On The Job: A Wicked Love/Lust Story


Summary: 50th birthday boy gets presents from hot employee.

Note 1: This is a special one day special event challenge ON THE JOB where the entire story must take place at work.

Note 2: This is dedicated to Roger, who inspired the story.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven and Robert for editing.


“Is that proposal finished?” I asked Victoria in the break room as I grabbed a coffee.

“Just done,” she replied as she stirred her own coffee, her tight black skirt showcasing her amazing ass very nicely. “It’s on my computer, up and ready for your perusal.”

“Great! I’ll go take a look at it in a few minutes,” I said, her blue eyes always drawing me in as did the exotic results of her Russian, Irish and Polish ancestry, which had blended together to create an utterly beautiful olive-skinned woman, the dark skin tone really making those blue eyes pop. Her being a redhead only enhanced her beauty, which was topped off by her vivacious determination and a bald-faced bluntness I also appreciated.

Truth was, if she weren’t twenty years younger than I (twenty-two to be exact… she was twenty-eight, and I was turning fifty in a couple of days) and if I didn’t have a policy against dating coworkers, I’d be so into her.

“Sounds good,” she said as she slipped her foot in and out of her heel, something she did all the time… unknowingly teasing me with her perfectly painted red toenails augmented by her sheer mocha-shade hosiery.

I stared at her foot a little too long before going to chat with Michael about a parts order that needed to be finalized ASAP.

I slyly adjusted my hard cock after I turned away, nylon-enhanced feet being my kryptonite cherry on top, to mix metaphors (and home planets) and they were able to get me from flaccid to ready for action in The-Flash-like speed. Truth was, although it was no secret, few people at the office knew the real reason behind my dress code of semi-formal business attire.

Men wore a dress shirt and tie (sport or suit jacket optional, but a proper tie, not the nerdy look of a bowtie or the country look of a bolo tie), dress pants and dress shoes. I was always in a suit, although often during the day I’d remove the jacket.

Women were to be in a dress or skirt and blouse with pantyhose (or other nylon stockings) with heels (a minimum of three inches).

Only a couple of employees had ever questioned this rule; I paid everyone well enough that few of them ever questioned minor things, but when asked, I clarified that we always needed to look professional, as selling luxury vehicles is all about appearances. I pointed out car shows, where everyone was invariably dressed to the nines. Truth was, a good-looking and well-dressed woman, or a good-looking man in a tie was all an inherent part of the allure of a well-presented car show, and I wanted to present a similar image at my Ferrari dealership.

An urgent issue in the Service Department over a malfunctioning piece of equipment, followed by two phone calls and a question from a salesman later, I was heading to Victoria’s office during her lunch break.

I wasn’t sure if she’d left it up for me, but I sat down at her desk and clicked on one of the ‘file-open-but-minimized’ icons on the bottom. To my surprise, the one I pulled up wasn’t the proposal she’d been working on, but an erotic story.

A story called ‘Boss’s Big Dick’.

My eyes went wide. First, the discovery that she was reading porn at work. I mean I did too, but it was on my phone instead of a company computer, and mine was usually quick scans on twitter. There were quite a few twitter feeds that entertained me throughout the day… and some of those were of an erotic nature.

What can I say? I work ten hours a day, and sometimes I just need to chill. It’s one of the reasons I have a lock on my office door.

The title alone intrigued me.

I was her boss.

I had a big cock, although I’d never waved it around where Victoria could check it out. Eight inches and thick.

Of course the story’s title could have been a complete coincidence; but the fact remained that Victoria had worked for me for years, and we were definitely friendly. Not flirty, but friendly.

We were both singles raising kids. She’d had a child young, I’d had my two later in life, resulting in all three children being similar ages, in their tweens or early teens.

So we often chatted about the challenges of single parenting (her ex being a useless asshole who left her years ago, and my very loving wife having passed away a few years ago from cancer).

I’d been pleasantly surprised to find Victoria very supportive when I tentatively shared with her that my daughter wanted to transition into becoming a boy. We’d had some long and fruitful after-hours conversations where she helped me come to grips with the reality I would no longer have a daughter. During these conversations I wasn’t being her boss, but I was her struggling friend who needed taksim escort some tough love to get his head on straight and to her credit, she really let me have it.

