Older Women are The Best


Bobby lounged casually against the wall near a café in the mall. School had finished for the year, and he was enjoying a break before starting college. So he was indulging in his favourite pastime — girl watching. And there were plenty of pretty girls for him to watch.

Bobby had turned eighteen a few months ago, but he was yet to have his first sexual experience. He had found that none of the eighteen old girls that he knew were interested in him. And he certainly wasn’t going to get involved with girls who were younger than that. Anyway, he preferred older women. Not that he had been with any older women, but the idea fascinated him.

As he thought about this, two very attractive older women, in their mid thirties he guessed, with two teenage girls entered the café. The girls looked to be about sixteen years old, or seventeen tops. Too young to be of interest, Bobby thought. But their mothers! They were gorgeous! Especially the blonde.

He studied the women, casually, being careful not to stare. Then suddenly he saw a scruffy-looking young boy grab a handbag off the women’s table. The blond woman jumped up and shouted at the boy. He ignored her and ran towards Bobby, who stuck out his foot at just the right moment. The boy tripped over his foot and sprawled out on the floor, dropping the handbag. Bobby ignored the boy and picked up the bag. The boy got up and ran away.

Bobby walked over to the table where the women and girls were, and he casually placed the handbag on the table. The blond woman hugged him. “Thank you so much!” she gushed.

Bobby enjoyed the hug, especially the feeling of her large breasts pressing against his chest. He held the woman for a few seconds, and then said, “You’re welcome, ma’am.”

“Won’t you join us, and have some coffee?” she asked.

“Thank you, ma’am,” he said. “I’d like that.”

Bobby sat down and they all introduced themselves. Bobby sat next to the blond women, whose name was Stella Lawrence. Her daughter Angela smiled seductively at him as they were introduced, as did the other girl, Tiffany. Angel Puss and Tight Fanny, he immediately dubbed them in his mind. But as they all chatted, he found out that the girls were still in school, and in fact were only sixteen, as he had guessed.

Mrs Lawrence ordered coffee for all of them, and as Billy drank his, he became aware of someone rubbing his leg with their foot. From where he was sitting it could only have been Angela. He glanced at her, and she smiled sweetly at him. But he didn’t move his leg.

Mrs Lawrence asked Billy about himself, and he told them that he just finished school and would be starting college soon.

“So what are you doing with yourself until then?” asked Mrs Lawrence.

“I would like to get a part time job to make some cash for college, but I haven’t been able to find anything,” said Bobby.

“You know,” said Mrs Lawrence, “There’s a lot of work that needs doing around my house. Maybe you could help me out with that and I would pay you. And I could ask my friends if they had anything that you could do as well. Would you be interested in that?”

“That sounds great!” said Bobby.

Mrs Lawrence gave him her address, and it was agreed that he would start the next afternoon. By then they had all finished their coffee, so they all got up to leave. Mrs Lawrence hugged Billy and thanked him once again for rescuing her bag.

The next afternoon, about one pm, Bobby arrived at Mrs Lawrence’s house. The garden was indeed a mess. Mrs Lawrence explained that she was divorced and so she didn’t have anyone to take care of her garden. Bobby secretly wondered if the beautiful Mrs Lawrence had anyone to take care of her other needs.

After Bobby had been working on the garden for a couple of hours, Mrs Lawrence came out into the yard wearing a bikini. She asked Bobby if everything was OK, and when he said that it was, she stretched on a sun lounge next to the pool. Bobby found it hard to concentrate on the garden, and he managed to find some jobs close to the pool.

Mrs Lawrence watched him work for a while, and the she said, “Bobby, why don’t you take a swim to cool off?”

“I didn’t bring my swim trunks,” said Billy.

“I’m sure that you must have something on under those shorts that would do,” she said. “Go ahead, I won’t look.”

Billy quickly stripped off his shirt and his shorts, leaving only his jocks, and dived into the pool. He could see Mrs Lawrence watching him as he swam up and down the pool.

When he had had enough of the water, Bobby climbed out of the pool. Mrs Lawrence handed him a towel, and he dried himself off. Then she handed him a bottle of sun screen lotion. “Will you rub some of this on my back, please?” she asked him. “I don’t want to get burnt.”

Mrs Lawrence lay on her tummy on the sun lounge, and Bobby rubbed the lotion on her back. He loved the feel of her skin, and he felt his cock starting to harden as he worked his hands over her lovely body. “Undo my top, Bobby,” she said. “I don’t want to get strap marks.”

Bobby did as he was told, undoing her bikini top and moving sarıyer escort the straps out of the way. Then he rubbed in more lotion, rubbing her sides as close as he dared to her tits. He managed to touch the side of one of her tits, and he was sure that he heard her moan as he did this.

