Paradise of Lust Ch. 01


My name is Ms. R and I own a hotel named Paradise of Lust, a place where people come to have romantic getaways or to commit the sin of lust. And from me I prefer to commit a sin with some of my guests. Some come here looking for a little bit of an adventure others come here to give there love life a bit of a spark. Whatever the reason is why they come here there is always passion involved in it.


I was sitting in the lobby reading the paper the front doors open I glanced over to see who it was and That’s when I saw her walk in. It’s been awhile since I have seen her. She looks at me and walks towards me.

“Hey how you been. It’s been awhile since I have seen you.”

“Yeah it’s been awhile.” I answer to her with a smile on my face.

“Would you like to join me for a drink?” she asked me lightly touching my hand.

I look down at her hand and back into her beautiful eyes. She flashes me a smile.

“I would like that.” I answer her with a smile.

“But first I have to get something from my room.” she says taking me by the hand and leads me to the elevators we are all alone in there she presses the last button and turns to me.

“It’s going to be a few minutes before we reach our floor.” she leans into me and places a soft kiss on my lips.

Without thinking I grab her body and presses it up against mine. I take her into the corner of the elevator and I kiss her and then I move down to her neck. I let my hands explore her body she gives out a low moan. Then the elevator dings as we reach our floor. She looks at me and says “it’s time to take this some where with more space.”

She takes me by the hand again and a couple looks at us as we pass them.

I Beylikdüzü escort have a smile on my face and the older lady just gives me a disgusted look as I closed the door. A thick, soft comforter is stretched out on the bed, covering the sheets. The Italian beauty undresses and stretches out on the bed, hair carefully pulled out of the way. I studies her feminine form for a moment, not bothering to conceal her admiration. Long, strong legs moving smoothly up to a black laced thong then my eyes keep moving up to her flat stomach. Her breast were in a matching black laced bra beautiful round tan pillows of love that I couldn’t wait to sink my mouth on to.

“Are you just going to stand there and eat me with your eyes or do you want to come and see how I really taste like?” she said opening her legs.

With a smile I walk toward the bed and begin to massage her foot and slowly moving upward her calf then to her thigh then I rest my head on her stomach and I look into her ask beautiful greenish hazel eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Cause I would have never expected you to do something like this.” she turns me onto my back and sits on top of me.

“Well then you would be surprise at what I can do now.” and with that she kisses me and rest her body on top of mine. I return the kiss and grab her ass as I turn her on to her back.

“But I like to be on top.” I smile and continue to kiss her beautiful lips. She moves her hands down my body and takes my shirt off to reveal my large 42 D breast. I sit her up and I undo her bra I take her sweet breast into my mouth suckling on her tan nipples making them rock hard as she moans in pleasure. I lay her on her back and I start to Beylikdüzü escort lower my kisses down her flat stomach I kiss her thighs and I remove her black thong. Her lips are glistening with her wetness ,she smells so sweet. I lightly kiss her beautiful lips, my Italian beauty. She gives lets out sweet low moans as I make out with her beautiful lips. She places a hand on my head and pushes herself closer to my lips. I probe her with my tongue and she gives out a louder moan. I lick her sweet clit and I am able to feel her body tremble at my touch. I insert two fingers into her wet lips and I slowly start to work my fingers inside her.

“Oh baby!” she moans. I quicken my fingers inside her and at the same time to start to suck harder on her clit.

I can feel her muscles contract around my fingers and her moans have gotten louder now. I can’t believe I’m going to make this Italian beauty cum all over my mouth. And with in a few minutes of me thinking about she cums all over my mouth I hungrily drink her sweet juices. I move up to meet her other lips that were waiting to be kissed. She kisses me with a great passion and turns me over.

“My turn.” she says with a smile on her face. She undoes my bra and begins to kiss my breast giving each one a lot of attention. A small moan escapes from my lips as she playfully bites on each nipple. She looks up at me and smiles then resumes to play with my breast. She undoes my pants and pulls them off with my underwear. She instantly starts to eat me out as her hands pinch my erect nipples.

I start to moan out loud in pleasure. Her tongue is driving my body crazy making it tremble, she removes her right hand from my breast and I can feel her Escort Beylikdüzü insert two fingers inside me. Her tongue and fingers become in synced as she makes sweet love to me. My body tightens up as I am close to climax my breathing has quicken and she can tell that I’m closed to exploding. She quickens up her speed and I can not resist anymore and I scream as my whole body quivers with an intoxicating orgasm. She moves up to me and kisses I can taste myself on her sweet lips.

She ends up resting her head on my shoulder running a finger over my breast.

“I have a confessing to tell you. I really didn’t need to get anything from my room I just wanted to see if I could get you into my bed.” she lays looking up at me.

“I kind of figured that when you kissed me in the elevator.” I tell her and give her a kiss on the lips. Our kiss is broken at the sound of my cell phone ringing. I pick my cell up from the floor and answer it.

“Hey.” I answer it. it’s the front desk girl

“Alright I will be there in a few minutes.” I tell her hanging up the phone.

“I have to go back to work but if you would like we can have a drink later.” I tell my Italian beauty .

“Actually I can’t my husband will be here later. I’m sorry.” she tells me

“It’s alright I forgot that you were married and plus why would you come here alone.” I give her a sad smile and I get dressed.

I leave the room and head down the to the main lobby to meet Jen the front desk girl and my friend.

“Hey you! Oh why the long face?” She asks me.

“Out of all the 7 deadly sin I must always commit the sin of lust knowing that in the end nothing good comes out of it.” I tell her.

“Well that’s why you named your hotel Paradise of Lust.” she says putting an arm around me.

“That’s true, I will be in my office if you need anything.” I tell her heading towards my office.

“Oh one of these days I will be your lust Ms. R.” Jen whispers softly to herself.

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