of wine down on the cabinet as swooped through the kitchen. She had glasses and the food already on the coffee table in front of the TV. The stereo was on playing some sort of dance music low in the background.

The table was covered with a smorgasbord of stuff. She laughed, explaining she has gotten hungry looking at the menu and couldn’t decide. She hadn’t eaten most of the day excited to see me. I realized I hadn’t really eaten today either. There was a huge pizza, hot wings, cheesey bread, salad, several appetizers, and some kind of apple cinnamon dessert thing. Mmmmm.

We poured a couple of glasses if wine and went at the food like hyenas. Not very ladylike I know, but it was just us and what we do behind closed doors would shock you…lol. Hazel grabbed the remote and clicked off the music, clicked on the tv, and pulled up a list of tv and movies. We decided on some forgettable movie I can’t remember the name of or watching at this point, but you probably saw it.

The opening credits started and we started small talk. She told me about her vacation and how fabulous it was. All the places they went and things they saw. She had a bunch of PICTURES she wanted to show me. She emphasized that word PICTURES, but kept on talking. Her emphasis was slightly less than subtle. This and that and the other. I was paying attention to what she was saying, but then she brought it back around.

“Oh hey did you like those PICS I sent you?” she hit that reference again.

“Yeah, it looked like you were having a lot of fun. I was jealous you got to go to so many fabulous places, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten away like that. But it was nice spending time with my husband and the kids. I miss him now that he’s gone for so long. I hate it’ll be another 6 months before I see him again.”

We do keep in touch constantly on messengers and by video. With my school schedule I can be up a bit later and chat with him for a while, then he does the same. We make it work.

Hazel’s hand had found its way to my leg while I was talking. She was playing with her hair with the other hand, sitting there listening to me talk. My gaze shifted momentarily from her face to her chest, her nipples poking out of her shirt.

Had they been like that a moment ago?

I caught myself and shifted my gaze back up to her face instantly. She shifted in her seat and smiled. I think she caught me. I noticed she had slowly and lightly started to stroke my thigh, a distant look in her eyes, then snapped back and slapped my leg lightly.

“Oh hey, I have a gift for you!” she smiled and her eyes lit up.

She popped up off the couch and bounced into the other room for a moment. When I say bounced, I mean she wasn’t wearing a bra and she BOUNCED out of the room. Mercy. She came back with a cute gift bag and handed it to me as she plopped back down next to me on the sofa, a bit closer than she was sitting before I noticed.

“I hope you like it…I wasn’t sure of your size, but thought Ankara escort it would look amazing on you!” She had that beautiful smile again and was watching me, excited as a kid at Christmas.

I opened the bag, expecting a t-shirt maybe? Why? I dunno, that’s normally what you get people as souvenirs, silly t-shirts? I went “here” and all I got was this t-shirt, or “I’m with stupid”?…lol.

I pulled out and handful of fabric, black, mostly strings. It took me a moment to realize it was a bikini, like the one she had been wearing the day before. Hazels eyes lit up excited and expectantly.

“Don’t you love it? I thought you’d love to have one too. We will be bikini twins!” She giggled.

Oh she was giddy.

“Well thank you. This is great. I’m not sure what to say.”

“You’re welcome! Try it on and let’s see if it fits!” she was positively gleeful.

She IS coming on to me right? You see it too? The hugs, no bra and bouncing, the things she’s saying, suggestive selfies, and now a thong bikini she wants me to try on? I mean she’s sitting here in extremely short shorts and just a t-shirt with no bra on, her nipples are just begging me to squeeze them. I imagine she’s not wearing any panties. I’m IMAGINING her not wearing any panties under those shorts.

My head was swimming a bit. Partially because of the situation and partially because of the wine I think. The anticipation is killing me. I can’t figure out why I’m so hesitant with all the signs.

“Ok, where’s the bathroom I’ll go get changed.” I smiled back.

OK. I was game. I give in. Let’s see where this goes. If everything I’m thinking is just one huge coincidence, then the only thing that happens is I go home alone, get out and few toys, and go at it until I pass out.

“Oh don’t be silly just change right here, it’s just us.” She leaned back expectantly.

