Sadie and the Moon Ch. 02


About a week after we had first made out, I began the final manoeuvres. From some of the e-mails I receive I guess some people don’t know how to go about seducing a partner’s ass. Here’s one way.

I began, apparently innocently, with a request for Sadie to identify what part of me she liked the best. She went for my legs – good choice, girl, they are pretty fine, I would like to think.

And of course Sadie asked me “what’s my finest feature Samantha?” and it wouldn’t matter if she had the finest breasts or the cutest quim or whatever because the answer was always going to be “your bum”.

Well she was surprised, and like I said she just had a nice ass, not a great one. The honest answer was probably her lips, if you want to know, but honesty never gets you far enough.

“Yup,” I explained, “every time I see you in a pair of jeans I just want to hold you there. You’ve got the most kissable squeezable butt cheeks I know.” Note how I was talking only about her cheeks. It’s funny, isn’t it? They’re definitely one of the most “innocent” bodily parts, whereas what lurks between is definitely forbidden territory.

“I could worship at the temple of Sadie’s bottom all day,” I finished. “How about you lie face down and let me show my appreciation?”

Sadie slipped down her panties and lay as requested. I began with a simple massage – a cheek in each hand, gently stroked and squeezed. She purred with pleasure. And she didn’t know, or didn’t care, that every now and then the squeezes would pull her cheeks apart and her asshole would peek at me.

Next I bent down and kissed and licked her butt cheeks. It complemented the earlier fondling beautifully, and still gave no inkling of what was to come.

The first hint, I guess, was when I rested my tongue at the very top of her ass crack. I felt like an explorer, waiting at the entrance to a forbidden but indescribably sensuous land. I gently traced my tongue down Sadie’s crack, not pushing between her cheeks at all, kept from my ultimate target by the fleshiness of her bum. It was, I figured, still pretty innocuous, but I guessed Sadie was getting the first hints of where I was really heading.

But then I pulled away, my lips and tongue tracing patterns all over the soft firm flesh of Sadie’s bum cheeks. Once again, it seemed, I really was just giving plenty of loving attention to her bum.

But then I was back at her crack, and my tongue was a little more insistent, probing a little between Sadie’s cheeks, before moving away again, as if I was uncertain I wanted to go there. (I was anything but uncertain).

Then I was quite definite, my tongue tracing a firm path down Ankara escort Sadie’s crack, not penetrating to the bottom of her anal valley but far enough to be so much more intimate than we had ever been before.

I took time out to slide a finger against Sadie’s cunt. She was soaking, just like I knew she would be. Then, finally, almost finally, I pulled Sadie’s butt cheeks slightly apart, and once more my tongue slicked its way down from the top of her crack. I could feel her tensing up, for surely now I was going to lick her asshole, but at the last minute I slipped around, as if I didn’t dare put my mouth and tongue up against that most private, exciting, and nasty of holes.

I pulled away, desperate for that final step but knowing it had to come from Sadie. “How does it feel to have your bum worshipped?” I asked.

“Good.” I could hear Sadie sounded tense, stimulated by what I had done but not satisfied.

“Was it okay what I did?” I asked.


“You didn’t mind me going so close?”


“Did you think I was going to lick you there?”



“I wouldn’t have minded.”

“Then, if you’d like me to, lie back down, pull your bum open for me, Sadie, and let me worship your ass properly.”

And she did, reaching back with both hands to grab her buttocks and pull them wide apart, offering me her ass and her asshole totally.

It felt so good, to me and to her, as I pressed my tongue hard against her private ring. There were no half-measures this time, it was a full oral assault on Sadie’s anus. And she responded by pushing her ass up, towards the hungry need of my mouth. I was finally licking my young lover’s asshole.

I finished her with a few delicate finger strokes on her clit, but the intensity of her orgasm was the experience of her asshole not her cunt.

As we surfaced we were both grinning, Sadie sheepishly, me the cat who got the cream.

“That felt incredible,” she said. “Weird, but incredible. I’m not really sure I should have liked it as much as I did. But I did. But surely for you, wasn’t it…?”

“Divine.” The truth was it wasn’t so long since we had both taken a shower, and so Sadie’s bum hadn’t been the all-round sensory experience I always truly savour, but there was time for that to come…


I knew it would be a while before I could persuade Sadie to lick my ass, or even to let me lick her in a more ‘natural’ state, so over the next couple of weeks I hatched a plan to develop a different perversion.

It was a beautiful early summer morning as we headed out into the rolling English countryside. In my pack were a simple Ankara escort bayan picnic and a nicely cooled bottle of chardonnay.

