Sangitta Ch. 01

Sangitta had been brought up a good Sikh. She had the values and the religious beliefs. She had been allowed to go to school but it was a predominately white college and she had not made many friends. Those friends that she had made she had to keep secret and make sure that her parents did not find out about them. What her parents did not know was that she was beginning to branch out a little in life. With her friends she smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol and just generally became a normal teenager. She still had to wear the sari but as soon as she was out of the house she would go behind a bush and change into pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She hung around the park as she knew that her family members would not go into the park after dark because they thought that they would be attacked. It was one of those nights that she had a discussion with one of her friends that was to change her life.

Her friend came up to her and took her aside.

“I have been thinking Sangitta what do you know about sex?”

“What do you mean?” Sangitta asked.

“Well do you masturbate or have you had sex with one of the boys?”

“I do not know what you mean by masturbate and I have never had sex with one of the boys.” Sangitta responded.

“Come with me.” the girl said. The girl turned round and shouted at the crowd.

“Sangitta and I are just going for a walk in the wood she wants to talk to me about something.”

They acknowledged her and went back to their cans of beer. Sangitta and the girl walked off. They linked arms and lit a cigarette as they went. They smoked and chatted and eventually they got to the edge of the woods. They walked in and found a spot behind a bush where no-one could see them. They needed privacy for this.

They stood for a minute and then the girl said.

“Can I do something?”

“Of course you can.” Sangitta replied.

She walked forward and took Sangitta’s face in her hands and then she bent in and gave her a kiss. Sangitta did not resist and let the kiss happen and she had to admit that she enjoyed it.

“Sorry I just had to do that. I have wanted to do it for months. I am not a lesbian and I have never kissed another girl before but your skin is so lovely and smooth I just had to kiss and see what it tasted like.”

“So how did it taste?” Sangitta asked.

“It was lovely.” The girl responded.

“Well perhaps we might have to do it again.” Sangitta said.

The girl said nothing but took a step backwards to look at Sangitta.

“Do you know you are a good looking woman Sangitta and one day some man is going to be glad to call you his wife?”

“Thank you.” Sangitta said.

“Now what do you know about your body?” the girl asked.

“What do you mean?” Sangitta replied.

“Have you ever looked at your body closely and found your good points and your bad points?” the girl responded.

The girl stood there and thought for a moment. This was no good. She was not going to get through to Sangitta about her body stood in the local wood. She needed to be somewhere a bit more private. Then she remembered that her parents were out for the night.

“Do you remember where my house is?” the girl asked.

“Yes” Sangitta replied.

“Right you go to my house and I will meet you there in ten minutes once I have told the Ankara escort others what is happening. I will make out that you are really upset about something and you need to chat to me in private” the girl said.

Sangitta set off. She lit a cigarette and smoked it as she made her way to the girls house not sure what to expect but she was unexpectedly excited and could not wait to find out. It took her about ten minutes to get to the girls house. She sat on the wall and waited and got hollered by a couple of boys. She flicked them the bird. Her friend arrived about five minutes later and said the group were well on the way to being pissed and did not notice what she was saying.

The girl opened the door to her home and showed Sangitta in. She did a quick look round and was thankful that her parents had left the house reasonably tidy. She went to a coffee table and asked Sangitta to give her a hand. They moved the table to the corner of the room and made a good clear space on the floor in the front room. The girl then invited Sangitta upstairs to her bedroom. In there was a full length mirror. Between the two of them they brought the mirror down stairs and placed it in front of the fire.

“Are you ready for this Sangitta? It is going to be an education. Sometimes it is going to look like I am a lesbian but I am not I am just showing you things.” The girl said.

The words of the girl were getting Sangitta excited and she could not wait to begin. The girl went to the front door and double locked it so that they would not be disturbed. She then came back into the room and said.

“Sangitta strip off all your clothes.” The girl said. Sangitta looked at her shocked.

“I have never stripped my clothes off in front of anyone. I do not know if I could do it?”

“Would you like me to do it for you Sangitta?” the girl asked.

Sangitta thought for a moment and then she said.

“Would I be a lesbian if I asked you to undress me?”

“Not at all the.” The girl said although she was glad that Sangitta had asked her to do it. She could not wait to see Sangitta naked and if she got to do then that was even better.

“Just relax Sangitta and let me undress you”

She went to Sangitta and ran her hands up and down the arms of Sangitta. She watched as the goose bumps rose on Sangitta’s arms. She moved her arms down and went to the hem of Sangitta’s t-shirt. She pulled it out of her jeans. She told Sangitta to put her hands in the air. Sangitta did as she was told and the girl took hold of the hem of the t-shirt and pulled it up and off and dropped it to the floor. She looked at Sangitta’s bra and was not impressed but did not say anything. She then unbuttoned the top of Sangitta’s jeans and pulled them down her legs and got her to step out of them. Again she was not impressed with the knickers but she could do something about that later on.

She could tell that Sangitta was feeling self -conscious. She put her hands around her and gave her a hug and said.

“It’s okay.”

“Are you ready for the next stage?” the girl said.

Again Sangitta thought for a moment and then she said yes.

The girl walked behind her and cupped her breasts to hold the bra in place as she unclipped it. She took her time doing this but eventually she unclipped and held the bra there before dropping Ankara escort bayan it to the floor. Finally she went for Sangitta knickers and pulled them down. She got wet when she saw that she had a shaved pussy.