Bobby was gently rubbing Mrs Lawrence’s back, wondering just how far he could go, when there was the noise of a door slamming in the house. “Angela’s home!” said Mrs Lawrence. “Here, wrap this towel around you. Quickly!” Bobby wrapped the towel around his waist, and Mrs Lawrence quickly fastened her bikini straps. Then Angela and Tiffany came out into the yard, wearing swimsuits. “Hi mom,” said Angela. Then she saw Bobby, “Oh, hi Bobby,” she purred. Tiffany smiled at him and said “Hi Bobby,” also. Bobby said “Hi” back to them.

“Bobby was taking a swim to cool off,” said Mrs Lawrence.

“Oh, come for a swim with us,” pleaded Angela. “Yes, please,” said Tiffany.

“No, I’ve got to get back to work,” said Bobby. He picked up his clothes, and went into the house to get dressed. When he returned, he thought that it was best to ignore the sight of the two girls in their tiny bikinis as they frolicked in the pool. Jailbait, he kept reminding himself. But he had really enjoyed rubbing the lotion onto Mrs Lawrence. He glanced occasionally at her as she basked in the sun, but she had her eyes shut and didn’t see him looking at her.

Bobby worked for about another hour, and then he decided that he had had enough for the day. So he packed up the tools, and went over and told Mrs Lawrence that he had finished for the day. “Come into the house and I’ll pay you for your work,” she said. She got up and led him into the house. Bobby couldn’t take his eyes off her round ass as she wriggled into the house in front of him. She found her purse and gave him some money. “Can you come again tomorrow?” she asked. Bobby said that he would be there.

That night, in his room, Bobby fantasised about what might have happened if Angela and Tiffany hadn’t come home. As he stroked his cock, he imagined slipping his hands around Mrs Lawrence and holding her fabulous tits! And what if she had asked him to take off the bottom part of her bikini, and rub lotion all over her? The thought was just too much, and he came hard, harder than he had ever cum before.

The next afternoon, when Mrs Lawrence answered the door, she had a worried look on her face. “I need to talk to you for a minute, Bobby,” she said. “Please sit down.” Bobby sat, wondering what he had done wrong yesterday. Maybe he had massaged just a little too close to her tits. Well, whatever the consequences, it was worth it, he thought.

Mrs Lawrence sat next to him. “It’s about Angela,” she said. “I heard her and Tiffany talking about you yesterday after you left. You DO know that she’s only sixteen, don’t you?”

“You have nothing to worry about there,” said Bobby. “I know that she’s too young to have a boyfriend.”

“I’m glad that you understand,” said Mrs Lawrence, sounding relieved.

Bobby decided to be a little daring. “Is that what you were worried about?” he asked. “I thought that maybe you were upset about how I rubbed your back yesterday.”

“What?” said Mrs Lawrence, sounding surprised. Then she smiled at him. “Oh no,” she said. “No, that was lovely.”

“I’m glad that you liked it,” he said. “I liked doing it.”

Mrs Lawrence looked at him for a full minute. “Bobby, do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.

“Not yet,” said Bobby. “Maybe I’ll meet someone at college next year. The thing is, though, I like older women. I’d like to meet someone who is experienced, and can teach me all about sex.”

“And how old do you think that she should be?” asked Mrs Lawrence.

Bobby couldn’t believe it. Was Mrs Lawrence coming on to him, he wondered? There was only one way to find out.

“I think that she should be about your age, with blond hair just like yours, and a nice figure — just like yours,” he said boldly.

“So you like my figure?” she asked.

“Oh yes, you’re beautiful!” said Bobby.

“And did you like rubbing the sides of my titties yesterday?” she asked.

“Oh yes!!” he gasped.

“I was hoping that you might slip your hands into my top and squeeze them properly,” she said. “But then the girls came home and spoiled things.”

“The girls aren’t home now,” said Bobby suggestively.

“No they’re not,” said Mrs Lawrence. Then after a few seconds she said, “Maybe you could finish giving me that massage. Want to?”

“Oh yes!” gasped Bobby.

Mrs Lawrence got up and led Bobby to her bedroom. “Wait here a minute,” she said, and disappeared into the bathroom. She returned wearing just a towel, and then she lay down on the bed on her tummy. “I’m ready for you, Bobby,” she said.

Just the thought that this beautiful woman was naked under the towel had a serious effect on Bobby’s cock. He climbed onto the bed and started to gently rub her shoulders. Then he moved his hands down her back, sliding the towel down as he sefaköy escort went. He massaged the sides of her boobs, and then he slipped his hands under her tits. She sighed as he squeezed her nipples between his fingers. Bobby was in tit heaven.

