Sarah’s Catfight Adventures Pt. 10


Please read chapter 9 before proceeding.

Sarah disrobed herself, revealing her naked body to Britney for the first time. Britney marveled at her rivals’ beautiful body, unable to focus on anything else as she was led to the shower.

As the two ladies arrived in the bathroom, Sarah let go of Britney’s hand snapped her fingers, ordering her to take her clothes off. The brunette gave off a dominating presence like she never had before, causing Britney to be completely subordinate to her demands. The blonde brat took off her wet t-shirt, revealing her breasts and cold rock-hard nipples.

Sarah stood there impatiently waiting for the blonde to remove her bottoms. Britney wasn’t moving fast enough, so Sarah took matters into her own hands. She pulled the string from Britney’s bikini bottoms, untying them and causing them to begin falling to the floor. The blonde was left blushing in embarrassment as she tried to cover her private parts.

Both ladies entered the hot shower, happy to finally get the smell of chlorine off their bodies. Britney tried to maintain her distance, watching Sarah scrub herself down. She admired her rival’s toned body as suds ran down her tan skin.

Without rinsing herself, Sarah approached Britney and asked, “Are you ready to be cleaned?”

Britney was surprised, not expecting an offer from her rival. “Yes, I am,” she responded, before gulping.

Sarah pressed her soapy body against Britney’s and stared into her eyes. She was unhappy with Britney’s response. “That’s a rather rude way of answering. Don’t you think you should address me properly?”

Britney was forced to humble herself as she realized what Sarah was demanding. “Yes, I am, mommy,” she responded.

“That’s a good girl,” said Sarah, sensually whispering to the blonde. “Nobody is here. You can call me mommy.’

As Britney felt Sarah’s presence growing stronger against her body, she began to feel insecure about her own body. She looked down at her rival’s large, soap covered breasts, pressing against her smaller breasts. Out of jealousy she whined, “My boobs aren’t as big as yours.”

Sarah pressed her larger breasts even harder against Britney’s. Her soap covered breasts rubbed and slid against the blondes stimulated nipples. The brunette then shushed her rival, not wanting to hear her complaints in that moment. She pressed her lips against Britney’s, subduing her into a deep and passionate kiss.

A calm aura came over Britney as she submitted her naked body to her rival’s touch. Sarah then released her hold on Britney’s lips. The calmness continued to reside over the blonde, allowing Sarah to effectively wash her entire body inside and out.

Britney whimpered as Sarah massaged her smaller breasts with soap. The brunette calmed her once again by placing a kiss on the blonde’s lips. The blonde’s whimpers turned into moans as Sarah massaged her breasts more aggressively.

Sarah brought down one of her hands and placed it between her rival’s legs. Britney lost her breath as she felt Sarah’s open palm rubbing against her crotch. The blonde squirmed and whimpered as her body tingled in pleasure. She wrapped her arms around her brunette rival’s shoulders, unsure if she could stand on her own power. Goosebumps showed all over her tan skin despite the warm water raining down on her body.

“Do you like it when I rub your pussy?” Sarah whispered into the blonde’s ear.

Britney was unable to respond as she intermittently lost her breath between strokes. “Yes….mommy….I love it,” she muttered, with all her strength.

Sarah began kissing the blonde, forcing Britney to make out with her. Britney moaned into Sarah’s mouth as she grinded her pussy harder against the brunette’s open hand. Her moans grew louder and louder as she got closer to reaching her climax.

“Are you about to cum baby?” asked Sarah, whispering sensually into her rival’s ear.

“Yes mommy!” Britney moaned, struggling to stay on her own two feet.

“Too bad,” whispered Sarah, as she Ankara escort removed her hand from Britney’s crotch.

Britney opened her eyes, scared and frustrated at what just happened. “What?! No!” she whined. “Please! I was so close!”

“You really think you deserve to cum?” asked Sarah, with a serious face.

The blonde stared at Sarah with a sad face, not knowing how to respond. “But I want it!” she finally begged.

“You’re not a good bitch,” Sarah responded. “You don’t deserve it.”

Britney threw her fists down and pouted. She spoiled brat did not know how to deal with it. She always got what she wanted. “Please! I need it!” she begged, like a little bitch.

“Like I said, you don’t deserve it,” Sarah sternly responded. She then turned the shower off and stepped out to dry herself.

Britney stomped her feet, sexually frustrated beyond belief. “I can earn it!” she fussed. “Let me earn it!”

“Shut up!” Sarah ordered.

Britney immediately shut her mouth and stood there in silence. She knew her place and did not want to make her mommy angry.

“Just be a good bitch and shut your mouth!” Sarah demanded.

“Yes mommy,” answered the obedient blonde.

Sarah then ordered the brat to step out of the shower. She dried Britney off with a warm towel and ordered her into the bedroom. The blonde brat put her head down and walked straight to Sarah’s room.