“Now Sangitta look in the mirror and tell me what you see?”

“I see a very thin body with medium sized breasts and a shaved pussy and longish legs- but I see them every day.”

“Do you trust me Sangitta?” the girl asked.

“Of course I do “Sangitta said.

“I have let you do this to me and I have not run away from you.”

“Will you lie on the floor?” the girl asked.

Sangitta did as she was asked and laid down on the floor. She then watched as the girl removed her clothes and was soon naked and then she laid down on the floor beside her. The two naked girls sat and chatted for a while. They shared a cigarette and discussed things that girls do. When they finished the cigarette the girl turned to Sangitta.

“Hold on I will be back in a minute.”

She disappeared upstairs and was gone for about five minutes. When she came back down stairs she had a strap-on attached to her.

“Now you can imagine that I am a boy.”

Sangitta looked at it and she found that her pussy was getting wet. The girl laid back down next to her and they resumed their chat. Without realising it Sangitta’s hand moved down the girl’s body and found herself attracted to the strap-on. She reached out her hand and grabbed hold of the plastic cock.

“Are they all this big?” she asked.

“This is about average but little thicker.” the girl said.

“Show me how to masturbate as you call it a then show me how to masturbate a man “Sangitta said.

“Okay” the girl said.

The girl moved down Sangitta’s body and got to her pussy. She looked at it and it was so sexy. She had to pretend that she was doing this for Sangitta but she was getting wet and could not wait to fuck her with the strap-on. She stopped at the pussy and said.

“Sangitta these are your pussy lips”

She licked her finger and ran her finger up and down each of Sangitta lips. She did this a couple of times and she heard Sangitta sigh. She then went to Sangitta’s clit. She popped it out of its hood and began to rub it.

“This is your clit. This is what you want a good lover to be able to find and caress and even better if he will kiss it.”

With that she leaned forward and began to bite on Sangitta’s clit and then she began to kiss and lick it. Sangitta was humping off the floor and before she knew it she let out a scream and began to spasm. Her spasm lasted for about two minutes and then she began to calm down and she said to the girl.

“What on earth was that?” Sangitta asked.

“You have just experienced your first orgasm Sangitta. How did that feel?” The girl said.

“That was amazing. I thought that I was going to die from pleasure.”

“See the fun you can have with sex” the girl said.

The girl then moved up her body and kissed Sangitta neck and Sangitta had yet another little orgasm.

“God my body is tingling.” Sangitta said.

The girl then said.

“Do you want to carry on?”

Sangitta looked at her watch and saw that she still had an hour before she was due back home.

“What more is there to do?” She asked.

The girl put Escort Ankara out her hand and cupped one of Sangitta breasts. She massaged the flesh and watched as the nipple grew and the tingles went down to Sangitta’s pussy.

“Mm that feels good.” Sangitta said.

“It is a gentleness that is different to having your pussy licked.”

The girl kept her hand on one breast and played with the flesh and the nipple and she even bent down and took the nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. Sangitta was in heaven. She was having small orgasm after small orgasm and she never realised that you could have so much fun with your own body. The girl had craftily seduced her and there was still more to come. She took her spare hand and ran it down Sangitta’s body. When she got to her pussy she inserted a couple of fingers into her. She began to masturbate her and soon Sangitta had another orgasm. She was getting exhausted.

“Are you ready for the male cock?” The girl asked Sangitta.

Sangitta looked at it and thought it was so big. She had to imagine that this was a male cock and she would one day be fucking one off these so she thought that she should get used to what it would feel like.

“Yes I’m ready for you to give it to me.” Sangitta said.

The girl positioned Sangitta so that she was ready to receive the cock. The girl took some Vaseline and lathered it on the strap-on so that she could make it easier for Sangitta.

“This is going to hurt” The girl said.

“I am ready.” Sangitta said.

“You do know my husband should be doing this. He will know that I am not a virgin.”

“I know.” The girl said.

“But I shall give you the best time that you have ever had.”

“Lift your knees up and spread your legs so that I can get best access to your pussy.”

Sangitta did as she was told.

The girl got herself ready. She grabbed hold of the strap-on and placed it at the entrance to Sangitta’s pussy. She slowly pushed forward letting Sangitta get used to the width of the artificial cock. Inch by inch she fed the cock into Sangitta’s pussy. She could see Sangitta wince and then she came to her hymen.

“I am about to take your virginity Sangitta is that alright?”

“God yes.” Sangitta said.

The girl poised herself. The she took the cock out of Sangitta and re-entered with a force. Sangitta screamed and the girl was through the hymen. There was a little bit of blood.

“God that hurt.” Sangitta said.

The girl was lost now. She began to fuck Sangitta. She started with slow long strokes and then she began to speed up and went as deep as she could with the cock. Sangitta was having orgasm after orgasm. She was in ecstasy and going through sensations that she had never known before. The girl took her until Sangitta was exhausted then she withdrew and told Sangitta that she had finished. She crawled up next to Sangitta and chatted with her.

“Every man that you go with should make you feel like that. If they do not then they are no good and should be avoided. Do not go with any of the boys around here they just fondle and shoot their load in minutes. You need to be seduced. If you ever feel the need I am happy to assist again.” With that she removed the strap- on and they both got dressed. They put the house back to normal then Sangitta kissed the girl goodnight. She was running late. She just about got to her bush and got changed and got home before her parents said anything. She went straight to her room and began to masturbate not knowing that the girl was doing the same thing.

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