It was very hard for me at first, struggling to think of my baby girl no longer as a girl, but as a (very courageous, Victoria pointed out) boy as Victoria helped me work through it. My… my elder son… was already dressing and otherwise presenting himself as a thirteen-year-old boy. She convinced me not only to go along with it, but also to tell… him… that when he was ready to look into hormonal treatments and surgery if that’s what he wanted, I’d be there for him and yes of course, I’d pay for it. Victoria was a great friend, and once I’d gotten used to the idea, my son Kelly (my late wife and I had chosen what turned out to be a fortunate name) often expressed how grateful he was for my support.

So faced with the questionable story on her desktop I should have just minimized it and found the proposal I’d come in for, but curiosity got the best of me and I started reading it.

By the time I got to page two, my cock was hard as a rock. The plot was about a secretary who’s sexually submissive to her attractive boss, who has a massive cock. And of course I’d be lying if I pretended I hadn’t indulged in hundreds of jerk off sessions thinking about fucking Victoria.

As I read, I couldn’t help but imagine Victoria being the secretary and myself being the big-dicked boss even though it took place at a law office and not a car dealership.

I mean I may be almost fifty, but I’m still good looking, partly because of my French-Hawaiian ancestry. At 5’11” and 215 pounds, I still have an athletic build that hadn’t faded much since my college days as a star running back before a knee injury ended my NFL dreams.

“Does that work?” Victoria asked as she entered her office. Continuing around the desk before I could move a muscle, she then gasped, “Oh, God!”

I tried to act like I’d found this a moment ago as I flimflammed, “This is some interesting workplace reading.”

She reached over to claim her mouse and clicked the X on the app to close it as she apologized, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I said as I stood up.

“It isn’t; I’m mortified!”

I said casually, amused by an unintentional meaning of what I was saying, “It’s no big deal.”

“Oh my God, you were even reading it,” she gasped, now even more mortified.

“I was on page two,” I admitted. “I thought it was a pretty good story so far.”

“Oh my God!” she repeated.

“I think Sarah said the same thing when her boss first pulled out his umm… penis,” I teased, for some reason enjoying seeing this new side of the always confident, always in control Victoria, but also trying to relax her a bit.

Noticing I wasn’t pissed, she asked, looking at me amused, “Did you just use the word ‘penis’?”

“Yeah. What would you say?”

“If we weren’t at work, I could give you a dozen words I’d use instead.”

“Then it’s too bad we’re at work,” I commiserated, going to the door. “But about the other thing. Why don’t you just email me the proposal?”

“Okay,” she said, relieved not to be in trouble after being caught reading porn on her work computer.

“Although perhaps you should close your blinds so no else sees what you’re doing when you’re on break,” I teased.

“Good tip,” she said, shaking her head, “I’m never going to hear the end of this, am I?”

“Oh, I’m not going to make it a BIG deal,” I said, stressing the word.

She surprised me when she countered, gazing directly at the tent in my pants, “Perhaps you should make it a big deal.”

I was surprised by the sexual innuendo, but I didn’t back down, enjoying the quick banter, I volleyed back, “This guy? He’s always a big deal when you’re around.”

“I just bet he is,” she said, her foot slipping out of her shoe distracting me. Did she know of my nylon foot fetish?

“Send me the story as well,” I said. “I need to know how it ends.”

“With a big bang,” she answered, continuing the playful banter.

“It had better,” I said walking out, knowing I’d allowed this flirtation to go on way too long. I was the boss. I needed to control myself, even if the temptation was so utterly attractive.

I went to my office and wondered how she could possibly be as productive as she was as an employee if she was spending her time reading such hot erotica. I’d only read it for a few minutes, and already I was thinking with my dick instead of my brain and flirting rather excessively with my top salesperson.

I received two attachments in a single email. One was the proposal I’d requested and the other was assuredly the story, since the file was named BIG DEAL.

I resisted the temptation to click on BIG DEAL and instead examined the proposal. I read it, interrupted by three phone calls: two sales deals, and a call from my elder son, before making my final notes.

I had a couple of questions, topkapı escort but they’d have to wait until tomorrow; I needed to head out to meet with a parts distributor at 3:00.


The next day was crazy. It was the final day of our annual no-interest blitz and we were swamped, actually breaking our record for sales.