As the two 18-year old rivals entered Sarah’s room, Britney was ordered to get down to her knees. Britney obeyed and looked up at Sarah’s beautiful naked body.

“Follow me,” instructed Sarah, as she began walking towards her bed. Britney walked on her knees as Sarah sat on the edge of her bed. The brunette spread her legs, right in front of Britney’s face, and ordered Britney to lick her pussy.

“But I don’t want to do that!” pleaded the spoiled brat.

Sarah grabbed the blonde by her hair and said, “Listen bitch! This isn’t about what YOU want to do. Now be a good little bitch and do what I tell you to do!” She then forced Britney’s face into her crotch.

Britney placed her hands on Sarah’s legs and whimpered as she hesitantly licked clit. She felt demeaned and disrespected as Sarah held her by the hair, but she knew her place and continued to be a good bitch. The subtle moans coming from Sarah encouraged Britney to do an even better job of pleasing her mistress. She licked Sarah’s clit even faster, fully accepting her submissive role.

“Yes baby,” moaned Sarah, as she moved Britney’s hair out of her face. “You’re my bitch, aren’t you?”

Britney’s beautiful blue eyes looked straight up at Sarah as she continued to stimulate Sarah’s clitoris with her warm tongue. “I’m a good bitch, aren’t I?” she asked.

“OHH!” Sarah moaned. “Yeah be a good bitch and flick my clit with your tongue.”

Britney no longer felt she was being demeaned by Sarah. Being on her knees with her face between Sarah’s legs made Britney feel she was right where she belonged. She sucked on her rival’s clitoris as she simultaneously rubbed it with her warm tongue.

Sarah breathed deeply as she felt herself coming to a big climax. “I’m going to cum and you better not stop,” she ordered.

“I won’t mommy!” Britney moaned.

“Yeah you better let me cum in your face like a good little bitch,” Sarah demanded.

Britney kept her eyes on Sarah’s face as she continued to lick her pussy. When Sarah reached her climax, she let out a huge and sudden moan, as her lower body flinched and pulsated. Sarah’s juices ran down her pussy and dripped on Britney’s slutty face. The blonde wanted to slurp up all her rival’s pussy juice, like a good little bitch should.

After Sarah’s orgasm finally came to an end, she stood up from the bed and looked down on her blonde bitch. “You did a good job,” she said, as she walked towards the dresser.

Britney stayed on her knees and watched Sarah get dressed. She began to get upset as she watched the brunette put on a pair of baby blue panties, a yellow tank Ankara escort bayan top, and black shorts. “Why are you getting dressed and I’m still naked?” the blonde whined.

“I’ll let you get dressed when I want you to get dressed,” Sarah answered. The brunette then sat back down on her bed and began brushing her wet hair.

Britney was now more frustrated than ever. “Why do you get to cum, but I don’t?!” she fussed.

Sarah suddenly stopped brushing her hair and gave Britney a stern look. “You want to cum?” she asked.

“Yes, I do!” Britney pouted. “I’ve been a good girl!”

“Do you REALLY want to cum?” teased Sarah.

“Yes!” said Britney, desperately.

“Okay,” said Sarah. “But first, you have to make a few promises.”

“Like what?” asked Britney.

“First, you have to promise to be nicer to the other cheerleaders,” said Sarah. “Especially Courtney.”

“What?!” exclaimed Britney. “But that bitch wants my spot as cheer captain!”

“Fine,” responded Sarah. “You don’t get to cum. Get out!”

“No! Please!” begged the blonde. “That’s not fair!”

“That’s fine with me,” responded Sarah. “You can leave now. I’m done with you.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” begged Britney. “I will be nicer to Courtney.”

“You have to be submissive to her,” said Sarah.

“Ugh!” groaned the blonde brat. “Fine!”

“Also, you have to be submissive to my friends as well,” Sarah added.

“But I don’t like the volleyball girls,” responded Britney.

“It doesn’t matter,” said Sarah. “Sometimes we have to be nice to people we don’t like. It’s part of life.”

“Okay fine,” sighed Britney.

“If I find out that you are being a brat to any of them, then I will tease you and never give you an orgasm again,” said Sarah.

Britney looked at her with fear. “I really don’t want that,” she responded. “I’ll do my best.”

“One more thing,” said Sarah.

“What now?!” Britney fussed. “What else could you possibly want?”

“I’m going to give you a spanking,” said the brunette.

“What?!” said the shocked blonde. “Why should I get a spanking? I’ve been good!”

Sarah smiled at the bratty blonde. “Because deep down, you know you like it,” she said.

Britney tried to deny it. She blushed as she looked deep into her heart and thought about her inner desires to be dominated by her rival.

“You love being spanked by me, don’t you baby?” whispered Sarah. “I’ll even let you masturbate while I spank you.”

Goosebumps appeared over Britney’s entire body as she unintentionally became turned on by Sarah’s proposal. She could admit it to herself, but she did not want to admit it to her rival.