We chatted and laughed as we walked, two sexy young things, I’d like to think, in our hiking shorts and t-shirts. After a couple of hours we found a quiet spot for a little frantic finger-fucking followed by the picnic and the wine. The weather and the food and the booze all combined to make us feel nicely relaxed with each other. Eventually we started to head off, although I knew with the route I was taking we were still a long way from home.

Sure enough, just as we were walking past a small copse Sadie announced she had “got to go”. Although there wasn’t much pressure in my bladder, I lied (don’t I always?) and said I needed the same. We moved off the path, gingerly avoiding the branches that threatened to scratch our bare legs.

There was a sweet little clearing in the middle of the copse, shaded but sunny and quite private. I couldn’t have invented it better if I’d tried.

I could tell Sadie felt a little uneasy at my presence in the copse with her. We’d never peed in front of each other, and although I’m sure she’d have been pretty unselfconscious in front of a friend, I guessed she already knew enough about the lie of my mind to realize that there might be something unnatural in my mind concerning this call of nature.

Her first decision, oh delicious dilemma, was which way to face. Away would in one sense more private but would mean exposing her bare ass, whereas towards me would reveal more of her peeing but potentially everything would be hidden by her knees and her shorts.

Either way was good enough for me.

Well she opted for face-on, scooting her shorts and panties down as she squatted down to pee and I did the same, the two of us facing about five feet across the clearing.

The look on Sadie’s face was the most erotic imaginable – one of exquisite embarrassment and awkwardness. I smiled at her but let my gaze drop lower, waiting for her to pee. Not surprisingly she didn’t find it easy, and I was first, loving the feeling of releasing my hot piss in front of my shy lover. She couldn’t help but glance down at the little stream running between my feet.

Then Sadie began to pee, and although as such I couldn’t see anything I fixed my eyes on Sadie’s crotch. Her face was bright red at the intimacy of my examination.

She seemed to pee for ages, a delicious moment almost frozen in time, but finally the flow stopped and she reached into a pocket for paper as I, once again mirroring her, dabbed myself dry.

“Oh shit Sam,” she murmured, brightening even further Escort Ankara at the prolonging of her discomfort, “I haven’t got any tissue.” The heavens were smiling on me on this perfect day.

I stood up and drew up my shorts and panties slowly, then walked the short distance over to where Sadie was still squatting. She reached out for the tissue but I ignored her and, squatting alongside her, reached towards her pussy.

“Allow me,” I said quietly, and then when the wad of paper in my hand was so close to Sadie’s pussy I checked again. “May I?”

She nodded, her breathing quite audible in the silence of the clearing, and as I brushed her wet pussy with the paper she jumped about half a foot in the air. Of course I wasn’t bothered about actually drying her, and after the slightest pretence that I was doing the job I dropped the paper on the floor and began to finger her cunt.

I reached my other hand around her bum cheeks, all curved and taut from her squatting position, and curved my fingers towards her asshole. “May I?” I asked again.

“God you’re a bitch Sam,” Sadie replied, maybe with a hint of frustration but I noticed she didn’t say no. I pressed my index finger against her asshole and slowly poked it inside, all the time my other hand caressing her pussy.

“It turned me on watching you pee, peeing in front of you Sadie. It made me want to touch your pussy after you peed, to feel your pee on my fingers.” The finger in Sadie’s bum was a long way in now, beyond the second knuckle. Her position made access deliciously easy and rude. She was close to coming, and I knew that meant I could get away with even more. I pulled my hand away from Sadie’s cunt and licked my fingers. “I think I can taste your pee on my fingers Sadie,” – the finger in her asshole was poking in and out quite easily now – “it’s so exciting to taste your pee.” I kissed her, and her response was eager, desperate, and frantic, despite or maybe because of the hint that she could taste of her own piss in my mouth.

I poked my finger as far up inside Sadie’s asshole as I could get it and she began to come, rocking unsteadily in her awkward position. Only when she was still did I delicately remove my finger from her bum and lick that clean in front of her wide eyes.

She looked stunning, flushed and sweaty from the heat of the day and the violence of her orgasm. She looked at me, her expression innocent but with the faintest hint of something darker and wicked. “I can’t believe you just did that.”

“You seemed to enjoy it,” I said, smiling.

She frowned, but again there was more than a hint of devilment there. “I guess I did. But why do I think that’s not the only trick up your sleeve?”

I smiled again. Of course she was right. Having planted the seeds of pee fun in my young lover’s mind, it was time to return to the real focus of my erotic attention – her fresh ass.

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