I barely saw Victoria all day, although whenever I did, she looked amazing in her little red dress, mocha nylons and red five-inch heels. She made a point of giving me a smile every time we made eye contact, which I was happy to return even though I wondered whether I was acting appropriately.

I was in my office twenty minutes after closing, having a whiskey and looking through some paperwork when Victoria startled me. “Quite the day.”

“Insane,” I nodded, now really getting a good look at how amazing she looked today. I mean she always looked good, but today she looked completely astounding.

“Was it the biggest ever?” she asked, and although she didn’t stress the word ‘biggest’, I wasn’t sure if we were back to sexual innuendos or it was a coincidence.

“It was,” I nodded, just as I was paged to the front to sign something. I stood up and sighed, “Even after closing, the job never ends.”

“So it seems,” she smiled as I walked past her.

Ten minutes later I headed back to my office, disappointed to see Victoria was gone, even though there’d be no reason for her to stick around.

I had to stop obsessing about her: she was out of my league, she was twenty-two years younger than I was, and she was my employee.

I had to be the boss and not the suitor.

I sat down, rolled my chair forward and gasped.

“I want to get a big raise from you, Mr. Big,” Victoria cooed from under my desk as her hand reached for my cock.

“V-V-Victoria!” I stammered.

“Did you like the ending of the story?” she asked, rubbing her hand on my quickly rising cock.

“I did,” I moaned; it had ended with the secretary hiding under the desk and giving her boss a blow job during a meeting with his fellow attorneys.

She began to fish out my cock as she said, “I’ve wanted to see this gear shift up close and personal forever.”

“Really?” I asked, this surprising me. Sure, there’d always been some playful banter between us, but nothing that came close to giving me any hope of this ever happening.

She pulled it out and said, “Oohhh, bigger than I imagined, and fat too.”

“I’m happy you’re talking about my cock and not my body,” I joked, as she stroked my cock.

“Have you ever fantasized about my doing this?” she asked, licking my entire shaft.

“I plead the fifth,” I moaned, as she crawled backwards under my desk pulling my chair with her.

“It took all my courage for me to do this, and since you didn’t freak out and tell me to stop, you can tell me,” she said, as she swirled her tongue around my cock head.

“The truth? Almost every day since I hired you,” I answered, which was definitely the truth.

“All those fucking years wasted,” she said, “or rather those non-fucking years wasted,” before she took my cock back between those amazing lips.

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned, as she began bobbing on my cock.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as she sucked me.

It was only a few bobs into heaven when Elizabeth walked into my office. Fuck, I hadn’t locked my door, or even closed it. “You need anything else before I go?”

“No thanks,” I said, trying to act nonchalant as Victoria deep throated my cock.

“You okay?” Elizabeth asked, looking at me with concern.

“Long day,” I said.

“Go get some sleep,” she advised.

“I plan on it,” I agreed, thinking I was going to sleep well after such a long day and especially after the pleasant surprise happening at the moment.

Victoria’s hidden presence and what she was doing while I traded banalities with Elizabeth excited her, and she began bobbing faster.

“Have a good night,” Elizabeth said.

“I already am,” I replied coyly before adding, “You too.”

Elizabeth left, and I leaned back, trying to see Victoria but couldn’t. So I warned her, “You keep sucking like that and you’ll get a salty snack.”

Her only response was to continue bobbing as I moaned, “Oh, fuck.”

I’d like to pretend I lasted a few more minutes, but it was more like a few more bobs before I grunted and spewed my load into her eager mouth.

She swallowed it all.

And kept bobbing throughout.

God, I hadn’t had such an amazing blow job since… well… ever.

After another minute as she nursed out every last drop, I rolled my chair back and said, “Wow.”

She asked, “Is the coast clear?”

I looked up and nodded, “Yep.”

She crawled out and said, “God, do I love cum.”


“Yeah, I have since I was a teenager,” she admitted.

“Well, I’m always available to give you your fix,” I joked.

“I’ll keep you to that,” she said, looking down tesettürlü escort adoringly at my shrinking cock.

“I was joking,” I clarified.

“I wasn’t,” she countered, as she looked up at the clock. “But I need to get home.”

“Me too,” I nodded.

“Thanks for the snack,” she said.