Mrs Lawrence let Bobby play with her tits for a few minutes. “Don’t forget the rest of me,” she cooed. So Bobby started to rub her back, sliding the towel down as he went, until he uncovered her lovely round ass. He squeezed her ass cheeks, and by now his cock was rock hard. “Time to do my front now, Bobby,” said Mrs Lawrence. And then she rolled over, throwing away the towel as she did.

Bobby stared open mouthed. He was mesmerised by her fabulous tits, and he just stared at them. But then in his mind he heard the word ‘pussy’, and he slowly moved his eyes down, until for the first time he was staring at a real pussy. It was even better than he had expected. Mrs Lawrence had big puffy pussy lips, like those of the really hot women that he had seen in porn movies. Her little bush was the same honey blond colour as her hair, and it did nothing at all to hide her pussy from his view.

“Well, what do you think?” asked Mrs Lawrence.

“It’s beautiful! I — I mean, you’re beautiful! All of you!” Bobby stammered.

“Is mine the first pussy that you have ever seen?” she asked teasingly.

“Well, yes it is,” said Bobby, a little embarrassed.

“Would you like to touch it, Bobby?” she asked.

Bobby didn’t answer. He immediately reached out and ran his finger along the length of her pussy lips. She shivered with delight at his touch, and then she squealed with surprise as suddenly he plunged his finger into her. “Ohhhhh, that’s so nice!” she said.

Mrs Lawrence took Bobby’s head and gently pushed it down to her tummy. Bobby had seen enough porn movies to know what she wanted, and he went to work with his tongue on her clit. She wiggled and gasped with pleasure, and then she squealed with delight as she came.

“Now let’s have a look at you, Bobby,” she said, and reached out and yanked down his shorts and jocks. “Mmmmm, very nice!” she murmured approvingly.

Then she moved around and took his cock in her mouth. Bobby thought that he had died and gone to heaven. The feeling was incredible, better than anything that he had ever felt before, better than anything that he had ever imagined. He lay on his back in total bliss, surrendering himself to the attention of this beautiful woman.

Mrs Lawrence worked his cock with her mouth for a couple of minutes, and then she stopped. “We don’t want you cumming in my mouth now, do we?” she said. “I want to save all of your cum for my pussy.”

The thought of cumming in her pussy almost made Bobby cum right then, but he managed to control himself. Then Mrs Lawrence lay back on the bed. She smiled at him, and opened her legs invitingly. Bobby didn’t waste any time. He slid on top of her, and in his eagerness he plunged his rock hard cock deep into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure and pulled him close to her. In his eagerness he started to fuck her fast, but she reached out and slowed him down, guiding him, and showing him what to do to pleasure her. And when he came, he jetted loads of cum deep inside her. As soon as she felt his cum inside her, she screamed with pleasure and pulled him deep inside her as she came hard, harder than she could ever remember cumming before.

Bobby collapsed on top of her, and they lay together for what seemed to him to be forever. He was in no hurry to leave. The feeling of Mrs. Lawrence’s pussy clamped around his cock was something that he wanted to enjoy for as long as he could.

Finally she said, in a dreamy kind of voice, “That was wonderful, Bobby. But we can’t stay here all day. You have work to do.”

Bobby know that she was right, so her got dressed and went out and worked in the yard. When he was finished, Mrs Lawrence thanked him and paid him in a very businesslike way, as though nothing had happened between them. But she did kiss him goodbye as he was leaving.

The next afternoon, Bobby was so keen to get to Mrs Lawrence’s house that he ran all of the way. When she answered the door she was wearing a robe. She grabbed Bobby and pulled him inside, and immediately she kissed him fiercely, rubbing her tits against his chest, and squeezing his ass. Bobby pushed her down to the lounge room floor, ripped off her robe and his pants, and rammed his cock into her dripping wet pussy. He fucked her hard and fast, and she squealed with joy as his cock thrust in and out of her, until she screamed as she came. “Ohhhh, Bobby!” was all that she could say.

They lay still for a few minutes, until Mrs Lawrence said, “Now Bobby, you’ve already had your reward. It’s time for you to go to work.” So reluctantly Bobby straightened himself up and went to work in the yard. Mrs Lawrence stayed inside while he worked. When he had finished, he went and knocked on the back door. Mrs Lawrence answered the door, and she already had his money in her hand. “Thank you, Bobby,” she said politely. şerifali escort “Can you come again tomorrow?” Bobby said that he would do that.