See! I am NOT imaging things. Well, her naked body through the thin 1/8 of material separating us, but she IS coming on to me big time! I have no problem taking my clothes off in front of women. At this point I am so horny I want to take them off and dominate the little tease and show her what’s what, but I was really fucking wet and there’s just nothing but embarrassment here if I’m wrong about her wanting to have sex. There’s been absolutely no hint before that she wants to have any type of physical relationship.

I stood up. My hands went to the button on my jeans. Fuck I could feel how wet I was. I want to cum so fucking bad then I can get back into my right mind. The voice in my head wanted this, it was goading me on, why does the voice in my head have a British accent? The plan, apparently, was…I’d pull my pants down, grab her by the hair, stuff my pussy in her mouth, make her tongue fuck me until I came, then If I was mistaken about everything I’d would apologize, pull my pants up and drive home. No harm no foul. My pussy loved that idea and it shot goosebumps over my body. The British voice in my head saw no issues with that plan at all. Ok, team! Break!

I slid my pants down slowly, trying to act nonchalant, oh my God I am so fucking wet. A sudden flash in my head, I had her bent over with a ball gag in her mouth, hands tied behind her and I had a strap-on buried deep in her. I was horny as fuck. My imagination does that to me sometimes. I was thinking if I could just pull them down to me knees, jerk off, then pull them back up and just leave quickly…lol.

I stopped wearing panties a long time ago at my husbands request, I just got used to not wearing them, except for a week a month…ahem. So, the “no panties thing” made the “very wet pussy thing” potentially more embarrassing. I knew I was wet, but not HOW wet or if I’d soaked my jeans yet.

Hazel watched my jeans slide down, also trying to look nonchalant about the whole thing. I could see the expectant look on her face. It was obvious she was waiting to see my underwear, when it became obvious I wasn’t wearing any her eyes widened. I noticed her jaw drop a bit and she took a Ankara escort bayan deep breath. When the curtain finally dropped and she noticed the theater had hardwood floors, she wiggled in her seat. Ok, definitely time to stop fucking around.

I pushed my jeans down the rest of the way and stepped out of them, folded them, then turned around and put them on a chair. Yep, I turned around to show her my ass. My bare naked ass. I like my ass, let’s see what the judges say. I turned back around and noticed her eyes flick back up. She smiled, blushed a bit, realizing she had been caught. I slipped my t-shirt over my head, then undid my bra and turned back around before I slipped it off. I took my time folding them neatly, before putting them with my jeans. I wanted her looking at my ass. I was purposely swaying my hips side-to-side, giving her a show. OK, time for some push back and take control of this situation. I needed to get fucked or I needed 5 minutes alone in the bathroom…lol.

I stretched my hands up to the ceiling, arched my back, and pushed my ass back towards her. I gave my best stretching moan, slowly turning back around on tiptoes to face her. I squeezed my tits, pinched my nipples, and rubbed my tummy. That’ll do it.

“Ahhhh, that’s better”

I looked down at myself. Pretty damned hot if I do say so myself, and I did.

“Not bad for 29, eh?” and I chuckled.

I stood hands on my hips on full display. Take this you cheeky monkey.

Hazel was gawking a bit, looking me up and down. That’s right. It’s my turn. Tho a wash of uncertainty washed over me. If I was just being oversexed and porn-minded, then I was completely over doing this. If this didn’t clarify things then nothing would. I dialed things back a bit and moved forward.

“So let’s see what we have here.” I reached down and grabbed the tiny bundle of fabric and strings and started putting it on.

I have to say it fits me quite nicely, if nothing else my husband was going to love this on me. He loves seeing me in bikinis. He LOVES it when I’m naked, but loves me in bikinis too…lol. I slid the small triangle of fabric into place, and the thong up the crack of my ass. The top fit just right and once tied was quite a flattering cut on me. Hands on my hips I twisted my torso back and forth. I rather liked this, quite comfortable. I looked pretty damned hot.

“So? What do you think?” I smiled down at her slightly arching my back and sticking my tits out.

She sat smiling with admiration in her eyes.

“I’d imagined black would look awesome on you, but…Wow.”

She slid a bit closer to me on the couch. I turned to show her my ass.

“And from behind?” yep, mama’s driving now…lol.

I saw her swallow, then reach out slowly. She giggled as she reached out and playfully smacked my ass. She giggled again, this time her hand lingered a bit longer. I was watching her, she was slightly glassy-eyes staring at it. She went for a third smack and just left her hand on my ass. Her hot, sweaty, little hand. I felt her squeeze.