“Anytime,” I smiled, giving in perhaps unwisely, and thinking how lucky I was to have one of the hottest women I knew offering to suck me off regularly.

“You’ll be my cummy-call,” she joked.

“I’ll want to return the favour,” I reciprocated, always enjoying going down on a woman. It was something I was very good at… according to all the women I had been with. Yes, I had a big cock and could fuck a partner to orgasm, but I’d long known an eager tongue was equally as effective.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she smiled, giving me a wink and swaying out.

“Don’t look at my ass,” she tossed back, so of course I did. I’d admired her fine ass often over the years, but this time she knew I was admiring it, and I knew that she knew.

I shook my head. Had I just opened Pandora’s Box? I had a strict no dating rule at the dealership and I’d just broken it.

Although, as I put my dick away, I excused myself with the thought that we weren’t dating, and I’d never said anything about a no sex policy.

I know it was pathetic reasoning, but I was a guy who was suddenly thinking with his lower head.

I headed out, thinking we’d have to keep this… this affair, which is exactly what it was… very low key and definitely under the radar.


The next morning arrived.

“Happy birthday!”

“Half a decade, old man,” and

“The big five-oh,” were said to me over a dozen times before I even made it to my office. Not to mention texts, facebook messages and phone calls.

I’d always hated my birthday.

A day to celebrate chalking up another year didn’t make much sense; who wants to be fifty?

I entered my office already a bit exhausted, to find a bright red thong lying on my chair. I closed my door and picked it up.

It was slightly wet.

I wasn’t thinking straight as I raised it to my nose and took a sniff. As I’d anticipated, the scent was intoxicating. I looked down at my desk and saw a sticky note stuck there. I picked it up. It said: Your first present of the day.

My cock hardened. I was startled by a knock at the door. I tossed the panties in my drawer, quickly sat down and called, “Come in.”

Dave came in with a question, and the day was underway.

I saw Victoria only once in the next hour; she was wearing a white blouse, red plaid skirt and tan nylons. She paused and gave me a sly smile through my open doorway, cocked a leg teasingly and raised her skirt enough to show me she wasn’t wearing pantyhose, but stockings with a red garter, before sauntering on out of sight.

In a cock-beat, my dick was hard.

At 10:30, I was paged into the break room where the staff sang happy birthday to me and made me blow out an actual count of fifty candles. I joked that at my age they shouldn’t make me work so hard, when Victoria quipped, “I hope you can still get hard, you old coot.”

Sexual shots were common among the staff… my crew had a relaxed attitude to sexual banter, and my approach to sexual harassment was to tell them, “No uninvited touching, no dating each other, and don’t be too mean with your banter; if you don’t like what someone says to you, speak up and we’ll stop; if you don’t like what someone says to someone else and it isn’t about you, get over it; and otherwise, have fun so long as no customers are around.” Andy added, “Mr. Coot probably doesn’t remember how to use it.”

“I remember very well,” I said before joking, “The eighties were really good to me.”

“I wasn’t even born until 1991,” Victoria teased.

“Yeah rub it in, little girl,” I sighed.

There was more joking around and cake eating before some people went back to work. When only Elizabeth was left besides us, Victoria whispered in my ear, slyly squeezing my cock for a moment, “If you want some pie instead, if you give me a head start I’ll have a nice homemade treat waiting for you under my desk.”

“Oh,” I groaned, both at her touch and her words.

“It’s been simmering all morning,” she added, before walking away and surprising me by patting Elizabeth’s ass on the way out, and giving me a great look at her own ass and legs, which I noticed had a sexy seam down the back. I noticed that Elizabeth was also looking at her.

I shook my head and wondered how I could possibly get a taste of that heavenly homemade pie she’d just offered me. Maybe a straightforward plan was best.

I headed past my office to see if Victoria was alone. In a perfect serendipitous decision years ago, I’d given her the last office in the hallway, which made it the most secluded.

I walked down the hallway looking around, I imagine looking guilty for a crime I hadn’t committed… yet… before entering her office. I asked, “How’s your day been so far?”

“It’s going well and just about to get better,” she smirked, rolling her chair back.

“Is that cherry pie still available?” I asked.

“Sorry, no cherry anymore, but I have some nice tasty peach. And if someone doesn’t eat it soon, it may boil over,” she responded bluntly.

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