The next afternoon, Bobby was disappointed to see that Mrs Lawrence was wearing regular clothes when she answered the door. “Angela and Tiffany are here!” she whispered. So Bobby went straight out to the yard and started working. After a while, Angela and Tiffany came out into the yard and pleaded with Bobby to go for a swim with them. Bobby said that he had too much work to do, so the girls went for a swim without him. Once again, Bobby tried his best to ignore them while they frolicked in the water, but it was difficult.

When Bobby had finished work and was packing up the tools, Angela and Tiffany came running over to him. “It’s my birthday on Saturday and we’re having a party,” Angela said. “Please come, Bobby.”

“Yes, please come,” begged Tiffany.

Mrs Lawrence had come out to pay him. “You know, Bobby, it would be really helpful if you could come and help set up things for the party. And then you should stay, of course.”

“Ok,” said Bobby.

Mrs Lawrence walked into the house with Bobby, and then when they were out of sight of the girls, she said, “I’d really appreciate it if you could help to keep an eye on things during the party. There will be boys as well as girls here. I don’t want any of them getting up to anything. I’ll pay you, of course.”

“You don’t have to pay me for that, “sad Bobby.

Mrs Lawrence kissed him. It took him by surprise, but he kissed her back. “See you on Saturday,” she said.

On Saturday, Bobby arrived early to help set things up. He hadn’t been working long when Tiffany and her mother arrived.

“Bobby, you remember Mrs Brown, don’t you?” said Mrs Lawrence.

“Oh yes,” said Bobby. “How are you, Mrs Brown?”

“Very well, thank you Bobby,” said Mrs Brown. “And please call me Lauren.”

“Okay, Lauren,” said Bobby.

They finished setting up things for the party, and soon the guests arrived. There were about twenty guests, about equal numbers of boys and girls. Bobby tried to keep a low profile, and he found himself checking out Mrs Brown. She had a nice tight body, and she smiled at him when she saw him looking at her.

During the evening, it Mrs Brown had to ask for Bobby’s help quite a few times. Whenever she spoke to him she stood really close. He assumed that it was because of the loud music, so that he could hear her properly. But he noticed that she often touched his arm when she was speaking to him. He noticed also that she had an unusual look in her eyes, a look that he had never seen before. If Bobby had been a little more experienced sexually, he would have recognised it as a ‘cock hungry’ look.

Later in the evening, Angela came over and dragged Bobby away from the crowd. “I want a birthday kiss!” she insisted. Bobby couldn’t see any harm in that, so he kissed her. “And now, I want a birthday fuck!” she whispered. “No!” said Bobby firmly. “You’re too young!” And he pulled himself away from her and went into the house.

Bobby hung out in the kitchen for the rest of the evening to try to avoid Angela. Then as the party was winding up, Mrs Brown said to him, “Stella has told me how much help you have been to her. Do you think that you could come and help me out sometime as well?”

“Sure,” said Bobby.

“Monday afternoon, then,” said Mrs Brown, and she gave him her address.

When Bobby arrived at Mrs Brown’s house on Monday afternoon, he was quite surprised. It was the nicest house in the street. Guess that the Brown’s are not short of cash, he thought. The garden was in immaculate condition, and it was obvious that Mrs Brown didn’t want him to help with the gardening. Bobby wondered exactly what type of help she needed.

When he rang the doorbell, the door was answered by Mrs Brown. She was wearing a pair of very short shorts, and a little white top that was knotted at the waist, so that quite a bit of her tummy was on show. “Hi, Bobby,” she said. “Come on in. Glad that you could make it.”

Bobby said hello and then he looked around the room, and the inside of the house was just as impressive as the outside. He assumed that there must be a Mr Brown, although she had never mentioned that she was married. “So what was it that you wanted me to help you with?” he asked.

“My sister is coming to stay with us for a few days,” she said. “I need you to help me clear out the guest room, and set up the bed in there. Come with me.” She led Bobby to a guest room at the back of the house. It was like a little apartment attached to the house, with a bedroom and a small bathroom. The bedroom obviously hadn’t been used for some time, and it was full of junk. There was a double bed leaning against one wall. “We need to clean out all of this junk and take it out to the garage,” said Mrs Brown. “And then we have to set up the bed.”

They started to move the stuff from the guest room to the garage. Mrs Brown seemed to bend over in front of him quite a lot. He enjoyed looking at her nice round ass, which threatened to burst the seam in her shorts, and a couple of times he was sure that he could see the outline of her pussy through her shorts. And when she bent over while facing him, he had an excellent view of the top of her boobs. She saw him looking at her tits once, and she smiled at him. It seemed to Bobby to be a very sexy smile.

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