“Well then it’s settled! I look fabulous!” I said, then bent down to grab my glass of wine and sit down next to her on that big comfy couch.

She snapped out of her trace and sat smiling at me. A momentary lull in the conversation that seemed to go on forever, the silence filled by the noise from whatever the movie was. Hazel was looking at me and seemed like she wanted to say something, but stopped and reached forward to get her wine, then leaned back into the couch. She put her tiny feet up on the coffee table and took a long sip from her glass. I was noticing her very tanned skin and the way it shined. She must have lotioned for it to be that smooth and shiny. I wanted to touch her.

Her toes were cute and recently pedicured, a new manicure too. She had really nicely toned legs, I’d never paid much attention before, but they were just long enough to reach from the coffee table alllll the way up to her hips, just under those very thin short shorts she Escort Ankara was wearing. Uhm…I was not wearing enough fabric for me to be having those thoughts and I most certainly did not want to soak this couch.

She lay her head back against the couch for a moment, looking at the tv screen, then turned to look at me. She smiled and started making small talk about school and classes. When Hazel is happy she has the biggest smile, that kind that makes you smile despite yourself. I sat back and sank into the couch, glass in hand, feeling both exposed and the really nice fabric of the couch on my all but naked body. .

The movie droned on, I remembered we laughed at it, but not why, mostly because I remember the sound of her laugh made me laugh. At this point we were both about 2 glasses into this bottle of wine and very relaxed. I had very little interest in what we were watching. My mind wandered a moment, until I felt Hazel’s hand fall heavy on mine. She was looking at me and smiling.

“You know, you’re my best friend.” she said grinning at me.

“You’re mine too, Hun.” I smiled back at her and patted her hand.

“I really missed you when I was gone.” She squeezed my hand in hers, snaking her fingers between mine and squeezing.

“I missed you too. I enjoyed getting all of those pictures and messages from you. It’s like I was there with you. That would have been so fun! We should take a trip together sometime.”

“I wish you had been.”

“That’s an odd thing to say Hun. Was everything ok?” There was something to her voice.

“No,no everything was good. I miss him while he’s gone. We had a good time. Seeing everything was so cool. It’s just, he isn’t you.” She gave my hand a squeeze.

I thought maybe this was the wine talking, giving her that sense of melancholy.

“Awww, you’re so sweet. Thank You.” I gave her hand a squeeze back.

We sat staring at the screen holding hands. I remember it feeling really nice. I also remember feeling really naked and goosebumps made me shiver.

She lifted her glass to her lips and took another sip, then turned her head back toward me.

“You never mentioned the picture I sent you.”

I decided to play it coy at first, but then something different came out.

“Oh you meant to send me that? I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t want to embarrass you. I thought it was a mistake.” I volleyed the conversation back to her.

“No. I was laying there one night thinking about you. Thinking about how much time we spend together and how much fun I have with you. It’s different with you. I find myself making up excuses to get together with you. I know you have other things going on, but I have such a good time when I’m with you I don’t want it to end…”

She stopped for a moment and took another sip of wine. She was sipping her courage. While she sipped I squeezed her hand and replied…

“I enjoy your company too Sweetie. I’m glad you’re back…”

She cut me off.

“…I did a lot of thinking while I was on vacation. about..things…about what I want…about you. I…uh…there’s just this huge part of me that wants to be with you…”

and the floodgates opened…

“…look, every time I’m with you I just feel this connection…I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but just this overwhelming feeling of…wanting to tear your fucking clothes off and spread you so fucking wide and taste every fucking inch of you…I see your mouth and want to kiss you, you have the most incredible lips…which is all very odd because I’ve never felt this way for another woman before and I’ve never even really kissed another woman or been with one, but…I don’t know about you, but I just wanted you to be my first…”

That was definitely information overload and really the sweetest confession I had ever gotten from another person. I lay there looking at her with nothing but deepest affection.

She just looked at me for a moment then,

“Oh God I hope I didn’t offend you or say anything that can’t be taken back.” she was looking at me with tears welling up in her beautiful eyes.

I smiled at her and squeezed her hand, then gently pulled her towards me. I rolled my body a bit closer to hers and leaned in and kissed her…


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