Sarah moved to the edge of the bed and dragged Britney’s naked body over her knees. “Go ahead and play with yourself,” Sarah whispered.

Britney took her hand and reached down between her legs. Sarah then took the flat side of her brush and smacked the blonde’s bare ass.

“OW!” Britney moaned out, as she began rubbing her wet pussy.

Sarah smacked the blonde’s ass several more times with the brush. Every smack landed flush on the blonde’s bare bottom, immediately turning it red. Britney moaned out in pain and pleasure as she rubbed her pussy even faster.

Britney’s screams started to annoy her brunette rival. Sarah grabbed the blonde’s free hand and forced her to suck on her own thumb. Britney was humiliated, but she secretly loved being embarrassed by Sarah. She sucked her thumb as Sarah used her hand to spank and rub her red tushy. Britney moaned harder from the pleasure as she masturbated to the punishment. Sarah grew pleased with Britney’s acceptance of her submissive role. She pushed the blonde onto the bed, forcing her to lie on her back.

“What are you doing to me?” asked Britney.

“Shut up,” responded Sarah, as she forced Britney to raise her knees to the air. “Just keep playing with yourself.”

Britney kept her knees up to her breasts as she rubbed her clitoris in a circular motion. Sarah crouched Escort Ankara beside her and stuck two fingers deep inside her pussy. The blonde moaned out as she felt Sarah’s fingers curling against her G-spot.

Sarah stood beside the bed, between Britney’s raised legs, as she continued stroking the blonde’s G-spot over and over with her two fingers. The then placed her other hand on Britney’s throat as she fingered her wet pussy rapidly. The blonde bitch moaned like crazy as she stared off into space with her eyes rolling to the back of her head. She loved being controlled by the neck and pussy by her brunette rival. The stimulation was so powerful that Britney could hardly continue masturbating while Sarah finger fucked her juicy pussy.

The blonde bitch froze, completely losing her breath, until her pussy ripped off a huge orgasm all over Sarah’s fingers. Her eyes rolled all the way back as she moaned to the sky. The tension from her body release all at once as her pussy pulsated and exploded with pleasure.

Sarah finally released her hold on Britney’s pussy. The blonde continued to moan and enjoy the remaining pleasure still tingling through her body from the overpowering orgasm. Sarah watched and admired Britney’s naked body squirming around on her bed.

When Britney was finally able to catch her breath, she looked up at Sarah and uttered, “Thank you!”

Sarah looked into the blonde’s beautiful blue eyes as she responded, “You’re welcome baby.” She then brushed the hair out of Britney’s face as she said, “Just remember our deal, okay?”

Britney became sad as she realized her place. “I’m nothing but your bitch, aren’t I?” she asked with a whiney voice.

“That’s right,” Sarah said, as she leaned in for a kiss. She pressed her soft lips against Britney’s and then whispered, “You’re my little bitch.”

Britney accepted the soft kiss from Sarah as well as her submissive role. “May I sleep with you tonight?” asked the blonde.

“You don’t have a choice,” answered Sarah.

“May I have some clothes?” Britney asked, politely. “My clothes from the party are wet.”

“I’ll bring you some dry clothes to sleep in,” said Sarah, as she walked to her dresser.

When Sarah came back, Britney noticed that she was holding a volleyball t-shirt. “I have to wear that shirt?” asked Britney.

“Yes,” answered Sarah. “And you’re not going to complain either, are you?”

“No mommy,” answered Britney.” May I borrow a pair of underwear?” she asked.

Sarah smiled as she answered, “Yes you may.”

Suddenly, Britney saw what Sarah was offering. “I don’t want to wear those!” she exclaimed.

Sarah was holding up the black G-string that Britney embarrassed her with at school. The brunette had turned things full circle on her blonde rival. “You will be sleeping in this thong tonight,” she ordered.

Britney reluctantly got dressed in the clothes that Sarah picked out. She wanted to be upset but wearing Sarah’s clothes gave her a sense of comfort and peace that she never felt before. The lights were off, and the distractions were eliminated. Britney was already exhausted from everything Sarah put her body through. She closed her eyes as she began to fall asleep in her rival’s arms. Just before she faded into a complete rest, she felt Sarah’s lips give her one final kiss goodnight.

“I love this.”


The next day…

Sarah and Courtney texted each other.


“Hey Courtney!”

“Thank you so much for everything.”

“No problem!”

“Is Brit still at your house?”

“No, I kicked her out this morning.”

“You really taught her a lesson, didn’t you?”

“I think I really put her in her place this time.”

“I wish I had the courage to challenge her.”

“I think you have it in you Courtney.”


“Of course! You’re a strong girl!”

“Thanks Sarah!”

“I think you can stand up to Brit.”

“I think I will! If she doesn’t back down, then what do I do?”

“I think you can take care of her.”

“How do you know?”

“Trust me. You got this!”

“You’re right! I’m going to do it!”

“You can do this Courtney. You can take her.”

“I’m finally going to stand up to Brit.”

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